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Oxford Middle School TA, Heaven Parrish, Arrested for Having Sex With a Student, Twice

viagra online lloyds pharmacy mobility Twenty is young to be working in a school. Though not young enough that you won’t be facing multiple felony accounts for having sex with a student under 15. In her modest defense, NY’s Oxford Middle School teacher’s aide, Heaven Parrish, could probably pass for a kid student, or be one of those Jump Street extras, but that does little to help you out when you’ve been found getting it on with a middle school student of any age.

accutane side effects dangerous This case may wind up being best remembered for something not related to Parrish herself, or her alleged criminal sexual misdeeds, but for the fact that after her arrest on second-degree rape, criminal sex act, and endangering the welfare of a child, the School board voted to suspend the middle school principal, Heather Fredenburg. Some might say, it’s about time we start putting supervisors and school administrators on the line for the actions of their teaching staffs. While you may be judged this way or that way as principal for student test scores or bullying cases or rules on student dress, really, keeping student’s safe and free from, say, sexual assault by teachers, is your prime directive. You may not be criminal liable in any manner, but how about a little of the captain going down with the ship mentality for your senior leader on campus? I’m emotionally incapable of clapping or I’d let out a thunderous applause.

follow url The young teaching assistant was taken to New York’s Chenango County Jail where she immediately bailed out on a low dollar bond. Not everybody takes sex crimes all that seriously. The gender of the victim is unknown, but the arrest reports there was sex on two occasions between TA and young teen approximately one year ago. We’ll update as matters progress.

Megan Dunar Arrested for Being a Lousy Restaurant Patron and Threatening to Kill Responding Cops

levitra store prices You have to wonder just how loaded you need to be before you, (a) get into a massive, nasty round of cursing and throwing things in a restaurants, and (b) once they cops arrive, continue to take your uncontrolled rage out on law enforcement, which is really going to hurt you come arrest and charging time. There’s been no indication of the precise combination of chemicals in the body of Megan Dunar, 32, taken into custody this past Saturday night at the Trios restaurant in Greenville, South Carolina. There is an indication she was going completely bonkers at the time.

follow url Cops showed up at the restaurant after owners cited a patron inside who was cursing controllably and refused to stop. Not sure how many warnings restaurants give you before bringing in the authorities, but assume in Greenville you get less loud outbursts than, say, New York. Cops arrived to detain Dunar on disorderly conduct charges; that’s when she upped her game. According to police reports, Dunar tossed glasses around the place, including one that struck a woman’s foot, requiring stitches.

cialis samples Once the cops got her into the patrol car, Dunar began the obligatory attempt to kick out the back windows of the vehicle. Not sure that’s every really worked, but likely dependent on your leg press max. When officers came into the back to calm her down, she kicked one in the chest and bit another one. That’s no way to make friends, Megan. Once the officers arrived at the County Detention Facility, Dunar began repeatedly telling a female officer she was going to kill her. Full ratchet up the ladder of empty, but chargeable offenses there. Indeed, Dunar was ultimately lined up with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and threatening the life of a public official. She was later released on her own recognizance and ordered to stop being such an enormous a-hole while awaiting further proceedings.

Schae Marie Shepherd Points Gun at Another Woman in Fight Over Boyfriend; Shoots Self by Accident

order female viagra from online drugstore It’s super important when pointing a gun at another individual in a threatening manner to know if you’re the type of person who could really shoot another individual, or more likely the type to shoot yourself in the leg by accident. Schae Marie Shepherd, 30, of Waterloo, Iowa is clearly the latter.

go Shepherd was arrested this week when she got into an argument with a Samantha Wilson, 25, apparently over a man. Ladies, please, you know he’s not worth it, girlfriend, or something like that. Shepherd produced a gun at some point during the argument, which is pretty scary in a fight over a boyfriend. Because, yes, women be crazy. Shepherd never shot at Wilson, who made her way the hell out of Dodge, but when a third party tried to grab the gun away from Shepherd, she discharged a round right into her leg. That earned her a trip to the hospital, followed by an arrest for assault whilst displaying a dangerous weapon. By all accounts, Shepherd seems to be a lovely person with friends and family and a big supporter of charitable causes. But everybody has their breaking point. Which is a solid reminder that you ought have an honest self-assessment before deciding on whether you’re solid citizen gun owner, or if maybe you should stick to hair pulling and name calling when in fights over dudes with other women. WorldStarHipHop must be served.

