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Louise Peete, The Tiger Lady Louise Peete told outlandish lies to cover up her financially motivated murders, and she even did 18 years behind bars for one of them. But somehow, this beguiling cretin was able to keep convincing people to trust her.

should i use accutane cystic acne Louise was born in Louisiana to an affluent newspaper publisher. Despite her wholesome upbringing, Louise found herself in trouble as a teen for allegedly stealing from classmates, resulting in her expulsion from her pristine New Orleans private school. (Rumor has it she also engaged in “promiscuous behavior,” which, in the late 1800s, was frowned upon.) Theft was a passion of Louise’s. She stole from just about everyone she crossed paths with, it would seem. She was also really into cheating her spouses, the first of which was a traveling salesman by the name of Harry Bosley. He was so distraught to find her in bed with another guy that he killed himself. Weird as it sounds, this would be a theme repeating in Louise’s life.

brand levitra best price from canadian pharmacy Louise left New Orleans and moved to the nearby city of Shreveport where she worked as a prostitute, skimming a little extra from her clients. She then lived for a while in Boston, grifting from wealthy families who believed her when she said she was a teenage heiress who fled her conservative Texas family—despite the fact that at the time, she would have been 31. Louise ended up next in Waco, Texas. Here, she began dating a rich oil baron named Joe Appel. Only a few weeks into their relationship, Appel was found dead. He had been shot, and robbed of all his jewels. Though Louise was arrested, she skillfully convinced a jury that he had tried to rape her and she shot him in self-defense.

viagra online pharmacy Sly Louise was free again and took off to Dallas, where she met a hotel clerk named Harry Faurote. He would kill himself after she stole jewels from the hotel safe, casting suspicion on the both of them. It didn’t help that Louise cheated on him.

another drug like clomid Louise moved on once more, this time to Denver, where she married another salesman, Richard Peete. They were married for five years, before separating. They had a daughter, who Louise took with her to Los Angeles. There, she met a wealthy retired mining engineer named Jacob C. Denton. Denton owned a very nice Tudor mansion, and Louise somehow convinced him to rent it to her for $75, a big discount from the $350 per month he’d been seeking.

follow url Only a few days after Louise and her daughter moved into the home, Denton disappeared. She told people that Denton had had his arm amputated after being shot by some Spanish woman and no longer wished to see anyone but her. She also claimed this is why the signatures on his bank withdrawals looked to strange as well, as Denton was still acclimating to writing with his left hand.

Louise had many stories to account for Denton’s disappearance, but finally, Denton’s teen daughter decided to dig deeper and hired an attorney who hired a private detective. When Louise and her daughter decided to return to Denver, Louise rented the mansion out to various tenants. The private dick took the opportunity to search the home and found Denton’s body in the basement, buried beneath the stairs. It was determined he had been strangled and shot in the head.

In Denver, Louise told police that Denton’s killer must have been a “mysterious Spanish woman,” the same one who had shot him in the arm. However, one look at Denton’s corpse would indicate he still had both arms.

Louise was arrested and charged with murder. She was called the “Tiger Lady” by the media throughout her trial and was sentenced to life. Her husband claimed to believe in her innocence the whole way through, but killed himself after Louise stopped writing him and refused to see him. That’s three husbands dead by their own hands by our count.

After 18 years in prison, Louise was paroled in 1939 at age 59. She began working as a maid for Jessie Marcy, who had graciously lobbied for the model prisoner’s release. Unfortunately, Marcy died of natural causes shortly thereafter. So, Louise began working as a housekeeper for her probation officer, Emily Latham. Latham died of a heart attack in 1943.

