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UPDATE: Elementary School Teacher, Elizabeth Barthelmas, Receives 15 Year Prison Sentence for Student Rape

Busted in the summer of 2017 for having had a sexual relationship with her former elementary school student, then 13, Elizabeth Barthelmas, 49, was sentenced to fifteen year behind bars in Saratoga Springs, New York following her guilty plea to first degree rape this past July.

Barthelmas was arrested last year following an investigation that began with tips likely emanating from the boy himself who was formerly a student at Dorothy Nolan Elementary School in Saratoga Springs where Barthelmas taught since 2005. This case is unique not only in the arrest of a nearly fifty-year old elementary school teacher for humping the young hell out of an early teen boy, but also in the outcome of the trial — a harsh fifteen year prison sentence for a female offender.

During the sentencing hearing, the male victim in the case spoke to the need for gender equality in prison terms for these teacher sex cases:

“You took away one of the most important aspects of my life — my innocence. You took full advantage of my body and my brain. It’s sickening. We need to hold female perpetrators to the same standards as males. No man or woman should have to endure sexual abuse at any age. I hope my story will encourage other victims to share theirs. I will prove that good may come from evil. I’m a survivor.”

Pretty heady stuff. In the least, the fact that female perps in these cases seem to get much lighter punishments seems to be particularly relevant. Though in this case you can surely attest that Ms. Barthelmas got hit with the full tamale of Lady Justice. Full sexual assault sentencing.

I’m not sure how prison justice goes for female sex offenders in female prison, but I assume some of the gals inside have or had 13-year old boys and won’t be pleased.

Female Texas Teaching Assistant Gets 60 Years in Prison For Sex With 11-Year Old Boy

If you’re into the perverted arts, you might wish to stay away from Texas. Not that being a 26-year old mom and teaching assistant and fornicating with an 11-year old boy would be tolerated in any State, but in Texas they take their punishments seriously.

Such it was that Jessica-Jewel Corin Benton was found guilty of aggravated sexual assault by a jury of her peers in Mesquite, Texas, in about half-an-hour, thereafter assigning her the penalty of sixty years in the big house. A teaching assistant in the kindergarten class at the local elementary school, Barton had been arrested a year earlier after parents of the boy-victim noticed he was acting funny, got into a little investigation, and came up with the answer: he had had a four month long sexual relationship with Barton. Not something you probably expected as the answer.

Barton was separated from her husband and living with her two kids in the home of a friend. The 11-year old boy was a friend of the kids in the home where she was staying. Absolutely nobody expects the kids to be in sexual danger with the 20-something female teaching assistant and mom of two. Quite a chance for Benton to groom the boy, who she claimed at some point in her judicial process was somebody she loved and hoped she could spend her life with. That’s probably more effed up than the sex.

Well, Jessica-Jewel Corin Benton, you have a long name and a long stretch ahead of you. When you’re out in some number of decades, I look forward to the book. And the hardened face and the corn rows.

Oklahoma High School Teacher, Haylie Smart, Busted for Sex with Student During Teacher Walkout

Look, nobody said it’s easier walking out on the job in union protest. All that sign-making, marching, screaming, and lest we forget, the sleeping with teenagers.

Oologah High School teacher, Haylie Smart, 29, turned herself into authorities in Oklahoma this past week upon learning their was a warrant out for her arrest for sexual relations with one of her high school students in April and May of the past school year. According to authorities, Smart confessed to the illicit sexual intercourse sessions with her 17-year old student that began during a teacher walkout in April. That seems like the right time to invite one of your teen students back to the crib for sex. Gotta fill the days.

Unfortunately the for the school district, Smart confessed to multiple sexual humpings that took place in her classroom with the boy. That’s a big factor when it comes to the inevitable civil law suit and how much the school will be held liable for the criminal activities. You’re already on the hook for the sexually predatory employee; if she used your actual premises to commit the bump and grind, you’re looking at more cash out the door. Alert the taxpayers. It’s coming.

