Palm Beach Female Substitute Teacher Arrested for Sex With Student

By all accounts, Stacy Cabral, 23, isn’t a dumb woman. The recent graduate of Florida Atlantic University received a degree in Neuroscience from the school, as well as a scholarship to complete summer work at the Scripps Research Institute associated with the campus. Assume she’s got a decent working noggin.

None of which explains why she, like so many of her female teacher colleagues, became ensnared in an illegal sexual relationship with a teenage student from Palm Beach County where she worked as a substitute teacher post-graduate.

Now, the age of consent laws in Florida would normally allow a 16-year old to have sexual relations with an up to 23-year-old partner. This scenario has been contemplated by the lawmakers in the Sunshine State after decades of real-life research. However, that law does not override the statute banning and all school district employees from shtupping their students of any age. You’d think a neuroscientist could’ve done the math.

Stacy Cabral had been hired by the parents of a 16-year old boy, unnamed, to tutor their son. She had been his substitute teacher and apparently, they thought well of her enough to pay her on the side to educate their teen boy. And educate she did.

At some point the boy’s mom, the moms always know, grew suspicious of how her son and Cabral’s behavior and checked her son’s phone. Therein she found sexual communications between Cabral and her son. In a rather cool response, the boy’s mom didn’t go to the police, but simply informed Cabral she knew what was up and was fired from tutoring.

Cabral responded:

“Yes, ma’am. I am so sorry. I will stay away from you both and never speak with you again. I am quitting my job effective immediately. I am so sorry.”

“I am unfit as far as teaching goes. I do want to inform you that I have never conducted myself this way before (not that it excuses my behavior) but there has never been another child and there never will be.”

– Stacy Cabral, texting the boy’s mother

Yet, two days later, mom tracks her son’s phone to Cabral’s home. Ruh-roh. That’s when admissions of sexual contact come out, along with her son admitting he sent Cabral nudes of himself, in response to her masturbation videos. Like a teacher does.

That’s when mom went to the cops.

The cops did a deeper dive, grabbing up all the photo and text evidence between teacher and student. Cabral was arrested for cruelty toward a child (transmitting harmful information to a minor), obscene communication (using a computer to seduce, solicit, or lure a minor), using a two-way communication device to facilitate a felony, and a sex offense (authority figure soliciting or engaging in lewd conduct with a student). The latter charge came about as Cabral admitted to providing the boy with oral sex.

Cabral posted $15,000 bond and was released from Palm Beach County Jail, pending charges.

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