Providence PD Shocked to Find Prostitution in Foxy Lady Strip Club When police make a statement, let alone a statement on camera, that they are shocked to have discovered strippers in a club offering sex for money to customers on the QT, you have to applaud their straight face delivery. You don’t have to be a cop, merely a reasonably clued in civilian male to understand that strippers make their better money by hooking, often right there in the clubs where they dance. 

online prednisone Police in Providence, Rhode Island conducted a week long sting operation inside the Foxy Lady strip club, wherein undercover officers documented the numerous occasions that strippers in the joint were offering them VIP “anything goes” service in the backroom for $300. According to the officers, the girls each propositioned the men in such a mimicked way, it was obvious the girls were trained and likely if not certainly run by the management of the club as to the up-selling of services. Cops went back and raided the joint and arrested three dancing hookers, Lindsay Hoffman, 30, Neish Rivera, 25, and Melissa McNeely, 32. A quick search shows that Hoffman was previously arrested four years ago for leaving her then 2-week old infant in a freezing parked car, and at the time already had multiple other previous arrests. No word on the other two, but assume the life of a stripper-hooker is fraught with legal peril, not to mention the abuse, violence, and disease that comes blessedly with the job.


go here Providence law enforcement wants the stripper licensing board now to close down the Foxy Lady for good, given how the management seems implicitly involved in the hooking. Everybody publicly stated they are taking the matter seriously, because that’s what you do in the game of pretend outrage. As for the gentlemen who frequent this gentlemen’s club for anything from a dollar toss to a girl working the pole on an Aerosmith clip to the fully-boat in the VIP lounge, they vote “please, leave her alone”.

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