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Chipo Is Not Cheapo: Sex Worker Beats Man For Offering Her An Egg For Sex

Sometimes, our ladies are despicable, sometimes they’re just a bit naughty, and sometimes, you sort of see where they’re coming from. Such is the case of a sex worker in Zimbabwe, who beat a man after he asked her if he could pay for her services with a boiled egg.

Image: Buloway24
Image: Buloway24

The man’s name is Moses Mushonga, and he’s a 28-year-old cheapskate of epic proportions. He apparently walked up to the woman, who has been identified only as Chipo, 23, and requested she have sex with him. He said in return for the liaison, he’d give her one boiled egg. Not even a dozen!

chipo-boobNot only did he make this insulting lowball request, but he was also photographed grabbing Chipo’s right boob. She responded by bashing him in the head with a beer bottle, then socking him right in the face. Mushonga passed out and awoke covered in blood.

According to Mushonga, he had just spent the last of his funds on two boiled eggs and had already eaten one himself. While Mushonga went around telling reporters that Chipo could have just told him no without all the violence, Chipo said he was a man who needed to learn some respect. Let’s not forget that Mushonga also grabbed her boob without permission. Police must have agreed with Chipo, as Chipo was not charged in the incident. From one woman to another, good for you, Chipo!

If you’re wondering what the going rate for sex is in Zimbabwe, the Weekend Post claims it can be as low as the cost of a half-loaf of bread.

Image: Bulawayo24

Crazy Blue-Haired Woman Arrested For Going Anti-Trump On Random Buildings

Victoria Jayne Bay Arrested

Victoria Jayne Bay is that lovely blue-haired creature you see above. She is also fiercely anti-Trump and isn’t afraid to take out a few buildings to show it. You may be asking yourself, “What the hell did the Los Angeles Hall of Justice, Hall of Records, Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center and the county’s Central Heating and Refrigeration Plant” have to do with a Donald Trump election victory?”

Good question. We’re doubtful Bay knows the answer herself, but it didn’t stop her from spray-painting obscene messages all over each of these institutions under the watchful eye of surveillance cameras.

To be fair, this may not be her resting maniac face. Police said she had an open container on her person when they arrested her. But at 37, you should probably know better than to think spray-paint ever did anything to make a difference in the outcome of an election. Now, according to the L.A. Times, she is being held in jail with a $10,000 bail set. Damages inflicted were approximately $9,000, so tit-for-tat.

While it is understandable why one would want to protest the outcome of any election, think about the insanity here. The state of California went for Hillary Clinton by around 70 percent of the vote. Any damages inflicted on a building within the state only does harm to the taxpayers, who didn’t want a Trump Presidency to begin with. It also fuels the fire of the 30 percent who did vote for Trump. They look at it as money well spent, since we’ve become a society that likes to bathe in the tears of our opponents. Crazy to this level, in other words, hurts your side way more than it hurts the minority who helped to get him elected.

But that’s where we are in society. The question that remains — will we ever have another Presidential election without some mass of nut-jobs coming out to do random things that make no sense whatsoever in protest with no regard to the legitimacy of what they’re protesting? We’re gonna go with a big fat “no” on that one. In the meantime, props to Bay for not toning down any of the batshit crazy on that mugshot expression.

(Featured Image: Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department)

Jenna Louise Driscoll Sentenced To Probation For Screwing Her Pitbull

An Australian woman has been convicted of shagging her dog and sentenced to two and a half years probation. Meanwhile, animal activists are mad about the supposed leniency of her sentence.

Jenna Louise Driscoll, 27, apparently had sex with her pitbull in front of a male partner, and also sent him two separate videos of her having sex with the animal. It was this deranged guy’s idea, but as video evidence supported, it was an abomination that Jenna agreed to. Her lawyers argued that she had had a bad childhood causing her to run away from home at 16. The young runaway soon met her weirdo partner, who was 12 years older than her. That garbage fire of a relationship endured six terrible years, during which Jenna admitted she’d screwed the dog three times. Police discovered the videos while investigating drug case in 2014. At one point, Jenna struggled with getting the dog to mount her, telling her partner that the dog was hiding beneath the bed. Eww.


The judge in the case called the whole dog sex thing “against the order of nature,” and he’s not the only one who find it horrifying. Jenna’s lawyers said she’s had to leave school over the shame of the whole thing. It’s also completely overshadowed all the other things she was charged with, including drug trafficking (marijuana, to be precise), stabbing someone with a fork and biting a child…twice.

