Principal Arrested for Failure to Report ‘Child Indecency’ Principal Linda Voss, 52, of Travis Elementary School in Odessa, Texas was arrested this week on the charge of not reporting an alleged ‘child indecency’ at her school in a timely manner.

follow link Texas law requires school faculty members to report any incidents involving child abuse to the school principal, who is in turn provided 48 hours to report the case to either the police of Child Protective Services. Voss took six days.

Three Children Alleged a Sexual Incident at School

viagra prices cvs pharmacies in bakersfield On January 10th of this year, three 11-year old girls informed a substitute teacher about an act on campus only being referred to as a “child indecency”. This would encompass some kind of sexual touching.

buy viagra uk lloyds pharmacy houma Later arrest reports indicate that the sexual incident did not involve a member of the school staff. Presumably this indicates the alleged offender was another student. The substitute teacher directed the three girls to make a report to the school principal, Linda Voss.

School District Police Showed Up on January 14th

brand viagra 100 mg Ector County Independent School District Police showed up to campus to investigate based off a report from somebody other than Principal Linda Voss. Officers spoke to the girls who informed them the incident took place on January 10th and they had told the principal.

levothyroxine drug ingredients viagra The next day, Voss, who appears horribly clueless in this entire matter, called the school district to ask why they sent an officer to the school without her knowledge. There’s your giveaway of less than stellar school administration.

Travis Elementary School in Odessa, Texas (A “C” grade evaluated school) The next day, district police interviewed Voss herself who admitted she had talked to the girls on January 10th about the sexual indecency matter. This is where somebody told Voss you were supposed to alert the proper authorities.

prescription drug patent expiration viagra coupons Voss filed a report that day or the next day. But it was now 5-6 days past the reporting of the incident. Too late.

Linda Voss Arrested on a Class A Misdemeanor

watch Officially, Voss reported the incident involving the three 11-year old girls to CPS on January 16th. You know she was asking them to do her a solid and mark it January 12th. CPS don’t play that game.

viagra drug costs Voss was arrested this past week and charged with Failure to Report, a Class A Misdemeanor. She’s been placed on Administrative Leave by the District meaning she gets paid, don’t you worry.

mh drugs kd 19 viagra commercial actress The penalties for Failure to Report are up to one year in jail or a fine of between $500 and $5000. Presume Voss will be facing the fine and perhaps probation. If you start jailing every lousy principal in this country, we’re going to need more jails.

Texas Takes Their Student Sex Cases Seriously.

aspirin drug contraindications with viagra As we’ve mentioned several times, an inordinate number of teacher-student sex cases seem to come from Texas. While you could argue there is simply more debauchery and perversion in Texas, the more likely scenario is they are monitoring and catching more such incidents.

Nicole Kusmirek

viagra jokes new drug We’ve not often seen arrests in these Failure to Report situations by teachers and administrators. Though in 2017, Louisiana teacher, Nicole Kusmirek, was arrested for failure to report a 13-year old girl providing oral sex to boys in the school bathroom. Hard to overlook that. She did.

buy viagra pills lowest price But Texas is clearly letting the adults in charge know, you’re on the hook. Hence, you can bet there is more vigilance in Texas than other states.

Don’t mess with Texas!

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