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Woman Linked To Two Cold Case Murders, Both Rooted In Envy

Nearly three decades ago, an 18-year-old woman was found stabbed to death alongside a set of railroad tracks in Kansas City. Now, investigators believe they have her killer in custody: a jealous woman who may have also shot a young mother in front of her children.

Carolyn Heckert, 48, has been accused of murdering Sarah DeLeon. On December 29, 1989, an 18-year-old Sarah left her boyfriend’s house at about 1 a.m. and never came home. Her body was later discovered discarded near railroad tracks. Police determined she had been stabbed to death elsewhere, then dumped at the tracks. At that time, Sarah was a college student with no known enemies. But a strange connection came to light between Sarah and another woman, Diana Ault.

Sarah DeLeon (Family Photo)
Sarah DeLeon (Family Photo)

Diana was 26 years old when she was murdered. She was shot with her husband’s gun in front of her children, ages 4 and six months. The gun was found in Diana’s car, which was found idling in a parking lot not far from the crime scene. But it couldn’t have been Diana’s husband: he was at work at the time of her death.

It turned out that Diana’s husband had been having an affair with a postal worker. That same postal worker also once dated Sarah’s boyfriend. Both women had received harassing phone calls prior to their death.

Diana Ault (Family Photo)
Diana Ault (Family Photo)

Police believe Carolyn, now a realtor, was that postal worker, and that she worked with an unidentified accomplice to target women who were involved with men she had laid claim to in her own twisted mind. They also believe Carolyn may be associated with the kidnapping of another woman in 1987.

Women who kill other women over men are a dime a dozen, as far as female murderers go; it’s one of the most pathetically common motives for such a grisly crime. But to attack not one, but two women over different men? That’s pretty special, Carolyn.

Image: Clay County Sheriff’s Department

Mother Sentenced For Strangling Baby With Its Own Umbilical Cord

Danielle Downing of Farmersville, CA will spend the next 15 years of her life in jail for the murder of her infant daughter, who she strangled with the child’s own umbilical cord.

Danielle Downing, 29, recently pleaded no contest to voluntary manslaughter and child abuse, a change from her former plea of not guilty by reason of insanity. The actual murder, however, happened back in 2011. Danielle gave birth, strangled the child with her umbilical cord, then suffocated her with a plastic bag. She disposed of the body by throwing it in a trash can in front of her home.

Image: ABC 30
Image: ABC 30

Police soon responded to reports of a dead baby found in a garbage can, leading them back to Danielle. Danielle first denied ever being pregnant before ultimately admitting that her daughter had been born alive. 

“These are the most vulnerable victims there can be, so it just makes this even more tragic. An infant relies on the mother to stay alive so when a mother does such a brutal crime, it’s horrific,” Tulare County Assistant D.A. Kerri Lopez said. 

Danielle’s attorney said that she was suffering from postpartum depression at the time, though prosecutors argued to separate that condition with the killing. 

Image: Tulare County District Attorney’s Office

Woman Who Pushed Husband Out A Window Found Dead In Jail

A Tulsa woman who was convicted of murdering her husband has died in jail of an apparent suicide.

Amber Hiberling was 19 years old and seven months pregnant in 2011 when she shoved her husband, Joshua Hiberling, out the window of their apartment. They lived on the 25th floor, and Joshua fell until he crashed onto a parking garage, 17 floors below. Amber had long maintained that she pushed him out of self-defense and never expected him to go through the window. But prosecutors argued that she took him by surprise when she pushed him, and that she did it because she was angry that he intended to leave her. Amber gave birth to their son and was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Image: Family Photo/NBC
Image: Family Photo/NBC

Amber was found dead in her cell on Monday and her death has been ruled a suicide. The cause of death has not been officially released, though a post on a page dedicated to Joshua Hiberling’s memory indicated that Amber hanged herself. That same page has a post from Joshua’s dad, recalling the date that his son died.

