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Natasha Patronsky Arrested for Sex With a Student In Her First Year Teaching High School

Another day, another high school Spanish teacher locked up for sex with a student. How they do roll on from day to day, state to state, school to school. But do listen to the New York Times who insist this teacher-student sex thing isn’t a real phenomenon. They’ll catch up in five years and pretend they had it pegged all along.

Natasha Patronsky, 24, a first year Spanish teacher at Sidney Lanier High School in Montgomery Alabama, turned herself into authorities last week when she learned of an investigation into her having had sexual relations with a “student under the age of 19”. For those of you not yet familiar with Alabama state laws regarding teacher-student sex, while 19 is at least several years past the age of consent in the state, Alabama like many other Southern states passed a law say no-no-never to teachers and students getting it on, unless the student is at least 19, which means, he or she are unlikely to still be in high school.

We’ve previously covered Alabama hot and horny for the kids teachers who are challenging this state law on the grounds that every other adult in Alabama gets to have sex legally with teenagers so why not teachers? And that would obviously include the judges in the state, like a certain Roy Moore. Not exactly a landmark civil right these teachers are fighting for, but it could get them out of felony sexual assault convictions and prison sentences. Patronsky is facing up to 20 years under statute, though two max seems more likely.

Not much is known about Patronsky’s background, other than she lived in Panama and that she listed herself as a Christian on some social site, which of course many in the media are calling attention to, as if adults who like to have sex with young flesh might list themselves as “Satainist”, or “pedo” in the religious field of their online profile. Poor Ms. Patronsky, but a couple or three months into her first year of teaching. We hardly knew ya’.

Bikini Model Turned Event Photographer Arrested for Drunken Sex at Texas Wedding

Oh how I love this story. It’s truly a fable about trying to do too much, overextending yourself, and not being satisfied with what you’re truly destined for. Case in point, Katie Mehta, a bikini model who goes by the online name, Max McIntyre. Why a hot woman of seemingly Middle Eastern descent chose an Irish man’s name for publicity purposes remains unknown, though it might give a clue as to her decision making prowess.

Mehta/McIntyre turned to wedding photographer to keep the rent checks paid while her attempts to become an SI bikini model and otherwise gainful two-piece beach ware subject professional blossomed hopefully. It’s hard to say exactly how she did as a wedding photographer, outside of her now clearly more infamous booking wherein she was arrested by an off-duty sheriff’s deputy providing security at the Texas betrothal when she became alarmingly drunk, had sex with a wedding guest, and was found outside by the deputy peeing on a tree. According to the filed police report, Mehta/McIntyre also was exceedingly belligerent toward the officer, up to and including not so veiled violent threats to the officers and their families when taken away in a squad car for booking. That’ll score you big points with law enforcement.

It should be noted that Mehta, through her sister who was reached for comment, claims that her sibling was screaming outside the wedding because she was being accosted by two men from the event, and that the security deputy treated her poorly when he arrived on scene. So, a completely innocent explanation. One that should last about as long as it takes to find a few wedding guest witnesses to file statements.

Mehta/McIntyre was booked on public intoxication charges and some additional counts for being a totally wigged out a-hole to the arresting officers. Cops don’t beat attractive women they arrest, even if they deserve it, so enjoy that moment of gender bias in your favor, Ms. Mehta.

No word yet on how this incident may affect her bikini model bookings though you do expect the peeing on the tree bit to eff up her wedding photography Yelp reviews. Definitely cost you a star.

Dance Instructor, Cheryl Lee Thompson, On Trial For Sex with 13-Year Old Female Student

Oh, back about 12 years ago a Toronto area police car rolled up on steamed up windows on a car parked in a local shopping area. They uncovered inside a then 20-something, Cheryl Lee Thompson, a dance instructor, and her female student, who was either 12 or recently turned 13 at the time. The cops believed they saw the two making out, enough for an investigation of the suspicions, but when the girl in question made a videotaped statement that nothing untoward was taking place in the vehicle, the case was not pursued further against Thompson.

Cut to this year when the same girl, now 25, felt the need to go to the authorities and insist that not only where she and Thompson making out in that car, but that she, the young girl, would often bathe at Thompson’s abode where much kissing and caressing took place. The now 25-year old claims this relationship carried on for several months during the winter of 2007-2008. Obviously the accusation is doubly troubling since Thompson was a dance instructor of numerous young girls at both her own little private studio and working out of another location as a contractor. We always wonder about guys who work in sports or dance that involves girls and young women. As we should. We generally accept that all women involved are kosher. Maybe more so, but clearly not 100-hundred percent.

