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Florida Woman High on Meth Strips Naked, Barks, and Breaks Into Ambulance

Meth isn’t for amateurs. This isn’t like Whip-It pranks in high school. You smoke meth and you are in for quite an evening, especially if you still have all your teeth and you’re still in the nascent stages of the brutal drug addiction.

Devon Toole, 23, of Jackson County, Florida didn’t take too well to her pipe hit, and decided it was right about time in the evening to start stripping off her clothes and barking like a dog up and down the avenues. Now, this could be a fun scene from a Spring Break movie, were she drunk on Bud Light and not blasted out of her gourd on crank. That’s the kind of thing that got Toole to enter an unoccupied parked County ambulance, turn on the emergency lights, and begin filling snatching medical items out of the back of the vehicle.

On Tuesday, January 8, 2019, JCSO received a report of a female walking on Park Ave in Alford, taking her clothes off and barking at the street. 

Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, arrest report of Devon Toole

That’s about the time the cops are likely to get involved. Jackson County, Florida sheriff’s took Toole into custody, presumably got her some kind of blanket and asked her what the hell she was doing. To which Toole replied, “Meth.” That about sums up the evening. She was booked thus far only on the burglary of the ambulance charges, and no drug or being naked and barking in public charges. Real go-getter at 23.

Photo credit: Devon Toole, Facebook

Celeste Chambers Sex Trafficked Her Young Daughter in Exchange for Drugs and Scrap Metal

The bar on horrible moms has been raised, perhaps never to be eclipsed, by Celeste Chambers, 37, of Tallahassee, convicted this week of sex trafficking her own daughter from age 3 to 15 to men in exchange for drugs, or small amounts of cash or occasionally scrap metal. Chambers and her former husband were both arrested on numerous felony charges, related to pimping out their own daughter to be raped by other men. According to court testimony, the couple would beat the girl if she didn’t comply.

These are the kinds of stories that make you question the nature of humanity. Also consider capital punishment for non-murder based crimes. Or merely taking people out back and putting two in the back of their head to bring balance back to the universe. Obviously, drug addiction plays a huge role in people making such evil decisions to get their score. You wonder though if people were horrible before the drugs and the drugs merely unleashed the beast, or if it’s the drugs entirely that turn humans into monsters. A mom pimping out her preschool aged daughter, as a for instance.

“A jury convicted her [Celeste Chambers] of one count of capital sexual battery, two counts of lewd and lascivious battery, one count each of lewd and lascivious molestation, lewd and lascivious conduct, child abuse and human trafficking.”

The Tallahassee Democrat

Naturally, people will cite “Florida” for this horrific white drug trash story, though it’s probably worth noting that these impossibly sadistic parental stories come out of every state in the nation. Florida and other warm weather states are obviously more prone to having grifters, drifters, homeless, and long term drug addicts. It’s simply hard to live a transient life when it’s 20-below zero in Bismarck.

Ex-husband Kevin Wyatt arrested hiding out on a houseboat
and charged with similar crimes to his wife.

Celeste Chambers will be sentenced likely to life in prison at her next court appearance next week. Her now fifteen year old daughter will give a victim impact statement at the sentencing hearing; you can only imagine the type of strength that takes. Hopefully something insidious and painful removes this woman from the planet sooner rather than later. That would be my Make-a-Wish Foundation request.

Manicurist Murderer, Krystal Whipple, Apprehended Outside Phoenix

I’ve had this recurring nightmare where I have a medical condition that only this one doctor can treat, and leaving his offices I accidentally run him over with my car. I could ask my shrink, but I’m certain this is sex-related. They all are.

Krystal Whipple, 21, pulled a variation on this ugly dreamscape, by running over her manicurist, though her vehicular homicide was clearly intentional. On December 29 of this past year, Whipple got her nails done up nice by a Las Vegas manicurist, but when she paid, her credit card was decline. Whipple made the old excuse, “let me go grab some cash I have out in my car”, which nail salon owner, Ngoc Q. Nguyen, 51, likely had heard many times before, so followed her out to the lot. That’s when Whipple, behind the wheel of her car, decided to run right over Nguyen, killing the poor woman who has to clean hooker nails in Vegas.