“Josh called me at 4:00 on 7 June asking for me to come get him. He was cool and calm as he told me that he just couldn’t do it anymore. He said his bags were packed and by the door. I told him I didn’t get off work till 5:30 and couldn’t get off early. He said he understood and would keep trying to call his friends for a ride.” Joshua was killed at 4:30 p.m. that day.

Meanwhile, Amber’s stepfather refuses to believe she killed herself. He says she spoke to her son every day and was earning college credits while behind bars. He said she was excited about an upcoming interview in which she was going to tell her side of the story once more.

Image: Oklahoma Department of Corrections

Mother Strangles Infant Days Before Christmas Because She Didn’t Want Another Child

It was nearly Christmas of 2013, when Nidia Alvarado, then 25, gave birth to her son in a San Antonio hospital. Yet instead of taking her little bundle of joy home for the holidays, she strangled the infant and disposed of his body at a recycling plant.

Authorities used the hospital bracelet on the baby’s wrist to find his mother. They learned that Nidia was an undocumented immigrant from Honduras who had given birth using a fake name. She initially claimed that she had killed the child at the father’s request; however, the father claimed he had no idea she was pregnant with his child, and would have taken care of his son had he known.

Image: KABB TV
Image: KABB TV

Nidia’s relatives did not know she was pregnant until she asked them for a lift to the hospital. After the birth, she refused to let them see her son, saying he was ill and doomed to die within two days or so. She told them the hospital staff had given her drugs that would accelerate his death. In reality, she used a ligature, which she wrapped around her son’s throat. She watched her son die with a callousness that is difficult for the average person to begin to comprehend. She never bothered to give the boy a name.

It became clear during the investigation that Nidia simply never wanted the child. She was already a mother to a 5-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter. A third baby was too much of a thorn in her side, and she had planned to get rid of the child even before his birth. Friends said that she had asked them questions about self-abortions in the months leading up to the delivery. It is unclear why Nidia didn’t pursue a legal abortion earlier, but it can’t be easy for an undocumented woman to secure such a procedure in the charming state of Texas. It’s also unclear why she didn’t take advantage of the Baby Moses law, which states that a mother can drop a child younger than 60 days off at a designated area, typically a fire station, with no legal consequences.

Now, for her act of brutal and twisted desperation, she has been sentenced to life in prison. Prosecutors said Nidia has a history of childhood trauma and mental illness, and will be eligible for parole in 30 years.

Mom Claims She Murdered Son After He Caught Her Screwing Grandpa

Veronica Panarello, when she finally admitted to killing her 8-year-old son, said it was only because he’d walked in on her having sex with his grandfather.

Veronica told police her son, Loris, was missing. She said she’d dropped him off at school on November 29, 2014, but he wasn’t there when she came to pick him up. Authorities reviewed CCTV footage and became suspicious when they couldn’t find any evidence she’d dropped him off that day at all.

Image: Social Media
Image: Social Media

A hunter later found Loris’ body in a remote gully. Investigators determined he had been strangled with electrical cords and bashed in the head. When Veronica finally confessed, she said that she had plotted the murder with her husband’s father, that is, the boy’s grandfather. She said the boy had caught the two of them having sex. Rather than risk the boy telling anyone, she claimed the pair decided to kill him. It’s a plot line straight out of Game of Thrones, which might be where she got it. The grandfather, Andrea Stival, says he’s never had sex with his daughter-in-law, and called her “crazy” and a “liar.” He is currently under investigation, but has not been arrested. His son, Veronica’s husband and Loris’ father, has filed for divorce and is suing her.

Image: Social Media

Nurse Suspected In The Deaths Of 8 Nursing Home Patients

Killer nurses are not particularly rare when it comes to female serial killers. In fact, women serial killers are more likely to poison or drug their victims than to kill by any other means. And as such, many of those killers work jobs that give them access to both drugs and victims. It appears that Elizabeth Wettlaufer, 49, of Woodstock, Ontario, may just be the latest in a line of killer nurses.