For her part, Thompson claims she was a straight as an arrow 20-something with a happy boyfriend at the time of the alleged sexual assaults on the girl and has pleaded not guilty to all charges. The trial is ongoing, to resume next week. Assume authorities are speaking to as many of Thompson’s former girl clients as possible to see if they can find a witness and or a second victim. There doesn’t appear to be much in the way of corroboration outside of personal testimony now about events 11 years ago. We’ll keep you updated.

Russian Woman in Thong Breaks the Law of Frozen Lake Idiocy (VIDEO)

It’s not a crime to be stupid. We don’t have that much prison space. We made pot illegal and filled up all the cells. Now we have to allow idiots to roam the planet freely doing moronic things, without any cause for arrest. Consider the ignoramus calculation tripled since the dawn of social media and the look-at-me-now videos that soon followed.

The Internet is taking a holiday break to laugh at a woman in Russia who leapt off a dock in but a thong bikini to apparently stage a dive into icy waters for the cameras. A closer look reveals she’s not as g-string ready as perhaps her Russian professional modeling friends, but still, a blonde woman in a tiny bikini doing anything is going to attract views. It’s unclear if she believed the ice was barely frozen and her plunge would break through the thin crust into a shrieking cold water bath below, or if she was drunk and didn’t care. I’m going to say there was a guy behind the camera urging her it was cool either way.

Svetlana, let’s call her that, definitely took the challenge full-on, leaping into the ether for a brief moment before cracking her ankle and ass on the hard surface, in that order. Because she’s Russian and almost certainly loaded on ethanol, she got up and walked back to the dock on her fractured bone and bruised buttocks. Assume this isn’t her first tussle with the laws of orthopedics. Whether or not Russian doctors chose to put her down or treat her remains unknown. Moscow does not believe in tears.

Sonia Mackay, 43, Pleads Guilty to Needy Sexual Relationship with Her 17 Year Old Student

Lest you think the land of the free and the home of the brave is the only nation where female teachers are honing in on, grooming, and hooking up with their young teen flesh males student bodies, think again, nationalist. These stories come from all over the globe, at an increasing rate. Including the glorious land Down Under, where we’ve followed multiple lady educators seducing and sexing up young pupils.

The latest being that of Sonia Mackay, an Adelaide, Australia blonde who first denied then later copped to a quite intensive sexual and emotionally dramatic relationship with a 17-year old boy she taught at Christian Brothers College in town. Not only were the two doing the deed, but apparently Mackay completely dominated this teen boy, encouraging him to stay away from home, ignore his own schoolwork, and spend time with her drinking and boinking, even as she burned him with cigarettes in places to display her ownership of her young man-meat.

In statements from both the boy and his parents following Mackay’s guilty plea to exploitation of the kid (with 18 being the age of consent in Australia in regard to a teacher-student fling), a rather disturbing level of detail arose about Mackay’s buying the boy things, begging him to stay with her, and even threatening to kill herself if he went home. For his part, the dominated teen lover spoke of dreams of becoming a dentist, before his own teacher tore him away from studies and ambition, and toward a life of sex and perversion. That might have been one victim statement too far.

Mackay apologized in court to the boy and his parents for being such a heartless hussy of a teacher, not her exact words, but she went full self-flagellation before the court which will decide her punishment fate in the coming months.

Is it more of less disturbing to learn that places like Australia and England are experiencing the same rush of teacher-student sexual improprieties as the U.S.? I’d include France but a 15-year old boy there was sexually groomed by his 39-year old married mother of three teacher and they made them President and First Lady respectively.

British Music Teacher, Laurie Softley, Wined and Bedded Two 17-Year Old Boys From Her School

Not sure what the English police are into these days, but apparently being pretty lenient with female teachers getting teen students loaded and into their bed is one of their hobbies. Somehow, Laurie Softley, now 34, a Derbyshire high school choir and music teacher had sex with a 17-year old boy back in 2008 that she plied with booze before taking him home to shag, and pretty much the same routine again in 2012, though from testimony the boy performed “upon her a sex act”, and she was sort of let off the hook both times by coppers. Not that they didn’t interview her about the matters. They did, both times, and decided no big deal.

