Rosiane Santos Arrested for Messing with MAGA Hat Wearing Restaurant Patron

see The word “triggered” is used to describe people who feel frightened or anxious or set-off by a provocation not necessarily physical. Like seeing a MAGA hat. This seems to trigger many people. Since it’s entirely in the eye of the triggered, it’s hard to explain with real adult words. But suffice it to say, people who become enraged because they don’t like the other person’s political preferences. There have always been bar fights over such matters. Now it’s more drive by anger, often by women.

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discount cialis Rosiane Santos, 41, was arrested at a Mexican restaurant in Falmouth for angrily messing with, and ultimately striking, a 23-year old dude, Bryton Turner, in a red MAGA hat having a drink, and as must happen in 2019, recording himself on video the minute the dustup began. This red hat really seems to tick people off, or triggers people prone to such feelings, most especially after a few cocktails.

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order viagra us In the video you can see Santos pulling the hat off the total stranger, exchanging some unkind words, and later, after police are called, she yanks for Turner’s hat and “assaults” him right in front of police officers. It’s unclear if Turner wanted to press any charges, or if cops had to simply arrest Santos for battery since she did so right in front of them. Either way, she was taken out in cuffs. Big “L’ for anti-MAGA hat people everywhere.

viagra canadian pharmacy A local news station contacted Santos by phone, wherein she offered the strong defense of, being from Brazil, suffering nasty comments and verbal abuse in the past, and therefore she was the victim in this case and had every right to do what she did. Also, drunk. It’s unclear if she’s aware how to build a strong legal defense.

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peut on acheter du viagra a la pharmacie sans ordonnance de protection Unclear what will ultimately happen to Santos, but assume she’s already telling the tale in an entirely different manner to her friends who are giving her many likes on social media.

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