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Ericka Oxford, 41, Volunteer Track Coach, Busted for Sex With 17-Year Old Student in Missouri

Now, even the volunteer teachers and coaches of the female gender are getting into the high school boy meat market, via illicit sexual relations. Ericka Oxford, 41, a volunteer track coaching assistant at Fort Zumwalt East High School in Missouri has been arrested on the felony charge of sex with a student. In particular, a 17-year old male student she was having sex with 1-2 times a week at her home, according to the boy interviewed during the investigation. Presumably, the boy was a member of the high school track team, but no confirmation of that fact yet.

In a weird twist to the story, the relationship between the 41-year old parent volunteer and the teen boy was “outed” in May when the pair opted for a quickie back at the boy’s house and were caught mid-coitus by the boy’s father. It’s not clear precisely what happened after that moment, but the relationship between his son and the older woman appeared to continue. Did he not tell the authorities and only crow to the neighbors about his boy bagging an older woman? So many questions, so few answers.

Whatever the timeline, the long arm of justice caught up to Oxford this past week in her felony arrest and $20,000 bail. The Fort Zumwalt East principal was quick to point out, as they all do, that none of the sex took place on school grounds and that Oxford had passed background check by the state organization that handles parent volunteers in the school. All of which means, she doesn’t have any prior criminal arrests. As seems to be the case in 99.9% of these older woman and student sex instances because obviously a teacher with a rape conviction on her rap sheet would never make it into employ in the first place. So obviously these are all first time sex crime arrests. But, still, the pro forma statement from those who might be fired or sued is always welcome.

Now you may begin to wonder if Oxford took an interest in helping out the track team to get herself near athletic teen boys or if this was a random crime of passion. You can count on her crying and pleading the latter, but, you’ll never know the truth.

Elementary School Teacher, Isabella Bowman, Arrested for Sex with Underaged Arizona Boy

Sure it’s easy to write off the 22-year old woman having sex with a 17-year old boy as something that was probably common throughout most of human history, or at least more common with the older male, but there is Arizona law to consider, and that law says 18 is the age of consent. And doubly bad form if you, the older party, happen to be a teacher in the state.

It’s unclear if Dr. Daniel Bright Elementary School teacher, Isabella Bowman, broke any of those teachers can’t sleep with students of any kind rules, or if she’s simply being nailed on having sex with a boy not the age of majority, but the young teacher was arrested in Cottonwood, Arizona for sex crimes resulting from her sexual relationship with a teen boy. Her school was quick to point out that the boy in question was not a current or former student of Ms. Bowman, and none of the sex took place in the grade school. That’s a relief. I mean, a civil legal suit relief.

Bowman was also found in possession of marijuana when arrested, which depending on the County in Arizona, could be worse than the sex with a minor beef. Either way, she’s in big trouble, though as always, she’s still being paid while on administrative leave.

Middle School Teacher, Christina Jolly, Arrested for Statutory Rape of Her Foster Teen

Some women can’t help but help. Such seems to be the case of long time Troutman Elementary School teacher turned Troutman Middle School teacher, Christina Jolly, 43, of Statesville, North Carolina. According to her school bio, Jolly is the married mother of three boys, at least one of whom is a 15-year old foster child with whom she now stands accused of multiple felony counts of sexual assault. For no particular reason, I’m going to pick out the man-sized black kid in the recent family photo as the victim in question.

Christina Jolly and Family (photo from Troutman Middle School bio page)

In April of this year, an investigation began into Jolly following a tip that something wasn’t quite right between the middle school teacher and her foster son, which led to the boy confessing that things were kind of alright because he was having sex with his foster mom. For some reason, it took another three months before the foster care service folks removed the boy from the home and put Jolly on strict orders not to contact him. An order she promptly broke several times through social media messaging. You never forget your first underage foster boy sex romp.

The nearby Iredell County Sheriff’s Department was not so lenient with Jolly, arresting her this past week on five counts of statutory rape on a child 15 or under, and two additional counts of sex with a child 15 or under. Unclear what the non-rape sex acts are, but use your imagination. Jolly was slapped with a total of $275,000 in bail.

Jolly’s school district was prompt to note that they had suspended the Troutman Middle School teacher immediately, though with pay pending further steps in the criminal process, because teachers’ unions are just that powerful.

Arkansas Vice-Principal, Jessica Williams, Arrested for Sex With 16-Year Old Student

By way of a slightly different composition to this never-ending array of female teachers having sex with their teen students in America, enter Jessica Williams, 37, a vice-principal with the Waldron Public School District in Arkansas. Ms. Williams was the subject of an anonymous letter to the school principal suggesting that she was having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a sixteen year old student at the high school. In a past day and age you might think these anon letters merely flights of fancy or crass revenge notes, but in 2018 with so many female faculty members being cuffed for mounting their young student bodies, it’s an alarm signal.