Smart was relieved of her duties this past May when the school became aware itself of the allegations and turned the matter over to the police. Apparently they were the last to know as the cops found a ton of students who said Smart and the teen boy in question were openly affectionate at school for a good long while. Get a room. I guess they did. The classroom. Jealous much?

UPDATE: ND Teacher, Shannon Moser, Pleads Guilty to Nude Photos and Sex With Underaged Boys

You may recall the rather recent arrest of Fargo area middle school teacher, Shannon Moser. Without giving away the not surprise ending, Moser, 37, was a pastor’s wife and mom of four by night, but by day she was junior high teacher who found it amusing for her kids to refer to her as “Kim Kardashian” in the classroom. Most of the kids probably found it amusing, or the cheeky ones thought it was maybe a giggle-worthy reference to Ms. Moser’s body shape, but only a few boys knew that it was, in fact, far more Ray-J sex tape than anything less innocuous.

Moser apparently got so into Kim Kardashian character, that she began sending naughty Snapchat images to multiple boys at the school and not so recent graduates of the fine Liberty Middle School in West Fargo, ND. And, as these things go, one thing led to another, and Moser eventually had sex in a nearby park with what is presumed to be at least two young teen boys. Many more obviously saw her photos. You have to wonder if a reasonably intelligent woman didn’t see this as something of a kamikaze mission.

An indication as to Moser’s mindset was on display perhaps this week in court as she immediately pleaded guilty to basically all charges — gross sexual imposition, sexual assault, and luring or grooming a minor online. Moser was hit with a $100,000 bail while awaiting sentencing, which could be five years in prison, and through her lawyer has already stated she won’t be seeking a bond to get out in the interim. She wants to remain in the pokey as a sign of her acceptance of her guilt. Which makes you wonder if she truly is this suddenly-righteous of a woman, or if perhaps there’s a deeper pathology to her story and she simply wants to get away from the hubby and/or kids. Dateline NBC, get on this!

Rhian DeSouza, Elementary School Principal in Wales, Pleads Guilty to Making Child Porn

It’s unclear exactly what “making an illegal photograph of a child” precisely means, but in the U.K. everything is made to sound genteel, and regardless, Rhian DeSouza, 43, the principal of an elementary school in Wales, pleaded guilty to two counts of doing just that.

Among the people you don’t expect to ever be arrested for child porn, include the female grammar school principal, married, with kids, who sings in the local choir. Though now I guess you must suspect everybody as DeSouza pleaded guilty to such charges from this past May and June. No word on how she was caught, or the more precise nature of the images, only that they included underaged children in a sexual nature. Also, as her school was quick to point out, there is no connection between the child or children in the confiscated material and any kids at her school or the previous school in Wales where she worked. That’s what you call, some relief.

Britain’s being very British, the charging of DeSouza was handled so discreetly, that parents at the school had no idea why Ms. DeSouza had not been at work lately and started sending flowers assuming she was out sick. Imagine how silly you might feel sending get-well bears and flowers to your kid’s principal who’s been quietly arrested for producing child porn. You have to wonder if FTD offers a rebate for such instances.

Ah, the world, it sucks. If we had more details in this case, we could explain more precisely why, but for now, just picture your kindly favorite lady teacher or principal of youth and wonder what dark secret she was hiding.

British Airways Flight Attendant Fired For Pimping Her Dirty Tights in Online Video

Among the dirty things in this world you may not know exist, there is a bustling online business for female airline flight attendants’ (nee stewardess) heavily worn hose, shoes, and presumably other underthings. If you’ve flown any major airline in the last several decades, you’ve been witness to the de-sexification of female flight attendants by every means possible. They are heavier, older, less attractive, and more matronly dressed than in the heyday of air travel when sexy young things bearing cocktails helped sell the allure of flights for business travelers. Yet, you can’t stop a good foot fetish or the men willing to pay for their deviant lust. Here’s a good article on the booming business.

Obviously, to find the buyers for your worn garments and shoes, you need to market their availability. Not just the items themselves, worn and stinky, but the women leaving the scent behind. Obviously, a working flight attendant can’t reveal their true identity when hawking odiferous hose, so these videos often contain blurred faces and modified voices even to mask the identity of the smelly foot woman making coin on the side of her main employment.

