April Novak, 32, was a reading specialist and literary coach at Menomonee Falls High School in Wisconsin from 2013 until the day a fellow teacher saw her hugging and kissing a 16-year-old male student in her classroom in December of 2015. When confronted by authorities, Novak unloaded the whole story.

She told them that she had met the boy while tutoring him. Their relationship escalated to the point where it became sexual. They had sex several times, while mostly clothed, on the couch in Novak’s classroom during school hours. Novak was on birth control, but as an added precaution, she said the boy would use a condom and then discard it in a disposable coffee cup. Novak said the relationship was mutual, and that they both had romantic feelings for one another. The boy told investigators that he and Novak had promised one another to keep the relationship a secret. When someone asks you to keep a relationship secret, it’s probably not a good idea to agree, unless you are brother-and-sister and your last name is Lannister.

Menomonee Falls (Image: Fox 6)

Novak was married with two children at the time of the affair. Her husband, who had become suspicious about the boy, has since divorced her. Novak told authorities that she was frequently suicidal and fantasized about crashing her car with her kids in it, which is pretty screwed up. Why should her kids have to pay for her inability to keep her hands off her underage students? Since early 2016, she has been seeing a psychiatrist because wow, does she need it.

Novak was initially charged with 12 separate counts of sexual assault. However, as a part of her plea deal, nine were dismissed. She pleaded no contest to three counts, each of which carries a maximum of three years behind bars, plus probation. Unsurprisingly, Novak has resigned from her job, and will not be allowed to work in environments where she will encounter children younger than 16 in the future.

April Novak (Image: Fox 6)


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