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Linda Janack Taught Kids By Day, Performed Hot Teacher Porn By Night

A Michigan teacher is not under arrest, but under paid leave pending investigation upon a bunch of angry moms learning that she was teaching their grade-schoolers to read by day but owned and starred in a “hot for teacher” themed adult website in the evening along with her husband. While there is no alleged crime involved, there is substantial precedent for firing teachers who perform work or hobbies outside of school hours that might be seen as detrimental to the children. Vague. The powers that be are checking to see if running a naughty teachers porn operation applies.

Maybe somebody should’ve noticed that Linda Janack, the reading instructor at Edgemont Elementary School in Van Buren Township was kind of blonde and artificially stacked. Not that grade school teachers can’t look like Stormy Daniels, merely that they never do. Naturally school parents were outraged when somebody leaked that word that their kids’ teacher was producing porn online in the evenings. Well, the moms were, the dads pretended while asking each other for the URL. Ah, dads.

Janack has been put on paid administrative leave since the start of the current school year while school district lawyers figure out how they can get rid of her without being sued. That’s a strong guess. Janack herself has refused to make any public comment, while her husband has made several comments insisting his wife did nothing wrong, and telling everybody possible to visit their porn site. Man’s got to eat.

This is a tricky one considering clearly no crime has been committed. Expect some kind of settlement and some fake teary goodbyes. There’s no way the PTA moms are letting this lady stay.

Amanda Lenea Pardue Arrested For Sending Naked Selfies to Her 14-Year Old Students

Amanda Lenea Pardue, because sex offenders get three names, 35, a substitute teacher in Georgia’s Dade County public schools, was busted for transmitting nude and or lascivious and obscene photos of herself to multiple 14-year old boys at one of the area high schools where she worked. The County is not saying which school specifically within the District, but suffice it to say, ask any kid in the area and they can tell you in half a second.

The attractive sub, and from her social media accounts, apparently sports mom of three kids, apparently used Snapchat as her visual topless photos sharing app of choice. As far as anybody can measure, 99% of photo traffic on Snapchat is illicit underaged photos, or potentially 30-something teachers sending nude selfies to those same underaged teens. While not confirmed, it also appears there are text messages of a lewd nature between Pardue and the boys.

According to Pardue’s attorney, this is all a big misunderstanding and that these group messages between multiple parties with only Pardue’s messages pulled out are unduly negative due to lack of context. Unclear how that might apply to the teacher lifting her clothes to snap some bawdy shots for the high school freshmen in her classes, but this is why you hire lawyers, to obfuscate to the point of getting a better deal on your crimes.

Pardue surrendered to the Dade County Sheriff with her lawyer in tow, and promptly bonded out on $30,000. Pardue has already been fired from the school district and assume the other Little League and soccer moms are not wanting her around their kids since she’s been arrested for sending naked selfies to other boys. Sports moms have codes like that. What possessed the teacher to say yes to a bunch of juvenile boys asking to see titties remains unclear, though your best guess is probably right.

Cerissa Riley and Doctor Boyfriend, Grant Robicheaux, Arrested for Drugging and Raping Women in Orange County

The threshold for being called a reality TV star in headline story circles is pretty low, so take with a grain of salt the title applied to Grant Robicheaux, 38, an Orange County orthopedic doctor who appeared on some Bravo singles dating show a while back. While the title dance instructor certainly applies to Cerissa Riley, 31, the doctor’s partner in the crime of drugging and sexually assaulting women in the Newport Beach area of California.

The m.o. of the couple was to meet women in restaurants and bars in the area, hit it off a bit, then drug their drinks and later take advantage of them fully sexually. Cosby style you might say. The doctor had more than adequate drugging resources available, as well as charm and handsome looks. Having a female sidekick is rather evil genius insomuch as the man because far less suspicious, and also has a witness to back his story should things go South. Well they’ve gone South.

The Orange County District Attorney has charged the pair with sexual assault and unlawful drugging of two women thus far. However, based on the fact that Riley and Robicheaux got around to Burning Man, and tons of other festivals and music events, they suspect the actual number of women they’ve team-raped is likely much higher. Not that two makes for a bad case to file, but there could be dozens based on the ease and practice of which they seemed to victimize the two named victims thus far.

You wonder how people fall into these criminal pursuits, who’s idea it was initially, and how the hell you get somebody to go along with your twisted plans. It’s not like there’s a dating app to meet other people also interested in sexual assault. This will all likely come out during the trial as they look to squeeze whoever they believe to be the less guilty party, likely the woman, into testifying against the real beast, likely the man. That’s just going by stats.

Amanda Peters ‘Intentionally Released Her Bowels in an Upward Motion’ Upon Police Officer

I understand the meth face, and the resisting arrest by lying about who you are and locking yourself in the bathroom when cops come at 2am to arrest you on outstanding warrants. Classic Kentucky late night escapades. What continues to elude me is the nature of the arresting officers allegations of assault by Amanda Peters, 26, of Livingston, Kentucky in his explanation that Peters “intentionally released her bowels in an upward motion” upon him. Try to imagine that in your brain. You can’t. I’ve had bowels for a long time, they only work in a downward motion, but maybe I’ve been missing something my entire life. The upward shit.