This leave the airlines preaching to their employees how the sale of worn airline apparel clearly violates their employment agreements, and subsequently, tracking down the women who continue to turn a side profit from the smell affair. British Airways recently uncovered a video circulating of one healthy-sized female flight attendant smelling her own shoes and tights for a prospective buyer. Apparently, they tracked down the flight attendant in the grotesque short film and sacked her immediately.

This being England, everything was done on the Q.T. with no names mentioned. Though I suppose if your neighbor in England is a chubby blonde woman who was recently fired from BA and drives a car that seems to nice for her job, that would be her. Don’t ask to smell her shoes. You probably can’t afford it.

Nikki Yovino Sentenced to 1-Year Prison for False Rape Report at Sacred Heart University

Nikki Yovino Featured From Facebook

It’s hard to say who is the bigger villain in the case of Nikki Yovino, the 19-year old Staten Island girl who falsely accused two Sacred Heart University football players of raping her in a basement bathroom during a party in 2016. Among the candidates would be obviously Yovino herself, and the Fairfield, Connecticut school which immediately expelled the two football players for sexual assault. Err, sexual assault charges.

Cut to one year later, after both college boys are expelled, scholarships forever lost, and families spending what money they have on legal defense, when during a pre-trial hearing Yovino recants her story, admitting, that she had sex with two football players that night at the part, completely consensually. Her excuse — she didn’t want to lose her boyfriend, as you might when sleeping with two separate guys at a party — so she claimed rape. This is not as uncommon as you might think. Which is why a little bit of punitive restraint might be in order following such accusations.

Yovino was charged with falsely reporting the crimes which not only ruined two boys lives, but wasted a ton of legal system time and energy and this week was sentenced to three years behind bars, two of which the judge suspended in lieu of probation, while also berating her in court.

Far more telling than the rant from the judge, was how everybody in court saw Yovino roll her eyes as one of the two boys in the case gave his victim statement:

“The last almost two years have been definitely my most difficult of my life. The roller coaster of emotions; fear, anger, sadness, embarrassment, depression, anxiety and the list goes on. She accused me of what I believe to be a horrendous, horrific crime out of her own selfish concerns. I lost my scholarship, my dream of continuing to play football and now I am in debt $30,000 and I’m simply trying to get ahead as best as I can.”

Then (literally) Yovino’s mom’s cellphone went off in court and she was asked to leave. Wonderful family.

Asia Argento And Her Sex Crime Mistruths Likely Won’t Be Prosecuted

Current figurehead of the #MeToo movement, Italian actress, Asia Argento, seems to have had her denial of sex with a teen boy in a Marina Del Ray Ritz Carlton hotel in 2013 countered by texts of her own revealed to TMZ through a third party. And by third party, we mean a confidante of Argento’s who took money from TMZ to sell her friend out.

Since the New York Times piece last week revealing Argento’s hush money payment of $380,000 to Jimmy Bennett, who was 8 when he played her abused son in her 2004 film, The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things, and 17 when she shtupped him in the hotel room, Argento has been directly and indirectly denying pretty much ever illicit aspect of the case. In her response, she claimed that she never had sex with Bennett, who was a troubled former actor who basically stalked her as a teen, and that the hush money decision was made by her then boyfriend, Anthony Bourdain, who insisted they do it to keep her reputation clean. Such as that was possible. Of course, Bourdain is now dead, and his estate $380,000 lighter, so he’s impossible to question.

These subsequent texts seem to strongly indicate that Argento did indeed have sexual intercourse with Bennett in the hotel room, though she claims she was “frozen” beneath him at the time, because that’s a convenient way of framing yourself as victim even in a situation where you’re clearly committing statutory rape in the state of California. Not all of those #MeToo seminars are a waste of time.

While some #MeToo fellow activists with Argento have stepped forward to insist this sexual assault and hush money case means nothing, in fact, Alyssa Milano suggested this case shows that #MeToo is actually working, many have started guarding themselves for end of a tremendous wave of unchecked activism, career killing allegations, kangaroo courts, and other revolutionary type high times.

