Public Intoxication Charges Dropped Against Foul-Mouthed Floridian

where to buying accutane Public intoxication really shouldn’t be a crime because it doesn’t explain the more vibrant half of the matter. It’s not being drunk that’s the problem, it’s being the kind of drunk that gets angry and profane that’s the problem.

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Alicia Loren Pupo Arrested Last November

source site Imagine the kind of Community Watch program in and around The Villages, a massive planned seniors community in Central Florida. You spit and you might be caught. They certainly spotted a stumbling drunk woman near the Brownwood Paddock Square area of the retirement city at 2am.

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canadian pharmacy online viagra Wildwood police responded and prevented Alicia Loren Pupo, 28, from driving away drunk in her SUV. That’s when things got nasty.

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prednisone dosage 5 mg Pupo stumbled around after being pulled from her vehicle. Cops discovered Pupo had a “business only” drivers license, meaning, partially suspended.

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enter site Pupo turned down the police request that she call a sober friend, and erupted into a spew of profanity against the police officers. In the history of time, that plan has never ever worked out well.

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Who can forget Shia LaBeouf drunk and swearing at police — that didn’t go well either

Public Intoxication Went From Bad to Worse

viagra rx pharmacy canada Police were forced to arrest Pupo for disorderly intoxication, attempting to drive without a proper license, and possession for the weed they found in a quick search of her vehicle. Pull over an Floridian at 2am and you’re likely to find the very same.

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go here Pupo screamed more profanities and tensed her entire body when police tried to move her toward their vehicle. Another epic trick that is certain to win you friends among the men and women who carry batons and badges.


And Then, Thank You Florida

source site Eventually the cops explained to Pupo how their taser feels when applied to the sensitive areas of one’s body and she surrendered peacefully. She was taken to the police station and processed.

alternative drugs to viagra Cut to this week and Pupo, with her attorney, Oran Bullock, worth mentioning if you need to hire somebody with a winning record, convinced the prosecutor to throw out every single charge in her case. A great GOOJ Free Card if you can get it. Florida has no time for petty crime. Pupo’s past records show a history of involvement with the courts, including being forcible evicted and seeking a restraining order on that special someone formerly in her life. Also seeking child support from another special someone. Lots of special people in her life, and lots of trouble. Hopefully she makes it long enough to be able to move into The Villages. That would be age 55.

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