Louise then began working for Margaret Logan, a social worker she had met while incarcerated her believed her to be innocent, and her husband, Arthur Logan. Just as Louise had done all those years before, Louise began to scheme. She lied to neighbors and friends of the couple, telling them that Arthur, who was suffering from dementia, was abusive towards Margaret. Margaret would soon disappear, and Louise told every that Arthur had disfigured her in a rage and that Margaret had gone into seclusion. Ah, yes, the old, “was terribly disfigured and too afraid to leave the house” lie. You’d think all that time in prison would have given Louise the opportunity to think of new ones. Arthur, meanwhile, was admitted into an institution by Louise, who pretended to be Arthur’s sister. Louise had married again and she and her husband, Lee Borden Judson, lived in the Logans’ home for many months, Logan-free. During this time, Arthur died in the institution.

Once again, the bank became suspicious those pesky withdrawal slips, which led police to search the home. There, they found Margaret buried beneath an avocado tree. She had been shot, just like Louise’s other victims. Both Louise and her husband were charged with murder. Though her husband’s charges were dropped, he threw himself out a window in downtown Los Angeles. That’s a grand total of four men who killed themselves as a result of association with Louise.

Louise was found guilty of Logan’s murder and was sentenced to death. She was executed in 1947.

Karla Faye Tucker Got A Sexual Thrill From Her Kills

Male killers often have a sexual motivation, but the ladies are rarely in it for the thrill. One exception to this rule would be Karla Faye Tucker, a monster who allegedly bragged about orgasming with each blow as she beat a woman to death with a pick axe.

But as deranged a murderer as Miss Tucker was, her legacy is a complicated one. Once behind bars, she became a devout Christian, even marrying her prison minster. However, her newfound faith would not save her life: she was executed via lethal injection in 1998, the first woman to be put to death in Texas in over a century at the time.

Karla was a troubled youth. Like her mother before her, she got messed up in drugs and prostitution as a teen. Karla’s mother died when she was 20. In 1981, Karla, when Karla herself was in her early 20s, met a couple: Jerry Lynn Dean and his wife at the time, Shawn Dean. They would fatefully introduce her to a guy named Danny Garrett, who she began dating.

On June 13, 1983, Karla and Danny spent the night getting fucked up on various pills, amphetamines, weed and booze before coming up with a plan to steal rob Jerry Lynn Dean, the very man who’d introduces them. They and their friend James Leibrant went to the Jerry Lynn’s apartment, where Karla and Danny entered the home while James testified that he went looking for Jerry Lynn’s El Camino outside. Karla just waltzed right in, using a set of keys that Shawn believed she had lost, but which Karla had actually stolen.

Karla Fay found Jerry Lynn in his bed. She leapt on him, sitting on his chest. When he attempted to fight back, Danny bludgeoned him with a hammer. He hit him so fiercely that his airways soon began to fill with fluid. Karla, annoyed by the sound this made, struck Jerry Lynn with a pickaxe. Jerry Lynn would not survive the assault.

As Danny began to raid the house, Karla Faye noticed a woman hiding under some sheets. The woman, 32-year-old Deborah Thornton, had gotten into a fight with her husband earlier that day. Deborah angrily left home and met Jerry Lynn at a party. She accompanied him to his house, not knowing that decision would be her last. Karla hit Deborah with the pick axe, first in the shoulder, then over and over again. She left the pick axe lodged in Deborah’s chest.

Karla would later say tell others that she derived sexual pleasure from the killings, orgasming each time she drove the pick axe into her victim’s bodies. The only motive she offered was that she hated Jerry Lynn Dean for parking his motorcycle in her living room, which apparently leaked oil onto the last remaining photo Karla Faye had of her and her late mother.

Image: YouTube
Image: YouTube

Karla’s life as a thrill killer soon faded, as she became a born-again Christian soon after her imprisonment. In 1995, she wed Reverend Dana Brown, her prison minister, in a ceremony held in the facility.

Karla Faye kept up the Christian act for the duration of her life. And who are we to say it was only an act? Maybe this brutal murderer really did feel like she found a higher power. Many believed that she did and advocated for her life to be spared. But others found the brutality with which Karla Faye joyously claimed two lives to be unforgivable, no matter what deities she invoked. She was executed on February 2, 1998 at age 38.

