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Hell Hath No Fury Like a Drunken Moriah Nesler

I can’t imagine there’s any among us who’ve been in LTR’s of any kind who haven’t had a drunken fight with the significant other. As drunken events go, these are often when out at a bar in the evening, and all the pent up feelings of the rage of having to live with somebody day in and day out come to the surface. Most of us leave it at a few biting words, maybe a couple admissions of honesty we later regret, and mostly it’s forgotten the next morning. Indiana wife and mom, Moriah Nesler, decided to go for the full psycho attack on husband and later cops.

At Peppers Bar in Greenwood, Indiana, the occasionally blonde, occasionally brunette Nesler, 26, who looks far better in online selfies than mugshots, went to town late night on her husband. Witnesses report she screamed, clocked him, and launched herself on him in attack. Nesler was held down by other bar patrons until cops arrive, took note of her husband’s scratched and bloodied neck, and arrested her for domestic assault. Though that was merely the beginning.

Nesler screamed at the cops and at some point got the bright angry drunk idea to grab one’s gun. Perhaps it’s white blonde privilege that she’s not six feet under at the moment. She was later kicking and screaming and breaking out of cuffs in the squad car, and thus moved to a paddy wagon. When asked about the whereabouts of her kids, the dad told cops their eight year old was at home babysitting the couple’s toddler. You know, like you do on a Sunday night around midnight three sheets to the wind with skin under your fingernails and a police officer’s stolen firearm in your hand.

Nesler was booked on “domestic battery, resisting law enforcement, public intoxication, neglect of a dependent, criminal mischief, disarming a law enforcement officer, disorderly conduct and battery.” Presume that disarming a law enforcement officer is the most serious of the charges, since that one is not directly against her husband who probably won’t push the other charges against her on his own person. $12K bond. Next.

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Lex Jurgen is the co-host of the mightily popular Last Men on Earth podcast, the author of Man Rules: The Beginner’s Guide to Manhood, the former editor of WWTDD and current owner of, and a regular social and media commentator on radio.

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Home-Ec Teacher, Danya Chidester, 50, Arrested for Sexual Relationship With 14-Year Old Boy

Here’s what we know about Danya Chidester. She’s 50, a married mom, teaches Home Economics at Reed-Custer High School in Braidwood, Illinois, and like so many other female teachers these days, she’s been accused of having an ongoing sexual relationship with a 14-year old boy she groomed online. Also, naturally, she has an adorably warm and thoughtfully progressive Facebook page with loving photos of friends, families, and important causes in the community. That’s a gimme as well these days.

Reed-Custer High School is still reeling from their band teacher being arrested on child porn charges but a month previous. Though you suspect that could be any band teacher in any school in the country, if we’re being honest. The 50-year old textiles and meal planning teacher we don’t expect to be exchanging naked photos and sexts with a 14-year old boy online, until, inevitably…

…the sexual contact happened at the defendant’s home, in her vehicle and at local motels.

Will County State’s Attorney, Jeff Brown, in court

The use of plurals in the above accusation speaks to the multitude of copulation between the pubescent teen boy and the much older teacher. The boy in question apparently does not attend Reed-Custer High School, but rather lives in nearby Manhattan, IL, in proximity to Chidester.

Chidester taught a Home Ec lesson of a different kind

Chidester was booked on felony charges of aggravated criminal sexual abuse, indecent solicitation of a child and unlawful grooming. She may also face additional charges for receiving child porn, in regard to what must be bare photos of the boy she was shtupping.

Chidester is much older than the typical, and almost daily cases of female teachers statutorily raping their teen male students, but she fits the profile otherwise. Soon, she’ll be fitted for prison gear, because, it’s ever so hard to plead your innocence with photos of your naked body and naughty text messages to a 14-year old show on a blown up poster board exhibit in court.

Michaelann Goodrich, 32, Enrolled in a New York High School Under a Fake Name, Claiming to be 15.

What do you do when a woman appearing to be far older than a teenager shows up at your high school administration office, insisting she’s 15, she’s homeless, and her name is Riley Madison and she’d like to attend school? Well, if you’re following Federal Law, you need to accept the woman as-is because by recent edict, homeless children are entitled to automatic enrollment in local public schools without proof of residence of guardianship. A likely well-intentioned law with one obvious loophole. Here’s a grown woman, for whatever kooky reason, now attending your school as a teen.

