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Mom Arrested for Abusing Her Adopted Children Featured on Her Successful YouTube Channel

Sometimes you have to wonder what’s really behind the happy smiling families featured on TV, or these days, YouTube. In the very least, you should wonder.

Machelle Hobson, 48, of Maricopa, Arizona was arrested this week for nastily abusing her seven adopted children. The reason for her abuse (besides being a sick and twisted woman), she wanted them to perform joyfully and dutifully on her increasingly popular “crazy family life” YouTube channel.

Hobson’s YouTube Channel Had 800,000 Subscribers

Anything for fame these days. And since the dawn of time, anything for money. Machelle Hobson combined these two deadly sins into a channel on YouTube called, Fantastic Adventures, chronicling the lives of her seven adopted single digit aged kids. Oh, how wacky and silly they are. It was all staged of course.

Videos would feature the kids in wacky household adventures with simple
CGI special effects — who watches this stuff? (Answer: 800,000 people)

Or were they. According to police reports, Hobson routinely and brutally abused the children in order to gain their compliance for the videos she created for YouTube. Those kids were kid performers, exploited and harmed if they did not properly follow the script. Literally, read their lines.

Hobson was big on denying the kids food and water if they refused to perform. The children were malnourished across the board. She also locked them in closets for extended periods of time. And when all else failed, she used pepper spray or lighters on their genitalia. Even Kris Jenner never went that far.

Machelle Hobson Turned In By Her Bio Daughter

A tip from Machelle Hobson’s 19-year old bio daughter about the ongoing abuse in the home led Child Welfare workers to perform an inspection upon Hobson’s adopted children in the home.

Bio daughter appeared in many of the family videos,
before calling Child Protective Services to report her mom for her abuse of the adopted kids

According to police reports, all seven of the kids, as young as three, suggested that Hobson was abusing them. One of the children was too frightened about eating to accept a bag of potato chips from a friendly police officer, for fear her adopted mom would smell the chips on her breath.

Another one of the kids told authorities he was beaten with a brush or a hanger. And another that he was forced to go to the bathroom in a diaper since he was locked for so long in the closet. So, wonderful Mommy Dearest to the nth degree type evil.

Hobson Arrested on Numerous Child Abuse Charges

Machelle Hobson was ultimately arrested on two counts of child molestation, five counts of child neglect, five counts of unlawful imprisonment, and seven counts of good old fashioned child abuse. She was held without bail.

Kids who lost the draw in adoptive mom lottery — she used the
heck out of them for YouTube fame and fortune.

Also arrested following the inspection were Hobson’s two adult male children who lived in the home. While they were not charged with any part in abusing their adopted little sisters and brothers, they were each cited with seven counts of failing to report the child abuse they witnessed in the home. Imagine these two are real winners.

Don’t bother trying to find Fantastic Adventures any longer on YouTube. The platform deleted the channel when word of Hobson’s arrest and horrific stage mom crimes came to public attention. YouTube will let you monetize being an evil abusive mom, but only up to the point you’re actually arrested, then you’re on your own. Solid business model.

Colorado Female Teacher Arrested for Sexually Assaulting Teen Student

This may be hard to believe, but this criminal arrest of yet another female teacher across our beloved nation involves lusting for teens, some very poor decision making, and, of course, Snapchat.

Arapahoe High School track coach and Spanish teacher, Sarah Elise Porter, 24, was arrested for hounding a 16-year old boy on the track team for sex, including sending him nude and masturbatory videos on Snapchat, and when that failed, threatening him with repercussions if he didn’t concede. A little junior lady Harvey Weinstein type.

Sarah Elise Porter Demanded Sex from the Student

Porter apparently began her sex conquest odyssey by messaging the male track team member via Snapchat. If you’re unfamiliar with Snapchat, it was the preferred app of teenagers to transmit illicit photos and messages to one another for sex and drugs, and now it’s the same, only teachers looking to get laid by students are using it as well.

Naturally, those communications quickly became indecent, including naked photos and, according to the male student, masturbation videos. That seems to be the new communication tool of teachers grooming their young students for criminal sexual activities.

Though Porter and the boy never officially had sex, it appeared imminent when she cornered him in an office at the school and threatened him with reprisals if he didn’t give her some nookie. She was interrupted ever so rudely via phone by her track coach boss as she was making her way toward home base, causing a cessation to sexual assault activities.

