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It Was Only a Kiss! High School Teacher Arrested

What could be more romantic than a first kiss after seeing a movie? Unless you’re a high school teacher on a date with your student.

Oklahoma special-ed teacher, Jill Arthur, 29, was arrested for a budding romantic relationship with her 18-year old student at Bixby High School. The case is shocking in its lack of shocking sexual detail — just one kiss.

Jill Arthur Gave The Student Her Number, Asked Him Out

From online accounts, it appears that Jill Arthur is married, or partnered, with a young child. Not that that affects that old-fashioned rule about not dating your own high school students, illegal in most states.

The boy in question confirmed for police that his teacher gave him her number and basically asked him out on a date. Aww, adorable. It’s not clear how long of time passed between the digit swapping and the two finding themselves at the Warren Movie Theater in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Kind of sweet really considering how most of these other teacher-student relationships go straight to the back of the car.

Both Arthur and the boy admitted to police they went to the movies, and after, smooched briefly in the car. Wait, sorry about that car thing. It’s always the car.

Fifteen Seconds of Loving Equals Sexual Battery

Based on interviews with both parties, it appears that “fifteen seconds” of kissing was the full extent of the physical contact. That matters not.

Jill Arthur was charged with sexual battery for communicating with the boy online and ultimately, the world’s quickest make-out session in her car. Also, by obligation, she was relieved of her teaching duties at Bixby High School.

Naturally, the school district issued a completely non-contextual and rote statement explaining how they comply with all rules and regulations and none of this is their fault. Though you wonder how many times these people-in-charge can explain it’s not their fault without you wondering, wait a minute, they hired these people and supervised these people — isn’t it kind of their fault?

Oklahoma, Where the Wind Comes Sweepin’ Down the Plain

One of our favorite previous Oklahoma female teacher-student sex scandals was that of Hunter Day. The 22-year old attractive young woman was featured in a news story for receiving an emergency teaching credential to fill a need at Yukon High School.

Hunter Day: That look when the cops show up instead of your underaged boyfriend

But a month later, Day was arrested for having sexual relations with a boy from Yukon. In a dramatic bust, cops used the boy’s cellphone to set up a romantic rendezvous with Day at her place. She got half-naked, set up the candles, and answered the door… for her arrest.

Life is funny. Teacher-student sex, also sometimes funny.

High School Counselor Arrested for Sex Crimes, Carrying Gun

This might be the first female faculty member sex crimes case where the arrested woman was carrying a loaded handgun at school. A bit of a double whammy.

Meghann Wells, 30, a high school counselor, was picked up in Independence, Missouri on charges she had sex with a teenage student some time during 2018. Gender of the student and timing have yet to be released.

Meghann Wells Was a Counselor at Van Horn High School

We’ve come across teachers and and assistant principals having had sexual relations with students; Meghann Wells may be the first school counselor. Like many of us, I only met with my high school’s counselor once when he told me I should be a farmer when I grow up. I admit, I have no idea what high school counselors do beyond speculative proclamations like that.

Police escorted Wells from Van Horn High on March 1 to discuss allegations she had had a sexual relationship of some nature with a student under the age of 17 at the school. She was arrested the very same day on charges of possession of child pornography, second-degree statutory sodomy, furnishing pornographic material to a minor and unlawful use of a weapon.

The latter charge arose when a search of Wells’ purse upon her arrest found a loaded Glock handgun. There’s no evidence she used the gun, but she certainly had it on her person at school, which is a massive no-no.

Wells and The Student Exchanged Pornographic Videos, and More

As might be inferred by the charges, Meghann Wells and the student exchanged sexual texts including photos and videos of a naked and sexual type nature. According to various reports, Wells admitted to the sexting part.

Unfortunately for Wells, accepting naked photos of a teen is considered possession of child pornography. Sending naked photos of yourself to the same underaged person is furnishing pornographic material to a child.

Just two years ago Van Horn High was in the news for more tragic reasons.