Meanwhile, Chay Neal of Animal Liberation Queensland is arguing that the sentence should have also forbid the woman from owning any other animals.

“Any case to do with cruelty to animals, including bestiality … it should be considered whether the offender should be allowed to own animals at all or for a fair period of time,’ he said.

Image: Flickr

Nataliia Karia: Horrifying Real-Life Stephen King Villain Allegedly Tried To Hang A Toddler At Daycare

Nataliia Karia Tries Hanging 1-Year-Old

Nataliia Karia is not a name you will recognize in any Stephen King horror novel, mainly because she isn’t in one. However, she damn well should be. What this Minnesota daycare worker tried to do last week is downright chilling. According to police, Karia was caught trying to hang a one-year-old child at the facility she oversees. And by “trying to hang,” we mean the child was actually hanging from a noose in the basement. The parent of another child walked in on the horrific scene, after Karia led him there stating how she “couldn’t take it any more. She then bolted from the daycare in a gold minivan, striking two men in separate incidents as authorities pulled together a search, KSTP reports.

The first man that Karia struck with her car was dragged for several feet and endured several cuts and broken bones, but is expected to recover. A second — this one a bicyclist — encountered her minivan several moments later and will also survive, though he did suffer two broken bones in his leg. Thankfully, the one-year-old also escaped serious injury, but only because Karia was discovered before she had a chance to execute.

Authorities eventually caught up to her after she parked on the roadside and attempted to jump off an overpass. According to the news site’s report, it took several bystanders as well as police to subdue her. She is now being observed at a local hospital. Meanwhile the rest of the world is hoping they don’t let her out any time soon.

On the Captain Obvious front, her daycare license has been “suspended,” the site said — why not revoked? — and she’s likely to get some jail time, though it isn’t clear how much that will be since no one was killed or badly maimed. Nevertheless, the site notes there are now investigators working the case, “including the homicide division and the crimes against children division.”

Police are also collaborating with Hennepin County child protection workers, and the Minneapolis State Patrol to see what might have triggered the meltdown. Not sure about you all, but I would definitely be tilling the earth around wherever this woman lives for bodies. A story this crazy and horrifying usually doesn’t have any “happily ever afters” to it.

(Featured Image: Minneapolis Police)

Woman Shoots Mother And Steals Her 6-Day-Old Baby

This disturbing tale of murder and baby snatching began with a lie, as many sordid stories do.

Laura Abarca-Nogueda’s boyfriend came home to a horrible scene on November 17. Laura had been shot and killed, and lay dead in her Wichita apartment. Their 6-day-old baby Sophia was gone. The FBI quickly got on the case and was able to find Sophia, unharmed, and reunite the infant with her family a few days later.

It’s hard to make sense of such a terrible crime, but it seemingly began when 34-year-old Yesenia Sesmas told a fib. Yesenia and Laura were had known one another for quite some time, but it’s unclear if you could have called them friends. Yet, while Laura was actually pregnant, Yesenia was pretending to be. The problem with faking a pregnancy is that it doesn’t end with a baby. It ends with everyone around you saying, ‘well, what the hell, Yesenia?’ She couldn’t have that, and so she is accused of conspiring to murder Laura and steal her baby.

Laura and Sophia (Image: Facebook)
Laura and Sophia (Image: Facebook)

Yesenia had lived in Kansas once, but had since relocated to Texas. She is accusing of returning to Kansas specifically to steal Laura’s baby. After she allegedly killed Laura and kidnapped Sophia, she went back to Texas where she told everyone that the baby was her own.

From jail, Yesenia tried to say this was all a big misunderstanding. She said that Laura had promised to give her the baby, but that she ultimately changed her mind. Yesenia claims that she only showed up with the gun to threaten Laura into giving up the child, as promised, but that the gun discharged, killing Laura, on accident. Sure, Yesenia. Who wouldn’t believe someone who faked a pregnancy for months? We’re sure a jury will eat that steaming pile of shit up with a spoon.