Whipple fled the scene, disappeared since that day, though now finally gathered up by a combo of fugitive hunters and cops in Goodyear, Arizona outside of Phoenix. Whipple had previously ditched the murder weapon car, which was a rental, making finding her that much more difficult. But unless you’re willing to jump out of a plane into the hinterland, they typically find you, as they did, swooping up Whipple and preparing for her extradition back to Nevada to face what will certainly be a jury sympathetic to the hard working, now deceased immigrant nail salon operator.

And for what? Maybe $40? I have no idea what a manicure costs, but let’s go with that. Whipple had a previous arrest for possession of a stolen vehicle, which may be why she became so gung-ho killer when faced with the prospect of even a minor arrest for not paying her bill.

Holly Sansone Took the Kohl’s Panties and Ran

You often wonder what goes through the minds of an adult shoplifter. You’d think they might normally be down on their luck people looking to steal high ticket items for potential resale later to fund something or other, usually drugs. But in fact, having spent my teen years after school working at a department store, and followup news reading since, I can tell you, it’s often just straight up nonsensical crazy. And not always by women in desperate need. Winona Ryder shoving things in her purse at a Beverly Hills boutique being the prime example.

There’s no way to know how badly Holly Sansone needed tons of new panties and bras from the Kohl’s store in Portage, Indiana, but she surely stuffed her car full of them. Along with some air freshener and some candles, apparently she had a big evening planned. Cops looked to arrest Sansone in a car stop on suspicion of lifting all this merchandise. Police reported Sansone shrugged her shoulders, said, “I’ve got to go”, and promptly took the Portage police officers on a reckless car chase where she hit speeds of 100 MPH. According to reports, Sanson was flinging purloined panties out the window. See, Indiana’s not that boring.

Sansone’s car came to a panty raid sudden stop when cops laid out a spike strip and disabled her car. She was arrested on charges of theft, resisting arrest, and reckless driving. Not so bad really. Here in Los Angeles that kind of driving will conclude typically with a beat down from the police. Though on the flip side, since she only stole $450 worth of merchandise, she wouldn’t even be arrested or theft here since anything under $900 is now considered a ticket offense. Ah, the great experiment of states.

No word yet on why Sansone needed so many new undergarments, but we will definitely keep you posted on that front.

Hot Florida Real Estate Agent Is Having a Bad Year

You ever have one of those years that starts out with cops coming to the door looking for two teenage runaways and it turns out they find the missing girls inside your house. After you’re done with that series of highly public events, at some point, you’re busted for DUI and assaulting a law enforcement officer, for which a warrant is laid out for your arrest as a no-show. One of those 12-month cycles?

What wouldn’t you buy from this woman?

All Florida real estate agents, by law, must be reasonably attractive women, though Danielly Verity exceeds expectations even in hot 40-something on bus bench selling homes standards. The 41-year old Orlando area real estate mover and shaker was rung up on charges at the beginning of 2018 for harboring two teen girls in her home who were listed as runaways, for which she never called the police, and when the police arrived to her home called by somebody else, she swore at them and tried to prevent them from getting upstairs where the girls were. Without a solid explanation outside of the girls wanting to use her wifi, Verity was charged with misdemeanor charges related to letting teen runaways hang out in your home and not contacting 5-0. Those charges were later dropped before trial.

Unclear where battery on a law enforcement officer came in, but the DUI appears to be a 2017 offense that she never cleared. Which led officers this week to revisit her Boynton Beach home to cuff her on an outstanding warrant. And down goes another one of Palm Beach County’s great real estate merchants. You can tell from the video she goes full pro. Who shall sell these townhomes now?