Mary Bell, Murdering As a Kid

Mary Bell

Mary Bell was but a child when she committed her first murder. It was shocking that such a small child could be capable of such malice, not once, but twice.

Mary Bell would turn 11 on May 25, 1968. On the day before her birthday, she lured 4-year-old Martin Brown into an abandoned home. When the two were alone, she wrapped her hands around little Martin’s throat and squeezed until he stopped moving. Martin’s death was initially ruled accidental. Mary would confess to the crime via vandalism shorty thereafter. She and her friend, 13-year-old Norma Bell, broke into a nursery and wrote notes talking about how they had killed Martin. The police did not believe the notes.

On July 31 of that same year, Norma joined Mary on one of her killing adventures. They took 3-year-old Brian Howe into a remote area, where Mary strangled him. Mary then mutilated the child’s body with a pair of scissors, carving her first initial, an M, into his stomach. The motive for Mary’s crimes was said simply to be the excitement of the kill.

By August, the two girls were arrested and charged. Norma was acquitted. She testified that she had tried to stop Mary from hurting Brian, but when Mary ignored her, she left the two alone. She said she later spotted Mary with Brian’s dog.

Mary was found to be suffering from diminished responsibility. It was believed that Mary was most likely a psychopath and a danger to other children. Mary spent her childhood in a series of facilities until her release at age 23, upon which she was allowed to change her name and start her life over. Mary eventually had a daughter and would spend most of her life in hiding, never quite able to escape her evil childhood deeds. Here current whereabouts are unknown, but in 2009, it was said that Mary became a grandmother. June Richardson, the mother of Martin Bell, said that a child was a blessing. “She took my blessing away and left me with grief for the rest of my life. I hope when she looks at this child, she remembers the two she murdered,” Richardson said.

Mary’s childhood was expounded upon in Gitta Sereny’s The Case of Mary Bell and Cries Unheard: the story of Mary Bell. In the latter novel, it was revealed the Mary had been abused by her mother, who worked as a prostitute and dominatrix.

Carol Bundy, The Sunset Strip Slayer Who Put Makeup On A Decapitated Head

Carol M. Bundy, no relation to infamous serial killer Ted Bundy, was one half of the Sunset Strip Killers. Or the Hollywood Slashers. Or the Sunset Strip Slayers. They don’t make serial killer monikers like they used to. Whatever you want to call this deranged monster, the fact of the matter is that she and her paramour, Doug Clark, preyed on young women in Los Angeles, California in 1980.

The Sunset Strip was a wild place back in the 80s, but it could also be dangerous. Drugs, sex, rock ‘n roll, the usual. But for as sensational as that sounds, Bundy herself was a rather plain 37-year-old woman when she met her husband and future partner in murder.

Bundy had the usual troubled childhood many female serial killers endured. Her father abused her after her mother died, she waded through a series of foster homes, and she had a penchant for getting involved with older men, who were in turn abusive. She met Clark at a bar called Little Nashville, which she frequented to see a moonlighting country singer named John Murray with whom she once had an affair.

They were both into some freaky shit, and regularly hired sex workers for threesomes. Clark and Bundy would also lure an 11-year-old girl over to the house and convince her to pose for explicit photographs. But that was not enough for Clark. He told Bundy he wanted more: he wanted to murder a woman during sex, he said. He wanted to be inside of her and feel the way her vagina contracted as she took her last breaths.

The vile Clark started murdering without Bundy. He first murdered a runaway and dumped her body in the San Fernando Valley. Then, he met two teenage girls on the Sunset Strip. He forced them to perform oral sex on him, then shot each of them in the head before dumping their bodies near the Ventura Freeway.

Though Bundy was initially uncomfortable about Clark’s extracurricular activities, she allowed them continue. Clark killed two more women a mere 12 days later, bringing home one of the women’s head and stashing it in the fridge.

Bundy kindly brought out her makeup bag and glammed up the decapitated head, which Clark later used in his own sexual depravities.

