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Breanna Michelle Randall Arrested for Thievery and Meltdown in Walmart

People hate Walmart for all the wrong reasons. It’s often tied to their business and employment practices, predatory domination of local mom and pop shops, or their suspect child slave labor manufacturing sources. All valid in some manner. But in reality, the biggest downside to shopping at Walmart — the crazy women. And now another woman arrested.

Breanna Michelle Randall Was Going Winona Ryder at a Walmart

It’s hard to imagine shoplifters aren’t quite aware that stores like Walmart employ multiple levels of “loss prevention” in their stores. This would include cameras, recognizable security officers, standard store employees on the lookout, and undercover security officers pretending to be other shoppers.

Apparently, Breanna Michelle Randall, 29, wasn’t aware, because she began stuffing her backpack with items off the shelves of the Walmart in California, Maryland. (Yes, that’s a real city name in Maryland, as is, Chevy Chase.)

Randall was observed removing items from their packaging before placing them in her backpack. In the electronics department, she tried the very same with a cellphone and a store employee told her to cut it out. She created some kind of disturbance to enable a break for the checkout area.

Before breezing through the checkout lines without paying for anything, Randall swiped a beverage from a cool and headed for the great outdoors. You do need to be certain to hydrate when shoplifting.

Once outside the store, Randall pulled the less than smart idea for a shoplifter — she started screaming at Walmart customers. This would be the time to start assuming drugs or mental issues played a role in this incident.

Police Arrived And It Didn’t Get Better

St. Mary’s County Sheriffs rolled up to the Walmart to confront Breanna Michelle Randall. According to arrest records, she could care less. Ignoring instruction from the officer, she continued to scream at people simply trying to leave with their shopping bags.

Cops arrested Randall. Once in the police cruiser, she went all cliche and started kicking at the windows. How much do you leg press, my dear?

Deputies searched Randall’s backpack and found a bunch of embarrassingly cheap cosmetics items and a pair of fake nails. Must have those.

Randall was arrested and charged with theft for the Walmart goodies, malicious destruction of property, presumably for her in-store damage, resisting arrest, and being a monster pain in the butt outside the store.

This Was Not Randall’s First Theft Rodeo

Back in 2016, there’s a record of the same Breanna Michelle Randall arrested for minor theft of less than $100.

You can do the math, but if Randall was arrested for five-finger discounting her merchandise in 2016, and again in 2019, what are the odds she did zero thieving between those dates. Check your fake nail inventories, people?

In case you didn’t catch the Wynona Ryder reference, here’s the actress in 1999 in perhaps the world’s most famous shoplifting bust ever.

Teresa Gentry Arrested For Sex Crime With Son of a Family Friend

Teresa Gentry Facebook Selfie
Teresa Gentry stands accused of sex crimes against the son of a family friend.

A North Carolina woman was arrested following an investigation into an alleged nine-month long affair she had with a teenaged boy. Given that the age of consent in North Carolina is 16, assume the age of the unnamed male victim in the case is less than that.

The Boy Confessed to the Police About the Affair

It’s unclear what led the boy in the case to tell an adult about his long term sexual relations with Tersea Gentry, 39, of Harmony, North Carolina. But on January 25th, the boy showed up at the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office to file a report as a victim of a sex crime.

The boy fingered, so to speak, Gentry, a long time friend of the family, and investigators started to comb through evidence the boy provided. This included several texts, photos, and videos Teresa Gentry sent the boy containing graphic messages and images. Mind you, this is a heavyset 39 year old woman. But the heart wants what the heart wants.

Sheriff’s Sex Crimes Unit Investigated Teresa Gentry

Special Victims Unit cops received a warrant to search Gentry’s electronic items, not only for her XXX sends, but also receipts of similar she had requested from the boy.

As we’ve discussed here so many times in our little female sex criminal primer — don’t create mounds and mounds of forever saved evidence against yourself. Criminal genius does not apply in these cases. Not even close.