It turns out Riley Madison is really, Michaelann Goodrich, 32, a married woman in the area who for some unknown reason showed up at the Cairo-Durham school district high school in upstate New York right before the winter break asking to be enrolled. And she was. For the final day before break, Goodrich (as Riley Madison) rode the school bus, sat in classes, and ate lunch in the cafeteria with high school kids half her age.

School officials insisted they knew something was obviously amiss, and had teacher spies on her throughout the entire day, as they reported the matter to local authorities to investigate. But they also insist they had no choice but to admit her.

The cops made quick work of their investigation, with the help of the winter break to avoid Goodrich attending any more days of school. She was arrested on multiple counts of falsifying records and criminal trespassing, though she was released after her arraignment. Sheriff’s investigators say they couldn’t get much information out of Goodrich, most notably, why the hell she was enrolling falsely in high school. They did uncover that she is unemployed and had previously graduated from a high school in California.

And if any of you perverts are getting any ideas about enrolling in your local high schools before, say, the prom, don’t. I mean, obviously, under this Federal Law, you can without question, but, don’t, please. I’ve got kids there.

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Lex Jurgen is the co-host of the mightily popular Last Men on Earth podcast, the author of Man Rules: The Beginner’s Guide to Manhood, the former editor of WWTDD and current owner of, and a regular social and media commentator on radio.

If you’d like to support Lex and his cause of freedom for man and some birds, become a lost cost supporter on his Patreon podcast page. Bless you, good citizen.

Kristin Vinecke Sent Her Ex-Boyfriend 1,000 Nasty Texts, Then One More That Put Her in Jail

I’ve only ever had one angry ex-girlfriend and she was pretty lazy and gave up the ghost pretty quick on revenge by a thousand pin pricks. The ex-boyfriend of Kristin Vinecke of Butte, Montana wasn’t quite so fortune

The unnamed ex of Vinecke began receiving angry texts from an anon phone number this past September. The profane texts kept coming and coming during work hours, until the man went to police to complain that he couldn’t get anything done because his angry ex was sending him abusive texts all day long. The cops charged Vinecke with stalking and numerous counts of electronic communications harassment. Under her release order, Vinecke was specifically instructed to not contact her ex-boyfriend in any manner. And you know how amazing the self-control is of a scorned woman who’s already sent over a thousand texts. Yeah, that amazing.

Vinecke was arrested by cops this past week for violating her release order when she felt she just had to reach and out touch someone, namely, her ex, with more sweet nothings. Such is the fickle nature of love. And stalking.

Naturally, Vinecke’s social media pages reveal her to be a completely happy single mom with upbeat memes and positive family photos. I’m beginning to think online profiles may not be the most accurate true-self portrayals available. Though for the record, I can tell you that women who wear hats are almost entirely on the edge of the ledge. Fair warning.

Sarah Webber, Mom, Applebee’s Bartender, Arrested for Trying to Blow a 12-Year Old Boy

Granted, this story takes place in West Virginia, but having been in those environs myself, I can tell you it’s not exactly like you see in the movies. It’s only mostly like you see in the movies. Therefore, it still shocks a community when one of their moms is arrested for fondling and trying to orally pleasure a 12-year old boy. As in the matter of Sarah Webber, 35, who was arrested on charges of sexual abuse, and “sexual abuse by a parent, guardian, custodian, or person in a position of trust” you can imagine that everybody in Morgantown, WV knows the kid in question.

Based on Webber’s own online profile, she appears to have a daughter only, so unclear who the boy is in relation to her or how she is in a position of trust, but she’s also listed as an Applebee’s bartender, and there really can be no higher position of inherent trust and respect. They make a mean rum and Coke.

Webber will naturally be bashed, beyond her obvious sexual assault arrest, as her politically progressive Facebook page details her outspoken views on police violence, people who pick on Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton, and numerous other causes of a progressive, caring mom who also happens to try and give hummers to preteen boys. The pedo thing obviously not limited to one political persuasion by any means, but when you’re a ranter on virtue, and you’re arrested for about the most in-virtuous thing possible, there will be chatter.