Perhaps you’re wondering what Bundy was up to while Clark was out murdering and pleasuring himself with body parts. Well, Bundy was still hanging out at Little Nashville, trying to woo John Murray. And one night, she got a little tipsy and loose-lipped. She told Murray about what she and Clark had been up to lately and at one point, Murray indicated he might have to turn her in if she kept talking.

In August of 1980, Bundy told Murray she’d have sex with him in his van. The two went off and Bundy shot him dead and chopped off his head. She did not put makeup on it, as far we know. It’s unlikely she would have gotten away with the murder, given that witnesses had seen her leave with him, but she confessed on her own two days later. Once police had her in custody for one murder, she soon babbled about the rest.

Clark was charged with six murders, while Bundy was charged with killing Murray and an additional unknown vicim that she witnessed Clark kill.

Clark remains on death row, but Bundy died in 2003 at age 61.

Veronica Aguilar, A Terrible Mom

Veronica Aguilar will not be winning any “mother of the year” awards. The 39-year-old woman was arrested last month after her 11-year-old son Yonatan was found dead in the closet of her home in Echo Park, a neighborhood in Los Angeles, California.

While some notable cases have seen mothers murdering their children due to suspected demon possession or other hallmarks of insanity, it seems that Veronica Aguilar may have just been selfish and lazy.

On August 22, Aguilar apparently told her husband, Jose Pinzon, that her son was dead. Pinzon did what any rational person would do: he ran to a nearby convenience store and called the police. He led officers to his stepson’s body, which had been wrapped in a blanket and stashed in a closet. The boy was pronounced dead at the scene, and investigators said he showed signs of starvation and chronic abuse.

“In my 25 years in law enforcement, this ranks as one of the worst cases I’ve seen,” LAPD Det. Moses Castillo told L.A.-area news station KTLA 5.

How could a mother be so callous towards her own flesh and blood? The answer might be found in previous reports that had been made to the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS). Little Yonatan attended special ed, regularly saw the school shrink and possibly had behavioral issues. Additionally, Aguilar had family members who told reporters that they hadn’t seen Yonatan in a really long time—so long, in fact, that several of them believed the boy was in someone else’s care in Mexico.

An armchair psychiatrist might conclude that Aguilar, too impatient to care for her special needs son, instead hid the boy like a dirty secret, neglecting and starving him slowly over the course of many months until he finally died. In other words, this poor kid never got the love, care and attention he deserved from his despicable excuse for a mom. Allegedly, of course.

A memorial created outside of the boy's house (Image: ABC 7)
A memorial created outside of the boy’s house (Image: ABC 7)

This could have been prevented. In 2012, two different teachers got ahold of DCFS about Yonatan. Police and social workers both looked into the case, but the boy told them he’d gotten his black eye from falling during a sports game, so they declined a full investigation. There was another report made in 2009. And two more in 2002 about Aguilar and two of Yonatan’s siblings, before the ill-fated little boy was even born. Nothing significant was ever determined to be wrong, so nothing significant was ever done.

Aguilar has been charged with murder and is looking at 15 years if convicted as charged. Her husband has been, according to authorities, cooperative.

Juana Barraza, The Little Old Lady Killer

When Mexico’s notorious “Little Old Lady Killer” turned out be a woman, the public was shocked. Even the police had been convinced their killer was a man who was witnesses saw clad in women’s clothing as part of a ruse. But Juana Barraza was indeed a woman who would earn a grand total of 759 years in jail for killing over 40 elderly women.

Juana was born to an alcoholic mom who pimped her out for beer. She grew up to become a professional wrestler and performed using the name La Dama del Silencio (or, The Silent Lady). But her luche libre mask was not the only disguise this heinous killer wore: beginning in the late ’90s, she would also masquerade as a government official, paying fatal visits to elderly women over 60 who lived alone. She would pretend she was offering her victims some kind of social services before murdering them and stealing their things. Her usual method of choice was by bashing them over the head or strangling them. The broad-shouldered and strong Silent Lady, with her experience in the ring, was no match for the feeble women.

