Reality Winner Receives 5 Years Behind Bars for Leaking Classified U.S. Intel You’d have trouble not recalling the oddly named Reality Winner, the 20-something Texas girl turned Georgia defense contractor who decided one day last year to take home some classified Russia-election meddling documents from her office, hide them in her pantyhose, and share them with The Intercept online magazine. Winner was something of an odd pickle in the espionage game, since she had recently come off a six-year stint of strong service in the Air Force, and was a very deft linguist, with a passion for Middle Eastern languages.

where to before then buy female cialis Somewhere along the way, the buffed and muscle building blond became rather sympathetic to a number of progressive causes in her social media expressions, and more so, started to express strong favoritism toward Middle Eastern states and movements currently at odds with the United States. That and Trump-hate, of course. The amalgamation of her 20-something “feels” led her to do the criminal deed, in the manner of Edward Snowden, who was apparently one of her heroes. Though in sharp contrast, Winner’s leaked classified content was hardly a Snowden cache; not to mention Snowden wasn’t arrested at his home about an hour after leaking and now facing a long term Federal sentence.

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follow link Winner could’ve faced up to ten years in the joint for her espionage deeds, but accepted a plea deal that bought her 63 months. That’s Fed time, so no early release. A hard five, though her love of bodybuilding and perhaps other women will probably serve her well as she goes Orange is the New Black.

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dove comprare Viagra generico 200 mg a Genova As part of her plea deal, Reality Winner offered a totally empty apology to the court and the nation for her illicit actions. Her mind has likely only become more dedicated to count-government missions, but so be it. She’ll do it from the weight room in the penitentiary. Her family naturally noted that Winner’s been portrayed unfairly in the media, which is probably true, but she’s also guilty of the crime, so there’s that. I fear we shall not be able to make name game jokes with Reality Winner for some time. If she plays her Chelsea Manning cards right, perhaps goes transgender, we could see much more of her and her book in the future.

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