The extent of the sexual contact between the two remains far more vague. Meghann Wells was charged with statutory sodomy which means, they did the deed. Intercourse. However, based on news reporting, it’s unclear if Wells is refuting this allegation.

As Always, The Sexts and Videos Seal the Deal

I’m morally bankrupt enough to teach a Learning Annex course on how not to be a female teacher arrested for having sex with your student. Though I’m certainly my course would be popular.

First rule is the same as the last rule: don’t send damning, non-erasable evidence across the Internet. No teacher would likely make a sex tape and mail it to an underaged kid; or take naked photos and drop them off with somebody’s mom and tell them to give to their son or daughter when home. But somehow the digital sphere makes everybody think it’s all-good.

Not only does the photo and text evidence seal the deal on an arrest, but when shown in a future courtroom, they have tremendous prejudicial effect. The wrongness is in your face. It’s a guaranteed guilty.

Meghann Wells resigned from Van Horn High School following her arrest

As always, I realize I’m giving sane advice to people who have lost their sanity at least temporarily to the passion of their loins. It happens. It’s all explained in my syllabus.

Don’t Count Out Middle America’s Naughty Female Teachers

But a few hours drive from where Meghann Wells was arrested, the now infamous teacher, Mary Beth Haglin was arrested two years prior for sex with her teen male student.

Haglin kicked it up a notch when the town learned that in addition to teaching and sleeping with her students, she was also a stripper. Dr. Phil couldn’t resist and put her on his show.

That’s when prosecutors filed additional charges against Haglin. She spent 3-months in prison.

Principal Arrested for Failure to Report ‘Child Indecency’

Principal Linda Voss, 52, of Travis Elementary School in Odessa, Texas was arrested this week on the charge of not reporting an alleged ‘child indecency’ at her school in a timely manner.

Texas law requires school faculty members to report any incidents involving child abuse to the school principal, who is in turn provided 48 hours to report the case to either the police of Child Protective Services. Voss took six days.

Three Children Alleged a Sexual Incident at School

On January 10th of this year, three 11-year old girls informed a substitute teacher about an act on campus only being referred to as a “child indecency”. This would encompass some kind of sexual touching.

Later arrest reports indicate that the sexual incident did not involve a member of the school staff. Presumably this indicates the alleged offender was another student.

The substitute teacher directed the three girls to make a report to the school principal, Linda Voss.

School District Police Showed Up on January 14th

Ector County Independent School District Police showed up to campus to investigate based off a report from somebody other than Principal Linda Voss. Officers spoke to the girls who informed them the incident took place on January 10th and they had told the principal.

The next day, Voss, who appears horribly clueless in this entire matter, called the school district to ask why they sent an officer to the school without her knowledge. There’s your giveaway of less than stellar school administration.

Travis Elementary School in Odessa, Texas (A “C” grade evaluated school)

The next day, district police interviewed Voss herself who admitted she had talked to the girls on January 10th about the sexual indecency matter. This is where somebody told Voss you were supposed to alert the proper authorities.

Voss filed a report that day or the next day. But it was now 5-6 days past the reporting of the incident. Too late.

Linda Voss Arrested on a Class A Misdemeanor

Officially, Voss reported the incident involving the three 11-year old girls to CPS on January 16th. You know she was asking them to do her a solid and mark it January 12th. CPS don’t play that game.

Voss was arrested this past week and charged with Failure to Report, a Class A Misdemeanor. She’s been placed on Administrative Leave by the District meaning she gets paid, don’t you worry.

The penalties for Failure to Report are up to one year in jail or a fine of between $500 and $5000. Presume Voss will be facing the fine and perhaps probation. If you start jailing every lousy principal in this country, we’re going to need more jails.

Texas Takes Their Student Sex Cases Seriously.

As we’ve mentioned several times, an inordinate number of teacher-student sex cases seem to come from Texas. While you could argue there is simply more debauchery and perversion in Texas, the more likely scenario is they are monitoring and catching more such incidents.

