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Another Poem

lasix prescription drug So many of you were so nice about my last poem that I had another one come to me. I’m not a super poet I know but I would like to be. Whisper
He will hear you
Don’t shout
The cat knows what you did
Here kitty don’t tell anybody
We will both have milk
No more.

walgreens pharmacy viagra price I don’t think a poem has to be about a certain one thing but if you guessed this was about our rainy week you are really close. Thank you for letting me share.

viagra australia pharmacy examining C.

Why Does Mark Wallberg Get a Pardon

discount finasteride london When Mark Wallberg was in grade school I guess he called some Asian kids gooks and hit them with sticks which makes him an asshole even if you don’t like Asians as much as other people. Theres no excuse for violence. There’s also no reason why somebody should get a judge to pardon them just because they are rich now and kind of cute and make movies. You get a pardon when your mom dies or they find out that the person you killed was lying about who did it just to put you in prison. Not because you were in five movies that all seem the same to me. I would probably go out with him if he asked me out only because i do believe in second chances. Also my current boyfriend broke up with me because he said I was too demanding of his time and he preferred his wife who he didn’t even mention he had until the Indian casino date we had. How long do I have to live before I get over men!

accutane side effects for men But god he is so hot. If I believed in rape i would rape him. That’s just a joke mostly.

Florida Is a Crazy Place

free levitra lowest price If I did live in Florida I’d have to say it’s the craziest place in the world. This guy who is a criminal and sex attacker just won three million dollars in Lotto scratch off tickets and they can’t take the money back. People like this should not even be allowed to play scratchers which is a privilege and not a rite. He’s also 350 pounds and how did he get so fat if he’s been in prison and not eating at Olive Garden where fat people eat all the time.

generic india levitra super active Think about what you could do with three million dollars to fix a park or buy a new car or television set or get brand new carpet in all your rooms instead of just one or two. That’s not even close to three million dollars. I play scratchers and haven’t won more than twenty dollars which I’m not complaining about but that’s less than three million dollars for this CONVICTED criminal. I think he should have to give it back or at least give half of it to the people he attacked and then give back most of the rest except for money he can spend on going to the gym once in a while. Just not my gym please.

What Happened to Girls? There are so many cool things that only girls get. Like boobs for one, dummy. I don’t know why so many women insist on them being the same as men. Who wants to be the same as men who smell and get cancer. I like being a girl and a woman and also that my movie tickets cost less. There was a lady nearby who was trying to get girls to play baseball instead of softball in the schools because I guess her daughter wants to be able to play baseball. Then it turns out the school rule was she could play baseball all along. So the woman instead got very upset that girls aren’t encouraged to play baseball instead of softball. Ahhhhh! Make it stop. I played soccer when I was in school and kissed many boys on the mouth. People are never happy with what they have only happy with what they don’t have.

drugs like viagra over the counter For christmas I’m going to get her daughter some dolls and a sewing kit and mail them to her and tell her its okay to be a girl and you don’t have to be a lesbian. Its okay to play baseball too. Just please tell your mom to shut up because she’s going to ruin your life like my mom tried to do with me when she mixed pills into my food. Thats another story for another day. Crackers!

Time Person of the Year Is Ebola? WTF?

buy cialis online uk I shouldn’t even need to say that ebola is not a person at all. It’s a country in Africa where this disease came from monkeys and now people who live all the way in America are going to be sick from it. Why do you want to give that a trophy? I think people I don’t even like like Hillary Clinton or authority should win instead of ebola. Its gross really. This is why I don’t read this magazine any more or never did. Its no different than a girl at the bar unbuttoning her top so guys will buy her drinks. I’ve done it before and it is so lame.

Ovulation after clomid days 3-7 Somebody once told me that maybe I’m crazy and the world is insane. I think that’s half right. Giving a big award to a disease can’t just seem wrong to me, right? Maybe next year they’ll give it to murderers or people who have done worse things. I hope people cancel their subscriptions. When the mailmen get upset because there’s no more magazines to deliver than they will know what a mistake they made.