It wasn’t until January of 2006 that Barraza would be caught fleeing the home of Ana Maria de los Reyes Alfaro, whom she had just strangled using a stethoscope.

Though she did rob her victims, money only one of her motivations. Juana was bitter about the way her mother had treated her as a child, and it was through murdering a series of other older women that she exacted her revenge.

Leonarda Cianciulli, The Soap-Maker of Italy

Leonarda Cianciulli was known as the Soap-Maker of Italy. Now, what’s so bad about making soap? Gets ya clean, smells good, right? Well, Leonarda was before her time, pulling the ol’ Tyler Durden routine long before Fight Club came out. Yes, Leonardo made soap out of her victims.

Leonarda was born in Montella, Italy in 1894 and was depressed as a child, trying to off herself twice. But, she would eventually marry and move away to Lauria. Things started out rough for the newlyweds. Leonarda was briefly imprisoned for fraud in 1927, and an earthquake destroyed the couple’s home in 1930. But when the couple moved to Correggio, Leonarda seemed to get her life together. She became the proprietor of a little shop and was well-liked. Unfortunately for her, she was also superstitious. She had four children, after losing three to miscarriage. When a fortune teller told her she would lose all of her children when they were young, she began to fear for them. And when her eldest son was about to ship off to WWII, she decided the best way to protect her brood was via human sacrifice. Not sure why she didn’t consider any other more practical methods first, but the dark arts must have just appealed to her. Offering her services as a fortune teller herself, Leonarda killed three different customers, all middle-aged women who lived nearby. Her first victim was Faustina Setti, who Leonardo murdered with an axe then chopped into nine pieces. She drained the blood into a basin. She described the process in her memoir,  does accutane really cause dangerous problems An Embittered Soul’s Confessions:

I threw the pieces into a pot, added seven kilos of caustic soda, which I had bought to make soap, and stirred the mixture until the pieces dissolved in a thick, dark mush that I poured into several buckets and emptied in a nearby septic tank. As for the blood in the basin, I waited until it had coagulated, dried it in the oven, ground it and mixed it with flour, sugar, chocolate, milk and eggs, as well as a bit of margarine, kneading all the ingredients together. I made lots of crunchy tea cakes and served them to the ladies who came to visit, though Giuseppe and I also ate them.”

Mmm, crunch-blood tea cakes! She did the same with her second victim, Francesca Soavi. With her third, Virginia Cacioppo, she decided to keep the soap.

“She ended up in the pot, like the other two…her flesh was fat and white, when it had melted I added a bottle of cologne, and after a long time on the boil I was able to make some most acceptable creamy soap. I gave bars to neighbours and acquaintances. The cakes, too, were better: that woman was really sweet.”

Leonarda was arrested after her third victim’s sister reported seeing her going to Leonarda’s home. Leonard was arrested, tried and convicted, and sensed to prison. She died there in 1970.

If you’re interested in seeing her soap pot, it’s on display at the Criminological Museum in Rome.

World’s Worst Mother, Sheborah Thomas, Drowned Both Her Children

Sheborah Thomas (Image: Houston Police Department)

Two young children, 5-year-old Kayiana and 7-year-old Araylon Thomas, were discovered dead in the crawlspace beneath the house next door to their own in Houston, Texas on Sunday, August 14. The alleged culprit? Their own mother, 30-year-old Sheborah Thomas.

Sheborah is one of those scum of the Earth sorts, it would seem. A mere hours after her two children performed at a school talent show on Friday, August 12 she allegedly drowned them both in the bathtub. According to court documents, Sheborah told the police that after she picked her kids up from daycare, she fed them dinner and drew a bath. She said she first called for her daughter, then held her head under water until she was dead. She then took the girl’s body into a bedroom and called for her son. She told investigators how he struggled as she held him beneath the water until he stopped moving. She tried to bury the bodies, but ultimately decided to stash them under the nearby house as it was easier.

