Principal Kenda Miller Busted for Not Reporting Sex Offender in Her School This is a first in all my many months of covering such stories. The principal and a math teacher from Perry Upper Elementary School in Oklahoma were arrested on charges of failing to report knowledge of a staff member within the school alleged to have committed numerous female student molestations.

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go site Call me a stereotyping bastard for suggesting old men who volunteer at elementary schools ought be supervised extra carefully if not shown the door. Arnold Cowen, a senior citizen “helper” in math class and around the school, was arrested on numerous counts of lewd or indecent acts with a child and some amount of child pornography, presumably photos of children at the school.

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viagra generico 25 mg prezzo a Verona Prior to his arrest, multiple students had approached school Principal Kenda Miller with the suggestion that Cowen was touching them inappropriately and making them uncomfortable with creepy things he would say to them. Principal Miller discussed these allegations with Math teacher Jeffrey Sullins and both decided that the girls were likely lying and Cowen was too sweet and kind and helpful of an old man for any of this to be true. Unfortunately for these two pumpkin heads, the law states rather clearly that the Principal and the Math teacher are not to make these kinds of justice system decisions over coffee in the teacher’s lounge. All allegations of abuse or neglect are to be reported to the proper authorities for investigation.

go site A new victim of Cowen’s shared her story with her parents who went straight to the police who launched an investigation. The inquiry didn’t last long as the elderly Cowen confessed immediately to the molestation charges, stating that he couldn’t remember how many girls he had fondled precisely. Assume the counts and charges and number of victims will rise steadily as each girl at the school is interviewed. The police also charged the Principal and the Math teacher with misdemeanor counts of failing to report child abuse. You can expect their precise negligence to be thoroughly delved into during the inevitable civil law suits. An attorney representing the first four kid victims has already stepped into the mix.

Perp walk for math classroom helper Arnold Cowen. (Photo credit:

acquistare vardenafil senza ricetta consegna rapida This horrific criminal chain of events follows my general assumption that pedophiles and sexual offenders are inevitably aided and abetted either by commission or omission from key and necessary people around them. Wives, girlfriends, friends, peers. You didn’t expect a school principal to be a sex crimes enabler, but now you do. These predators invariably have clear sailing to ply their wicked craft. Principal Miller won’t be serving any time, but she’ll have the opportunity to live with the fact that she failed at her primary task and now there are dozens of girls whose lives have been torn asunder. Heady stuff. This is why nobody really likes the school principal.

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