We’ll keep you updated on the story.

UPDATE: Teacher Christina Jolly Back in Jail After Contacting Foster Teen She Was Boinking

Christina Jolly and Family (photo from Troutman Middle School bio page)

You may recall this past summer when New York middle school teacher, Christina Jolly, was arrested on five counts of statutory rape involving a protracted sexual relationship with a 15-year old foster son living in her home with her husband and two other boys. It’s unclear if Jolly groomed this boy through foster care for the purposes of an illicit sexual relationship, it is clear she boffed the stuffing out of this kid and was arrested off a tip to police.

Jolly was arrested but bailed out on $200,000 bond, with the express order of the court to not have any contact with the boy in the case. Naturally, she began emailing him. It’s unclear if this was for the purpose of moving his testimony in the case, or merely trying to arrange a hot get-it-on session with an old boyfriend, err, young boyfriend. In either case, she was re-arrested and given another $200,000 bond. Unclear if she can make the second one or not. What is clear is that New York doesn’t take its statutory rape cases all that seriously.

What seems to be the case is that Jolly, while no longer teaching at North Iredell Middle School, may very well still be receiving pay from the school district, because teachers’ unions are frickin’ awesome.

Texas Female Teacher Arrested for Trying To Sell Her Underaged Relative For Sex Online

At this point, Mexia Junior High School teacher, Amber Parker, 37, might be looking at a defense of, “we were just going to rip these guys off for easy money” in explaining why she was posting ‘for sale’ photos of an underaged female minor online, related to her, with breasts out and in lingerie to men in Morocco. As in, what was the plan when the Moroccan men started offering to send cash to Parker? Was she going to fly this young girl to Morocco, have them fly here, or was she merely scamming some North African pedos into sending her cash? The latter is the only explanation that seems heinous, but not super heinous. But I’m not a lawyer. A purchased plan ticket to Morocco would be a courtroom killer.

According to her social media accounts, filled with family love and proud to be a mommy memes, Parker is (now, was) an 8th grade teacher at Mexia Junior High in Texas, and a former Sunday School teacher, and apparently a married woman with a teen daughter. It’s not known if her daughter is the topless girl in the photos she was using to arrange a sex trade, because the victim is a minor child and police are trying to protect the minor’s identity. But, suffice it to say, she was trafficking a related teen female and she happens to have a daughter in that age range. So, you may now echo the word “sick” and “double sick” through the halls.

Naturally, Parker was relieved of her teaching duties at Mexia, because the school issued a statement that child sex trafficking is not allowed by the teaching staff. Go figure, strict rules. She was arrested by the Freestone County Sheriff’s Office on Trafficking of a Person charges related to the minor child and handed a $25K bond.

Young Female Doctor Joked on Twitter About Intentionally Giving Jewish Patients the Wrong Medications

Ah, to be young and single and a virulent anti-Semite with little control over your Tweeting. Lara Kollab, 27, a first year resident at the Cleveland Clinic following her graduation from medical school, was found to have posted numerous clearly anti-Semitic tweets between 2011 and 2017, including call Jews “dogs” and laughing about how she might someday intentionally give her Jewish patients the wrong medications.

Kollab is of Middle-Eastern descent and seemed from her postings to be particularly disturbed with the situation between the Israelis and the Palestinians. She used a semi-alias account for her political and anti-Semitic postings, but it wasn’t much of a cover for a Jewish group that researches past postings of people it’s been tipped to being openly anti-Semitic. In this case, a young doctor, who, of all things, recently graduated from Touro University in New York, a historically Jewish private college. Assume she used this Twitter account to vent her true feelings about Jews and Israel and to mention how Allah was going to destroy them all while studying among them. Some pretty sinister stuff right there.

When Kollab’s Tweets were surfaced, she was immediately 86’d by the Cleveland Clinic who along with Touro University issued disclaimer statements saying they had no idea of her personal sentiments, and were disavowing her completely. Sort of like Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible if he were ever captured, or the anti-Semitic rant version of that. It’s certainly legal to publicly state that Jews are the source of all the world’s problems, it’s simply not a great way to stay employed.