Police arrested Teresa Gentry the same day they received the warrant to search all of her devices. She was charged with statutory rape (again, that boy must be under 16), five counts of sending pornographic material (namely, her selfies) to a minor, and a couple counts of exploitation of a minor, which feels like an add-on once you get past the rape.

Teresa Gentry Isn’t the First Family Friend to Sex Up a Child

Casey Chapman betrayed the trust of her friend in the biggest way possible

Earlier this month we covered the case of Casey Chapman of Wichita Falls. Chapman is sitting in the pokey on $750,000 bond for three counts of sexually assaulting the 12-year old daughter of a friend.

If you’re starting to get the impression that modern age, gender equality, and the rise of women in strength and independence also means we’ll be seeing more female predators as we move along — bingo. Women will never rank equal to men in sexual predatory nature, but the numbers certainly seem to be rising.

Malka Leifer Hit With New Child Sex Abuse Allegations

You may recall the case of Malka Leifer, the Israeli teacher who moved to Australia in 2000 to lead an orthodox Jewish school, Adass Israel, only to be charged with 74 counts of child sex abuse. In 2008 Leifer fled Australia back to Israel before standing trial.

Malka Leifer Fought Extradition for Years

Politics are complicated in Israel. Between parties, cultures, religions, and even denominations of religions within religions. Suffice it to say, Leifer had friends in Israel based on her orthodox background and her West Bank locale. Some of these friends influential in massively delaying, or even corrupting, her extradition process back to Australia.

In general, Israel does not give up its citizen easily to foreign nations for trial. You can imagine the history of the Jewish people and why they would err heavily on the side of caution in such matters.

All of this added up to Malka Leifer avoiding anything close to extradition for a decade. Then, last year, she was arrested in Israel when courts determined she and cohorts had heavily lied and deceived the court about her medical and psychiatric condition in order to forever delay extradition. Now she’s still awaiting extradition to Australia, but from the confines of prison.

Australian sisters, victims of Malka Leifer, come to Israel to attend her hearing

Israeli Student Victim of Malka Leifer Speak Out

Israel’s public broadcasting channel, Kan, this week recorded an interview with a now grown up woman, who claimed as a young student in Israel that Malka Leifer repeatedly touched her inappropriately.

“She was crazy about me; all the time she stroked me. She used to sit with me for private conversations, all the time stroking my leg, up and down on my skirt.”

– unidentified former student of Malka Leifer

The same woman recalled a time Leifer invited her to her home and she had to escape. The specific memories she’s blacked out since.

Kan stated it had an email from a child abuse watchdog group in Israel claiming they had many more off-the-record allegations from women who recall being sexually abused by Malka Leifer prior to her departing Israel in 2000.

Malka Leifer attends extradition hearing (photo courtesy of

None of these pre-2000 cases can be prosecuted due to the statute of limitations on such matters in Israel, but obviously they form a rather strong base of evidence as to her likelihood to have done similar in Australia.

Australia Hides Its Criminals and Criminal Cases Well

Following in the British tradition, Australia provides extreme protections to both victims of crime and those accused of crimes. For instance, when a teacher is arrested for an alleged sex crime, even if they know, media outlets are forbidden from naming the teacher or even the school where they taught.

This is a rather strong protection for the accused. It may strike civil libertarians as quite proper and just. However, keep in mind, it prevents the community at large from potentially knowing the name of a criminal teacher in their midst.

The 74 counts of sexual abuse against Malka Leifer are similarly difficult to break down with any reliable detail. Even her name only became published once she fled the country and became part of an extradition matter.

Female Teacher Sex Crimes Not Just a U.S. Thing

As much as we report on teachers having illegal sex with students in the United States, naturally, this phenomenon is spread to the entire West. And in places like the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, it appears to be even worse, though many of these crimes either not reported, not publicized, or simply not considering criminal matters in those regions due to culture.