Another Student Spotted the Inappropriate Contact

According to police reports, an anonymous student at the school witnessed some of the kissy kissy foreplay between Porter and her track team young meat and reported it to Safe2Tell, a Colorado Education anon tip line to report fellow classmates looking to Columbine 2.0. Or in this case, a teacher and student making out in a dark office at school.

Typically you think of male gym coaches as the aggressors,
but Porky’s taught us that the lady coaches are up to the same naughty thoughts.

That tip led to a report first to Porter’s boss, the head track coach, to whom she basically confessed her sins. Though she did note she had her tank top on during her masturbation videos. So, style points or decorum points? I’m not sure.

In further interviews, Porter confessed to a social worker that she got deep into foreplay with the boy that afternoon in the office before being pulled away by the phone call from the head track coach. Presumably she confessed this with more disappointment than remorse.

Sarah Elise Porter Arrested for Inappropriate Relations With a Student

Porter was charged under the statute forbidden teachers from having sex with students. While the age of consent in Colorado is 17, the brainiacs there determined that if you’re 16, you can still have sex with somebody up to 26 (and if you’re 15, somebody up to 19), hence, this was not standard sexual assault of a minor.

Also, Porter was nailed for her transmission of her diddling selfies to the underaged minor. No fun of any kind I suppose.

As always, we are left wondering what goes through the minds of these female teachers whence upon they set to commit criminal sexual acts. In particular in this case, where the teen boy isn’t even enamored of his horny 20-something teacher. Rather than rejection, goes full predator mode.

Anybody who ever tells you men are the sole predators that walk this planet, point to ever growing numbers of stories such as these. As women gain more positions of power in our nation’s institutions, they are proving to be far more harassment and assault motivated than perhaps previously thought of based on gender alone.

Texas Teacher Caught in the Park With Her Teen Student; Faces 20 Years in Prison

Texas, thy name is naughty female school teacher. As much as this phenomena of randy female teachers with very poor decision making skills and a penchant for young flesh is sweeping the entire U.S. nation, there is no longer a doubt the most arrest are happening in Texas.

Maybe there’s something in the water. In this case, the nearby Rio Grande, as Juarez-Lincoln High School soccer coach and art teacher, Adriana Solis, 23, was arrested this week for fooling around with her 17-year old male student in the back of a car in a local park after hours.

Adriana Solis Took Her Young Beau to Local Soccer Park

As you might imagine, the soccer coach took her seventeen year old brand spanking new boyfriend/student to the local park where the kids play soccer. Hump where you know, my grandma never ever said.

As somebody who’s now covered, oh, a thousand of these such cases, many of which involving female teachers being caught having sex with students in the park, here’s my advice — stop having sex at night in the park. I don’t know if it seems glamorous in some manner, or you’re simply not a creative thinker, but everybody in parked cars after hours in the public park gets rousted. Were you never hotboxing as a teenager?

When you have sex in the car in the park during the daytime, by golly,
then you’re simply asking to be arrested.

At or around or exactly 10:46pm, a clearly strange time to be parked at a park that doesn’t allow visitors after sunset, cops tapped on the window of a car. A woman in the backseat of the car jumped into the front seat like she’d just been caught… well, canoodling her teen student from the high school down the road. As for the boy in the back, he was quickly pulling on his pants.

The Girls Soccer Coach Broke Immediately

According to the arrest report, both teacher and student confessed to their illicit loving almost immediately. Well, sort of. When questioned, Solis claimed she knew the teen boy from her work. It took another query to ascertain that work was as a high school teacher. Shortly thereafter, Solis admitted the boy was her 17-year old student at Juarez-Lincoln.

Nobody took notice when a school near the Mexican border took the nickname, Huskies

As for the boy, he spilled his guts too. No honor among illegal lovers. He told the cops he’d been “dating” his teacher for a few weeks and this was their second such late night visit to the park.

“He stated that he removed all his clothing and had only left his under wear on. He stated that the Defendant had not taken off any clothing, but stated that they were kissing and doing other stuff.”

– Boy who just figuratively screwed his teacher

Solis Was Arrested for Improper Relations with a Student

Adriana Solis expressed remorse to the police and admitted that what she had done was wrong. In particular, criminally wrong as it’s a felony in Texas for an educator to sleep with her student of any age, even if that age is of legal consent, which 17 is in Texas.