Elizabeth, who looks like the kind of friendly neighbor who bakes you cookies  and gets really into Jeopardy, is accused of murdering eight patients: James Silcox, 84, Maurice Granat, 84, Gladys Millard, 87, Helen Matheson, 95, Mary Zurawinski, 96, Helen Young, 90, Maureen Pickering, 79, Arpad Horvath, 75. All of them were residents of nursing homes, with all but Horvath living at the Woodstock Long-Term Care Home. Investigators believe that Elizabeth shot each of them up with some type of drug while working at the facilities, causing a fatal overdose. The deaths went unnoticed because it’s not particularly suspicious for someone over the age of 70 to die in a nursing home. That’s how many of her ilk get away with their heinous deeds for so long.

Image: Facebook
Image: Facebook

Oddly enough, the nursing home in question was once the site of another terrible crime. In 2009, an 18-year-old woman named Terri-Lynne McClintic lured 8-year-old Victoria Stafford to go on what would be her last car ride. Terri-Lynne told the cherubic blonde tot that she had a puppy with her that Victoria, known to friends and family as Tori, could pet. Instead, Terri-Lynn and her boyfriend, 28-year-old Michael Rafferty, abducted the girl. Michael sexually assaulted her and Terri-Lynne testified that she beat the girl to death with a claw hammer. It turned out that Terri-Lynne was acquainted with Tori’s mother, as she had previously dealt her OxyCotin.

A resident of Woodstock told a reporter that when it comes to the latest news regarding Elizabeth Wettlaufer, “It’s just another sad day in the neighborhood.”

Image: Facebook

Cheyenne Cobb Allegedly Neglected Her Daughter To Death

Cheyenne Cobb, a 20-year-old mother with a bad scarlet dye job, and her stepfather have been arrested in connection with the death of a 2-year-old girl in Fontana, California.

Officers responded to response of an unresponsive child on Monday night, only to find that the child, Cheyenne’s 2-year-old daughter, was dead.The house was filthy, and officers said the little girl was kept in her playpen most of the time. It appears that she died due to strangulation, but that it’s possible it was an accident, and as a result of being confined to her pen. Neighbors stated that they’d only seen the child outside once, and assumed that she was someone else’s daughter.

Cheyenne's daughter (Image: ABC 7)
Cheyenne’s daughter (Image: ABC 7)

Cheyenne and her stepfather, 47-year-old Jon Palechek, have both been arrested. Police say the pair are distraught about the death, but Fontana Sgt. Kevin Goltara said that “ultimately, we believe the neglect at the residence itself it what contributed to the chid’s death.” So, basically, these two losers were so neglectful and dirty that they created the type of environment where a toddler could accidentally die. That’s horrifically impressive when you think about it. 

The pair also lived with an elderly female relative, but she was considered a dependent. She has since been removed from the home.

Image: Fontana Police Department

Mom Gets 5 Life Sentences Torturing And Raping Her Children

A Central Texas mother was sentenced to multiple life sentences, totaling some 300 years, for her involvement in one of the worst cases of pedophilia and child abuse prosecutors said they’d ever seen.

Misty Rae Hopkins, 49, and her late husband, John Hopkins, had four children. He was the pastor of a local church, but the couple’s at-home activities were anything but holy. The couple confined their children to the home, keeping them out of school and away from prying eyes. They began raping their eldest daughter when she was but 7 years old. Sometimes it was just John, other times it was just Misty, and sometimes, both engaged in the abuse together. The victim told a local news station that at that point in time, “it was like my mom died and this person replaced her.”

Image: Jail Photo
Image: Jail Photo

In addition to the sexual abuse, the victim said she and her siblings were locked in closets, starved and shot up with drugs. She said her wretched parents threatened the kids, warning them that if they ever told anyone about the abuse, they’d be split up and sent to foster homes where the siblings would never see one another again. The victim worried that if she escaped, her parents would begin raping her little sisters. 

The victim endured the abuse of her trollish mum and despicable dad until 2014. Then, at age 21, she told authorities what had been going on behind closed doors. Misty would be the only one to stand trial, as John had died in 2012.