Suzanne Harrison

In England, Suzanne Harrison was banned from teaching for life for having a lesbian affair with a 15-year old student. In Canada, teacher Krystal Wilson was arrested for having sex wit ha 10-year old boy. The tip of the iceberg.

Model Mom Accused of Giving Toddler Cocaine, Caught in Texas

Talk about a wild drug ride, a former “hot trucks” model, and a multi-state fugitive from the law, this story has it all.

Kalin Swartz was arrested today by Midland County, Texas on a bench warrant for fleeing the state of Oregon. Swartz was ordered not to leave the state while awaiting trial on December 2017 charges that she failed to report her toddler son receiving burns while in her care and that she caused him to ingest cocaine.

Kalin Swartz Allegedly “Fed” Her Son Cocaine During Custody Battle

Kalin Swartz was in a heated custody battle with the father of her toddler son during the course of 2017. Court records indicate that during that time, Swartz’s behavior was erratic and potentially dangerous to the child. After she failed to let monitoring authorities know about her son’s burns, she was demoted to supervised-only visits with her child.

An anonymous (assume closely related party) called the Oregon Department of Human Services during this time to suggest that the toddler might have cocaine in his system. This after his latest visit with his mom. A 2+ years of age, this does not qualify her as the cool mom.

Kalin Swartz in court after being picked up on charges related to providing cocaine to her toddler son.

The kid tested positive for the drug at the hospital. His father immediately filed to have Swartz removed from any contact with their boy. During this hearing, the court heard about Swartz’s history of incessant lying and misleading of the Oregon authorities and police. Judges hate that shit, for the record.

About this time the cops arrested Swartz for the cocaine thing. Naturally, nobody bothered to ask how the kid ingested cocaine during a supervised visitation. But assume people need bathroom breaks.

Swartz was thrown into the County clink on assaulting her child with cocaine charges in December 2017. Naturally, shortly thereafter, she was released pending trial due to the jail being overcrowded. And that’s when Kalin Swartz started planning her escape.

Suddenly, A Model Comes to Visit in Indiana

Following an incident where Swartz smashed another man’s truck in Oregon, and later stole a credit card from a logging company, Swartz suddenly shows up in Indiana. But why Indiana?

Apparently, Swartz had made a male-friend in Indiana from her model website. We believe that site is Diesel Hotties on Facebook, where there’s a Kalin Swartz who resembles the Kalin Swartz of this legal tale. Swartz has changed her look often, including hair color, so it’s impossible to say for sure.

Kalin Swartz the alleged cocaine mom may be the very same as Kalin Swartz the “Diesel Hotties” model.

Suddenly, Swartz showed up at this man’s house and invited herself to stay. Not that a single guy mind’s such things on the fly. Usually.

It was this man’s ex-girlfriend and baby mama who became suspicious of this new “model live-in”, citing Swartz’s behavior as crazy and erratic.

When the new “boyfriend” asked Swartz to leave, she refused and insisted she had the right to stay as long as she wished. She allegedly told the guy she’d leave if he bought her a car, which he did. And she didn’t leave. This poor fella apparently is not familiar with crazy models.

That’s about the time Swartz told her new roomie she was pregnant with his baby. It’s unclear if he believed her or not. His ex-girlfriend seemed to be more on the ball and concerned for her own child’s well-being when at her ex’s house with this crazy model. She researched Swartz, and found the story on her awaiting trial in Oregon for giving her own kid cocaine.

That’s when the ex-girlfriend called the cops back in Oregon and told them that Swartz wasn’t in Oregon, but Indiana. Apparently they use the honor system in Oregon as to who leaves the state against court orders and such.

Bench Warrant Issued

The court back home in Marion County, upon learning their pre-trial famed mom who gave her kid cocaine was out of state, and had ripped off a logging company and crashed a guy’s truck, issued a bench warrant for her arrest.

Kalin Swartz Arrested in 2018 on cocaine-to-toddler charges (blonde) and Kalin Swartz a year later picked up on bench warrant (brunette).