Nicole Kusmirek

We’ve not often seen arrests in these Failure to Report situations by teachers and administrators. Though in 2017, Louisiana teacher, Nicole Kusmirek, was arrested for failure to report a 13-year old girl providing oral sex to boys in the school bathroom. Hard to overlook that. She did.

But Texas is clearly letting the adults in charge know, you’re on the hook. Hence, you can bet there is more vigilance in Texas than other states.

Don’t mess with Texas!

Franchesca Esplin In Trouble for Bobcat “Trophy Kill”

Here’s everything I know about hunting. If you’re a good hunter, you hunt to help cull the herd, consume what you kill, and generally respect the animal and plant kingdom in the way in which you conduct business.

On the other hand, a bad hunter talks on social media about “bagging” animals, and once completed, posts ebullient bloody selfies of their kill. The latter may end up being technically legal, but it creates a massive backlash, among hunter and non-hunter alike.

Franchesca Esplin Was on “Cloud 9” after killing a mountain lion

According to Colorado hunter (or huntress if you will), Franchesca Esplin, a mountain lion hunt was on her bucket list. I’m not paraphrasing, she said bucket list.

As somebody who has drumming behind Peter Stanley and Gene Simmons on his bucket list, I’m hardly one to judge. However, you have to know whether a large percentage of the population is going to find your bucket list stupid, or incredibly offensive. I’m willing to accept I fall into the stupid category. But nobody’s outraged.

The sight of Franchesca Esplin hoisting the dead and bloody bobcat was too much for many

Upon tracking and killing her mountain lion, Franchesca Esplin took what are being described by her critics as “trophy kill” photos. That would be Esplin with a huge smile, hoisting the dead and bloody mountain lion kill, and talking about being on “Cloud 9”.

Esplin’s Facebook Photos Were Reposted by a Colorado Outdoors Group

We talk about how social bubbles insulate people so much from outside viewers and perspectives and feedback. This likely explains why Franchesa Esplin felt super pumped to post such photos to her Facebook circle, but when Prairie Protection Colorado posted them to their social media following, all hell broke loose.

Is this the face, and other parts, of a ruthless animal killer?

Most people don’t hunt. And most women love cats. Therein results in a rash of outraged and fiery comments aimed at Esplin. “Psychopath” and “killer” came up often.

The Prairie Protection Colorado tried to differentiate between real hunting, which they find completely okay, and this kind of trophy killing, they describe as including” selfies of the dead animal with laughing and elation.” Hard to argue that logic.

Trophy Killing Is Not Illegal

Hunters are bound by numerous rules and regulations in every state including Colorado. None of these laws get into the motive of the hunt or what kind of narcissistic hunter with poor selfie judgement you may be. In short, you can legally “trophy kill”.

Prairie Protection Colorado claims to be trying to outlaw such hunting, though a basic reading of the landscape tells you that kind of prohibition isn’t likely. For one, it’s incredibly subjective. And secondly, the hunting community is going to fight any further broad limitations simply because of a bad apple or two.

Franchesca Esplin clearly loves her hunting time

So, for now, Franchesa Esplin will suffer the modern day version of a Scarlett Letter. She’s had to remove her social media accounts, will likely receive death threats late night traceable back to PETA donor homes, and her face and that bloody mountain lion will be splashed all over the Internet for a couple of days.

Meanwhile, back in her bubble, she’s likely a hero. 2019. You kill me.

This Trophy Killing/Selfie Craze Seems to Big Among Blondes

Franchesca Esplin is hardly the first blonde to take heat for being a trophy killing huntress.

We covered the story of Tess Thompson last summer. Thompson offed a giraffe then posed for photos.

And just this past December, well-known huntress, Larysa Switlyk, took down a Scottish mountain goat and posed with the dead goat and a sex toy. That went down smoothly.

