Pastor’s Wife and Kindergarten Teacher Arrested for Sex With High School Student

promo codes cialis If you’re the pastor who runs a parochial private school you’ve got but one request of your beloved long-time bride: do not get involved in a really public sex scandal. Oh, well.

garlic better than viagra Shannon Griffin, 49, a kindergarten teacher at the K-12 Jordan Baptist School southwest of Chicago, was arrested for sexual relations with a junior at the small high school portion of the school. There are only 100 kids in total, K-12, not a great place to keep secrets. (The actual number is hard to find since Jordan Baptist seems to be suffering a coincidental outage of their website today.)

viagra for jet lag According to the local Burbank Police, they received an anonymous tip this past Spring about Griffin, the pastor’s wife, being illicitly involved with multiple boys at the school. The tipster allegedly also told cops that the pastor and the school principal were aware of the sinful deeds.

enter The police investigation revealed evidence that Griffin had had ongoing sexual contact with the teen boy at Jordan Baptist, and had sent multiple nude photos and videos of herself to that same kid and at least one other boy at the school. Additionally, she requested nude photos from the boys. Oops, that there is a solicitation of child pornography, Mrs. Reverend.

During an interview with detectives, the student said that a female teacher sent images and videos showing a woman “removing her clothing and exposing her breasts and vagina,” 

Breasts AND vagina — the big two

Griffin was finally arrested and charged with sexual assault for whatever went down between herself and the high school junior, and for that solicitation of naughty underaged photos charges.

Now, there are many reasons why a kindergarten teacher married to a pastor might start banging teen boys at her husband’s school, but I think we know it’s mostly just one reason and it does not reflect well on either husband or wife. So sayeth Lex.

Another Shannon Griffin

(Worth noting that earlier this year we reported on another high school teacher named Shannon Griffin busted for having sex with a teen student. This one in Texas. Not sure what to make of this, but if your high school kid is currently taking a class from a teacher named Shannon Griffin, it’s probably worth asking him a couple tough questions under a spotlight.)

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