The Thomas kids (Image: GoFundMe)
The Thomas kids (Image: GoFundMe)

An acquaintance of Thomas’ later saw her throwing several items away and inquired as to why. She told him she was moving right away and asked if he would help her pack. He said yes and in the process, he claimed she told him about how she had drowned her children. He at first thought she was making a bad joke, as her deadpan delivery seemed like it couldn’t possibly being offering up the truth. But when it became clear the children were nowhere to be found, he feared she might be serious and took her to police. Sheborah had also apparently went to her employer to unsuccessfully request her latest paycheck early, saying she was moving immediately.

Neighbors are shocked, stating that Sheborah was a nice woman who seemed to take care of her kids and that both children seemed happy. Admittedly, they did not know her well, as she had only lived in the neighborhood a short time. Police say Sheborah has only a minor record, and no known history of mental illness. Child Protective Services, however, states that Sheborah had been mixed up with drugs in the past and that the family had briefly struggled with homelessness. In 2012, the children were taken from Sheborah and put in the care of their grandmother after Kayiana, then 2, was found hanging out with a passed out homeless man who was friends with Thomas. Sheborah took custody of the children again in 2014. The last known report on the Thomas family indicated that she and the children were “doing fine.” The siblings’ father is currently serving a three-year sentence in jail for drugs.

An older child, 12, was with his father, Jermaine Anderson, at the time of the incident. Anderson speculates that Sheborah must have been on drugs at the time of the killings. Drugs that apparently led to this horrible mom ultimately commit one of the most vile acts: violence against helpless kids. If you believe in Hell, ask Sheborah Thomas if she’ll send ya a postcard.

Laurie Bembenek, Killer Playboy Cop (Or Was She?)

Laurie Bembenek

Long before Making a Murderer would convince legions of Reddit detectives of police corruption in Wisconsin, there was the story of Lawrencia “Laurie” Bembenek, a one-time Playboy Club waitress, went from pursuing a career in law enforcement, to becoming a convicted murderer, to successfully escaping from prison. Some people believe she murdered a woman in cold blood while others believe she was framed.

Laurie was a beautiful woman, once appearing in a Schlitz beer calendar as “Miss March.” In 1980, she ditched modeling and began training to be a police officer with the Milwaukee Police Academy. Her dad had been a cop, though ultimately left the force and became a carpenter after becoming disillusioned with alleged corruption. Laurie would claim that corruption followed her, too. After getting dismissed for filing a false police report regarding a fellow trainee, her friend Judy Zess, who got busted for smoking weed, she would allege that white, male officers got better treatment. For instance, she found photos of some cops dancing nude at a local bar and nothing was done about that. She submitted the photos, which led to an investigation. Meanwhile, Laurie took a string of odd jobs, which included a gig waitressing at the Playboy Club. She was also a personal trainer and a campus security guard.

Laurie’s troubles were only going to get worse. In 1981, she married Elfred “Fred” Schultz. He had been a cop for 13 years, and was freshly divorced from a woman named Christine Schultz.

On May 28, 1981, Christine was found dead in her home by her two songs, ages 7 and 11. She had been blindfolded, gagged and shot once in the back by a masked assailant that her eldest son described as a man with a long red ponytail. Laurie was quite tall: 5’10”.

Though suspicion initially fell on Fred considering ballistics indicating it had been his off-duty gun that had fired the fatal shot (some debate these findings), Fred had an alibi: he and his partner were drinking at the bar instead of investigating a burglary like they had claimed. That’s when Laurie became a suspect, and media gave her a nickname she did not like: “Bambi”.

Laurie was a blonde at the time, not a redhead, but prosecutors allege that Laurie had bought and worn a wig that was found her home’s plumbing system. Laurie had also apparently told people she didn’t want her husband to have to pay alimony to Christine, which he wouldn’t have to if she were dead.

