Tonie Reiboldt is the latest in our rogue gallery of sicko teachers who try to bed their impressionable, young students. This one was a phys ed teacher, which is just really unfortunate because, well, the joke’s write themselves. But this isn’t a laughing matter: Reiboldt sounds like a predator who tried (and sometimes succeeded) to groom and lure teen boys into her devious sexual games. 

Reiboldt, 43, was a married gym teacher in Washington state who had once won “Coach of the Year” for her work as a gymnastics instructor. Reiboldt has now pleaded guilty to sending naked photos to four underage students, as well as raping a teenage boy. She faces up to five years in prison when her sentencing occurs in June. 

According to police, they began investigating the blonde teacher after she was accused of sending a naked video to multiple male students. She apparently used her own son’s Snapchat to get contact information for the boys she planned to target, then used that info to start flirting with them. One of the boys had Reiboldt as an instructor, while the other boys knew her though the school. She is believed to have contacted at least four boys, all of whom were under 16 years old.

Tonie Reiboldt (Image: Social media/The Sun)

Over the course of several months, Reiboldt asked the boys to send their own sexy pics and continued to provide nude images and videos of herself. One of the boys admitted that he ultimately met up with Reiboldt and had sex with her. Another said she’d asked him to have sex and he said no, while another said Reiboldt had planned to meet him at a park near his home. He said he made up an excuse to avoid meeting her.

Reiboldt’s husband, also a teacher, filed for divorce in October of 2016. They have two children together.

 Image: Social media/TheSun