Image: Jail Photo

Mother Sentenced To 180 Days After 7-Year-Old Son Found Selling Toys For Food

Back in August, a 7-year-old boy was spotted outside a CVS store in Franklin, Ohio. He trying to hawk his teddy bear to any stranger who would buy it, hoping he could use the profits to feed himself and his brothers. He told a police officer that he had not eaten in several days. The cop took the boy to a Subway, where they ate together.

At the little boy’s home, police said they found heaps of refuse, a near empty fridge, lots of bugs, and empty liquor bottles. The parents, Tammi and Michael Bethel, were arrested and the children were removed from the home. The Bethels are parents to five boys, ages 7, 11, 12, 15 and 17. They hadn’t even noticed that their youngest was missing when police showed up to take a look around.

Tammi Bethel and four of her sons. (Image: Facebook)
Tammi Bethel and four of her sons. (Image: Facebook)

Tammi was sentenced to 180 days in jail last week. The judge pointed out that her children have been removed from her care seven times in total. Her husband, Michael Bethel, was to be sentenced on Friday, but fell ill. Tammi claims that he is a drunk who forced her to care for him as well as their children, and that she’s since filed for divorce. Her Facebook page is littered with diatribes about what a horrible father and partner he has been, as well as selfies and the ordinary Facebook babble.

The condition the fridge was allegedly in when police arrived. (Image: Franklin Police)
The condition the fridge was allegedly in when police arrived. (Image: Franklin Police)

When the case first broke, Tammi was equally active on Facebook. She argued against the charges, claiming that her sons were not hungry, and that her house was only temporarily filthy. But what even is that puddle of brown liquid where normal folks put the condiments?

(Image: Facebook)
(Image: Facebook)

Image: Facebook

Teen Girl Helped Murder A Lunch Lady She Didn’t Like, Then Watched ‘Twilight’

The victims were found in their home. (Image: Google Maps)

This one’s a shocker: a 14-year-old girl participated in the brutal slaying of an affable mother and her daughter, for seemingly no reason whatsoever other than to kill. Due to privacy regulations, our 14-year-old double murderer cannot be named. So, let’s call her, for our purposes, Jane.

Jane had wanted to take a life for a while now, she told detectives. While some people are just driven to kill, it’s rare for 14-year-old girls to be like that. Most murderers are men, after all. In April of 2016, the girl and her boyfriend, also 14, decided to plan out and execute a murder. Elizabeth Edwards was a 49-year-old dinner lady at an elementary school in Lincolnshire. (That’s British for lunch lady.) Though most people seemed to like Elizabeth quite a bit, Jane held some unknown grudge against her and helped select her as their intended victim.

Elizabeth Edwards (Image: Provided Photo)

Investigators later learned that the couple had plotted out their attack at a nearby McDonald’s. They then entered Elizabeth’s home and killed both Elizabeth and her 13-year-old daughter, Katie, as they slept. It is believed that the boy did most of the actual killing, first stabbing Elizabeth several times, including twice in the neck, and then stabbing Katie in the neck while smothering her.

The pair then drew themselves a nice, warm bath. They followed it up by watching Twilight, the teen vampire romance hit of 2008.

The couple had intended to kill themselves after the murders, and Jane had even scrawled out a suicide note that read, “Fuck you, world!” with a request that she be cremated and her ashes scattered. Jane later said she wasn’t sure why she hadn’t gone through with it.

Katie Edwards (Image: Provided Photo)
Katie Edwards (Image: Provided Photo)

A psychiatrist who testified at the teens’ trial said that the pair had formed a “toxic relationship,” and that Jane was “inappropriately upbeat” when he interviewed her, considering the circumstances. Though Jane has tried to blame her involvement in the deaths on a bizarre mental state, the psychiatrist said that she did not feel bad for what she’d done and has yet to display any sort of remorse. Throw away the key, please. 

Image: Google Maps

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