Denton Guyer Teacher Charged With Sex With Student

Denton Guyer High School teacher, Jeana Wesson, 46, turned herself into authorities this week in Texas after being charged with an improper relationship with a student. Read as, she is alleged to have had sex with a 17-year old male student in her classroom.

The age of consent in Texas is 17, but as with most Southern states these days, Texas maintains a law preventing high school teachers from having sex with their students of any age. The felony charge and penalties are fairly similar to as if the student was underaged. Hence, crazy illegal.

Wesson Taught Chemistry at Denton Guyer High School

Guyer High School is commonly referred to as Denton Guyer High School due to its location in Denton, Texas. The school appears, like many Texas high schools, quite heavily obsessed with high school football.

Not much is known about Jeana Wesson. Denton Guyer has removed her name and profile from the staff directory. What appears to be her social media accounts have been removed. However, we do know she was a chemistry teacher and a swim coach at the high school.

Denton Guyer High School takes their football very seriously.

Also of note, there is a Rick Wesson on the staff directory listed as a football coach and teacher. It’s unclear if the two are related in a manner such as marriage. If so, bad jiu-jiu.

Jeana Wesson Accused of Performing a Sex Act with Her Student

According to the arrest report, Wesson is alleged to have exchanged photos and videos of a sexual nature with a 17-year old student at Denton Guyer High School in 2017.

Naturally, this never stops there. Wesson is alleged to have had sex of some nature with the boy in her classroom during 2017 as well.

With information from an unnamed source, you hope it’s not the kid himself, police received a search warrant presumably to check Wesson’s electronic devices. The results of that warrant led to her arrest the very next day, so presume the damning evidence was found.

As always, we wonder why perfectly educated female teachers, as horny and troubled as they may be, do not understand that photo and video and text evidence will be the ruin of them. Otherwise, who’s to say the claim isn’t merely a fantasy of a boy in your class with a crush?

Wesson Was Placed on Administrative Leave

You’d think that schools might fire teachers accused of sexual crimes against students, but rules are rules, as are unions. Typically the teachers are placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of these cases.

Large districts like the Los Angeles Unified School District have dedicated “rubber rooms” where teachers who are removed from class due to criminal accusations report each day for work to hang out to account for their pay, until matters are settled. This could be months. Or even years.

As with all of these cases, the Denton ISD (school district) issued a rote statement confirming the administrative leave and assuring the public that student safety is their prime concern.

To be fair, nobody might suspect the 46-year old chem teacher of getting jiggy with a teen student. Or they wouldn’t before the past couple of years. Now every teacher has to be considered, man and woman.

Texas Remains the Hot Bed of Teacher-Student Sex

As we’ve noted before, an inordinate number of teacher-student sex cases, especially the female teacher cases we follow, seem to come out of Texas. Texas is a large state, but we see more from the Lone Star State than New York or California, or even crazy Florida.

This may be related to the fact that schools and law enforcement are simply more adept and honed in on these cases in Texas. It’s unlikely something in the water there. So it is possible they are aligned with other state instances, only the teachers in those other states are simply caught less.

Nevertheless, in the past year alone, we’ve seen numerous cases of female teacher sex crimes alleged in Texas.

Jeana Wesson’s arrest is now the fourth female teacher arrest in just a third day period, including Casarah Velez of Buckholtz alleged to have had sex with a male student, Joanna Atilano of Fabens High School busted for sex with her student, and Gianna Bednarski accused of having multiple rounds of sex with a 15-year old boy at Brazosport High School. One month, people!

Disturbing! Brittany Zamora Had Sex With Student While Other Student Watched

Brittany Zamora may be the single most famous female teacher arrested for sex with her student of this wave over the past few years. Perhaps a combination of her good looks, blonde hair, and the level of kinkiness exposed in her sexual relations with a 13-year old male student at Las Brisas Academy outside of Phoenix, Arizona.

Unlike similar female teacher sex cases where there is usually a one (or two) and done in the back of the car, Brittany Zamora and her very young love interest had quite the involved sexual affair. Text messages between the two illicit lovers coming out during trial are revealing the extent of the sex play.

