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Lynn Burge Claims She Was Too Drunk to Remember Sex With Her High School Students

Oh, we got trouble down in Texas again. There is no doubt the state is the leader in female teacher and student sex cases. At least the ones made public. You could chalk this up to better investigating and reporting of such crimes in that particular state, but then you’d be making total supposition. The more likely scenario is that teachers in the Lone Star State, for whatever reason, are seeing fit to couple up with their kid students in rather noteworthy numbers.

Add to that list, Muenster High School teacher, Lynn Burge, 32. The married mother of two and “introduction to culinary arts” teacher (which may be your problem right there), stands accused of multiple crimes, including sex with one 16-year old student at her house after a drunken drive-around the woods evening, and sex with an 18-year old student months previous, which while the boy is a legal-aged adult, still falls under the statute forbidding teachers to hump their high school students of any age. Burge also got hit with a solicitation online charge for sharing naked photos of herself on Snapchat with the 16-year old. You know, as pre-culinary arts instructors are apt to do.

Somebody likely in the 16-year old’s family tipped off investigators who quickly gobbled up Burge, having her first answer to the teen’s claim that the two drove around the backwoods drunk for several hours, before she told him he could sleep in one of her kid’s bedrooms at her house, and eventually inviting him into her own for sex. As a defense, Burge seems to be sticking with a plan of being too drunk to remember:

“I don’t know, I hope not. I don’t know. I didn’t think I did because my clothes were on. Usually if that happens your clothes aren’t on. I don’t know, I don’t know, I can’t remember anything.”

You’re going to want to polish up that drunken blackout memory thing, teach. It’s the same defense she’s claiming on the night earlier in the year when she had unprotected sex with the 18-year old student. That’s by his account only so far, but given that she was sending nudes to the other teen on Snap, and admitted to driving him around drinking and inviting him to spend the night at her place while it was empty, you might take the logical leap to this crazy lady loves her booze and boys.

Burge bailed out of jail pending arraignment. Her school district fired her and covered their ass simultaneously in a random trite statement about student yadda-yadda-yadda. I feel like we’ve covered this story before? The names and faces are the only things changing.

UPDATE: Hot Teacher Stephanie Peterson Pleads Guilty to Tons of Sex With 14-Year Old Student

Formerly married, former science teacher, still hot, Stephanie Peterson, 27, pleaded guilty this week to lewd and lascivious charges upon her 14-year old student at New Smyrna Beach Middle School. That was for multiple acts of sexual intercourse at her home, in her car, and in a barn behind the boy’s house over the winter months of 2017-2018. She also copped to a charge for transmitting nude photos of herself. The prosecution kicked out additional charges in exchange for the guilty plea.

Peterson faces five to ten years in prison for the charges she accepted, though her attorneys will surely mention temporary insanity and mental stress and other conditions related to boffing a young boy in various locales outside of the classroom. We’ll know soon if that ploy works in reducing her prison stretch. Peterson also had to register as a sex-offender seeing as how she sexually offended this kid, legally speaking of course. No word on how offended he felt when his hot teacher was on top of him repeating the Scientific Method.

Peterson also had provided weed and a pipe to the kid, because that’s just what you do when you’re a good sexual predator host. Though it’s unclear if she’ll face any additional counts for the cannabis. She was joined in the courtroom for her plea by her dad who probably is super proud. Absent was her firefighter husband of a couple years who divorced her when he found out she was having sex with a boy probably not old enough to shave. That’ll put a ton of stress on a young marriage.

We’ll update with official sentence as warranted.

UPDATE: Teacher Eleanor Wilson Will Not Be Retried on Charges of Sex With Teen Student in Airplane Bathroom

You may recall the now three-year old case of British high school teacher, Eleanor Wilson, then 26, who was accused of getting loaded and having sex in the bathroom with a teen male student on the return flight of a school trip to Spain. Many testified that Wilson and the boy were close in the cuddling and hugging kind of way, though no independent witnesses saw her lure the boy into the Mile High Club on the British Airways flight in August 2015. The boy did testify during the recent trial that he had become quite close with his teacher and that they dig shag in the lavatory. Though Wilson maintained this was all in his head.

Wilson was forced to give-up her teaching credentials previous to the trial by the English board that oversees such matters. But the trial itself for her sex with a student under the age of 18 ended with a hung jury, notifying the judge that they were unable to reach a verdict after many hours of deliberation on the sex charges. Following the mistrial, the prosecutors office issued a statement that they would not be retrying the case because the male victim stated he wished not to have to endure the trial process a second time. That’s likely a cover story for not thinking you could win the case on the second go-round. Nobody wants to lose a case twice. Bad form.

Wilson will never teach in England again, and unless she cops to the actual sex in the rear of the aircraft, she won’t have decent goods to write a book or movie. In this matter, simply be glad you’re name is Eleanor Wilson, of which there must be an endless number on the island, where you can easily fade into obscurity.

