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Most teen girls are apprehensive to bring their boyfriends home to meet the family. What if your parents don’t like him, or do something to embarrass you? Or if you’re Kathy Tompa’s poor daughter, what if your mom seduces your boyfriend?

Kathy Tompa, 48, is a married woman from Forsyth County Georgia. According to Asst. Forsyth County Prosecutor Heather Dunn, the woman developed a bizarre fascination with her daughter’s 15-year-old boyfriend, even going to far as to get breast implants to as to further entice him. Dunn said that in the beginning, Kathy coached the boy on the best ways to seduce and have sex with her own daughter. “She was advising him on how to kiss her daughter, how to touch her daughter, when would be an appropriate time to touch her buttocks, what would be the appropriate time and manner to remove her shirt,” Dunn said.

Kathy Tompa, 48, has been charged with aggravated child molestation, statutory rape and enticing a child for indecent
Kathy Tompa, 48, has been charged with aggravated child molestation, statutory rape and enticing a child for indecent

Then, one night while Kathy’s husband was out of town, she contacted the boy and invited him over to have sex with her. Apparently, this was the hands-on portion of the How To Screw My Daughter training. This bizarre crash course in sex ed continued over the course of the next six months. Though the boy’s parents did not initially know about the affair, they did notice something was amiss. Their son was behaving strangely and his grades began to falter at school. They took his computer away, but Kathy slyly purchased a cellphone to give to the boy so that he could continue to communicate and exchange lewd Facebook messages and Snapchats with her.

The boy’s mother told the court that because of the humiliation surrounding her son’s rape, her family has had to relocate to a new city. Kathy, as part of her sentencing, must pay for her victim’s therapy. Initially, Kathy’s family stuck by her, with her husband going into court with her hand-in-hand, as Kathy’s attorneys denied the allegations. Now, we’re just wondering how much therapy her daughter will need.

Image: Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office

Heidi Gannon Photographed Her Husband Molesting Young Girls

For our next exhibit, we have a hideous specimen who might as well serve as the poster beast for human slime. Heidi Gannon, 39, was sentenced to 10 years in prison today. Her husband, Arthur Gannon, is already serving 69 to life for his role in the abuse the two subjected two young girls to in their New York home over the course of six years.

According to prosecutors, the disgusting couple began abusing the girls, who are related to them, when they were 8 years old. The victims testified that Arthur would use duct tape, rope and handcuffs to bind them, and would also blindfold them as well. He would then remove their clothing and sexually abuse them, stopping short of intercourse.

Image: ABC News 10
Image: ABC News 10

Heidi helped her husband by occasionally holding the girls down, and by taking photos and video of the acts. Arthur would put the images on his computer temporarily, but one of the victims told the court that he would ultimately delete the images and wipe the computer so as to avoid getting caught. Arthur repeatedly told the girls that they would get in trouble if they ever told anyone what he and Heidi were doing. One of the girls said she survived the assaults by going to a “space space in her head” where she didn’t have to feel anything. Eventually, the girls told employees at their school what was going on behind closed doors.

Saratoga County Sheriff Michael Zurlo said it was the worst sex abuse case he’s seen in 40 years on the job.

Image: Corinth County Sheriff’s Department

Chinese Women Came to the U.S. To Be Massage Therapists, Forced Into Happy Endings

Two Chinese women arranged to come to the United States, where they were told they had jobs as masseuses waiting for them. But when they got there, they found out that their contact expected more out of them than a PG rubdown.

Yauhua Fan, 53, has been charged with maintaining a house of ill repute in Illinois. According to authorities, this wannabe madam held two women against their will at Acupressure Physical Therapy in unincorporated Deerfield and forced them to have sex with various clients. The woman, ages 28 and 47 years old, told police that Fan tricked them. They arrived in the Chicago area about two months ago, ready to begin their lives as massage therapists. However, they say Fan soon threatened to throw them out on the streets unless they started providing the happy ending. Fan’s evil deeds were found out during an undercover police sting. A cop went into the shady business for a massage, but reported that the woman providing the service then offered to have sex with him in exchange for an additional fee.

