Public Sex at Stanford Hospital Leads to Arrest Public sex at the prestigious Stanford University hospital led to the arrest of a woman one could only describe, kindly, as haggard.

levitra super active for woman Andrea Caracciolo, 51, of Escalon, California, and various other places she’s been run out of for being a drug addict, was arrested at Stanford hospital while physically attending to her similarly haggard boyfriend in his hospital room. Bedside manner for Caracciolo apparently includes oral sex. No chance for bite marks. Thank you, meth.

The Public Sex Was Not the Crime

get soft viagra You might think Andrea Caracciolo was arrested for public sex upon her boyfriend in front of the hospital staff. She was not. But that did compel hospital employees to call the police who promptly arrested her for drug intoxication. Why couldn’t it simply be romance?

cialis online ordering Police declined to state which drug Caracciolo was using, but they likely spun the wheel of narcotics and put down wherever the wheel stopped. That guess is as good as any. She probably owns the entire wheel.

source site Additionally, Caracciolo had an outstanding warrant from Santa Cruz. If you’ve never visited Santa Cruz, it’s a lovely beachside town with a ton of people who look like Andrea Caracciolo. Watch the Lost Boys and replace vampires with walking dead middle-aged meth zombies and you have the picture.

Cracciolo Is No Stranger to California Law Enforcement

get levitra online Prior to any public sex fame, Andrea Cracciolo and her boyfriend, Danta Ciralo, were in the news last summer for being personally escorted by their local Escalon, California police department out of town and dropped off in Modesto. At the time, the folks in Modesto blamed the Escalon P.D. for dumping these two hardened vagrants on their doorstep.

buying prednisone without a prescription Cracciolo herself though defended the Escalon police at the time, insisting she and Ciralo didn’t want to stay in Escalon anymore since they weren’t allowed to “sleep on the ground”. To boot, the city’s one motel refused to let them rent a room. Something about we reserve the right to refuse service to really dirty people intending to torch meth in our rooms.

California Is Becoming Home to the Homeless and Drug Addicted Those who live outside of California may not entirely realize the dramatic rise in homeless, largely drug addicted and mentally ill persons, roaming the Golden State. San Francisco and Los Angeles are home to nation’s leading homeless populations, with spillage into Central California, also a hot bed of drug production.

pfizer viagra online canada pharmacy One of the drivers behind the rise is the legal leniency granted to such persons by the state legislature the past several years. For the most part, you can sleep where you want, take which drugs you like, and poop on the streets and the police are not allowed to intervene or imprison.

pharmacy viagra discount The upside, nobility and compassion. The downside, the guy in the hospital bed next to you smells like wet cardboard and there’s a toothless woman going down on him. California, here we come!

It’s Been a Bad Week for Sex Arrests Earlier this week, Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots, was arrested for soliciting prostitution at a Florida massage parlor. Read as: Kraft offered to pay for a happy ending.

Assume this is much funnier if you are not a Patriots fan.

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