Reality Winner Snuck NSA Classified Docs Out of Work in Her Pantyhose

how ofter has levitra caused blindness Thanks to a release of federal investigative transcripts in the arrest and charging of Georgia NSA translator, Reality Winner, we get a more solid glimpse into the decidedly not so solid 25-year old woman who leaked classified government documents regarding the Russian-election interference to the press earlier this year.

go here People’s opinions of the girl with the funny name and the really big muscles and her leaking motives are framed almost entirely by their partisan political beliefs. Everybody loves a leaker when their motives are to hurt somebody they oppose, and vice-versa. What seems entirely more agreeable is the fact that Reality Winner was in the very least, half-unstable, borderline nuts.

source The transcripts reveal a woman working for a clandestine agency of the U.S. government who has a very simple minded, but most definite disdain for her country. In a Facebook conversation with her sister, Winner explained in a way that makes sense to crazier people, why she hates America: “Look, I only say I hate America like 3 times a day. I’m no radical. It’s mostly just about Americans obsession with air conditioning.” “But you don’t actually hate America, right?” “I mean yeah I do it’s literally the worst thing to happen on the planet. We invented capitalism the downfall of the environment.”

source Not something you wouldn’t hear on many a public college campus these days from a protestor, but somewhat odd in the realm of former armed services volunteer turned NSA contractor.

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cialis generico prezzo piu basso Winner laid out her whole “I’m Edward Snowden” case for how she sees herself, because what else can you say after admitting you were stuffing classified documents into your pantyhose to smuggle them out of your secure workplace. Or not so secure if you consider the fact a woman could exit the building with folders shoved into her undergarments rather easily.


Winner’s attorneys are trying to get her released prior to her next March date set for trial. That seems highly unlikely. Winner is facing up to nine years in federal prison if found guilty of the crimes charged. Her naivete and mental state may seem like mitigating factors, but these cases tend not to go well for the leakers. Chelsea Manning got hit with thirty years, though released by President Obama after seven.

Save your name jokes regarding Reality Winner for next Spring. You’ll want to unleash them right about time of her conviction.

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