generic levitra super active from india There is but one positive element to this criminal sage… the school bus was empty at the time. Rochester, Minnesota veteran drunk driver Sarah Shanahan wracked up her fourth DUI in ten years whilst driving at three times the State limit into a school bus blessedly empty of children. Consider that random blind luck. It easily could’ve much darker. Shanahan walked away with zero injuries as drunk driver perpetrators seem to far too often. She’s likely to¬† be charge with felony DUI and driving after cancellation, a gross misdemeanor.

click here Being brutally honest, since this is both a brutal and honest topic, America doesn’t take it’s drunk driving prohibition and penal code particularly seriously. Many are arrested, very few are taken out of circulation. Including Sarah Shanahan who’s been convicted thrice times before for the exact same crime. Name another potentially deadly crime where you can suffer three convictions and be up and about for your fourth?

go here DUI’s aren’t as sexy as guns or terror or mass shootings. Rank them about at gangland shootings in terms of exigency and uproar from the people who matter. Northern States are particularly poor offenders when it comes to drunk driving leniency. We get your Nordic roots, but your people are no longer driving tractors and horse drawn carriages. People are hitting school buses here.

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