The upper end of the punishment scale for such an offense is twenty years, though it’s highly unlikely Solis, who will clearly plead guilty and save everybody time and energy, will see any significant prison time.

Nevertheless, she has already been canned, or placed on leave until such time as she is canned, will be put on the bad person registry, and never teacher again. Now, at only 23 years of age. All for a little rub and tug time in the back of her car. She didn’t even get her clothes off.

The Yellow Roses of Texas Are A’Blooming in the Teacher’s Lounges

Texas teachers have gone hog, err, steer wild for their young teen student flesh. It seems to be happening at every school across the Lone Star State. And it’s not for lack of arrest and prosecutions:

Sarah Madden Fowlkes was the Texas high school home economics teacher arrested for having sex with a teen boy at her school; made even more famous by her infamous smiling mugshot;

Alexandria Vera taught her middle school student some invaluable lessons.

Houston middle school Latina hottie, Alexandria Vera, was arrested for scrumping and scrumping a thirteen year old boy from her school until she got pregnant.

Texas high school culinary arts teacher, Lynn Burge, was arrested for having had sex with two different teen boys at her high school. Her defense? She was too drunk to remember.

Ollia Tzarina Is Wicked Hot and Finally Stalker Free

Consider yourself an okay human being if you’ve never heard of hot and trending faux fur fashion designer, Ollia Tzarina. The half-Greek, half-Russian model turned social media influencer is the go-to collaborator for celebrities like Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and the dreaded Kardashians. Not a bad place to be if you like publicity and money.

On the downside of being young and hot and famous and always in the fashion news, you pick up stalkers. It’s inevitable. And Ollia Tzarina had a particularly ambitious one.

A Ukrainian Female Stalker Tried to Take Tzarina Down

For three years, a mysterious person in the shadows of the digital world put a tremendous amount of time and energy into destroying Tzarina and her friends and boyfriends and business associates. You might think this was some former rival or jilted ex or angry girl from high school who never get over an old grudge. You’d be wrong.

A total stranger by the name of Polina Gushenko made it her life’s mission to herself, and with the help of online recruits, harass and destroy Tzarina and her social circle.

Gushenko went to the extent of hiring online freelancers to build multiple forums whose entire purpose was to discredit Tzarina’s work and personal reputation.

Gushenko’s Online Take-Down Gang Were Well Organized

Members of the forum were encouraged to activate anonymous Instagram accounts from which to make nasty threats, even death threats (“I know where you live and I’m coming to cut you up”) to Tzarina online. Similarly, they were instructed how to buy burner SIM cards to cover their IP tracks. At one point they sending hundreds of messages a day to her Instagram account.

The group run by Gushenko heavily target Tzarina’s boyfriends over this span of time; often European famous businessmen and sports stars (see her photos for an understanding of why). One of the men Tzarina dated, a European soccer player, was harassed by the group, falsely claiming he was married and cheating on his wife.

The harassment group were able to access Tzarina’s private photos and contacts, publishing her private communications across social media. As Tzarina attempted to ignore their messages, they amped them up with greater and more specific death threats. A rather scary proposition.

One of the Group’s Members Turned Out to Be Tzarina’s Close Friends

Unbeknownst to Tzarina, one of her very close acquaintances went from learning about the online harassment group, to providing it confidential and close-access information about her friend. Make that, former friend. Imagine the kind of people living in this world and perhaps these level of betrayals won’t seem so uncommon.

Ollia Tzarina dresses A-list celebrities in her faux fur designs

This particular woman had access to Tzarina’s phone and tablet and was able to acquire much of the private information later spread online.

It’s unclear if this discovery was what tipped police off to the ultimate ringleaders, but after a year long investigation, European police found and arrested Polina Gushenko.

Gushenko Had No Real Motive for Going After Tzarina

Upon her capture, Gushenko proved to have no specific reason to have launched a three year campaign to harass, stalk, and terrorize Tzarina. Apparently, like many stalkers, she merely wanted to have some, or any, kind of connection with the famous and happening model and fashion designer.

Gushenko expressed her deep level of depression and how communicating with Tzarina, even in this completely destructive and evil way, made her feel less sad. Yes, that’s warped. It’s also an extremely common answer from celebrity stalkers once caught and pressed for reasons why.

I suppose this story had a happy ending. Or not, since these people never truly go away. We’ll keep an eye on it.

