click here UPDATED 1/10/19: The 26-year old teacher in question is watch Kathryn Houghtaling, a special education teacher at Rochester High School who is married and began teaching this past September at the school. She moved fast!

accutane side effects lungs – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – An as yet unnamed 26-year old teacher at a high school in Rochester Hills, Michigan, has been relieved of official duties, after allegations that she had had sex with two students at the school. One was a 16-year old boy, the other a 17-year old boy, both at her apartment and in her car. In one case, it’s believed she had sex with one of the boys in her car while other students looked on. That’ll get you kicked out of the super secret spy club. Also, fired from teaching. News of the teacher’s firing came in a letter from the school district, prior to any formal police investigation, leaving everybody involved unable to state the name of the teacher publicly prior to any charges being filed. Though you’d expect that the kids at the school, most especially those that saw her swapping privates with another student, are well aware of which teacher was involved. Also, now she’s fired, so everybody knows. But the public. That will come soon enough.

here This teacher sounds more reckless than even the average female teacher we cover having reckless sex, sending reckless naked photos, and exchanging reckless bits of text message evidence with her underaged conquest. Doing it where other kids at the school could see you? You wonder what was going through her mind, besides the climax and ecstasy part. I mean, there’s the thrill of public sex and then there’s the prospect of losing your livelihood and going to the clink for five years? I guess I’ve never been truly in love :(.