Carolyn Childers Arrested

Carolyn Childers, a 39-year-old mom from O’Fallon, Mo., capitalized on her daughter’s love for puppies in order to steal a furry friend worth approximately $2,000, police told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. The mom arrived at a St. Louis pet store with three children, “including two in a wagon,” the site notes. From there, she and the 10-year-old went to work.

The pup-happy pair approached a worker at the store and asked to see a Bichon poodle mix, which looks something like one of these adorable little guys if you have never seen one.

Bichon Poodle Mix Thefted From Store

Yeah, we can see why you may want to steal one of these little guys. Anyhow, that is exactly what happened next. The employee allowed mom and daughter to have some alone time with the doggie in a private cubicle, to which mom stuffed the daughter into a purse and gave it to her 10-year-old to carry out of the store. She followed shortly thereafter.

It was not the smartest of plans. For starters, you have a dog valued at a couple grand. Like a store employee isn’t going to realize it went missing. Secondly, this all happened under the watchful eye of Big Brother — okay, maybe not actual Big Brother, but the store had cameras, okay?

Considering we live in a high-definition age, it didn’t take long for authorities to figure it out. As of Wednesday evening, Childers was in jail being held on $1,000 bail and the pup is back where it belongs in a cage waiting to be bought like a basic commodity. Wow. Doesn’t sound as much like a happy ending when you put it that way. Ah well, it’s a cutie; shouldn’t take too long to find a buyer.

As for the 10-year-old, it looks like she is going to get off scot free in all this despite being the one that actually took the pup out of the store. Justice? (We know this is the Internet, but you guys understand sarcasm, right?)

(Featured Image: St. Louis Police)