A once happy family. (Image: Facebook)
A once happy family. (Image: Facebook)

But, wait, there’s more! Another woman, Adriana Portillo, came forward and described an encounter she claims she had with Yesenia in Kansas. She said that back in July, Yesenia invited her to her home, saying she was trying to get rid of some clothes and a television, which she had stored in the basement. But Amanda, who was pregnant at the time, never knew her as Yesenia. She knew her by the name Patricia Hernandez. (There’s some indication that Yesenia may not have been in the U.S. legally.) Amanda went, bringing along her two daughters, ages 3 and 10. Adriana said that Yesenia took her phone, then pulled out a knife and demanded she bind her own children with duct tape. She said that she would release the children if Amanda’s husband would pay a ransom of $10,000. Amanda was not interested in that malarkey, despite Yesenia’s claims that she was not working alone. The two fought and as Amanda kept Yesenia away from her daughters, the eldest grabbed her mother’s phone and called police. The struggle continued outside as the family tried to flee, and Yesenia was arrested. Amanda was flabbergasted that Yesenia wasn’t in jail at the time of the murders, and stated that Yesenia’s obsession with having a daughter was clear to her even back then. Yesenia, for whatever reason, was unable to get pregnant herself and had convinced herself that the right thing to do was to kidnap another woman’s child.

Image: Facebook

Her Only Problem: She ‘Loves To Hard’ … And Gets Arrested For The Murder Of Her Boyfriend

Cheryl Rheamount Arrested

A homeowner in Las Vegas was sitting at home last Saturday when he received a knock on the door. It was a woman — Cheryl Rheamount — informing him that her boyfriend had been shot and that the police needed to respond at once, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports.

The homeowner did as he was told, but when police arrived at the scene, they got the distinctive feeling that Rheamount wasn’t simply calling in a tragic event; she may have had something to do with it. They got this feeling because a) the woman had come from the car in which his body was found; and b) evidence appeared to suggest he was driving at the time of the shooting.

Unless there was a third person Rheamount didn’t tell anyone about who vanished without a trace after the car skidded to a stop, then, well, you’ve got problems. Throw into the mix the admission that she and her boyfriend were having an argument, and it looks like the cops have their best and only suspect.

That being said, police are still not ready to call the nature of the killing. Was it self-defense or cold-blooded murder? For now, the investigation is ongoing. Checking out Cheryl’s Facebook Page, it is interesting to note that her current relationship status is marked “Single” with the last update a few days ago.

Seems things might have taken a turn for the worst from “It’s Complicated.” Oh well. One quick scan through her photos, and it’s pretty clear she is the one always trying to make others happy yet is the loneliest of all.

Her problem: she loves to (sic) hard, and no one is willing to match her love and loyalty.

Yes, she is the girl only too eager to tell you that she looks out for her man and is always there for him, yet he still runs back to the mfs that “ain’t never did s**t 4 em.”

Ah, it’s hard being the sane one, we suppose.

(Featured Image: Las Vegas Police Department)

Guys, Never Teach Your Girlfriend To Shoot Or This May Happen

Anna Slavell Fires At Two

Alana Savell, A Bay County, Fla. woman, was arrested today for an incident in which she shot two people for “being too loud.” In one of the worst, “Get off my lawn” reactions ever captured by historical documentation, Slavell reportedly took some advice her boyfriend once gave her.

If people come onto your property and get up in your hair, fire some warning shots at their feet. She did that care of her .22 caliber handgun when a woman and her friend had consumed too much alcohol and found themselves unlucky enough to be in Slavell’s neck of the woods. Rather than simply firing at the ground, she actually struck one of them in the legs. Both got away and found their way to a hospital where, at 2 a.m., emergency care was given to the victim.

Interesting addition to this story per WJHG — there were two victims. If Slavell only struck the one trespasser, then who was the second victim, you may be asking? None other than the very boyfriend, who gave her the crazy advice in the first place.

From the looks of the mugshot, it doesn’t appear Alana Slavell was cut out to be shooting people. Judging by the tears, she appears to be someone who took some really awful advice and just so happened to be a really great (or terrible) shot depending on your point of view. As a result, she has been charged with aggravated battery with a firearm. Since the victims are all okay, we don’t see her time in the joint lasting that long, but you never know. Stranger things and all that.

Who remembers the insane murder trial that went down in 2014 in which two teenagers — one male, one female — broke into the home of a gun owner, who had had his home broken in to 12 times before and were promptly gunned down for their actions.

That one didn’t turn out so well for the person in the position of defending their property. If Slavell shot people just for making too much noise outside the home, well, that’s what public defenders are for.

(Featured Image: Bay County Sheriff’s Office)

Woman Sentenced For Having Sex With Friend’s 13-Year-Old Son

Deviant Myrna Baez has been sentenced to what amounts to about two years in prison for a series of twisted dalliances she carried on with the underage son of a former friend.