But some of that evidence was weird: two blonde hairs were found at the crime scene, though a medical examiner would later state the only hairs she found at the scene were brunette hairs belonging to the victim. How, she wanted to know, did blonde hairs get in an envelope that she had sealed? That wig that was possibly used during the murder? Laurie had been living with Fred, Judy Zess and Judy’s boyfriend at the time of the killing. Their home shared a plumbing system with another one, and the woman who lived in that home stated that Judy had come to her home to use the bathroom and that the plumbing was clogged after she left. Judy also admitted to owning a similar wig, which led to some speculation that it could have been Judy’s wig, and Judy who flushed it. Judy, who testified for the prosecution, later recanted that testimony. Some suspect Fred had worked with an ex of Judy’s on murdering Christine and setting up Laurie, and had coaxed Judy into testifying about alleged hostile statements that Laurie had made regarding Christine.

Laurie Bembenek (Image: CBS)
Laurie Bembenek (Image: CBS)

Regardless, Laurie was convicted and off to jail she went. For his part, Fred stood by his wife for some a little while, then later changed his mind to say that he believed she was guilty. He divorced her in 1983 after finding a 19-year-old to shack up with in Florida. Laurie maintained her innocence, accusing Fred or possibly the corrupt police force that she had tried to expose of setting her up.

For a decade or so, Laurie spent her life in prison. She would eventually meet and become engaged to a fellow inmate’s brother, and the two would succeed in busting her out of prison via a window in the laundry room. They fled to Canada, but were apprehended a few months later. While her lover got a year in prison for helping her escape, Laurie ended up winning a new trial. She had a surprising number of supporters, who wore T-shirts that said, “Rum, Bambi, Run!” She took a plea, resulting in a 20-year-sentence was that was commuted to time served. Laurie was free.

Her life didn’t get much easier. She suffered from alcoholism and Hep C. She tried to rebuild by discovering painting, but al of her work went up in a bizarre gallery fire. In 2002, she attempted to go on Dr. Phil to proclaim her innocence, but suffered a gnarly injury when she jumped out a window of an apartment in Marina Del Rey, shattering her her right foot so badly doctors had to chop it off. She maintained that Dr. Phil staffers had been holding her prisoner, causing a meltdown triggered by her 10 years in prison.

In 2010, Laurie died of organ failure at age 52. She did write a memoir, titled Woman on Trial, if you want to hear how it all went down in Laurie’s own words.

Rachael Leahy Offered $5K To Drown Or Burn Her Ex-Husband

Rachael Leahy, 34, supposedly loves her kids so much that she agreed to pay a dude five grand to make her ex-husband disappear so that she could gain custody of them. But before you start growing any sympathy for this bitter ex, know that one of her many ideas about what might become of him was having his sold off as a sex slave.

Rachael wasn’t too shy about her desire to have her ex-husband, 59-year-old David Leahy, permanently out of the picture. She must have told someone something, because the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office in Florida got wind of her quest to find an assassin and sent an undercover detective her way. Rachael, believing he was her potential hitman in shining armor, began to tell him about her plans.

Rachael allegedly told the detective that her original plan was to have David kidnapped and sold off as a sex slave. It’s not clear what sort of market price a man pushing 60 drives these days, but if there’s a will, there’s probably a way. However, even Rachael had to admit that was a pretty complex and complicated plan, so she said she’d settle for him just being killed. She suggested a drowning, or perhaps a fire… you know, something that looks like an accident! She was not fond of the idea of a car crash, as she worried he might survive, according to the detective.

After Rachael gave the detective half the money up front, she told him she might have a second gig for him if he did a bang-up job on the first one. Apparently, there’s someone out there who owes her money that she might also like to have killed.

Rachael also informed the detective that she’d already booked a trip beginning on September 9, giving him a week to murder her husband while she remained conveniently out of town. A great alibi, had she not been dishing all of this to a detective.

Rachael was arrested and her bond was set at $100,000. She told the judge that was too high for her as she’s currently unemployed and living on food stamps, despite somehow having an extra 5 Gs to pay an assassin.

According to WTSP 10 News, the pair filed for divorce in 2011. Rachael filed a domestic injunction against David only three months later, and he was arrested for battery in 2012. He later sued both her and a moving company. Their court battles over their children have raged on for the last five years.

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