Williams was promptly hauled in and question by the school district police to whom she either immediately, or shortly, confessed to an ongoing sexual relationship with the boy in question, who himself had already copped to the coppers that he and his vice-principal had been getting it on since the end of the previous school year and over the summer. And even worse, the two had exchanged naughty photos. Perhaps that’s not as severe as actual illegal intercourse, but it is always the photos that damn you in the end. Or at least prevent you from the “he’s making this all up” defense.

Williams was taken to the County jail where she was charged with five counts of sexual assault upon this poor child, and one count of tampering with evidence. No clue what the latter refers to, but assume it’s either trying to destroy those darned nude photos or calling her teen lover and telling him to lie to the police. You’d do both yourself. Perhaps that charge is a bit much on top of the felony sex assaults. Bond was set for Williams at $100,000.

Story of MILF Dentist Arrested in Dubai For Drinking Wine May Be Misreported

Ellie Holman, DDS, was arrested in the Dubai airport on July 13th for what Holman and reporters sharing her story claimed was the sin of having a single glass of wine on a plane flight with one of her daughters from England to Dubai. While Dubai is one of those wacky Middle Eastern countries that simultaneously courts Western tourists with its beaches and hotspots, while simultaneously imposing strict Islamic bans on any party fun, the headlining of this story as a zero tolerance policy arrest seems to be misrepresented.

Holman, 44, is a Swedish citizen who lives in England with her boyfriend and their kids. If you believe her side of the story, she was innocently traveling to Dubai with one of the young female children, when a Dubai customs official smelled liquor on her breath from her one glass of wine on the plane and she and her daughter were promptly shown the Midnight Express treatment in a Dubai prison for four days before her release could be secured by British pressure. Holman tells stories of being forced to clean toilets and dirty prison cells while held in jail, while she and her daughter were forced to sleep on gross bedrolls on the floor. That latter part may be kind of true, or Western dentist’s experience in less than four star conditions.

What is less reported is the fact that Holman was stopped at the airport because her visa to Dubai was invalid. This wasn’t a DUI checkpoint. In the course of discussion over the visa, Holman whipped out her cellphone and started recording all of her interactions with Dubai authorities. While that kind of thing may fly in Stockholm or London or certainly the U.S., it turns out repressive Sharia states in the Middle East don’t cotton to the user-generated outraged videos so much. There is no TMZ in Dubai.

It was at this point that the Dubai police noticed the alcohol on Holman’s breath and used that as an excuse to arrest her. While Dubai is a dry country, it seems unlikely given that Emirates Airlines is serving complementary liquor on their flights to Dubai, that customs is busting every tourist passing into their nation and throwing them into their Guantanamo. That’s somewhat bad for tourism dollars. Especially arresting a mom with a cute little daughter.

Naturally, Holman’s story became world news because of the “one glass of wine” bit and somebody in Dubai Trade and Tourism got to the police and worked out a quick release and apology to Holman who returned home to some kind of likely highly undeserved fanfare. I’m not suggesting that pushy Western women deserve to be tossed into Brokedown Palaces for being bitchy, but when they decide to take up the currency exchange value of traveling to a Muslim-run nation for beach time, consider keeping the trap shut.

Teacher Brittany Zamora’s 13-Year Old Sex Partner Suing School District for $2.5 Million

You may recall Brittany Zamora as the sixth grade elementary school teacher busted this past March in Arizona for repeated oral sexual encounters with a 13-year old student of hers. The story made national news for numerous reasons, obviously including a teacher going down on her 13-year old male student, but also because Zamora is attractive, recently married, an was found to have sent the boy texts along the lines of her wishing she could quit her job so she could have sex with him all day long. That’s a thing alright.

Zamora is awaiting trial on the criminal charges associated with her felonious behavior, but the family of the 13-year old boy is wasting no time in filing preliminary papers for a $2.5 million lawsuit against the Liberty Elementary School District, with the claim, as we’ve now seen many times before, that the administration was aware of their teacher’s inappropriate relations of at least some sort with the boy, and did nothing about it.

In this case, the family claims that the school principal was made aware of something untoward happening between Zamora and the student, as reported by several students in the same grade as the kid, though the principal claims the charge was only that Zamora was favoring this particular boy in class. In subsequent meetings with the other students, there was the mention of rumors that Zamora and the boy were “dating” or spending alone time together. Remembering these are sixth graders, not hardened street rats turning over criminal evidence in exchange for twenties.

