follow site Because you thought you’d heard everything, a Toledo, Ohio pastor, his wife, and their daughter are all under arrest for armed and aggravated robbery upon a Sunday school teacher at the church where the pastor worked. Maury, get your producers humming on this one.

accutane taken off usa market According to sources, and there were sources as this happened quite out in the open, Kamali Morris, 19, grabbed teacher Nickema Turner out of her St. Paul’s AME Zion Church Sunday School class via a hair pull into the hallway. From there, Kamali’s mom, Zelda Morris, 46, joined in a beatdown on Turner, attempting to wrangle away the contents of her purse. Standing aside the mother-daughter assailants was, Anthony Morris, 49, a preacher at the very same church, tossing in occasional shoves on Turner during the Morris family takedown. When Turner got the upper hand on her female attackers, the pastor dad pulled out a gun and threatened Turner with a biblical style murder. Then he and his wife and daughter ran off with Turner’s purse. You wonder if this happens every week at St. Paul’s AME. Pretty dramatic church Sundays.

see url The trio of Morrises were later captured and arrested on very serious felony charges of aggravated robbery with a weapon. That’s quite some prison time you’re looking at. And for what? All Turner had in her purse was a cellphone, a taser, and a prescription bottle. Though according to one church member on the scene, the pastor’s wife, Zelda Morris, told Nickema Turner’s daughter:

buy cialis usa “You wanna know why this happened? It happened because your mom slept with my husband.”

Kamali Morris, 19, mild mannered nursing student, or not.

accutane generic versions So, the Sunday School teacher slept with the Pastor, and his wife, daughter, and the pastor himself decided the appropriate response was an armed robbery right before Church services? Still searching both Testaments for where that is the prescribed punishment for adultery, especially by the adulterer himself.

go here You’d suppose the church needs a new pastor now. A criminal background check on the new clergy and family might be worthwhile. Albeit, daughter Kamali is a nursing student at Eastern Michigan University. Sometimes, you simply never know who is capable of gross violence.

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