Peters was under warrant for various kinds of theft and using false names and other things that might happen to a woman with a drugged out face as in her mugshot. And then she went and locked herself in the bathroom when officers entered the location where she was staying. One deputy busted open the door, at which point, Peters allegedly aimed and “caused said bodily waste of land on the face, arms and legs of this Deputy.” You’ve disgusted me and lost me at the same time. You could certainly defecate on somebody beneath you. But that upward motion bit, implying he was struggling with Peters and she shat her shit up into his face, nope, still drawing an illustrative blank.

Regardless, Peters is now in custody and will be processed in a system that will likely see her on the streets defecating on future victims in the near future. Not much you can do with drug addicts whose brains are already semi-permanently fried. Other than put her on a Greyhound to Los Angeles as many states are doing now, knowing they won’t come back.

Whitney Grunden Laidlaw, Middle School Dance Teacher, Arrested for Stalking and Touching 14-Year Old Girl

It’s hard not to notice the prevalence if teacher-student sex cases in the state of Texas. Texas is big, but there are surely more of these cases reported in the Lone Star State than we’re seeing in New York or California or Florida. Which may either be because everybody tattles in Texas, which goes against lore, or there are simply more teachers getting it on with students, especially in our purview, female teachers with students.

The latest case of Whitney Grunden Laidlaw, 32, a middle school teacher and dance instructor at the Cornerstone Academy Middle School in Houston, involves the twist of the female teacher stalking and trying to get busy with a 14-year old girl. Laidlaw herself is recently married to a male, two years prior, though obviously that may not fully explain her sexual proclivities, certainly not related to this case of rather serious stalking.

Laidlaw is alleged to have accosted this girl twice over this past summer, having begun by texting the girl following the end of 7th grade, to let her know she had feelings for her. That’s creepy I’d imagine. Maybe not for a boy or all boys, but for a girl who perhaps isn’t the least big interested, creepy.

Laidlaw apparently spent the better part of the summer insisting the girl come meet her, and when she didn’t, she would show up at the girl’s house. Mind you, Laidlaw was a PTA-award winning teacher at the school, beloved by parents and students alike, and prior to teaching, was a trained dance instructor and East Texas TV reporter. Zumba certified. Nobody suspects those high energy bubbly gals.

At one point in August, Laidlaw convinced the girl to get into her car, at which point she kissed her and touched her inappropriately. A couple weeks later, she sent the girl topless photos of herself and requested videos of sexual nature in return. At this point, the girl’s father checked her text message, the girl told him who was sending the messages, and dad went straight to the cops.

Laidlaw was arrested on charges of sexual assault and that teacher-student sexual relations verboten charge. She was reported to be uncooperative with investigators when first charged. That’s also unusual in these female teacher cases where they all seem to fold almost immediately upon arrest. Her school put her on administrative leave pending further action following her arrest. She’s working on a new dance now.

Kirstin Pike Becomes Latest Texas Teacher Charged With Sex With Underaged Student

Everything’s bigger in Texas. Including fairly rampant teacher-student sex crime cases. Unless the state is out of whack in terms of reporting and arresting teachers for such crimes, it truly does seem to lead the nation in such illicit relations cases.

The latest this hour being Kirstin Pike, 28, a Dickinson, Texas high school teacher who was arrested this past week for a sexual encounter with a 15-year old student in her classroom in September, 2016. No word on why it took two years for her arrest, but the boy himself is named as the snitch in the case, which should make everybody sad if they’re of the male persuasion.

All we know about the case is that the sex seemed to be a one-time event that September, involved intercourse, and took place in Pike’s classroom at Dickinson High School. At least she had the good roommate decency not to borrow somebody else’s room for her dabble into statutory rape.

Pike was charged with improper relations between a teacher and student. She bonded out of County Jail and won’t be back until November 20 for more fun times. Dickinson High School officials immediately issued a press release letting the community know how they did everything right the minute they discovered something was wrong. Still, one of their adult employees had sex with a kid in their school in the school. That’s oh, so bad when it comes to future civil suits.

Houston Teaching Assistant Arrested for Losing Her Virginity to Her 15-Year Old Student

The story of Hannah Parisa Siboyeh, 24, a Houston area middle school teaching assistant could’ve been so sweet and heartfelt. The educator was keeping her virginity safe until she met the love of her life. Which she did. He just happened to be fifteen and a recent student of hers in middle school. Oops. That’s how fairytales become felonies.

Siboyeh apparently was convinced that the unnamed teen male victim was her true love and the pair were meant to be together for forever. At least to the point that the Labay Middle School T.A. released her virginity with a vengeance, having sex with the boy at the middle school, at the boy’s house, in a park, and also a hotel. That’s a big bit of pent up releasing. You’d suspect the boy was also a virgin, unless there are more predatory female teachers hanging around that same school.

Their love was so intense, that the “tipster” who eventually told on the couple to the school assistant principal, said that he or she saw Siboyeh lying in bed together at the boy’s house. Well that certainly narrows down the number of tipsters, unless they illicit couple were having open viewing parties to the public.

