Roxanne Severcool Released Roxanne Severcool is finally getting her freedom after 36 years in prison. Her only crimes: oh, a little something called first-degree murder. Three of them, actually. Now if you do not keep up with the justice system and how it rates murder charges, we’ll save you the time and energy of looking it up. First-degree murder is the really, really bad one. So how could it be that Severcool would ever get out of prison for doing it three times?

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canadian viagra online Well, when she was sentenced, according to WNEP, she was sentenced as a juvenile rather than tried as an adult. That’s because she was only 17 years old at the time. Apparently, Supreme Courts don’t take kindly to juveniles being locked up that long, so on a recent appeal, they decided to let her go. Now there are two schools of thought on if you should be scared shitless at this point. The first school of thought says the victims were her mother, father, and brother — everyone close to her in other words — and since people usually kill victims with whom they have close ties, the rest of us should be safe considering there is no one left in Severcool’s life that could possibly know who she is. (Except there are. More on that in a bit.) The second school of thought: if she could do this to her family, then what makes anyone expect she would think twice about doing it again to a random stranger? Fair question. To understand what “it” is, it is important to understand the circumstances of the crime first. The three victims were gunned down. Severcool and her boyfriend at the time were said to be dually responsible. One other boy was shot, but lived. And what surviving family Severcool does have say they’re okay with her release, but they don’t wish to be around her. (Gee thanks everyone; the rest of us’ll take it from here!)

Oh well. Technicalities are important, and it is possible Severcool would have been a much more well-adjusted young lady had she simply delayed killing her family for an extra year, right?

(Featured Image: Susquehanna County Sheriff’s Department)