They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. But have you ever seen a scorned woman when she’s surprised?

Rakisha Marie Champion, 31, was sentenced to time served and six months probation for assault and battery. The Hillsdale, Michigan woman seemed to have snapped in January when she returned home to an unpleasant surprise. She had gone on a brief trip to Ohio only to find a woman asleep on her couch. Weird, sure. But then she went into her bedroom only to find her boyfriend was asleep in her bed with another woman, this one naked. Champion pummeled the naked woman, resulting in a commotion that woke the woman on the couch. That woman stepped in to defend her nude friend, and Champion responded by hitting one of the women with a glass.

The judge told Champion that she believed this was, or so she hoped, an isolated incident for Champion. She also suggested that Champion dump her boyfriend, noting she had considered ordering the two not have any contact, but had ultimately decided to allow Champion to make that choice for herself. In addition to her short probation, Champion must pay the victim’s medical bills and a $425 fine.

Rakisha Champion summed up her recent experience on Facebook.

In the court of Internet opinion playing out on the Hillsdale Daily News Facebook page, some people say violence is never the answer, while many other folks seem to be defending Champion, saying they’d do the same thing if they came home to find a nude person in their lover’s bed. However, people seem very conflicted over who rightfully deserved the beating: the naked woman on the unfaithful boyfriend. Everyone seems to agree that, at the very least, Champion’s boyfriend was the real scumbag.

Image: Hillsdale PD/Facebook