Sara Packer, Most Disgusting Mom Ever, Saves Her Skin in Rape-Murder Trial

If you’re first thought is that both defendants in the case of the sexual assault and gruesome murder of 14-year old Grace Packer deserve to die a slow and painful death, you’re a right thinking, emotionally healthy person.

This past month, Jacob Sullivan, 46, pleaded guilty to raping and murdering Grace Packer, with the help of his girlfriend and the girl’s adopted mother, Sara Packer, 44. In an attempt to save herself from the death penalty, Sara Packer agreed to testify against her boyfriend, Sullivan, at trial.

Sara Packer Was a A County Adoption Supervisor

Perhaps the scariest portion of this incredible real-life horror story is that this disturbed monster of a woman, Sara Packer, had the former job title of County Adoption Supervisor in Pennsylvania. Also noticeable scary, Sara Packer clearly has a literal beard of sorts.

Sara Packer and her then husband, David Packer, adopted Grace and her brother, and added the pair to their recurring number of foster kids in their home. Not long after, David Packer was arrested and successful prosecuted for sexually assaulting a younger, Grace Packer at the time, and another foster daughter in the home. For some reason, the powers that be did not remove Grace from the home.

And, as such things progress, Sara Packer continued to abuse Grace Packer herself, and eventually add boyfriend, Jacob Sullivan, to the family mix. In her own words, Sara Packer admitted to pushing Sullivan into sexual assaulting Grace. For what that’s worth.

Sara Packer admitted to drugging Grace’s food to make her more sexually compliant for her boyfriend.

Sara Packer and Jake Sullivan “Finished” Grace Packer on July 8, 2016

Packer and Sullivan took the girl, who Packer repeatedly claimed she hated and was a “nonentity” she wanted gone, to a rental home the couple owned, for what turned out to be her final 24 hours of tortured demise.

Both Packer and Sullivan would claim to be under the spell of the other in terms of what happened next. And what was Sullivan punching little Grace Packer in the face, repeatedly raping her in the attic, and leaving Grace tied and gagged. Packer told her daughter at this point, “this was her new life” and that she was to be kept in the basement henceforth to be raped by Sullivan.

Sara Packer, Grace Packer, and Jacob Sullivan

The next morning, on the 8th, Packer and Sullivan found Grace had escaped her restraints, and decided to end her. Sullivan strangled Grace Packer to death while Sara Packer held her adopted daughter’s hand and told her it was okay to die now.

The sick couple stored Grace’s boy in cat litter to cover the smell, until such time as they could purchase a saw, cut up her body, and dispose of the parts 75-miles away in the woods. As Fate would have it, hunters came across the body parts and the police investigated, leading back to Packer and Sullivan.

Sullivan Facing the Death Penalty; Packer a Life Sentence

Both Sullivan and Packer each attempted suicide following the unraveling of their sick and twisted rape and murder crimes. Sadly, both were unsuccessful, as cowards often are.

Packer was offered a deal for a Life Sentence if she agreed to testify against her boyfriend, Sullivan, who is facing the Death Penalty in an upcoming penalty phase. The prosecutor conceded that with the two disturbed adults in this case blaming the other, the physical evidence remained stronger against Sullivan, which is why they turned the deal they did.

This might be the time to remind yourself that not all sexual assault crimes laid out on this site are the same. The charges may look similar, but if you’re comparing this case to a lady teacher helping a teen girl explore her sexual feelings, you probably lack an ability to understand distinctions. Both criminal, not the same level of evil.

Hot 25-Year Old Teacher Sent Masturbation Videos To Her Teen Student

A rather attractive and sexually suggestive 25-year old high school teacher and mom in Katy, Texas stands accused of transmitting masturbation videos and explicit photos to a 15-year old male student at her school.

Paetow High School teacher, Kelsie Koepke, was charged with sending these lewd visuals via Snapchat, naturally, to her young teen student, along with the charges of solicitation and improper relationship with a student. No sex, but masturbation videos would seem to fit the bill.

Kelise Koepke Claims It Was All an Innocent Mistake

As all innocent mistakes begin between teacher and student, this one began with Kelsie Koepke accepting an invite on Snapchat from her student. The conversation was casual for the first several months, as things go, but around Homecoming of last Fall, things escalated into selfie porn sends.

