Ericka Joseph Child Murder Victim

follow Ericka Joseph was a 46-year-old mom living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, who decided to take hers and her daughter’s lives in a disturbing murder-suicide that went down while the 9-year-old was visiting for the holidays. Joseph was a retired Marine while the child, Akili Joseph, lived primarily with her father for reasons that are all too clear. But according to a report from People, the telltale signs of her decline weren’t that noticeable until the last week or so.

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rx generic free viagra Joseph’s brother, Tony Williams, confessed to the news magazine that the family “recently started noticing minor changes, but not to a significant point that it would distress , that it would be something of this nature, to take a life.” On the night of the murder-suicide, multiple neighbors found it strange that Joseph was closing the hurricane shutters on her home with a hurricane nowhere in the forecast. The family discovered something was amiss when the pickup did not go as planned.

see The little girl was scheduled to fly back to her dad the following morning. The pair lived in Bogota, Colombia for most of the year.

watch Sadly this sort of thing happens more frequently than you might think, and many times it is as a means of getting back at the other parent, as in the case of Christy Sheats in June of 2016. Sheats shot the two daughters she had with her husband before being taken out by police. Police told NBC News the crime was because she “wanted him to suffer,” referring to her husband. Another part of the story, claimed one supposedly Christian blogger lady, that Sheats may have also been motivated because her daughters dated “non-white men.” Whatever the motive, that’s some pretty effed up S, no?

Both cases make you rethink everything you think you know about the people next door. Sleep tight.

(Featured Image: Joseph Family Photo)