For the record, Kollab maintains her Ohio medical license to practice medicine, or at least until they review her pertinent statements on intentionally poisoning certain patients. She might just find herself a heavy patient following, open up a private practice, toss some Monet prints and swastikas on the wall and put in an artificial water fountain.

Kentucky Teacher Busted for Weed and Booze Party for Teens on New Year’s Eve

If you’ve ever wondered what the charge, “unlawful transaction with a minor” might entail, look no further than Lindsey Lewis, 36, a special education teacher at a high school in Mount Washington, Kentucky. The teacher and mom was hosting some kind of New Year’s Eve bash at her residence when neighbors called because the place was overrun with loud teens coming and going late night. By 1am, cops showed up and culled 14 underage teens from the party who were drinking and smoking weed.

It’s unclear if Lewis actually provided the party products or merely let everybody hang and get their high on. Either way, being the cool mom has its price when the cops show up. I mean, in Kentucky. Here in L.A. as long as the parents are connected, it can be Drew Barrymore throwing back highballs at age nine and nobody’s going to the station.

Lewis was arrested on those 14 counts of unlawful transaction with a minor, which sounds like it might be misdemeanor territory, but it’s Kentucky so it could also mean firing squad and the principal explaining to kids after break why Ms. Lewis is no longer around, permanently. Either way, if any of the students from her school were at the party getting wasted, you have to figure she’s out of a special ed teaching job.

By way of Kentucky tidbit, and I actually love the place, marijuana remains the number one cash crop in the state. Just saying, it’s like being busted in Carolina for serving pulled pork at your party.

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Lex Jurgen is the co-host of the mightily popular Last Men on Earth podcast, the author of Man Rules: The Beginner’s Guide to Manhood, the former editor of WWTDD and current owner of, and a regular social and media commentator on radio. 

If you’d like to support Lex and his cause of freedom for man and some birds, become a lost cost supporter on his Patreon podcast page. Bless you, good citizen.

TV Huntress, Larysa Switlyk, Facing Charges in Scotland for Photos of Dead Goat and Bloody Sex Toy

Commercially speaking, it’s a great time to be a hot blonde huntress and fisherman, or fisher-woman. Men like to see women doing tough outdoorsy sports stuff, especially if they look good doing it. It’s a thing. Ask Danica Patrick.

Larysa Switlyk, 33, is a featured adventurer in the YouTube and hard to find basic cable channel show, Larysa Unleashed. To her credit, she seems to be actually quite good at her avocation. She’s been selected at least on the fishing side to multiple U.S. teams for international competition. Plus she’s got a great story about working in New York and giving it all up to move to Florida and start tracking and catching or shooting things. I only know the get drunk, yahoo type hunters, so I’m not actually that familiar with the people who take it super seriously. I try not to mock other people’s passion projects. I play competitive Jenga.

Switlyk is in a heap of trouble though now in Scotland, more specifically, an island off of Scotland where she went and hunted down a goat, made it bloody, took a selfie, and added a blood covered sex toy in her photo for some reason she’s likely second guessing at the moment. That sex toy bit isn’t a crime, but apparently there are numerous violations in hunting these goats for pure sport. As in, not in service of any prescribed culling or hunt. Switlyk appeared to be on a vacation with her girlfriend hunters simply chasing down and shooting these furry goats of the Northern latitudes. And a latex fisting arm. Girls and their outings.

Apparently this isn’t the first time Switlyk has been in the area and posting such trophy goat photos. It seems like the Scottish officials pressed by Instagram users outraged by the blood sport are now considering some strong gun charges against Switlyk. Can’t deny the killing part when you’re posting selfies. Since Switlyk is a U.S. citizen, you’re more likely to see something along the lines of an official, Don’t Come Back to Scotland, coming out of this. It can’t be that hard to find more goats to shoot elsewhere.

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Lex Jurgen is the co-host of the mightily popular Last Men on Earth podcast, the author of Man Rules: The Beginner’s Guide to Manhood, the former editor of WWTDD and current owner of, and a regular social and media commentator on radio.

If you’d like to support Lex and his cause of freedom for man and some birds, become a lost cost supporter on his Patreon podcast page. Bless you, good citizen.

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