Rochester Hills Female High School Teacher Fired For Sex With Teen Students in Front of Other Students

UPDATED 1/10/19: The 26-year old teacher in question is Kathryn Houghtaling, a special education teacher at Rochester High School who is married and began teaching this past September at the school. She moved fast!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

An as yet unnamed 26-year old teacher at a high school in Rochester Hills, Michigan, has been relieved of official duties, after allegations that she had had sex with two students at the school. One was a 16-year old boy, the other a 17-year old boy, both at her apartment and in her car. In one case, it’s believed she had sex with one of the boys in her car while other students looked on. That’ll get you kicked out of the super secret spy club. Also, fired from teaching.

News of the teacher’s firing came in a letter from the school district, prior to any formal police investigation, leaving everybody involved unable to state the name of the teacher publicly prior to any charges being filed. Though you’d expect that the kids at the school, most especially those that saw her swapping privates with another student, are well aware of which teacher was involved. Also, now she’s fired, so everybody knows. But the public. That will come soon enough.

This teacher sounds more reckless than even the average female teacher we cover having reckless sex, sending reckless naked photos, and exchanging reckless bits of text message evidence with her underaged conquest. Doing it where other kids at the school could see you? You wonder what was going through her mind, besides the climax and ecstasy part. I mean, there’s the thrill of public sex and then there’s the prospect of losing your livelihood and going to the clink for five years? I guess I’ve never been truly in love :(.

Convicted Murderer, Verônica Verone de Paiva, Wins Prison Beauty Pageant

You have to imagine winning a beauty pageant in a woman’s prison isn’t the greatest challenge in life. Have you been to a woman’s prison before? Don’t judge me. While local jails may be filled with reasonably attractive hookers, DUI pickups, and weed possessors, hardcore prisons are no beauty contest. Except in this particular case.

Verônica Verone de Paiva was eighteen in 2011 when she was convicted in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, of killing her married lover in their motel room with a belt. Apparently, she hung him. Which has never truly been explained to me in terms of mechanics of a murder. In her defense, the teenaged student said that her 33-year old married businessman boyfriend was attempting to rape her and it was all self-defense. Nobody bit on that and she was given a 15 year stretch for murder.

oh, darling

Cut to seven years later, and not long before she’s been scheduled for early release thanks to, apparently, joining a reading program in prison that gets you half-time, and Verone de Paiva, now 25, entered what must be a very auspicious glamour pageant at the prison and took home the sash. Just look at her mom beaming with pride.

Not sure what Verone de Paiva has planned post-release, but if it’s more beauty pageants, she might want to address those tattoos. Ankle tats bonus on the inside, not so much on the outside.

North Texas Middle School Teacher Busted for Soliciting Young Student on Snapchat

Where there is illicit teen behavior, or the seduction of young people by older people, there is Snapchat. I know the Founder made a billion and married Victoria’s Secret model, Miranda Kerr, but his app may be to underaged vice and porn, what Hasbro’s Perfection game was to create millions of anxious Americans children. The ultimate weapon. I guess he doesn’t care much when he’s on his yacht with his naked supermodel. I know I wouldn’t.

Another day, another female teacher arrested for forbidden passions, namely, Julie Jenkins Brewer, 45, a Texas middle school reading teacher taken into custody at school by police investigating what are only being described as extremely inappropriate text and Snapchat messages to a minor student. She teachers 7th and 8th grade, but the precise age, and gender, of the student in question has not been revealed. Though, naturally, I will find out, with my offer of donuts and coffee to the local cops. Cliches never fail, rarely never.

The principal of Coppell Middle School West was quick to point out that under no circumstances are teachers allowed to communicate with students on unapproved devices or channels, which would include personal cellphones and, obviously, Snapchat, where teachers go to send naked photos to their kids. That alone is an excuse for being booted out of school. The solicitation and what obviously must be sexually suggestive messages to a kid will get you arrested. As Brewer was, and charged with online solicitation of a minor.

Brewer has taught for more than 20 years in the district and I’m going to guess is a teacher everybody would have picked out as the least likely to be trying to get into the pants of a young teen student. Her social media pages are filled with the doting, loving, saccharin sweet photos, memes, and charitable promotions of one seriously amazing and dedicated teacher. But she just couldn’t help herself. We are certainly seeing a ton of that.