It’s not clear how Swartz made her way to Texas. Assume the ex-girlfriend of her new live-in told her she’d called Oregon and told her to GTFO of town and her ex-boyfriend’s life. This may be one of those teachable moments about who you make babies with.

Police in Midland County, Texas picked up Swartz off the bench warrant and returned her to Oregon to face trial on the original powdering up of her toddler son, and now additional charges for all that she has wrought.

Public Intoxication Charges Dropped Against Foul-Mouthed Floridian

Public intoxication really shouldn’t be a crime because it doesn’t explain the more vibrant half of the matter. It’s not being drunk that’s the problem, it’s being the kind of drunk that gets angry and profane that’s the problem.

Alicia Loren Pupo Arrested Last November

Imagine the kind of Community Watch program in and around The Villages, a massive planned seniors community in Central Florida. You spit and you might be caught. They certainly spotted a stumbling drunk woman near the Brownwood Paddock Square area of the retirement city at 2am.

Wildwood police responded and prevented Alicia Loren Pupo, 28, from driving away drunk in her SUV. That’s when things got nasty.

Pupo stumbled around after being pulled from her vehicle. Cops discovered Pupo had a “business only” drivers license, meaning, partially suspended.

Pupo turned down the police request that she call a sober friend, and erupted into a spew of profanity against the police officers. In the history of time, that plan has never ever worked out well.

Who can forget Shia LaBeouf drunk and swearing at police — that didn’t go well either

Public Intoxication Went From Bad to Worse

Police were forced to arrest Pupo for disorderly intoxication, attempting to drive without a proper license, and possession for the weed they found in a quick search of her vehicle. Pull over an Floridian at 2am and you’re likely to find the very same.

Pupo screamed more profanities and tensed her entire body when police tried to move her toward their vehicle. Another epic trick that is certain to win you friends among the men and women who carry batons and badges.

And Then, Thank You Florida

Eventually the cops explained to Pupo how their taser feels when applied to the sensitive areas of one’s body and she surrendered peacefully. She was taken to the police station and processed.

Cut to this week and Pupo, with her attorney, Oran Bullock, worth mentioning if you need to hire somebody with a winning record, convinced the prosecutor to throw out every single charge in her case. A great GOOJ Free Card if you can get it. Florida has no time for petty crime.

Pupo’s past records show a history of involvement with the courts, including being forcible evicted and seeking a restraining order on that special someone formerly in her life. Also seeking child support from another special someone. Lots of special people in her life, and lots of trouble. Hopefully she makes it long enough to be able to move into The Villages. That would be age 55.

Public Sex at Stanford Hospital Leads to Arrest

Public sex at the prestigious Stanford University hospital led to the arrest of a woman one could only describe, kindly, as haggard.

Andrea Caracciolo, 51, of Escalon, California, and various other places she’s been run out of for being a drug addict, was arrested at Stanford hospital while physically attending to her similarly haggard boyfriend in his hospital room. Bedside manner for Caracciolo apparently includes oral sex. No chance for bite marks. Thank you, meth.

The Public Sex Was Not the Crime

You might think Andrea Caracciolo was arrested for public sex upon her boyfriend in front of the hospital staff. She was not. But that did compel hospital employees to call the police who promptly arrested her for drug intoxication. Why couldn’t it simply be romance?

Police declined to state which drug Caracciolo was using, but they likely spun the wheel of narcotics and put down wherever the wheel stopped. That guess is as good as any. She probably owns the entire wheel.

Additionally, Caracciolo had an outstanding warrant from Santa Cruz. If you’ve never visited Santa Cruz, it’s a lovely beachside town with a ton of people who look like Andrea Caracciolo. Watch the Lost Boys and replace vampires with walking dead middle-aged meth zombies and you have the picture.

Cracciolo Is No Stranger to California Law Enforcement

Prior to any public sex fame, Andrea Cracciolo and her boyfriend, Danta Ciralo, were in the news last summer for being personally escorted by their local Escalon, California police department out of town and dropped off in Modesto. At the time, the folks in Modesto blamed the Escalon P.D. for dumping these two hardened vagrants on their doorstep.