Image: Flickr
Image: Flickr

You really gotta wonder about the kind of trash that can walk around this world as a human woman, then force other women into this kind of work against their will.

Fan has been charged with promoting prostitution, pimping and maintaining a public nuisance.

Image: Lake County Sheriff’s Department

Woman Gets 7 Years For Beating A Toddler

When a child has a temper tantrum, the appropriate response is not to beat them so badly that they have to have emergency surgery. But Ashley Montano, candidate for world’s worst babysitter, did just that.

Ashley Montano, 26, has been sentenced to 7 years in prison for abusing a 2-year-old girl while the child was entrusted in her care. She testified that the girl, named Audrina, was having a tantrum, so she hit the girl numerous times before throwing her to the ground. Once Ashley realized the severity of the child’s injuries, the moron tried to cover up her malevolent deeds by phoning 9-1-1 and telling them that Audrina had fallen off a bed.

“When officers and paramedics responded it really didn’t take long for them to notice that this was suspicious,” Albuquerque Police Department spokesperson Tasia Martinez said. “I’m told that [officers] were able to see bruising on the child’s face right off of the bat.”

2-year-old Audrina (Family Photo)
2-year-old Audrina (Family Photo)

The girl ended up having to endure emergency surgery due to bleeding in the brain. She has since recovered, though due to her age, it is not clear if permanent brain damage has occurred.

Ashley is not related to the toddler, but was a friend of the family’s. The girl’s mother, Amanda Jo Lucero, was in prison on murder charges for shooting a family friend. (She has since been acquitted after a jury determined she acted in self-defense.) Amanda had previously expressed concern regarding Ashley’s acumen as a babysitter and had been trying to secure the child’s care to her own mother at the time of the incident.

Though penitent in the courtroom, Ashley flashed her trademark temper later outside, shouting at the father of the girl, “I’ll be fuckin’ out.” Charming.

Mother of Two Implicated In Convoluted Murder Plot

An arrest has been made in a 2014 murder, but it’s a weird web, to be certain. Dan Markel was a well-liked law professor at Florida State University. Unfortunately for him, there were at least a few people who didn’t like him, namely his ex-wife Wendi Adelson’s family. After a bitter divorce between Dan and Wendi, Wendi’s family wanted her to relocate her children to the part of Florida where they lived. This was complicated by Dan, who had shared custody of the children and who did not want to move.

Wendi’s mother, Donna, was particularly adamant that she convince her ex to bless the move, coming up with all sorts of ploys to force Dan to agree. Wendi mostly refused. Meanwhile, Wendi’s brother, periodontist Charles Adelson, was romantically involved with a woman named Katherine Magbanua, 31. Investigators assert that Charles financially supported her, even paying in part for breast implants for the woman.

Image: Family Photo
Image: Family Photo

Katherine herself had a storied past. She had two children, and their father was a Latin Kings gang member with a colorful criminal record. His name was Sigfredo Garcia. Prosecutors allege that he and his fellow Kings buddy Luis Rivera rented a car and drove from North Miami to the Tallahassee area and skulked around in motels for a couple days in July of 2014 while plotting how exactly to kill Dan. Dan was ultimately found slumped behind the wheel of his car, still in the garage of his home, dead. He had been gunned down around 11 a.m., well after the sun had come up.

The hit, investigators believe, was concocted among Katherine, Luis and Sigfredo. Luis and Sigfredo were charged in May, while Katherine was booked only this weekend.

What’s not clear is why Katherine and two guys who have nothing to do with the Adelson family would pull off such a hit, knowing the legal risks associated with murder. There is speculation that they did it because the Adelson family hired them to do so, in particular, Charles and Donna. However, none of the Adelsons have been charged. That could change as the investigation unravels, but for now, Katherine’s lawyers assert that their client had nothing to do with the murder and the Adelsons continue to deny playing any part. But also odd is the allegations that the three accused seemed to come into a large sum of money after the killing, and that Katherine’s new income seemed to come from Charles. Curiouser and curiouser indeed.