About that time, Koepke transmitted naked selfies on her account. You know, how teachers do. She claims she didn’t realize the screen name of the boy was this actual high school kid from her school. She thought it was a man she met on a dating site to whom she was sending naked photos. As you do.

Imagine your hot 25-year old teacher is sending your masturbation videos
— oh, the humanity!

Koepke’s screen name was “Momma K”. Subtle. No word on the boy’s online identity but the arresting report suggests that Koepke apologized to the boy for the mistaken nude sends after Homecoming. And then proceeded to send him her masturbation video and further nudes. So, maybe she was confused all over again?

Koepke Arrested and Charged

At some point the boy obviously couldn’t help but share his good Snapchat fortune with other students at school, and one such student, let’s call him Judas, reported the illicit visual shares of the hot teacher to school administrators. Some friend.

School officials immediately removed Kelsie Koepke from the classroom and school and began to draft letters to cover their butts about any fallout. Welcome to the modern American educational system.

Don’t do the XXX Snapchat vids if you can’t do the time

“The purpose of this letter is to inform you that the Harris County District Attorney’s Office has accepted charges of improper relationship between a teacher and a student, a second-degree felony, as well as online solicitation of a minor, a third-degree felony, for a Paetow High School paraprofessional.”

– School District CYA red alert

Local police launched and investigation, finding at least one explicit video on the boy’s cellphone where Koepke’s face was visible. Oops. That’ll get you cuffs.

In a new spin, Koepke claims that she indeed continued to send XXX rated videos to the boy after realizing her mistaken identity, but only to “keep the peace”. Teacher, heal thyself.

Texas Remains the Hot Bed of Teacher Student Sex Cases

As we’ve discussed many times, the State of Texas seems to have a disproportionate number of female teacher and student sex scandals. Whether that’s because the water down there makes the ladies crazy or simply because administrators and cops are more attuned to these illicit affairs and catch them more often, remains to be seen.

Jamie Goforth became the literally teen dream for a boy at her school

Hot blonde Texas teacher, Jamie Goforth, 37, went forth on a teen boy at her school and was arrested not long after.

Texas brunette, Haeli Way, ultimately was punished with probation only for having sex with two boys from her school she worked with on a Christian ministry program.

Tidwell, Texas middle school cheer coach, Katherine Ruth Harper, was arrested for sexing up a 15-year old boy from her school.

Family of Teen Boy Caught Up in Female Teacher Sex Scandal Sues School After His Suicide

You may recall the rather remarkable sex crimes case of Tennille Whitaker. In 2017, the 40-year old married mom and grade school teacher was arrested for having sex with four boys at the high school connected to her grade school.

At the time of her arrest, it was thought she had only had sexual relations with two of the teen male students at the neighboring school, but the resulting investigation led to a total of four young sex partners.

Whitaker Received But a Warning From the School

Whitaker taught fourth grade at the Wells Combined School, K-12, in Elko Nevada. She set up a private “reading room” section of her classroom where she engaged in sex with teen boys routinely for almost two years. She collected these high school boys as volunteer student aides in her elementary class.

As rumors spread around school of the illicit activities, as they always do prior to the eventual arrests, officials at the school claim they investigated the sexual contact allegations but found no substantial evidence. Which is why the principal is not authorized to be the lead Special Victims Unit investigator under any law anybody knows of.

As a result, the school principal let Whitaker off with a warning and a reminder that it’s improper for teachers to be having sex with four teen students at the school. As a random hypothetical.

One of the Student Victims Took His Own Life

While Whitaker was eventually found guilty in court of her sex crimes and sentenced to 20 years in prison, a substantial penalty, before her trial began, one of her teen male students, Corbin Madison, then 18, had shot himself to death in his truck.

The boy’s parents blame the shame and humiliation surrounding the sexual activities with Tennille Whitaker for their son’s suicide. In particular, they assign blame to the school for knowing of the rumors and innuendos about the illicit sexual activities and doing nothing more than issue a warning.

Tennille Whitaker is spending 20 years behind bars for her sex crimes, but one boy is never coming back.

We’re not entirely familiar with Nevada-specific law in these matters, but most every other state seems to legally require any such allegations be reported to outside law enforcement and Child Protective Services, and not be handled internally. You know, because how all the internal investigations never find anything even in plain sight, because they don’t want to know.

