The first rule of female teacher-teen male sex club is you don’t talk about female teacher-teen male sex club. Honestly, that’s also the only rule. Naturally, the inclination of a high school boy romping with the cute teacher twice his age is to share with his buddies. It’s an overwhelming urge. Perhaps not as powerful as the sex itself, but super close.

Rebecca Reeves taught consumer sciences at Southern Nash High School, Bailey, North Carolina. That sounds somewhat of a made up subject. She also served as an assistant sports coach at the school which may explain the former cake teaching assignment. According to police, Reeves commenced an intimate relationship with a sixteen year old student at the school sometime around last October. Nobody there was to record the indecent screams, so rough dating is required for the police reports.

Everything was going swimmingly between teacher and student until the teen just had to tell somebody of his reckless good fortune. Apparently that somebody included his mom. So, the last person in the world you should ever tell about anything untoward or illicit you might be enjoying if you wish it to continue. The student’s mom claims she though her son must be joking when he first told her. It’s unclear if that goes to her general disbelief of such a criminal affair in general or whether she thinks her son can’t get any. The laugh will probably be remember by the boy forever.

Mom went to the school with the information from her son and an internal investigation was immediately launched. Reeves caught wind of the swirling events and ditched. Nothing quite says guilty like going on the lam. The school turned over findings from their investigation, namely, boinking, to the local constables. The police issued a warrant for Reeves arrest and ultimately picked her up. She was charge with two counts of sexual activity with a student. You may note that her mugshot reveals a shorn head. No idea if that was a first step in her attempt to evade capture. It’s certainly no way to get teen boys interested in dating. Also, it didn’t work.

The scourge of female teachers humping teen boys in their class or school continues to rage on unabated. It’s almost as if nature is overcoming the laws of man again. Silly nature. Why must it always be sex and stealing?