Cracciolo herself though defended the Escalon police at the time, insisting she and Ciralo didn’t want to stay in Escalon anymore since they weren’t allowed to “sleep on the ground”. To boot, the city’s one motel refused to let them rent a room. Something about we reserve the right to refuse service to really dirty people intending to torch meth in our rooms.

California Is Becoming Home to the Homeless and Drug Addicted

Those who live outside of California may not entirely realize the dramatic rise in homeless, largely drug addicted and mentally ill persons, roaming the Golden State. San Francisco and Los Angeles are home to nation’s leading homeless populations, with spillage into Central California, also a hot bed of drug production.

One of the drivers behind the rise is the legal leniency granted to such persons by the state legislature the past several years. For the most part, you can sleep where you want, take which drugs you like, and poop on the streets and the police are not allowed to intervene or imprison.

The upside, nobility and compassion. The downside, the guy in the hospital bed next to you smells like wet cardboard and there’s a toothless woman going down on him. California, here we come!

It’s Been a Bad Week for Sex Arrests

Earlier this week, Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots, was arrested for soliciting prostitution at a Florida massage parlor. Read as: Kraft offered to pay for a happy ending.

Assume this is much funnier if you are not a Patriots fan.

Rosiane Santos Arrested for Messing with MAGA Hat Wearing Restaurant Patron

The word “triggered” is used to describe people who feel frightened or anxious or set-off by a provocation not necessarily physical. Like seeing a MAGA hat. This seems to trigger many people. Since it’s entirely in the eye of the triggered, it’s hard to explain with real adult words. But suffice it to say, people who become enraged because they don’t like the other person’s political preferences. There have always been bar fights over such matters. Now it’s more drive by anger, often by women.

Rosiane Santos, 41, was arrested at a Mexican restaurant in Falmouth for angrily messing with, and ultimately striking, a 23-year old dude, Bryton Turner, in a red MAGA hat having a drink, and as must happen in 2019, recording himself on video the minute the dustup began. This red hat really seems to tick people off, or triggers people prone to such feelings, most especially after a few cocktails.

In the video you can see Santos pulling the hat off the total stranger, exchanging some unkind words, and later, after police are called, she yanks for Turner’s hat and “assaults” him right in front of police officers. It’s unclear if Turner wanted to press any charges, or if cops had to simply arrest Santos for battery since she did so right in front of them. Either way, she was taken out in cuffs. Big “L’ for anti-MAGA hat people everywhere.

Posted by Bryton Turner on Friday, February 15, 2019

A local news station contacted Santos by phone, wherein she offered the strong defense of, being from Brazil, suffering nasty comments and verbal abuse in the past, and therefore she was the victim in this case and had every right to do what she did. Also, drunk. It’s unclear if she’s aware how to build a strong legal defense.

Posted by Bryton Turner on Friday, February 15, 2019

Unclear what will ultimately happen to Santos, but assume she’s already telling the tale in an entirely different manner to her friends who are giving her many likes on social media.

Middle School Teacher Arrested for Buying Booze for Young Teen Daughter and Friends

A seventh-grade science teacher at Lampasas Middle School in Texas was arrested this week for buying and providing liquor to her daughter and a group of her 14 and 15 year old male and female friends hanging at her house. If you’re not familiar with this scenario, it’s called the Cool Mom setup, though 14 is a bit young for the mom or dad trying to be cool about their kids drinking at home (so they don’t need to do it somewhere dangerous, like a back alley I guess).

After one girl vomited and another kid claims he drank enough to make him forget the entire evening (rookies), the police were called in to investigate the party at the home of Christie Searl Miller, 46, a ten year long teacher at the middle school. According to the arrest report on Miller, police interviewed multiple of the teen attendees who claimed that Miller provided them a “thermos of vodka and a bottle of Bacardi” and cautioned them to “wait until her husband was asleep”. You know how the old man can be suck a wet blanket about young kids getting liquored up in his backyard.