Beware the Meth, It’s the Devil That Always Wins

Tracking criminal activity as I do, like Batman, with a much less exquisite cave, and female crime at that, I can’t help but notice the number of arrests of seemingly decent ladies from reasonably solid families, often with jobs and kids and maybe even husbands on occasion, arrested and suddenly exposed for all types of anti-social behavior. The only common denominator in these cases is drugs. And in the heartland, while opioids have certainly made a huge indent, meth is still the king.

Take for example the case of Allisin Sikes of Paducah, Kentucky. First, when you give your kid a funny spelling of a traditional name, understand that you are setting them up for a lifetime of unnecessary difficulty repreating that spelling. Second, in the digital age, you’ve made them extremely easy to find. Sikes was busted this past week on a state highway in Kentucky for various issues with her vehicle, including no registration plates, no registration receipt, no license in possession, no insurance, and no rear light illuminating her real license plate. All of which led to the traffic stop which produced a search of the vehicle and the discovery of weed, and, naturally, methamphetamine.

All at personal consumption levels, but still not what you want in your vehicle when a local sheriff’s deputy pulls you over at 11pm.

Kentucky is one of the leading meth lab states in the nation, so they tend to give meth users a decent break on first offenses, still, it’s going down on your permanent record. And you wonder how a young, attractive woman, with some college under her belt, a kid or two, and seemingly close to her family winds up one day doing super hard time. It’s meth. It’s not the weed; trust that it’s not the weed. Keep away from crank, kids. It’s a dark dark rabbit hole.

Casey Chapman of Wichita Falls Arrested for Sex With Friend’s 12-Year Old Daughter

Beyond the titillation factor, one purpose of the stories covered on this site might be to remind the world that while men are certainly behind the bulk of violent, sexual, and otherwise crude crimes committed in this world, they are not alone. As in, we used to simply say, if you have a female teacher or sitter or scout leader or clergy or, say, family best friend, you don’t need to worry about your kids. Perhaps statistically yes, but that’s no longer a baseline you can count on.

propecia online uk Casey Chapman, 36, of Wichita Falls, Texas, was arrested on three counts of aggravated sexual assault for a relationship that turned sexual with a 12-year old girl with whom’s family she was close friends. As we we see often in these cases, Chapman is married, a young mom herself, and her social media pages are filled with adorable and loving family photos. She’s the kind of woman you bet had many friends, volunteered all over the place, and was probably a great mom. Who would ever suspect such a woman is having sex with your 12-year old daughter? It’s enough to shake your confidence deeply.

The victim told authorities she had developed a crush on the 36-year-old and told her [Chapman] about the attraction. The victim went on to say she and Chapman engaged in inappropriate sexual behavior on multiple occasions, that was initiated by Chapman.


Casey Lee Chapman was booked into the Wichita County Jail on February 1 on $750,000 bond, or $250,000 per each of three counts. As you might imagine, these are serious felony counts with substantial jail time behind them.

It’s unclear what led up to the police finding out about the relationship, but you’d have to assume these kinds of illicit affairs are going to become known to parents or friends or teachers at some point. Which leads to the obvious question, how rational can you be to even consider such a deed? That question is rhetorical.

Jasmine Edmonds Ratted On By Her 16-Year Old Student Lover After Refusing to Pay Him to Shut Up

Every day there is a new case of teacher student sex, but they all certainly do have their own twists. Take for instance Jasmine Edmonds, 24, a high school Algebra teacher in Memphis, Tennessee. Edmonds apparently exchanged numerous private texts with, and gave rides home to, a 16-year old boy at Trezevant High School, before ultimately plunging into a sexual relationship with the student during the 2017-2018 school year.