Image: Broward County Sheriff’s Office

Stephanie McMillen Stalked Her Lover’s Wife Using a Fictitious Missing Cat

Stephanie McMillen, 47, will serve a year in jail for stalking. In October of 2012, McMillen put on a wig, scarf and sunglasses and showed up at the Wyocena, Wisconsin home of Kimberly Tennier. She did not like Kimberly because she was married to the man McMillen had been screwing on the side. He had broken off the affair, and McMillen, a mother who had no prior criminal record, seemingly lost it.

Incognito Stephanie told Kimberly that she’d lost her cat and recruited her help, leading her to a nearby pond located on the property. Kimberly became suspicious, however, of the cat story and instead went back into the safety of her home, foiling whatever Stephanie’s plans had been.

Image: Xiahong Chen/Flickr
Image: Xiahong Chen/Flickr

While Stephanie claimed she never intended to do anything weird, she was initially charged with attempted murder. Prosectors alleged that Stephanie had sneakily swiped some morphine from the hospital where she and Kimberly’s husband worked and planned to use it to kill her rival. Perhaps Stephanie had fantasized about her lover returning to her, once all that pesky wife business was out of the way.

However, no needle was found among Stephanie’s belongings, and all prosecutors had to go on was a series of online searches for how much morphine it would take to kill a person as well as a vial of morphine that has gone missing from the hospital. It could not be proven that it was Stephanie who stole the morphine. Stephanie was ultimately found not guilty of attempted murder, but was convicted of stalking.

The question remains: if Stephanie wasn’t going to murder Kimberly, then what was the deal with the cat thing? To see what she was like? Or a dry run to see if she’d be easy to stick with a needle in the future? And where is that missing morphine?

Image: Columbia County Sheriff’s Office

Beatriz Fana-Ruiz Set A Fire Because She Was Mad, Killing Two Firefighters

Firefighters have a dangerous job. And if you set a fire, you have to assume that they’ll show up to do it. Perhaps Beatriz Fana-Ruiz, 27, didn’t realize that inconvenience when she allegedly set a rowhouse in Wilmington, Pennsylvania alight, resulting in a fire that would grow into a massive blaze and kill two firefighters.

Beatriz has been charged with arson and murder for setting her parents’ home on fire on Saturday. Investigators say that this idiot was angry, drunk and taking anxiety meds, so she had a little temper tantrum in the basement of the home. After she lit herself a fire, she fled, like all cowardly asshats do.

Image: ABC6
Image: ABC6

This resulted in $200,000 in damage to the home, but also claimed the lives of Lt. Christopher Leach, 41, and Senior Firefighter Jerry Fickes, 51. They were killed after the first floor of the house collapsed, trapping them and one other rescuer in the basement. Meanwhile, two other firefighters are in the hospital, one in critical, yet stable condition. Two others were treated for burns.

Beatriz’s stepmother, Missy Napier, was in the home with five children, ranging in age from 10 to 17. She said she was able to wake her children and flee with them through the back door of the home before any one was seriously injured. A neighbor told Delaware Online that they were shocked, given that Beatriz’s own son was in the home at the time.

Image: Facebook
Image: Facebook


Now I don’t personally believe in Hell, but if I did, I would hope that there was a gazebo full of scorpions for entitled pricks like Beatriz who endanger the lives of those who have committed themselves to aiding others, just because they’re having a little hissy fit.

Image: Wilmington Police Department

Laura Rich Taught Sexual Education To Students Outside Her Classroom

Another day, another fairly attractive and seemingly normal female high school teacher marauding the innocent and benevolent teenaged boys of her classroom.

Laura Rich substituted at a high school outside Atlanta and at some point, she decided to start inviting her students back to her place for some cookies and sex. One student was eighteen, the other sixteen, both statutorily legal in the state of Georgia, if it weren’t for those darned teachers-can-bang-their-students laws going up in every state because the sunset on fun was years ago.

Laura Rich loved her students, especially the muscular teen boys.
Laura Rich loved her students, especially the muscular teen boys.

