Principal Cindy Sue Underwood Failed to Report iPad Sex Snaps Among 6-Year Olds at Her School

finasteride generic no prescription Oh, how they do get started early these days. Presume perhaps that the six year olds at the Wichita Falls, Texas elementary school snapping each other engaged in sexual acts on an iPad were more curious than devious. You hope at least this was merely a case of early onset “Doctor” games in an Apple camera generation. Though there’s also the possibility of a more sinister element to the tale, as in, maybe one of the kids involved is being sexually abused themselves, in which case, it’s good to err on the side of some kind of police followup.

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get link Which is why most states now have strict laws insisting that any and all sexual related incidents on K-12 campuses be reported to the local authorities and often state agencies. They are no longer to be “handled” in-house. In some cases it’s a large zero tolerance policy overreach, but it does prevent the appearance of school personnel trying to sweep potentially dangerous situations at their schools under the rug. The penalty for teachers or administrators not reporting incidents to which you are made aware can be criminal charges.

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enter site Which is precisely what happened to Cindy Sue Underwood, 35 the perfectly Southern Belle named Texas principal arrested for failing to report the 6-year olds and naked play time captures on the iPad to local police. This after the teacher caught the kids making such memorable keepsakes in the classroom and reported the incident and photos to Underwood. The Principal did inform parents at the school of the matter with some delicate euphemisms, but failed to promptly contact law enforcement as is clearly outlined as her responsibility.

source link No word yet on the precise severity of the charges facing Underwood, but being booked into prison with a mugshot for failing to report potential sex crimes at your elementary school is not your typical school administrator LinkedIn profile lead. We’ll keep you posted.

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