Madison’s Parents Lawsuit Points to All the People Who Knew

In their lawsuit against the school and school district, Corbin Madison’s parents point out that the sexual grooming performed by Whitaker was more than mere whispers in the wind. They claim the school principal was made aware of strange-goings-on by the school custodian, two teachers, a parent, and a school district worker. So, everybody knew.

And the reports were of the nature of finding Whitaker sitting on these boys’ knees, locked in a dark room together, and accusations she was buying gifts for the boys and driving them around town. So, if true, incredibly obvious illegal nookie was taking place.

The boy’s grieving parents are seeking $45,000 in damages from the Elko, Nevada school district. They claim there’s no reasonable way that the principal didn’t know the sex was taking place, and intentionally ignored the situation. The result was their son’s depression, leading to his death.

Australian Teacher Pleads Guilty to Lesbian Relationships With Two Teen Girls

While Australia maintains an incredibly tight-lipped policy when it comes to publicly naming their criminals, even after they are found or have pleaded guilty, there is some information we know about this extraordinary case of a female teacher charged with sexual relations with two teen female students at her high school.

A 28-year old high school teacher in West Australia has confessed to carrying on extensive sexual relations with female students. One of these students was under 16 at the time; the other over 16. Both are considered criminal acts in the region of Australia where she committed these acts.

Female Teacher Pleaded Guilty to 48 Criminal Acts in Total

While Australia desperately seeks to maintain the privacy of its sex criminals for reasons that will never make sense to me, they are very forthcoming in details of the sex crimes alleged.

The sexual criminal acts all occurred between 2015 and 2017.

As to the first female student, the under 16, who eventually turned her teacher in to authorities, the teacher is alleged to have had 16 sexual encounters with the girl. And during those sexual encounters, accumulated 16 counts of sexually penetrating the girl. Though not always 1:1; there were some meetings with zero penetration and some with multiple episodes.

Each “get together” represents a charge, as does each penetration. As does the “persistence” of the meetups. You can see how counts add up. Also the detail of the confessions as to dates and activities between the two.

This Australian Teacher Took on a Second Girl Lover As Well

As to the second female student, this one over 16, the teacher accepted responsibility for 6 illicit meetings and 8 sexual penetrations. Another fourteen sex crimes charges. And now we are at 48.

If nothing else, you have to admire the energy of this female teacher. That’s 22 romantic get togethers with these two different teen girls and 24 rounds of penetration. Perhaps not a lot for an adult lesbian relationship over the course of 18 months, but with underaged female students at her school, presume she had to engage in far more planning.

There Was a Third Girl And More Charges At One Time

But wait, there’s more. Originally the courts had charged the 28-year old West Australian teacher with an additional two dozen charges involving a third girl at the school. However, those charges were later dropped.

For those not familiar with the Australian territories: these lesbian sex crimes occurred in Western Australia, there’s not much by the way of specifics in the court reporting

It’s unclear if they were dropped due to being false or errant claims regarding this third girl, or if the evidence was not as strong for the third girl and prosecutors decided two girls and 48 charges were enough. Also, you’d have to consider the impact of having these girls potentially testify in a trial as to the offenses.

The teacher’s attorneys have requested a psych evaluation be performed on their client before her sentencing in two months. You can imagine what that psych report might look like. I’m guessing it will have something to do with sex abuses of her own past. And that will be used to diminish the punishment.

As for Australia, they will continue not releasing the names of their sex criminals out of a grand tradition of English Common Law. One that I’d argue adversely affects public safety. That’s so Australia.

Barstow High School Teacher Arrested for Penetrating Female Student With Foreign Object

When I was a kid, the term “foreign object” was used to describe a professional wrestler bringing a hidden baton or “eye blinding powder” into the ring to unfairly disable his opponent. In terms of today’s female teacher sex scandals, it means something altogether different.

Barstow High School teacher, Katherine O’Neil, 51, was arrested this week on multiple criminal counts related to a sexual relationship with a 16-year old female student at the school where O’Neil taught history and American Government.

O’Neil Had Been On Leave Since Last October

Though only arrested recently, O’Neil had been on administrative leave from Barstow High School since last October. As the initial police investigation only began 10 days ago, it’s unclear (and likely not to be known) why O’Neil was put on leave five months earlier and whether that’s related to this same matter.