Her school seemed to know something was amiss, though nobody cared to dive to deep into the matter. She was admonished for the private texting with the kid and at the end of the school year, for one reason or another, she changed schools.

This current school year Edmonds began employment at the Power Center Academy High School in Memphis, where everybody is now claiming to be shocked as Edwards was arrested for charges stemming from that previous school year sexual relationship. As part of the investigation, police uncovered messages between Edmonds and the male student where the student was insisting Edmonds pay him $140 or he would tell all about their no-no relations. You’d have to expect that Edmonds neglected to pay. At least he was upfront.

Edmonds was charged with sexual battery by an authority figure. The charter school group who hired Edmonds this past year promptly issued a CYA statement:

“We were shocked and disappointed when Jasmine Edmond was arrested. She was a new teacher at Power Center Academy, and we performed a thorough background check last summer, which showed no indication of such behavior. 

– Gestalt Community Schools 

Problem solved.

South Carolina School ‘Teacher of the Year’ Let Go For Chugging Wine Throughout the Day

I’m often mentioning on here when covering the never ending cases of teachers having sex with students that there’s really just one rule to keeping your teaching job in the public schools — don’t have sex with the students. But, in fact, there are two more. First, don’t hit your students. And, second, don’t keep bottles of wine in your classroom closet you reach for and throwback through the day to the point that you’re staggering in class and slurring words repeatedly. Functional alcoholic, fine. Not the least bit functional, and you will, eventually, be asked to leave.

other uses for canadian levitra Catherine Sullivan was by all accounts a quite well-liked 8th grade teacher at Hanahan Middle School in South Carolina. In fact, she had been voted ‘Teacher of the Year’ in the school before. Such it was a surprise to parents when Sullivan suddenly disappeared from the school last Fall without so much as a word as to why. When parents queried the school and the school district, they were told it was a confidential matter. As if that’s a real answer that gets people to stop wondering.

A local reporter was finally able to get access to the school employment records related to Sullivan this month and discovered the documentation of multiple incidents of Sullivan being wobbly or red-eyed and slurring her words at school. One time she was locked in her own room in the closet while kids were waiting outside wondering what was happening. Another time confronted about the smell of sweet-grape on her breath and having to be sent home.

Sullivan might’ve got away with her drinking
had it not been for those meddling kids.

To make matters worse, and a sign of the times, apparently one or more of her own middle school students found Ms. Sullivan’s stash of mini-wine bottles in her classroom closet and took photos for evidence. Now every kid is a junior Nancy Drew or Hardy Boy with 60 GB of high def photo storage. Apparently the school looks down on teachers not only being drunks, but drinking on the job from hidden wine cabinets. Merely drinking that much wine should be some kind of crime. Wino is meant to be somewhat euphemistic.

Home Organizer in Ritzy Orange County Busted for Stealing from Client Homes

I’d always just assumed closet and garage organizers was simply a made up business for TV reality shows, but apparently real people do hire other real people, typically attractive women in their 30’s and 40’s, to arrange their clutter at home. This probably falls under the Mars and Venus differential between men and women. A man might hire another man to fix his beer fridge, but that’s probably as far as it might go in terms of home improvements. Erin Aaberg, 41, a home organizer in Aliso Viejo in the coastal area of Orange County, was arrested for stealing multiple jewelry items from a home where she was tidying up the closets and car ports. Must have organization, you know. The theft appears to be a pattern with Aaberg, as the victim found multiple previous client of Aaberg’s complaining online about missing items from her home after Aaberg’s work there. And in this most recent case, she had taken an expensive gold pendant and sold it herself at a jewelry store. That’s one form of organizing.

In two cases, police report that Aaberg was accused of stealing by families with children with autism, and Aaberg blamed the children for the missing items. In another case, she returned a ring she had taken in order to seek a reward. She even robbed the home of a police officer client, who caught her on his home security cameras.