For their part, local Los Angeles law enforcement have been forced to respond to the now seemingly self-confessed crime of statutory sexual assault, but clearly are not in the mood to do much about it. Asia Argento isn’t Harvey Weinstein, in more ways than one. Far less prolific, and no penis. They don’t want to pursue so they’ve issued statements regarding “looking into things” and “following up on matters” which essentially means they’re going to wait until this story dies down a bit then send any investigative materials to deep storage.

Ah, Justice, you’re blind, but you can still sense politics.

Reality Winner Receives 5 Years Behind Bars for Leaking Classified U.S. Intel

You’d have trouble not recalling the oddly named Reality Winner, the 20-something Texas girl turned Georgia defense contractor who decided one day last year to take home some classified Russia-election meddling documents from her office, hide them in her pantyhose, and share them with The Intercept online magazine. Winner was something of an odd pickle in the espionage game, since she had recently come off a six-year stint of strong service in the Air Force, and was a very deft linguist, with a passion for Middle Eastern languages.

Somewhere along the way, the buffed and muscle building blond became rather sympathetic to a number of progressive causes in her social media expressions, and more so, started to express strong favoritism toward Middle Eastern states and movements currently at odds with the United States. That and Trump-hate, of course. The amalgamation of her 20-something “feels” led her to do the criminal deed, in the manner of Edward Snowden, who was apparently one of her heroes. Though in sharp contrast, Winner’s leaked classified content was hardly a Snowden cache; not to mention Snowden wasn’t arrested at his home about an hour after leaking and now facing a long term Federal sentence.

Winner could’ve faced up to ten years in the joint for her espionage deeds, but accepted a plea deal that bought her 63 months. That’s Fed time, so no early release. A hard five, though her love of bodybuilding and perhaps other women will probably serve her well as she goes Orange is the New Black.

As part of her plea deal, Reality Winner offered a totally empty apology to the court and the nation for her illicit actions. Her mind has likely only become more dedicated to count-government missions, but so be it. She’ll do it from the weight room in the penitentiary. Her family naturally noted that Winner’s been portrayed unfairly in the media, which is probably true, but she’s also guilty of the crime, so there’s that.

I fear we shall not be able to make name game jokes with Reality Winner for some time. If she plays her Chelsea Manning cards right, perhaps goes transgender, we could see much more of her and her book in the future.

Ericka Oxford, 41, Volunteer Track Coach, Busted for Sex With 17-Year Old Student in Missouri

Now, even the volunteer teachers and coaches of the female gender are getting into the high school boy meat market, via illicit sexual relations. Ericka Oxford, 41, a volunteer track coaching assistant at Fort Zumwalt East High School in Missouri has been arrested on the felony charge of sex with a student. In particular, a 17-year old male student she was having sex with 1-2 times a week at her home, according to the boy interviewed during the investigation. Presumably, the boy was a member of the high school track team, but no confirmation of that fact yet.

In a weird twist to the story, the relationship between the 41-year old parent volunteer and the teen boy was “outed” in May when the pair opted for a quickie back at the boy’s house and were caught mid-coitus by the boy’s father. It’s not clear precisely what happened after that moment, but the relationship between his son and the older woman appeared to continue. Did he not tell the authorities and only crow to the neighbors about his boy bagging an older woman? So many questions, so few answers.

Whatever the timeline, the long arm of justice caught up to Oxford this past week in her felony arrest and $20,000 bail. The Fort Zumwalt East principal was quick to point out, as they all do, that none of the sex took place on school grounds and that Oxford had passed background check by the state organization that handles parent volunteers in the school. All of which means, she doesn’t have any prior criminal arrests. As seems to be the case in 99.9% of these older woman and student sex instances because obviously a teacher with a rape conviction on her rap sheet would never make it into employ in the first place. So obviously these are all first time sex crime arrests. But, still, the pro forma statement from those who might be fired or sued is always welcome.

Now you may begin to wonder if Oxford took an interest in helping out the track team to get herself near athletic teen boys or if this was a random crime of passion. You can count on her crying and pleading the latter, but, you’ll never know the truth.

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