Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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yes I just slept for two days

Some times I just think I’m going to take a ten minute nap and then I wake up lots of hours later in a new place. Like my friend Jody’s house or the gymboree in the outdoor mall. I feel like a baby because that’s what babies do. One time this was for three whole days and I was in a different city. The doctor said there’s nothing wrong with me it’s just I don’t have that much to do. I could be perfect for a trip into space where everybody needs to sleep so they don’t get old before they get to Mars. One minute i’m in a nightclub with my cool blond wig and the next i’m on Mars. That could happen in 2014. Totally crackers.

This is the famous gorilla who talks by smearing her poo in letters. This is like a boy she raised who came back to see her. Its sad because I think she just died and animals don’t go to heaven.

Its finally here!!!

Ive been waiting so long to share things. People assume so much about you. oh you maybe weren’t the perfect mom. I have feelings too. Thats the title of this blog. because I do. Everyone does. Nobody should be treated bad because people on TV and on DVDs say so. Get to know people before you judge. Get to know me. Casey Anthony.

These aren’t my cats but I wish they were. The bigger one looks like she’s smothering the little one. Its adorable.

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