Rachel Acevedo Arrested For Groping A Gay Man

source link Rachel Nicole Acevedo, 36, is in hot water after she did something typically attributable to drunken men — groped a member of the opposite sex. While ordinarily that may not have gotten her into trouble — though it probably should — she made the mistake of choosing an unwilling victim who happened to be a) sober and b) gay. Not good.

enter site According to a report from Public Opinion, Acevedo also made the mistake of publicly commenting that she intended to “mess with the gay guy” before she approached, sat on his lap, licked his face, and grabbed at his crotch. Naturally, he resisted and the rest is history.

informazioni vardenafil originale dosaggio This being a gay man and our society being unsurprisingly Neanderthal, there was not much sympathy for the unwilling victim online with commenters on the Public Opinion piece making fun of him with comments like “poor snowflake was upset a gal touched him” and “this is the stupidest excuse for a crime news story ever written.”

Likely road leading up to commenters’ house. Flickr Creative Commons.

click here Not sure about that. After all, last we checked, inappropriate touching of an unwilling person is inarguably a crime if you’re talking about a heterosexual man doing it to a heterosexual woman. Why would it be any differently for a gay man, who is being accosted by the gender of his choosing?

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=acquistare-levitra-Calabria Oh well, at some point, maybe by the next century, the Neanderthals will eventually catch up to this one. The other side of this story that makes it a rarity is that you have a woman arrested for sexual assault in a context outside of public schools.

prednisone from online drugstore no prescription In fact, statistics of any kind involving sexual abuse by women is difficult to come by with the UK-based Independent detailing the headache of it all in this fascinating piece by Charlotte Philby.

enter site Philby writes that during the course of her research, “all I could find — under the direction of several Government press officers, from the Ministry of Justice to the Home Office — was a figure relating to the number of women who have been convicted of sexual offences (sic) in the UK [from 2006 suggesting] that women form just 0.5 per cent (sic) of all sex offenders in prison, and around 1 per cent of convicted sex offenders in England and Wales” were women.

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=cialis-generico-online-%C3%A8-sicuro Finding similar data in the U.S. is challenging as well.

source link Not putting Acevedo in the same camp as some of the more severe offenders, but might be a good idea to keep those hands to yourself, lady. Unfortunately, there isn’t a pic of Acevedo we’d be comfortable attributing to her, but we should know more on Tuesday when she shows up for the court hearing.

here (Featured Image: MGN Online)

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