Brittany Zamora Wasn’t Good at Hiding Her Sexual Dalliance

Based on civil suits filed against the school district by the family of the boy involved, we’ve learned that multiple people, students included, were well-weary of the relationship between Brittany Zamora and her middle school student before any sex took place.

The civil suit claims that three students came forward to the principal in the weeks before the criminal relationship became truly truly to complain about Ms. Zamora heavily favoring this boy in class. Additionally, at least one of the students noted inappropriate physical touching between the two evident in class.

Bodycam footage reveals the arrest of Brittany Zamora in Goodyear, AZ.

The lack of serious attention to this matter, and the subsequent escalation of Zamora’s relationship with the boy into a full-fledged sexual affair, likely means the school and school district will be doling out money big time in a financial settlement to the family.

We Already Knew About Some Sexually Charged Texts

From the arrest report last year, we already knew of a sample of the texts discovered between Brittany Zamora and her underaged lover. The more infamous of these perhaps the one where Zamora tells the boy she wished she could quit her job to have sex with him all day long. That’s definitely not in the class syllabus.

“I know baby! I want you every day with no time limit.”
“If I could quit my job and (have sex with) you all day long, I would.”

— Brittany Zamora, texting her very very young secret boyfriend

We also know that the boy was infatuated with his blonde sexy teacher. He would pass her numerous love notes, as you might expect from a 13-year old in way over his fantasy head could even imagine.

The sheer number and depth of these exchanges between the two points out the way in which Zamora believed this to be a real relationship. This from a recently married woman who likely was pursued by adult men in her past and had no shortage of dating opportunities.

Next Messages Reveal the Extent of the Sexual Relations

Presented in court, we now know that Britany Zamora and her illegally young boyfriend had sexual intercourse four times, between her classroom and her car. In fact, at one point she volunteered to drive him to his grandfather’s house so the pair could have sex in her car.

In a far more shocking allegation, prosecutors contend that Zamora had sex with her male victim at least once in her classroom in front of another student. The word “brazen” in the dictionary might need an update. As does the phrase “crazy kinky unthinking teacher” if that’s in there as well.

Additionally, court proceedings reveal that Brittany Zamora and her student boyfriend touched each other sexually in the classroom while the class was watching videos. What’s that word that means something even more than brazen? This is approaching 9 1/2 Weeks territory.

Brittany Zamora’s Future Looks Bleak

In a police recorded video, upon her arrest, Zamora is heard concerned about being placed in jail due to her small stature. Not an undue concern. But one that seems imminently like an issue she’ll have to resolve for an extensive period of time in the near future.

It’s unclear what her defense will look like during trial. Assume some level of mental illness or other health condition will be presented. That’s standard. But between the likely outcome of this criminal case, and the mounting lawsuits, assume Zamora will be going to a dark place for a good long while.

The Wave of Female Teacher Criminal Sex Cases Rolls On

As the demographics of middle school and high school teachers moves ever toward vibrant young sexually-active women, and with the rise of social media and private digital communications, it’s no surprise we’ve witnessed a phenomenon of female teachers having inappropriate sexual affairs with their young students.

Gabriella Del Carmen: WTF was she thinking?

In Brittany Zamora’s home state of Arizona alone recently, we covered the case of teacher Isabella Bowman, arrested for sex with an underaged teen, and daycare worker, Grabriella Del Carmen who was Snapchatting sex-simulation videos whilst supervising the tots.

Breanna Michelle Randall Arrested for Thievery and Meltdown in Walmart

People hate Walmart for all the wrong reasons. It’s often tied to their business and employment practices, predatory domination of local mom and pop shops, or their suspect child slave labor manufacturing sources. All valid in some manner. But in reality, the biggest downside to shopping at Walmart — the crazy women. And now another woman arrested.