Intergenerational lesbian love is all the rage in popular culture;
though both must be 18 and over if you want to avoid the cops coming to the door

An as yet unnamed source entered the San Bernadino Sheriff’s Office a week and a half ago to report the sexual abuse by O’Neil of the 16-year old student. Typically these cases are reported directly to the school by the anon-source, almost always the parent. Again raising questions about whether or not school officials had previous knowledge of O’Neil’s wrong doings prior to the police. To be discovered.

Deputies interviewed the 16-year old girl who confirmed that she and O’Neil had an ongoing sexual relationship. In fact, they had been having such a relationship all over town.

Also, naturally, that O’Neil had sent her naughty texts and photos, because every single one of these ne’er-do-well teachers can’t help but implicate themselves in their own crimes.

Katherine O’Neil Arrested; Search for Additional Victims Continues

The Barstow High School teacher was arrested and charged with penetration with a foreign object, oral copulation with a minor, annoying and molesting and sending harmful matter to a minor. As a reminder, that foreign object is not the same as secreted into WWE matches. It’s a dildo of some kind.

The San Bernadino County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public’s health in identifying potential other sex crimes victims of teacher, Katherine O’Neil.

O’Neil bonded out on $100,000, because poorly paid teachers always seem to have the resources to bail out after being charged in sex crimes. And now law enforcement is exploring the very strong likelihood that this 16-year old girl is not the very first victim of this 51-year old lesbian predator. What are the odds?

If you randomly happened to know of any other Katherine O’Neil foreign object penetrating of a minor, there’s an anonymous tip-line: 800-782-7463.

Lesbian Teachers Hopping on Underaged Coeds Is Hardly Rare

While in order of sheer volume of offenses, it’s male teachers first, and female teachers second; and among those female teachers, boys still remain the primary target, we certainly have seen numerous arrests of female teachers for underaged lesbian sexual relationships:

Sarah Barton was a dramatic blonde who took her young female lover to see shows.

Cincinnati special ed teacher, Jennifer Walsh, took a hit for having a lesbian sexual relationship with a 17-year old female student.

British convent school teacher, Sarah Barton, was kicked out of teaching for life for wining and dining and bedding a teenage girl at her school.

A recently married, Camryn Zelinger, a teacher at a Southern California performing arts school, was arrested for carrying on a lesbian affair with a 14-year old student.

Mississippi Cop Pleads Guilty to Having Sex While Daughter Died In Car

A former Long Beach, Mississippi police officer pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the death of her three-year old daughter, who died from overheating sitting for four hours in a patrol car while her mom was in her police supervisor’s home having sex. That’s not the crime you want on your rap sheet.

On September 30, 2016, Cassie Barker, now 29, strapped her preschool aged daughter into a car seat and left the air-conditioner running as she cavorted inside the home of her boss, Clark Ladner. The air-conditioner ceased running cool air and the girl, Cheyenne Hyer, died from the heat.

The Case Took 2.5 Years to Resolve in an Admission of Guilt

The wheels of criminal justice can grind quite slowly in the United States. Especially when there are resources for legal challenges and delays in proceedings.

Officer Barker had originally been charged with second degree murder for her role in the death of her own little girl, but this past week she pleaded guilty on a deal to manslaughter, which still entails up to twenty years in prison. The judge delayed sentencing for two weeks to consider the options.

Photos of Cheyenne Hyer can be difficult to look at now, but important reminder about never leaving young kids unattended in cars.

Clark Ladner, while fired from the police force for having morning delights with his subordinate officer, was not criminally charged in the matter. There was no evidence in the case that he knew Cassie Barker had left her child out in her patrol car while they were shtupping and later post-coital napping in his house.

This Wasn’t the First Time Cassie Barker Left Her Kid in The Car

About 18-months before the death of her child in the car, Cassie Barker left her then toddler in the car alone while she was inside a Gulfport, Mississippi store. Police arrived at the scene to free the toddler, and Child Protective Services took temporary custody of Cheyenne Hyer at the time.

Barker was not charged for that incident, though she was suspended at the police department for one week. That’s sort of an odd arrangement.

The judge in this case explained to Barker that living with the guilt of her actions will be her worst form of prison.

After the death of Cheyenne Hyer in September 2016, her baby daddy, Ryan Hyer, learned of the 2015 incident for the first time. He had never been informed. He’s now suing both Barker’s Long Beach Police Department and the Child Protective Services for the State for keeping him in the dark. To date, there’s been no valid explanation as to why he wasn’t informed. Expect a large settlement there.

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