Sabrina Rey Thomas Got Loaded and Unloaded on a Jet Blue Counter Agent at Fort Lauderdale Airport (VIDEO)

I’m somewhat loath to mock the behavior of a drunk passenger at an airport where everybody is sitting around for countless hours stewing over a hopelessly delayed plane. If you’re waiting for a plane at the Fort Lauderdale Airport, this is also probably you returning after a warm weather vacation to somewhere cold and dreary and work. I can picture this scenario so well in my head because I’m certain I’ve lived it a half dozen times or more. And I’ve usually been in the bar.

Nevertheless, there is a line. Say, for instance, climbing up on the desk agent counter and screaming “get me the f–k out of here!” and the old standby “Rapist!”. Fighting with cops who come to check out why you’re screaming and attempting various track and field jumping events in the airport is another line. It’s okay just to be drunk and angry and talk crap about JetBlue.

In the case of Sabrina Rey Thomas, it’s unclear if she even was one of the passengers sitting at the Jet Blue terminal for up to 10 hours awaiting a missing plane. It is clear she’s loaded. Some witnesses believe she was angry about missing a flight and venting at the gate agent. The entire look, naturally caught on cellphone camera, simply is going to get you some unwanted viral attention.

Thomas was arrested by Fort Lauderdale cops assisting the airport and taken into custody under a mental health hold, though it’s unclear if it’s that plus booze, or just booze. Time will tell. For now, leave angry drunk airport passengers alone, until they start yelling “rapist!”

Katja Goen Zielke Arrested in Florida for Child Porn, Snapping Nude Photos of Her Young Daughter

By all accounts, Katja Goen Zielke, 38, was a Florida loan officer for Wells Fargo, a mother of two young girls, and a noticeably attractive divorcee searching for potentially the next Mr. Right. She met Trinetra Vaidya. According to an arrest report from the Oviedo, Florida Police Department, in November of 2018, Vaidya and Zielke began exchanging sexually oriented text messages that began to include illicit and pornographic photos of undeveloped female girls and requests from Vaidya to Zielke to send him photos of her two girls, 11, and 12, in the shower or changing clothes.

The police report notes that Zielke did not send such photos at that time, but she did continue to exchange sexual fantasy messages with Vaidya (legal) and receive his photos of underaged girls in sexual positions (not legal). At some point, Zielke transferred the messages from her telephone to her computer, at which point the children accidentally came across the text messages. It’s unclear how police were notified, but on January 2, 2018, police conducted an interview with Zielke’s two young daughters wherein the 11-year old told police that her mother had taken photos of her in the shower. The 11-year old was obviously incredibly concerned, for among other reasons, Vaidya was coming to spend the night with his mother that evening. The girl told police that her mother insisted she had deleted the nude shower photos.

On January 6, 2018, Oviedo police returned to Zielke’s home to arrest her, wherein she admitted to all the sexual messages, underaged girl photos, and taking 10 pictures of her younger daughter in the shower, though she denied ever showing them to her boyfriend. As if that’s some kind of saving grace. Not likely.

Zielke was charged with four counts of Child Pornography possession for four photos sent to her by Vaidya of undressed girls in a sexual position, and for Enticement of a Child, for the photos she took of her own daughter in the shower. She’s currently sitting in the Seminole County Jail on $35,000 bond, with a first court date set for February 19, 2019.

Katja Goen Zielke, Arrest Report, Seminole County, Florida
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If you’re wondering how an attractive, professional woman in her 30’s with seemingly unlimited options ends up exchanging kiddy porn and taking nude shots of her own daughter, wonder right along with the rest of us. You always expect the face of this to be something visually distasteful. Not the hot loan officer from the local bank. A solid reminder, you don’t know what the heck is going in in anybody’s home.

(No word yet on Trinetra Vaidya. A simple search reveals a medical doctor in the area with that name, but no confirmation.)

Photo credits: Personal pics (Facebook), arrest reports (Seminole County)

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