Brittany Zamora was not long married before taking up with her 13-year old student.

The school insists it took the rumors seriously, launched an investigation, but found no evidence of wrongdoing outside of Zamora being excessively generous to this particular student in class, for which she was admonished and told to right her ways. The boy’s family claims the school should’ve known something more was underway, and in fact, the bulk of the sexual encounters between Zamora and their young teen son didn’t take place until after she was cleared by the Principal. It was until the parents themselves found the raunchy texts from teacher to their boy six weeks later that they went to the authorities and shut it down immediately themselves.

Make of each side’s anticipated legal argument what you will, the school district is going to end up settling for some reasonably large portion of that $2.5 million. Something around a million seems to be the going rate now. You’re a company essentially that hires adults to look after children and you let one in who had sex with the children. Juries understand that basic concept of responsibility very well. Add in the fact that you were in some way warned of the inappropriate relationship and didn’t shut it down right away, and you’re writing a fat check to the family. Though, in the case of a school district, not really them, all of us, the tax paying public, who cover these settlements.

Spanish Teacher, Toni Sutton, Had Sex With 15-Year Old Student and Costs Her School District Big Money

Back in 2015, Crawford High School Spanish teacher, Toni Sutton, then 37, was busted for an ongoing, eight month long sexual relationship with a fifteen year old male student at the school. Sutton routinely pulled the boy out of class to have sexual intercourse in her classroom behind locked doors, at the house where she lived with her boyfriend and kids, and as in all cases of female teacher on young male student sex — the car. This 2/3 of a year long sexual romp is more commonly known under law as, felony sexual abuse. The charge for which Sutton was sentenced the following year to two years in prison. Oh, those chunky randy Spanish teachers who aren’t the least bit Spanish.

As we are now seeing in growing trend to arrests and convictions, along comes the inevitable multi-million dollar lawsuit. The boy, now 19, and his family, sued his former teacher and the San Diego Unified School District with the allegations that administrators at the school were quite aware of an inappropriate relationship between Sutton and the boy many months before her ultimate arrest. Needless to say, they did nothing about it. There was evidence that administrators reminded Sutton of her obligation to keep her relationships with students strictly professional, but no followup at all to see if she complied with the notice. Ergo, she ignored the warning and kept boinking the teen boy in her classroom.

It was noted in the lawsuit that other teachers at school would even ask Sutton for the whereabouts of the student when he was missing their classes. Which goes to my theory that not a single one of these teacher-student sex liaisons, most especially those of an ongoing nature, are kept secret from fellow teachers or students for that matter. It’s nearly impossible for teachers having sex with students to keep it entirely on the down low, for the very reason that the particular women who do this, are sloppy type people. As in, they leave massive trails or evidence, including almost always, all those naked photos and sexual texts sent over social media channels. These are not arch-criminals, but rather, careless romantics, to put it nicely.

The jury this week found in the favor of the boy and his emotional therapeutic damages and lifelong counseling needs and awarded him $2.1 million. Of that amount, nearly $900,000 will be forked over by the negligent school district, the remainder to be a lien against a likely broke-ass former Spanish teacher.

I always caution people, in the midst of the mirth and often merriment surrounding these female teacher sex cases, whether or not you believe the teen boy is truly victimized, understand that tax payers will ultimately be footing these civil suits. To put it more directly, is it still as amusing when it costs you $50?

Sexy Drunk Driver Asks Cops for Hot White Girl Privilege Pass… See the Photos

We all know that hot chicks have extra privilege in society. And we all know that by and large they are doing better at getting out of traffic tickets and other minor arrests than the rest of us mongrel hordes. But even a horny cop isn’t going to let an attractive woman drive away slurring and inebriated in her car simply because he wants to get in her pants. Maybe if he actually got in her pants, but even then, you’re not letting her keep the keys.

Lauren Elizabeth Cutshaw, 32, blew past a stop sign at a high rate of speed, prompted a traffic stop by police in Bluffton, South Carolina. During the car visit from police, Cutshaw insisted that she ought be given a free pass since she was out celebrating her birthday and she was, in her own drunken words, “a very clean, thoroughbred, white girl”. Unclear what those first two terms even mean, or certainly what she meant by them. Does she wash thoroughly and can she run six furlongs in under a minute?

The latter self-description being slightly more easy to follow. I’m white, this is South Carolina, what’s the problem? When that didn’t go-over as expected, Cutshaw began rambling out her curriculum vitae as a former college sorority sister, a former cheerleader, and having had great grades through school. Again, kind of sexy, but unless you’re offering sex, you’re not allowed to be a deadly danger to your community.