I’m Happy Being Me

Once upon a time is how fairy tales start then bad things happen to somebody and its over. I think my fairy tale is still gong on and nothing that bad has happened yet. I admire people who don’t let bad things get in their way and people who know how to fish well because that looks so easy but its very very hard. Trust me. I had a best friend named Heather in high school who had a bad back and one of those braces and everybody made fun of her including me and she used to cry but then she decided one day not to let stupid people bother her. She was brave and I admire her and miss her a lot since her funeral. I think about her alot when I’m feeling down or people call me names.

When you get lemons  you need to make lemonade. I’ve got so many lemons I could make a gallon of lemonade! I’m happy being just who I am. If I lost the bad stuff I’d have to lose all the good stuff too. I hope people who read this also feel the same way if they have a hard life or have been in a motorcycle accident like Heather or they just get bored all the time. Don’t do drugs. Just dance.  Love Casey.

Casey Anthony’s Plan to Have Another Baby Yeah Right DON’T READ RADAR ONLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This must be what people who go into space feel like when they look back at the planet and it looks like its on a map at a train station.. So weird. Like there’s a billion people down there and you can’t see any of them but you know they’re there in Africa and Asia and Florida..

RadarOnline says

“She’s picking the wealthiest one and plans on making him the father of her baby. She wants to get pregnant and be waited on hand and foot!”

That is what they say a close friend says. Okay, do close friends ever tell friends secrets? No, they do not. So your secret source can’t be a close friend. Which is why everyone should know this is a stupid lie. Plus it’s in the Radar Online which just mostly makes shit up to sell more copies. Why not say Casey Anthony plans on visiting Mars after dinner. I’m sorry for the foul language. The friend also says how sick it would be for Casey Anthony to have another baby. Oh, yeah, that’s a friend alright. Friends always call their friends sick. Somebody should sue somebody if that somebody wasn’t sick of stuff like that.

This is Glen Micah, I just named him. A tabby. He found his way into my place. His tags say he lives around the corner but they could be fakes I read in the newspaper so I’ll keep him to be safe. He’s now my third cat since Lisa Micah passed.

Black Cops

Sometimes I get an answer to problems nobody else can figure out and its the middle of the night and here I am to write it down before its lost. If we have all black cops than white cops can’t kill black gangsters any more and everybody can shut up. I know many black people including one who said he would be a cop if they let him so I think it won’t be hard to do. I’m so tired of people burning churches and animals stores because a guy they don’t even know got hit on the head by police and then they say it is racism and innocent people then get hurt or fat or both.

There won’t be any fires or other things burning if it’s always a black cop doing it. When I first thought of this I thought Casey that’s so simple it cant possibly work. But it could. I know nobody will take me seriously because of who I am or am not, but I hope somebody reads this and passes it along. For the world.

I Have the Best Cranberry Recipe Ever

Christmas is my favorite holiday. I don’t shop for gifts much anymore because people who judge don’t deserve anything but coal. But I like the smells like pumpkin and cinnamon and aspirin. And cranberries. And I have the best recipe ever for making cranberries especially for christmas. I didn’t really borrow it from my friend Cindy who once stole recipes of my for cleaners and didn’t return the favor. I forgave her since I am a pretty strong Christian as in Christ I Am In. What are you doing for the holidays? You can tell me on here or write letters. Also if you have great recipes to share like pudding do that as well.

I’m Back Again LoL

Frank wrote me and said casey every time you stop posting I think you got kidnapped or something worse. He used to say having a boyfriend from Mexico was worse so I dont read his emails anymore. Racist jerk. He knows I’d never date a mexican. I wasn’t kidnapped or killed I was just visiting a place I go to rest and relax for a while when the world goes crazy. It’s in Florida but that is all I will say. Very near Orlando but it’s not what you’re thinking. It’s all in my journal.

I miss getting my hands dirty so much. Just in everything I do. I promise to be better. Thank you all who send me little messages of support. Even though I don’t receive them for the most part, they keep me going. I am back now with my cat who belongs to my neighbors. He’s so funny. I wonder why the world can’t be just like him and purr. Crackers!

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