In 2017, Softley (you must love that name), was interviewed by the police once more about these past allegations. The police decided not to file charges but to turn the case over to what is essentially a Child Protective Services office for follow-up. That hand-off did lead to extended testimony from both boys about the evening of their sexual dalliances with Ms. Softley, who taught one of them to play the recorder, no less. Eventually the matter got pushed to the board that oversees the conduct of teacher and she was summarily fired this past September.

In a hearing that took place after her firing, because that’s how England works, the board confirmed Softley’s “gross misconduct” and perhaps gave her a bunch of wagging fingers and tut-tuts. Presumably she’ll never teach again in this shire.

Nebraska Middle School Teacher, Amy Nowaczyk, Pleads Guilty to Oral Sex On 13-Year Old

Morton Middle School teacher, Amy Nowaczyk, 26, was facing upwards of 50 years on first degree sexual assault of a minor, when she turned her not guilty into a guilty plea that saw her crimes whittled down to attempted sex with a minor and a couple online enticement charges. That’s how you turn 50 years into 1-2 years in state prison in Nebraska, meaning you can be out in six months for good behavior. You can make up your own mind as to whether or not gender discrimination played a significant role in her significantly beneficial plea deal.

The middle school teacher was fingered, as it were, this past Spring, with allegations that she was having sex with a student in the school. The precise sex acts are unknown, though oral sex seems to be the consensus opinion among those who leak information from courthouses. That and sending photos of her bare breasts, such as those might be appealing, to the 13-year old she enticed into the sexual acts. Everybody involved including the school has been quite hush hush on any details of the illicit relations. No word from Amy’s fiancé as to the state of wedding plans.

Suffice it to say, we are seeing the boys in these stories getting quite young in multiple cases. While there is the cliche now tale of the hunky high school football captain bedding the lusty English teacher, there are now more and more middle school aged boys barely reaching puberty succumbing easily to the sexual flirtations of their troubled and horny female lady teachers. We’ll stay on top of this trend with our super computers crunching the numbers.

Kate McClure, Boyfriend, and Homeless Guy Staged Entire $400,000 GoFundMe Fraud

In a compliment to women, understand that the woman in this trio of hucksters was clearly the planner of this GoFundMe fundraiser deceit. Multi-layered cons run by couples are invariably the mark of a cunning woman. Okay, maybe that description isn’t a compliment, but in the joint it’ll buy Kate McClure some admirers.

Last September, McClure, 28, set off an Internet feel-good story sensation with a tale of running out of gas on the Interstate through Philadelphia, and rolling down an offramp into the Christ-like arms of a homeless vet who provide McClure his last twenty bucks to get gas and helped to safety. Imagine that, a guy sleeping under a cardboard box with his backstory, giving up the very last of his worldly means to help a stranger in need. That took off but fast. McClure and her boyfriend, Mark D’Amico, 39, set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for the homeless guy, Johnny Bobbitt, 34, with a goal to raise $10K to get the Good Samaritan off the street. Nearly $400K rolled into the account. As far as anybody online knew, their charitable hearts had come together for a miracle. Not quite.

Almost a year later, word came out that the troubled homeless vet, Bobbitt, was suing McClure and D’Amico because they had barely doled out to him any of the GoFundMe mega-cash. McClure and D’Amico assured everybody that they were merely doling out the cash super slow as Bobbitt was a drug addict like most guys in their 30’s living under underpasses, and it was the wise measure. That sort of made sense. But it raised enough suspicion that a New Jersey state investigation began into the GoFundMe account and simultaneously the new spending habits of McClure, a New Jersey Transportation Department employee, and her boyfriend. As you might expect, the pair had gone six-figures deep into Atlantic City and Las Vegas gambling runs, bought a BMW, and taken tons of super fun time trips. Huh.

That’s the leverage Jersey cops needed to press the truth out of McClure and D’Amico. That McClure had set up the entire feel-good story. In fact, she texted her friend that that’s what she was in the process of doing, because texting is the downfall of both good and bad people in our land. She selected Bobbitt to be her dupe for the media. A real life troubled vet on the streets. She invented the story, set up the GoFundMe page, and waited for the cha-ching. Not all that much different than those ladies setting up fundraising pages for their kid’s cancer that turn out to be scams, but certainly far more elaborate, staged, and maintained for the Good Morning America cameras.