Myrna, 31, of Jaffrey, New Hampshire lived with her husband and 3-year-old son when she began contacting a 13-year-old boy in July of 2015. By August, she’d begun inviting him to her home, where the two had multiple sexual encounters. The boy’s mother told the court that her poor son was the type of kid who was eager to please others, and that Myrna had used his benevolent nature to her own advantage. Worse, she claimed that Myrna used her own young son to lure the boy to her home when her husband was out. Prosecutor Keith Clouatre alleged that some of the illicit activity occurred in front of the toddler.

(Image: Facebook)
(Image: Facebook)

A penitent Myrna sobbed in the courthouse, telling those gathered that she was drinking heavily and taking pills at the time to get through a bout of depression. How that led to her screwing around with a middle-schooler is unclear. Couldn’t she have downloaded Tinder and had an affair with a grown-up? Regardless, she did apologize.

“I’m sorry for what I did, it was wrong. … I’m ashamed of myself. I hurt a lot of people. I hurt my own son [who] I can never see again and my ex-husband. I won’t have any of those people in my life anymore. My family’s gone. I lost respect. I don’t have any excuses for what I did. I should have known better,” she blubbered on. 

Though Myrna’s sentence seems quite short, the prosecutor noted that female sexual offenders are typically unlikely to reoffend. The judge agreed, offering an odd metaphor: “It’s like the tide rises and lowers; that’s just the way it is.” Huh.

Image: Police Photo

Idiot Gets 7 Years For Creating Fake Donation Page For Murder Victim’s Family

This next specimen is not a murderer, but she is one of the most despicable cretins you’ll find within our trove of terrors. But to understand why exactly Janet Lee Posey, 41, of Blue Springs, Mississippi sucks so very hard, you first have to understand the tragic death of Jessica Chambers.

Jessica was a 19-year-old woman who left her mother’s Mississippi home one night in December of 2014 to complete a rather mundane task: she wanted to clean out her car. She stopped by a gas station, purchased $14 worth of gas, and then something horrible happened. Police would later find the car she intended to clean on fire, with Jessica covered in burns beside it. She would never recover from those burns, which covered 98 percent of her body. She died the following day in the hospital. Quinton Tellis, 27, was later charged with her murder, and is suspected of also murdering a 34-year-old University of Louisiana grad student who he is allegedly linked to via the use of her debit card after her death.

(Image: Family Photo)
Jessica Chambers (Image: Family Photo)

Jessica’s death was brutal and terrible, and there were no arrests for several months, during which her family suffered both the grief and pain of losing a loved one, as well as the terror of not knowing who had done it or why.

And that’s where Janet comes in. This deplorable schmuck jumped on the tragedy, creating a Facebook page to collect donations for Jessica’s family. However, Janet did not act on behalf of the family whatsoever. Authorities say Janet intended to bilk sympathetic folks out of money, and then use the funds for herself.

She’s a monster, yes, but not a smart one. Janet was unable to raise any money. All she earned for her devious efforts was a decade in prison, with three years suspended. That gives her a good seven years to think long and hard about what a moron she is.

Image: Attorney General’s Office

Teacher Alexandria Vera Settles on Guilty Plea for Her Forbidden Baby Making

The curious case of Texas middle school teacher Alexandria Vera is soon to be settled after many months of legal speculation, Vera pled guilty to aggravated sexual assault for a long term “romance” with her thirteen year old student. A curious case because after her initial intimate and secret encounters with her young student, the boy introduced his 24-year old teacher to his Hispanic immigrant parents as his girlfriend. And they kind of said, “cool” and they all went to church together. Shortly thereafter Vera began making the boy breakfasts and taking him to school. Not that that matters legally. It still deserves to be noted. Some of the hysteria surrounding not specifically this case, but these cases in general, is certainly culturally based.

Also worth noting is how old the boy looked for his age. Though again not legally relevant. Nor his mustache or his thirst for hot teacher action. Including and up to making Vera pregnant with his child, which his teacher promptly aborted upon learning that the fuzz was on to her underaged sex shenanigans. That does certainly show evidence of guilt. Something her attorney likely mentioned to Vera when deciding on her final plea.


Vera had faced up to twenty-five years in prison for her felonious sexual conduct. With her guilty plea she faces only five year, much of which might be reduced in final sentencing and weeping pleas from the boy begging the judge not to send away his main squeeze. Nor his parents her were merely happy their sign found himself a woman who loved him.


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