When all else failed, Cutshaw pulled out of the hat that her partner was a cop. Presumably she meant boyfriend, and not that she was a cop with a partner. Either way, once you’ve played the “thoroughbred” card, the Friends of Police thing isn’t going to cut it. Also, Cutshaw had weed in the car. South Carolina hates weed.

Cutshaw winked knowingly a few more times at cops reiterating her clean whiteness and was formally arrested for everything in her system and in her car. Now she’s a white chick with a record.

Famous Brentwood School Now Being Sued for Teacher-Student Sex

Aimee Palmitessa featured on the left with students from her school.

You may recall the not so curious case of Dr. Aimee Palmitessa, the 40-something biology teacher at the famous Brentwood School who was arrested last year on multiple charges of having sex with a 17-year old male student in various hotel, house, and campus locations about Los Angeles in 2016. Apparently, that’s not allowed, no matter how many times you check-in on Facebook. Following a grand jury indictment on various acts of sex with an underaged individual, Palmitessa has pled not guilty and is awaiting trail.

But, as we’ve told you to keep an eye out for, now comes the civil lawsuit against the school. And this one seems to have some very strong legs. Not only is the alleged victim and his family suggesting that the sex happened and the school bears responsibility for hiring Palmitessa, a molecular biology Ph.D by the way, they’re accusing the school of having extensive knowledge about Palmitessa previously grooming boys at the school, AND that the school counselor knew about the teen boy being courted by an older woman and told him basically to go for it. Cool counselor, but that kind of looks bad from a legal liability perspective when the school counselor is telling you to bone your teacher.

The lawsuit accuses the school of knowing full-well of Palmitessa’s inappropriately intimate behavior toward previous male students that may have included grooming, naughty messages or photos, and potentially even previous sexual encounters, though none have been firmly established as of yet. Apparently Palmitessa took this boy’s hand in her own openly in public at the school, and you can bet that didn’t go unnoticed at this particularly celebrity-kid L.A. high school enclave.

As luck or coincidence of karma would have it, the male teen student in the case was previously known to be a member of that student group rapping songs with the N-word in them on a video that went viral almost two years ago now. That thanks to Barry Bonds’ daughter, a student there, posting it to dad’s social media account:

This either speaks to bad seeds, L.A. private schools, of turn of the proverb: no bad deed goes unrewarded with teacher sex.

Boy’s Family Sues Pickens Academy After Female P.E. Teacher Convicted of Sex With Male Students

We often cover the criminal arrests and cases of female teachers caught having sex with their male, or sometimes female, teen students. It happens all the time these days, despite the teachers unions and New York Times insisting it’s merely overblown hysteria. It’s not. It’s far more common than ever before.

What we cover far less than the arrest of these generally sociable and attractive, often married female teachers are the lawsuits that follow. There are always lawsuits. And given that you’re the parents of a kid who had sex with an employee of an institution that is supposed to make sure their employees do not have sex with the kids, you’re going to lose something. Regardless of what kind of “we did everything we were supposed to do” CYA statement the schools always issue after their staff are arrested for sex crimes.

One of the two male students at the Pickens Academy in Carrolton, Alabama who had multiple sexual interludes with female P.E. teacher and girls basketball coach, Charli Parker, 29, is suing the Academy. You may recall the Parker case as she was arrested in 2017 for long term sexual relations with two high school boys at the Academy, including sexual interludes in the local cemetery. If that wasn’t memorable enough, Parker’s husband who also was on staff at the school, was also arrested for having sex with teen girl recent graduates of the Academy. No indication the Parkers ever worked together; though the couple that statutory rapes together does stay together, at least until prison.

Charli Parker is currently serving a two plus year stint in state prison, though she’s appealing her case with other Alabama teachers who all claim that 16 and up is fair game, even if members of their high school classes. Meanwhile, the boy’s family is suing Pickens claiming they were negligent in their basic responsibility for student safety. The family lawsuit alleges that administrators at Pickens knew for some time about rumors of Mrs. Parker and the boys at the school and did zilch about it. Further, the lawsuit claims that Charli Parker herself, while a student at the very same school, had a sexual affair with a teacher at the school. And since Pickens knew about that incident, they should’ve been doubly cautious about Mrs. Parker’s dalliances.

These lawsuits are worth tracking because most of them are aimed at the public schools that employee the arrest faculty members and guess who’s footing that lawsuit settlement cost? That’s right, bub. It’s you. And you thought this whole phenomenon was kind of cute.

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