Breanna Michelle Randall Was Going Winona Ryder at a Walmart

It’s hard to imagine shoplifters aren’t quite aware that stores like Walmart employ multiple levels of “loss prevention” in their stores. This would include cameras, recognizable security officers, standard store employees on the lookout, and undercover security officers pretending to be other shoppers.

Apparently, Breanna Michelle Randall, 29, wasn’t aware, because she began stuffing her backpack with items off the shelves of the Walmart in California, Maryland. (Yes, that’s a real city name in Maryland, as is, Chevy Chase.)

Randall was observed removing items from their packaging before placing them in her backpack. In the electronics department, she tried the very same with a cellphone and a store employee told her to cut it out. She created some kind of disturbance to enable a break for the checkout area.

Before breezing through the checkout lines without paying for anything, Randall swiped a beverage from a cool and headed for the great outdoors. You do need to be certain to hydrate when shoplifting.

Once outside the store, Randall pulled the less than smart idea for a shoplifter — she started screaming at Walmart customers. This would be the time to start assuming drugs or mental issues played a role in this incident.

Police Arrived And It Didn’t Get Better

St. Mary’s County Sheriffs rolled up to the Walmart to confront Breanna Michelle Randall. According to arrest records, she could care less. Ignoring instruction from the officer, she continued to scream at people simply trying to leave with their shopping bags.

Cops arrested Randall. Once in the police cruiser, she went all cliche and started kicking at the windows. How much do you leg press, my dear?

Deputies searched Randall’s backpack and found a bunch of embarrassingly cheap cosmetics items and a pair of fake nails. Must have those.

Randall was arrested and charged with theft for the Walmart goodies, malicious destruction of property, presumably for her in-store damage, resisting arrest, and being a monster pain in the butt outside the store.

This Was Not Randall’s First Theft Rodeo

Back in 2016, there’s a record of the same Breanna Michelle Randall arrested for minor theft of less than $100.

You can do the math, but if Randall was arrested for five-finger discounting her merchandise in 2016, and again in 2019, what are the odds she did zero thieving between those dates. Check your fake nail inventories, people?

In case you didn’t catch the Wynona Ryder reference, here’s the actress in 1999 in perhaps the world’s most famous shoplifting bust ever.

Teresa Gentry Arrested For Sex Crime With Son of a Family Friend

Teresa Gentry Facebook Selfie
Teresa Gentry stands accused of sex crimes against the son of a family friend.

A North Carolina woman was arrested following an investigation into an alleged nine-month long affair she had with a teenaged boy. Given that the age of consent in North Carolina is 16, assume the age of the unnamed male victim in the case is less than that.

The Boy Confessed to the Police About the Affair

It’s unclear what led the boy in the case to tell an adult about his long term sexual relations with Tersea Gentry, 39, of Harmony, North Carolina. But on January 25th, the boy showed up at the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office to file a report as a victim of a sex crime.

The boy fingered, so to speak, Gentry, a long time friend of the family, and investigators started to comb through evidence the boy provided. This included several texts, photos, and videos Teresa Gentry sent the boy containing graphic messages and images. Mind you, this is a heavyset 39 year old woman. But the heart wants what the heart wants.

Sheriff’s Sex Crimes Unit Investigated Teresa Gentry

Special Victims Unit cops received a warrant to search Gentry’s electronic items, not only for her XXX sends, but also receipts of similar she had requested from the boy.

As we’ve discussed here so many times in our little female sex criminal primer — don’t create mounds and mounds of forever saved evidence against yourself. Criminal genius does not apply in these cases. Not even close.

Police arrested Teresa Gentry the same day they received the warrant to search all of her devices. She was charged with statutory rape (again, that boy must be under 16), five counts of sending pornographic material (namely, her selfies) to a minor, and a couple counts of exploitation of a minor, which feels like an add-on once you get past the rape.