According to Miller’s account, she did indeed buy a bottle of Bacardi at the store that evening, but it was for her personal consumption, and her daughter took it without permission without her knowledge. That’s either the truth, or it’s one helluva throwing your own kid under the bus kind of defense. Though it certainly reminds me of many different evenings as a young teen at the home of the friends with parents who didn’t guard their liquor well.

Of course, a charge of providing alcohol to minors isn’t the best career advancer for a teacher; Miller was put on leave when arrested and shortly thereafter resigned from her teaching position. Even if her version of the story is true, you’re still a teacher with kids from school getting drunk in your yard. And this is Texas. Here in California you’d be lauded as a caring mentor.

Maegan Adkins-Barras Arrested for Posting Video of Fight at Kids’ School

In a weird bit of application of the law, a Louisiana mom was arrested for posting a video of a fistfight at her kids’ school, Acadania High School, to alert other parent what was going on at the place. This quickly became a national story not only because a mom of three kids was arrested, but because it appears the law used to arrest Maegan Adkins-Barras was badly misapplied. This may be a case of the school being pissed at the bad publicity and urging the cops to arrest her.

Adkins-Barras was arrested under a Louisiana law — Unlawful Posting of Criminal Activity for Notoriety and Publicity — designed to thwart people in public altercations from posting videos of their own tussles for fun and profit. Because, as you may know, this is now what people do in our world. But the law is pretty specific that the person posting must be somebody primarily involved in the underlying event. Even her own son who gave her the video wasn’t primarily involved. He merely recorded the pretty brutal school fight.

You can see a clip of the brutal fight herein

The Scott Police Department, which served the mom’s arrest, wrote some meaningless mumbo jumbo about how a parent’s first responsibility upon learning of such activity at school is to alert school officials, not post videos to Facebook. But a bevy of attorneys have voluntarily stepped forward to help Adkins-Barras fight her arrest since it appears she either didn’t break the law, or if she did, the law itself is an unconstitutional block on free speech.

It’s also worth noting that Adkins-Barras is fairly well known in the area since her husband has been lying in a coma for some time now. Perhaps not the best mother of three to pick on with your silly laws. Okay, not a silly law per se, but the wrong lady to test it on. Suck it up, that school needs better security.

Woman Convicted of Lying in Court to Help Her Boyfriend Who Sexually Assaulted Her Daughter

Imagine the various levels of personal betrayal that can be experienced by one human begin. Like the levels of Hell they are. Imagine you’re a young girl and your mom’s boyfriend rapes you on multiple occasions and when found out, your mom lies, under oath, to protect her boyfriend. Hard to think of a worse betrayal.

So pity not an ounce for this week’s conviction of Cynthia Marie Dunaway-Erickson, 52, a long name, short on morals. The Huntington Beach, California woman was finally found guilty of accessory after the fact and straight up perjury in court. At the time of the sexual assault trial of her boyfriend for twice raping her 13-year old daughter, Erickson testified in court with some wonky explanation as to how her boyfriend’s semen ended up in her young daughter’s cervix following a rape kit. The details of her ruse were not releases, but suffice it to say, it was cruel, disturbing, and desperate. Also, it didn’t work.

Her boyfriend, Jeffrey Scott Jones, an English teacher at a nearby high school (which means, God knows what in terms of other victims) was convicted of multiple sex crime felonies and sentenced to 45+ years in the clink. He tried to slit his throat after his conviction in a dramatic courthouse moment, but sadly failed. So you get to pay for the bastard for the rest of your tax-paying lives.

The wheels of justice are slow, but grind steady. The sexual assault took place almost six years ago now and it won’t be until March of this year when Erickson learns her prison fate. Say what you will about more primitive cultures, they perhaps dealt with this level of betrayal in a far more expeditious and just manner.

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