Rich was booked and released on $22,000 bond, to return in the future to face potential jail time and various other sexual offender penalties. The school district was quick to make note that they had severed all ties with Ms. Rich, because with the public school system being what it is today, it’s best to bucket the sex offender teachers into those excommunicated and those still teaching and winning many awards while rumors are swept under the rug.

Of course, a crime has been committed. Nobody is above the law. But it’s high time we make another law preventing people from boldly stating that if this were a male teacher and one of his high school students men wouldn’t be so cavalier about the proceedings. Which is true. Also, a straw man.

Men understand better than anybody else how predatory men are, most especially those who fornicate with teen girls when they are well past those years. Men also understand the emotional context of being a teenaged boy with an attractive teacher wanting to expend her emotionally unsteady state upon your under-utilized manhood. There may be many psychiatric experts to intervene and explain the subconscious damage done to teen boys when older women climb on top of them. But not a single man is buying it as remembered from his own teen self. Therefore, the cavalier attitude. Men have a desire to protect young women, daughters, sisters, mothers. They feel much less sympathy for boys having sex back at their teacher’s cool bachelorette apartments. This might be seen as a good thing.

Laura Rich, no bronzed apple award for you. Just know that every boy in the school was hoping their regular teacher would be sick every single day.

Greedy Killer Left Literal Trail For Investigators

Linda Decker, who is accused of bludgeoning an elderly woman to death, was not the brightest of killers.

In Clinton County, Indiana, a 97-year-old woman named Betty Wann was found dead in her home on Tuesday, September 27. Coroners determined someone had bashed her over the head, as they found injuries on her head, neck and face.

The trail led investigators to the duplex next-door where Betty’s niece, Linda Decker, 67, and her husband lived. And we don’t mean the proverbial trail. We mean an actual trail of blood that the idiot left leading from her alleged crime, straight to where police found her sleeping on a bloody pillow. It would seem that Linda owed Betty a large sum of money and would also stand to gain some more if Betty were to die, as the elderly woman had left her pilfering, good for nothing niece in her will.

Image: Paul Zink/WLFI
Image: Paul Zink/WLFI

Investigators believe that Linda may have entered through the back door of Betty’s home, which they found ajar with the glass shattered. Then, they think Linda took a bedside lamp to beat her aunt to death. Marks on Linda’s body indicated that Betty fought back, gouging her with her fingernails during the attack.

Image: Clinton County Jail

Amber Pasztor Was Too Shitty Of A Mom To Get Custody, So She Killed Her Kids

Amber Pasztor, 29, was a bad mom before she killed her kids, or so we can presume. She had a drug problem and her two tots, 7-year-old Liliana Hernandez and 6-year-old Rene Pasztor, were in the care of their grandparents.

Earlier this week, Pasztor showed up to the Fort Wayne home where her kids lived, kicked down the door and kidnapped them both. She told authorities that she took the kids to a park and a restaurant in Elkhart before she smothered them with her bare hands. As in, she took put her hands over each child’s nose and mouth and held them there until they were dead. She later alerted a police officer to a car parked behind the Elkhart cop shop where the bodies of the two children were discovered in the backseat.

Image: Indiana State Police
Image: Indiana State Police

And that’s not all. The car turned out to belong to Amber’s neighbor, Frank Macomber, 66. His body was found in the woods near their homes. He had been shot, and the coroner indicated that Macomber was likely murdered prior to the abduction. It’s probably hard to ask your neighbor he if he can give you a lift to asphyxiate your own kids, so she must have thought murdering him and stealing the car was the better option.

Amber’s motivation, from a rational perspective, is unclear. Her children were well-cared for by someone else and they had their whole lives ahead of them. Hers effectively ended with theirs, as she will spend the rest of her life in confinement if convicted as charged. But Amber’s own mother, Leanne Pasztor, told PEOPLE Magazine that she believes Amber was a combination of crazy and evil.

“I think her thought was, ‘If she can’t have them, nobody can,'” she said.

Leanne also said that the children feared their mother. Emily Lasko Green, the children’s stepgrandmother, said they worked hard to secure custody of the two kids and had just taken them to a local fair the Saturday before they were abducted.

Image: Elkart County Sheriff’s Department

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