Elementary School Teacher, Krystal Wilson, Busted for Sex With 10-Year Old Boy

Krystal Wilson, 31, who goes by Krystal Clunis at the elementary school in Ontario, Canada where she teaches, was arrested on charges of diddling around with a 10-year old boy in her classroom during the previous school year. Wilson is an avid R&B singer and performer with a record out which may account for her multiple last names. Unaccounted for is the reasons why she might be having sexual contact with a ten year old. Though it’s worth noting not only she but her friends and family are all proclaiming her total innocence.

We do live in an era where the presumption of innocence has all but been lost in sexual assault cases, though in the case of a young boy accusing a grown woman, the constructs and players are obviously all mixed up. Those who know Wilson are insisting this is a matter of a false accusation by the boy, for whatever reason. A tough sell in 2018 regardless of the gender variants. Even though kids are prone to lying, almost all of these teacher-student sex cases have resulted in guilty pleas or convictions. Not that the presumption of innocence is lost legally, but in terms of the schools, you have to remove these employees the minute there’s an accusation, let alone an arrest.

Wilson currently teaches at Roland Michner Public School in Ajax, Ontario, but during the previous year she was at the Da Vinci Public School. She’s also taught at two other schools in the district in recent years, meaning there are a lot of kids that need to be asked if Ms. Wilson ever took them to the woodshed for something other than a punishment. A dirty business, but better it come out now than 36 years from now in an accusation nobody can any longer prove.

Wilson was released on $5,000 bond pending further adjudication, under an order she not be alone around any children.

Teacher Michelina Aichele Shared Naked Photos and Lewd Messages With Her High School Student

If you’re Michelina Aichele, 29, a New Jersey high school teacher, you have to be feeling pretty fortune right about now. Sure, you just got arrested for sending nude photos and explicit text and social media messages to your 17-year old student. A crime, endangering the welfare of a child, but nothing compared to where this torrid, lurid, and illegal relationship was most certainly headed.

Almost every single female teacher with student sex case we cover begins with the flirtations online, then the sending of the obligatory nude body part photos, then the sex in the classroom, park, or back of the car, or often all three because these ladies are randy. Once you start dipping respective wicks, the price of the affair rises rather dramatically in the eyes of Lady Justice. Aichele has most certainly lost her job, her career, and is currently sitting in a county jail, but she’ll be let off likely with something minor when all is said and done. Her fully notched sister-teachers are serving hard time.

It’s unclear who ratted on the six-year veteran Montgomery High School English teacher, but the boy in question certainly gave up the details and photos and texts to police the minute he was asked. If you’re wondering how well your secret underaged lover is going to cover for you once the cops get involved, assume zero. Or less than zero. He knows the upside is over. His skin is officially no longer in any game.

You might wonder how it is an grown and educated woman can’t understand what happens to a nude selfie when digitally transmitted anywhere in the online universe. Keep wondering. Hormones are transcendent.

Ashley Nicole “Nikki” Maddox Was a Math Teacher and Sex Fiend at Alabama High School

I knew a girl named Nikki, I guess you could say she was a sex fiend. Ever since Prince uttered those lyrics, you have to somewhat assume any woman who gives herself the nickname “Nikki” might be somewhat suspicious in the overtly hooking-up department. Probably a statistical wash, minus the case of Alabama high school Math Teacher, Ashley “Nikki” Maddox, 32, who was arrested for sexual relations with three separate male students at Chilton County High School.

Maddox stands accused of two counts of a school employee having sexual contact with a student under 19, two counts of a school employee soliciting a sex act with a student under 19, four counts of a school employee distributing obscene material to a student and four counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The grand total is two felonies and double digit misdemeanors. Naturally, Maddox is married with children, because that seems to be the case in almost all of these teacher sex hound cases. Not that being single makes it any better in the eyes of the law for illicit sex with boy students, but it might seem less complicated in the least.

Maddox bonded out of County Jail following her arrest. Police are asking any other victims to come forward under the working theory that if she had sex with and shared naughty photos with three boys at school, a fourth or fifth is obviously not out of the question.

Teacher Emma Costner Arrested for Sexual Seduction of Teen Student

Among the ever growing number of cases of female teachers in this nation exposed and arrested for sex with students, the female teacher and female student illicit nookie remains far less common. That may be a sheer numbers game or it may be indicative of some sexual dynamic, but figuring out which seems like a ton of work.

Emma Costner, 25, a Crest High School teacher in North Carolina, turned herself in this week after learning of an ongoing investigation into a sexual relationship between herself and her 17-year old female student. Now if the girl had been eighteen, this would probably sound very similar to the last lesbian porn clip you watched on xHamster. But, alas, she’s 17, and even though of age of legal consent in Cleveland County, NC, there are so damned laws against teachers and students getting it on. In this case, not once but twice with the kitty-cat girl-girl lovemaking.