Teresa Gentry Isn’t the First Family Friend to Sex Up a Child

Casey Chapman betrayed the trust of her friend in the biggest way possible

Earlier this month we covered the case of Casey Chapman of Wichita Falls. Chapman is sitting in the pokey on $750,000 bond for three counts of sexually assaulting the 12-year old daughter of a friend.

If you’re starting to get the impression that modern age, gender equality, and the rise of women in strength and independence also means we’ll be seeing more female predators as we move along — bingo. Women will never rank equal to men in sexual predatory nature, but the numbers certainly seem to be rising.

Malka Leifer Hit With New Child Sex Abuse Allegations

You may recall the case of Malka Leifer, the Israeli teacher who moved to Australia in 2000 to lead an orthodox Jewish school, Adass Israel, only to be charged with 74 counts of child sex abuse. In 2008 Leifer fled Australia back to Israel before standing trial.

Malka Leifer Fought Extradition for Years

Politics are complicated in Israel. Between parties, cultures, religions, and even denominations of religions within religions. Suffice it to say, Leifer had friends in Israel based on her orthodox background and her West Bank locale. Some of these friends influential in massively delaying, or even corrupting, her extradition process back to Australia.

In general, Israel does not give up its citizen easily to foreign nations for trial. You can imagine the history of the Jewish people and why they would err heavily on the side of caution in such matters.

All of this added up to Malka Leifer avoiding anything close to extradition for a decade. Then, last year, she was arrested in Israel when courts determined she and cohorts had heavily lied and deceived the court about her medical and psychiatric condition in order to forever delay extradition. Now she’s still awaiting extradition to Australia, but from the confines of prison.

Australian sisters, victims of Malka Leifer, come to Israel to attend her hearing

Israeli Student Victim of Malka Leifer Speak Out

Israel’s public broadcasting channel, Kan, this week recorded an interview with a now grown up woman, who claimed as a young student in Israel that Malka Leifer repeatedly touched her inappropriately.

“She was crazy about me; all the time she stroked me. She used to sit with me for private conversations, all the time stroking my leg, up and down on my skirt.”

– unidentified former student of Malka Leifer

The same woman recalled a time Leifer invited her to her home and she had to escape. The specific memories she’s blacked out since.

Kan stated it had an email from a child abuse watchdog group in Israel claiming they had many more off-the-record allegations from women who recall being sexually abused by Malka Leifer prior to her departing Israel in 2000.

Malka Leifer attends extradition hearing (photo courtesy of

None of these pre-2000 cases can be prosecuted due to the statute of limitations on such matters in Israel, but obviously they form a rather strong base of evidence as to her likelihood to have done similar in Australia.

Australia Hides Its Criminals and Criminal Cases Well

Following in the British tradition, Australia provides extreme protections to both victims of crime and those accused of crimes. For instance, when a teacher is arrested for an alleged sex crime, even if they know, media outlets are forbidden from naming the teacher or even the school where they taught.

This is a rather strong protection for the accused. It may strike civil libertarians as quite proper and just. However, keep in mind, it prevents the community at large from potentially knowing the name of a criminal teacher in their midst.

The 74 counts of sexual abuse against Malka Leifer are similarly difficult to break down with any reliable detail. Even her name only became published once she fled the country and became part of an extradition matter.

Female Teacher Sex Crimes Not Just a U.S. Thing

As much as we report on teachers having illegal sex with students in the United States, naturally, this phenomenon is spread to the entire West. And in places like the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, it appears to be even worse, though many of these crimes either not reported, not publicized, or simply not considering criminal matters in those regions due to culture.

Suzanne Harrison

In England, Suzanne Harrison was banned from teaching for life for having a lesbian affair with a 15-year old student. In Canada, teacher Krystal Wilson was arrested for having sex wit ha 10-year old boy. The tip of the iceberg.

Model Mom Accused of Giving Toddler Cocaine, Caught in Texas

Talk about a wild drug ride, a former “hot trucks” model, and a multi-state fugitive from the law, this story has it all.