Naturally, during the course of the ensuing police investigation, detectives found naughty photos of Siboyeh and the teen male and also a sex video. If you’re going to commit sexual assault on an underaged partner, you’re going to want to document the crime by way of irrefutable video evidence. It’s really a must in these situations.

Consider Siboyeh sunk. She was charged in court with multiple felonies for her sex crimes and ordered to stay away from anything with the word school in it, or the boy and her family. Although her attorney noted for the judge that boy’s family is on record stating they don’t want Siboyeh charged in this case. That doesn’t matter legally, but it’s nice to know that the family didn’t find their boy’s sexual education that disturbing. America!

Dallas Police Officer, Amber Guyger, Charged With Manslaughter for Shooting Man She Wrongly Thought Was In Her Apartment

A man, or woman’s, home is their castle. Most especially in the South, you have the right to plug away at intruders into your home, fearing for you and your family’s safety. What everybody sort of agrees on is that it’s not self-defense when you’ve entered the wrong home by accident and you shoot the homeowner thinking he’s an intruder in your abode. That’ll never hold.

Four-year veteran Dallas police officer, Amber Guyger, 30, was hit with a manslaughter charge for entering the wrong apartment at her complex, believing it to be her apartment, and shooting the proper resident dead believing him to be lurking in her apartment.

Guyger’s defense to the shooting was essentially, this is all a great big simple, but tragic accident. She claims she got off on the wrong floor of her building, it was late in the evening, she was tired, and because every floor kind of looks the same, she walked toward the apartment door she believed to be hers, found the door unlocked, and heard somebody inside. She drew her service revolver at Botham Shem Jean, who happens to be a black businessman renting the apartment — she claims he refused her commands to freeze and raise his hands — and she shot him twice, dead. A rather big mistake.

Whatever Guyger hoped would be her defense didn’t seem to hold with the Texas Rangers investigating the shooting, as Guyger was summarily and quite publicly charged with manslaughter. You can imagine the political climate being what it is, there’s no room for error, and Guyger made a massive and fatal error. Toxicology is still out on whether she was work tired or drunk tired, though it probably won’t make much difference for the ultimate case outcome.

Hot Assistant, Yvonne Bannigan, Accused of Stealing $50K from Freaky Vogue Mag Executive

This case should’ve been simple to solve and resolve. A 25-year old former Vogue magazine employee and personal assistant to Vogue magazine Creative Director and scary looking old-person, Grace Coddington, used Coddington’s personal credit cards to the tune of more than $50,000 for personal purchases. Yvonne Bannigan, an Irish woman who came first to Los Angeles and then New York to the Parson’s School of Design, to claim her way in the cynical and superficial fashion industry, claims the purchases on her bosses credit cards over a two year period were all a big misunderstanding. And there you have the sum of her defense.

In court this week, Bannigan, who left her shitty job at Vogue for an even shittier job to be Coddington’s personal assistant, refused a plea deal that would’ve netted her only probation. Through her attorneys, Bannigan insists she’s innocent of the charges, and so pleaded not guilty in a New York courtroom this past week to the grand larceny. In addition to the credit card purchases, Bannigan is accused of selling $9K worth of Coddington’s belongings and keeping the cash for herself.

To be fair, in up to 1% of these young woman steals from batty old rich person they care for cases, the young woman accused of stealing is innocent. Sometimes all those nice things she buys herself on her employers dime is merely a misunderstanding. Bannigan insists she’s in the one-percent and is demanding a court trial to clear her good and Irish name. This should be interesting. Provided they keep Coddington behind one of those anonymity shades.

Ex-Teacher Shoots Her Older Boyfriend Before Killing Herself Because That’s What Crazy Chicks Do

There are many warning signs to look for in a crazy current or ex-girlfriend. Some quite obvious, like, she revels in fire, or she cries a lot during Kevin Hart comedies. Some less obvious, like, she hates clutter. Oh, sure, you may think many women despise a mess, but I’m talking about a woman who leaves her decade long job as a teacher in her 30’s to build a business out of organizing people’s clutter. Jennifer Rudemyer, 39, doubled down on the crazy signs by dating a much older doctor. It was all right there.

Apparently her older boyfriend in Hilton Head, SC, Gaston Perez, a local doctor, caught the warning signs and broke up with his former middle school teacher blonde girlfriend, on multiple occasions. Apparently the breakups didn’t take, or until the most recent one which included a restraining order, when Rudemyer decided to come back to his place with a gun and end them both. The rational response to being unhappy with the man in your life.

By some miracle, Perez survived multiple gunshots to the torso and hands held up in defensive posture as his ex-girlfriend sprayed him with bullets, before turning the gun on herself with some greater amount of lethal force. She died. Perez made it to the hospital and is expected to live, despite the multiple gun shot wounds.

Now, this could be a cautionary tale for a likely divorced older guy with a good job and some cash to feel his oats again with a younger hot trophy girlfriend or wife. But let’s be honest, men aren’t going to cease this longstanding tradition simply because the occasional younger lady-friend goes of the deep end with a pistol, or perhaps poison in the tea. Men designed a game plan thousands of years ago and they’re sticking with it.

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