Of course, most of these people did not report the robberies which is what allows these types of individuals to carry on to so many other people’s homes doing the exact same thing. That and the fact that Aaberg superficially appears to be a cheery and attractive mom from the area, and the kind of person you’d describe as trustworthy because that’s how cheery and attractive moms are perceived. Maybe one day we’ll find that Marie Kondo on Netflix is klepto-ing the heck out of her clients’ homes. Rest assure we’ll have something to say.

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Lex Jurgen is the co-host of the mightily popular Last Men on Earth podcast, the author of Man Rules: The Beginner’s Guide to Manhood, the former editor of WWTDD and current owner of, and a regular social and media commentator on radio.

If you’d like to support Lex and his cause of freedom for man and some birds,  us soft viagra become a lost cost supporter on his Patreon podcast page. Bless you, good citizen.

Kelsie Laura Schmidt Busted for Sending Nudes to Her Underaged High School Student

Belulah High School, North Dakota teacher, viagra rx pharmacy canada Kelsie Laura Schmidt, 24, was arrested this week on charges related to sending nude photos of herself to a 17 year old student last summer. The age of consent in North Dakota is 18, which also goes for sending nude photos; hence, the charges were related to luring a minor online. Naturally, this exchange took place on Snapchat, where underaged nude photos account for approximately 118% of all the platform’s traffic. It’s also the preferred communication tool of choice for teacher-student sexual affairs. If any adult is using Snapchat, simply arrest them now and save everybody some time.

The investigation began when somebody at the school tipped off administrators of this exchange, which you will almost certainly trace back to a party pooper of a goody good student who heard the rumors around school and narced. Benjamin Franklin said that two people can keep a secret only if one of them is dead. Not sure he said anything about Jealous Janices in high schools, but I’m sure he would’ve had something clever to say about busybodies.

The male student in question apparently fessed up that he might have received photos from Schmidt that would “get her in trouble”. Which upon further review, was at least one topless shot and a second below the belt legs shot with the caption, “get a group and play naked hide and seek.” I must admit I have no idea what that means, but when receiving nude photos of your hot high school teacher, better not to ask any followup questions beyond the basic, “Moar?”

Girls Basketball Coach at Palestine Junior High Arrested For ‘Improper Relations’ With Female Student

Don’t be fooled by this term ‘improper relations’ involved in the charging of these many teacher cases we follow. It means sex. It may not mean full sex as you might imagine it, but it involves in the least crossing the line with sexual messages, often nude photo sharing, and often physical interaction between teacher and student. Not all cases are humping in the backs of teacher’s cars. Though many of them sure seem to be.

The latest arrest in the great state of Texas comes from Palestine, where the Junior High girls basketball coach, Lauren Stewart, 25, turned herself in on an arrest warrant for such relations with an unnamed and un-aged female student. Unclear if the student is one of her team members, a student at the school, or another student at another school, perhaps the high school. All are illegal in the state of Texas regardless of precise age of the victim involved. All are a felony offense.

It was but one year ago that another teacher in Palestine, at the senior High School, Samantha Woolverton, was arrested on charges of having sex with a male student at the school. The lady teachers in these parts are fairly active it seems. Though it should be noted that a year later, the formal case against Woolverton has yet to move forward. Though further noted, that’s not entirely unusual in these teacher sex cases in terms of lengthy timelines. Many tangential factors to consider.

Arrested in February 2018 from Palestine High School

Stewart was suspended from her teaching job upon her arrest and the Palestine Superintendent put out a pro forma statement about the safety of the children being of utmost importance. He’s been there and done that statement before. Nobody quite blames the Super for these mounting female teacher sex cases, or male teacher sex cases, as obviously all of these people pass a criminal background check before hire.

They may have offended before, but there’s no public record and they’re passing checks. At the same time, you wonder if more could be done to nip these budding illicit relationships in the, well, bud. As they all seem to follow this natural progression to off-school approved social and text messages, inappropriate communications, inappropriate being alone time, and eventually sex. In most cases, you’re talking months before anything happens. That might be the focus of your efforts, dear Super. IMHO.

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