Remember Convicted Utah Sex Offender Teacher Sarah Lewis? Now She’s Selling Meth You may recall the name Sarah Lewis. Last year the Utah high school teacher, 28, was arrested and jailed for having had sex with a seventeen year old student of hers, providing him and other boys with beer, and in one of the dumbest criminal moves ever, recorded her sex with the student on camera, you know, in case you want to ensure a guilty verdict at a future trial. (Actually, in a doubly dumb move, she attempted to tamper with the victim-witness in the case, by feeding him a story to tell investigators.) That was in January of 2017. Lewis was facing multiple years in prison on the charge of rape. That was until July of 2017 when a judge reviewed her defense attorney’s work in the case, and realized nobody noticed that Lewis was overcharged in the matter. Apparently, teacher-student-above-16 sex in Utah is an exception to the statutory rape laws, for some bizarre but likely practical reason, and she only should’ve received a far lighter indictment. Therefore, the judge released Lewis on time served after six months in the pokey.

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source You may wonder what happens to late 20-something female teachers with sex conviction once out of the criminal justice system. Apparently, it’s not particularly forgiving. Obviously, you can’t teach. Generally your marriage or relationships from before are toast. And you have a pretty rough criminal charge on your rap sheet, not to mention worse if you’re somewhat famous in the state for getting teens drunk and mounting them on camera. Not like Utah is loaded with strip clubs looking for defrocked teachers to dance.

go site You might imagine Lewis’ trajectory since last summer’s release was far from pretty, as she was arrested this week selling methamphetamine out of her car. That’s a deep dive from teaching Social Sciences and Dance at nearby Landmark High School. Certainly the benefits are worse. As are the Vice arrests. Back to jail for Ms. Lewis. Oh, how the blonde have fallen.
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