The girl’s parents allegedly picked up on something being wrong with their daughter. Like perhaps she was looking online for Lilith Faire tickets or maybe just giggling a lot to herself and saying Emma’s name aloud. Either way, she fessed up pretty fast to the sex and teach went down fast, turning herself in prior to an imminent arrest.

Costner remains in custody of the County awaiting her first court appearance and official charges. She also resigned from her teaching position at Crest High. Though suspect her name still comes up in conversation at school from time to time, or a thousand times a day. Illegal lesbian teacher-student love is so much more interesting than the weather.

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Laura Bucy Arrested for Sex With Her 17-Year Old Home-Economics Student

If you’re like me, you’re shocked by this latest story. I mean, do they really still teach Home Economics in high schools in 2018? They must, because Home-Ec teacher Laura Bucy, 32, was arrested this week at Twinsburg High School in Ohio for having had intercourse in her classroom during school hours with a 17-year old student.

The mother of three who appears to be recently split apparently launched this illicit relationship by exchanging saucy messages and saucier photos on Snapchat with her teen male student. I’d go with roughly 99% of these sordid tales originating on social media messages, with a strong percentage therein tied to Snapchat, an app literally built on the traffic of teen nude selfies. Once you’ve started sending titty pics to your student, it’s but a hop-skip-and-jump into the sack, or in this case, buying him vaping oil and weed, letting him smoke in your classroom, nibbling on his neck in the pantry area of the Home Ec classroom leading to much more than nibbling after the lunch hour. Sex!

Bucy may have gotten away with this singular sexual encounter had it not been for her own conscience. According to the police reports, she visited the home of the father of her ex and blabbered a sexual confession with the apology that the boy reminded her so much of this man’s son, her former husband. That’s what a father-in-law wants to hear. Whether he was concerned for her safety or just plain angry, dad called the cops and the investigation went from there. Now Bucy’s facing serious charges for the sex and the electronic transmission of her lovely unclothed photos to a minor. Polaroids might even be less of a criminal bother.

Twinsburg High was quick to issue a statement assuring the public they had done everything by the book; that book apparently written to help Home Ec teachers bang their teen students in the fake classroom pantries.

Hottie Teacher, Yaira Tanies Cotto-Flores, Hit With 10-Year Prison Sentence for Sex With Her 14-Year Old Student

Puerto Rican teacher, Yaira Tanies Cotto-Flores, 26, finally learned the punishment for her 2016 crime of grooming a 14-year boy from her English class in a rural Puerto Rican school with gifts and sweet talk. That naturally led to the final big motel sex night. 10 years in the pokey plus 8 years supervision post release. That’s perhaps the heftiest sentencing yet for any of these female teacher sex crime cases.

Cotto-Flores apparently began favoring this boy in her class, letting him cut class as he wished, eventually moving on to buying him a watch and an acne-cream kit. You know how boys will roll over for acne-cream. Also, you do need to know what time it is when you’re teacher is summoning you for nookie. Naturally, this led to one evening in 2016 where Cotto-Flores drove the boy to a $30 a night motel, taught him how to use a condom, and proceeded to test his knowledge of said condom usage in the most practical educational sense.

Once again you have to wonder what drove an attractive grown women with racy photos on Facebook who probably didn’t struggle for adult male attention to risk it all for a pimply-faced young teen virgin boy. If you figure out the answer to that question, you’ll be way ahead of the rest of us, because nobody’s yet to provide a solid answer, outside of the word “stupidity”.

Scottsdale Pilates Instructor, Alexandra Ciliento, Abandons 4-Year Old Daughter to Go Clubbing

Look, there are worse things you can do with your little daughter when she gets in the way of your social life than simply leaving her home alone overnight unattended. See Casey Anthony. Ouch. That one hits home. But Alexandra Ciliento, 29, remains in deep child neglect doo-doo for leaving her four year old daughter at home completely unsupervised while she hit the all night Scottsdale party scene.

According to police reports, Ciliento, a hyper fit fitness instructor in the area whose profile says she can’t live without “cherry chapstick”, decided at about 11pm on Saturday evening that she needed to dance, dance, dance the night away. There’s no indication she notified anybody that she was leaving her 4-year old home alone, or attempted to secure a babysitter or some other mom kind of thing to do. Somewhere early morning, about 6:30am, the little girl woke up, found nobody home, and rather than slapping after-shave on her face like Kevin, decided rather to toddle over to the neighbor’s house.

The neighbor seemed cool enough about the situation. Apparently they tried to reach Ciliento for almost 45 minutes unsuccessfully before calling the cops. Because if you’re leaving your little one at home alone while you’re gone all night, you especially want to make sure you’re not answering your cell. Cops finally reached Ciliento at 8am, at which point she returned home and declared she had no idea her 4-year old daughter could unlock the doors to get out. That’s almost like an excuse.

Police arrested Ciliento on one count of child-abuse and put the kid in the care of her father, who you would presume is not in the Pilates’ instructor’s life much, else she might’ve asked him to look after her while she partied. Actually, not sure how that works.

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