Kalin Swartz was arrested today by Midland County, Texas on a bench warrant for fleeing the state of Oregon. Swartz was ordered not to leave the state while awaiting trial on December 2017 charges that she failed to report her toddler son receiving burns while in her care and that she caused him to ingest cocaine.

Kalin Swartz Allegedly “Fed” Her Son Cocaine During Custody Battle

Kalin Swartz was in a heated custody battle with the father of her toddler son during the course of 2017. Court records indicate that during that time, Swartz’s behavior was erratic and potentially dangerous to the child. After she failed to let monitoring authorities know about her son’s burns, she was demoted to supervised-only visits with her child.

An anonymous (assume closely related party) called the Oregon Department of Human Services during this time to suggest that the toddler might have cocaine in his system. This after his latest visit with his mom. A 2+ years of age, this does not qualify her as the cool mom.

Kalin Swartz in court after being picked up on charges related to providing cocaine to her toddler son.

The kid tested positive for the drug at the hospital. His father immediately filed to have Swartz removed from any contact with their boy. During this hearing, the court heard about Swartz’s history of incessant lying and misleading of the Oregon authorities and police. Judges hate that shit, for the record.

About this time the cops arrested Swartz for the cocaine thing. Naturally, nobody bothered to ask how the kid ingested cocaine during a supervised visitation. But assume people need bathroom breaks.

Swartz was thrown into the County clink on assaulting her child with cocaine charges in December 2017. Naturally, shortly thereafter, she was released pending trial due to the jail being overcrowded. And that’s when Kalin Swartz started planning her escape.

Suddenly, A Model Comes to Visit in Indiana

Following an incident where Swartz smashed another man’s truck in Oregon, and later stole a credit card from a logging company, Swartz suddenly shows up in Indiana. But why Indiana?

Apparently, Swartz had made a male-friend in Indiana from her model website. We believe that site is Diesel Hotties on Facebook, where there’s a Kalin Swartz who resembles the Kalin Swartz of this legal tale. Swartz has changed her look often, including hair color, so it’s impossible to say for sure.

Kalin Swartz the alleged cocaine mom may be the very same as Kalin Swartz the “Diesel Hotties” model.

Suddenly, Swartz showed up at this man’s house and invited herself to stay. Not that a single guy mind’s such things on the fly. Usually.

It was this man’s ex-girlfriend and baby mama who became suspicious of this new “model live-in”, citing Swartz’s behavior as crazy and erratic.

When the new “boyfriend” asked Swartz to leave, she refused and insisted she had the right to stay as long as she wished. She allegedly told the guy she’d leave if he bought her a car, which he did. And she didn’t leave. This poor fella apparently is not familiar with crazy models.

That’s about the time Swartz told her new roomie she was pregnant with his baby. It’s unclear if he believed her or not. His ex-girlfriend seemed to be more on the ball and concerned for her own child’s well-being when at her ex’s house with this crazy model. She researched Swartz, and found the story on her awaiting trial in Oregon for giving her own kid cocaine.

That’s when the ex-girlfriend called the cops back in Oregon and told them that Swartz wasn’t in Oregon, but Indiana. Apparently they use the honor system in Oregon as to who leaves the state against court orders and such.

Bench Warrant Issued

The court back home in Marion County, upon learning their pre-trial famed mom who gave her kid cocaine was out of state, and had ripped off a logging company and crashed a guy’s truck, issued a bench warrant for her arrest.

Kalin Swartz Arrested in 2018 on cocaine-to-toddler charges (blonde) and Kalin Swartz a year later picked up on bench warrant (brunette).

It’s not clear how Swartz made her way to Texas. Assume the ex-girlfriend of her new live-in told her she’d called Oregon and told her to GTFO of town and her ex-boyfriend’s life. This may be one of those teachable moments about who you make babies with.

Police in Midland County, Texas picked up Swartz off the bench warrant and returned her to Oregon to face trial on the original powdering up of her toddler son, and now additional charges for all that she has wrought.

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