McClure and D’Amico were arrested for a whole bunch of theft related felonies in Jersey. Philly cops found Bobbitt and arrested him as well for his part as the willing participant in the plan. In McClure’s defense, such that it is a defense, she really only expected to tick toward that $10K figure. And if they had only received a few grand, nobody likely would’ve been the wise. But as in those cases of businesses unprepared for fast success, the excessive generosity of those without the cynicism many of us have coded in our genes drove the number so large everybody got rich and arrested.

UPDATE: Vice-Principal Jessica Williams Bail Revoked for Contacting Teen Boy She Is Accused of Summer Sexing Up

This past summer, Arkansas middle school vice-principal, Jessica Williams, 37, was arrested on multiple counts of having sex the previous few months with a sixteen year old student in the same Waldron Public School District. Both denied the accusations following an investigation from an anonymous tip at first. But as always happens, the photos and texts came out and that was that in terms of anybody believing the denials.

Williams original charges including tampering with evidence, presumably her naughty communiques with the teen boy in question. And while she seemingly confessed to the police regarding the sexual affair, she did plead not guilty during arraignment and was released on bond. Naturally, one of the conditions of her bond being that she not make or having any contact with the teen boy of her summer sex affair. And she was unable to restrain herself for whatever reason, lust of merely lack of caution, and her bond was revoked today by the judge. Thus, Vice-Principal Williams is back in the slammer for the course of her trial.

If you can imagine the type of grown woman and middle school administrator who might launch a wild sex ride with a teen male student, you have to figure she’s also not the type to pay attention to any other rules on down the line. Jessica Williams is a dangerous woman. Especially to the young men of the Waldron Public Schools District. We’ll keep you updated.

Sharon Spink Finally Weans Her 9-Year Old Daughter, Huzzah?

Sharon Spink has been called all sorts of nasty names since revealing in a UK paper four years ago that she continues to breastfeed her five year old daughter, Charlotte. Nobody really cares about these women who come out in magazine articles nursing their kindergarten age kids, as in certainly nobody has suggested it be illegal, or even immoral, though possibly disturbing, especially in photo galleries in tabloid magazines.

In response to all the hostility Spink claims was level at her four years ago, she continued to breastfeed her daughter until recently at age 9, when she claims Charlotte gave up the ghost. Or merely that scary giant pale thing that will be the source of her adulthood Halloween-all-year night terrors. Naturally, upon learning that Spink was still nursing her child at nine, via yet another photo rich exclusive in The Sun, the haters doubled their efforts, calling Spink a pedophile, a criminal, a freak, and some other slurs that it’s quite possible Spink is entirely making up. Though just by wearing a MAGA hat on Twitter you can receive twenty instant death and dismemberment threats, so it’s certainly possible social media trolls posted nastiness about her pushing boob into the mouth of her fourth grader.

From the U.K. Sun, Charlotte at 5 and 9, portrait of a nursing grown child.

What’s perhaps more noteworthy than another unappealing looking heavyset woman discussing how natural it is to nurse a kid during AYSO timeouts, is how social justice memes are so easily co-opted. There is a breastfeeding rights campaign taking place in social media where the conceit is that women who nurse in public are the subject of vile attacks from the patriarchy, though in this case the patriarchy is all judgmental women. The occasional anecdotal tale of somebody at the next table at The Sizzler asking a lady to stow her mammaries until everybody finishes their Malibu Chicken stands in for actual stats of harassment. And typically that tale ends up being sourced back to a mom who runs a pro-nursing blog, so you have to wonder why she didn’t recuse herself from her own planted story.

How can maternal nurturing be wrong, even when it’s shot in selfies like a Polanski home movie.

It’s 2018 and hardly anybody will accuse a woman nursing her infant in public of being a Salem witch. Nursing her 9-year old on the other hand, that’s going to draw some ire born in freakiness. We know you’re not hurting your child, and we know you’re not a pedophile, but we also know you’re an attention seeking troubled lady with flabby jugs and the whole scene looks like a sketch from Caligula Jr. Just stop it.

The idea that you let your child decide when to stop feeding is ridiculous as you don’t let a child make any important decisions in your home. You wouldn’t let them decide on the thermostat temperature or where you should invest your 401(k). You don’t let them decide they want to keep sucking on mommy’s teat in between episodes of Sponge Bob on Hulu. I’ve seen a woman do this with her approximately 6-year old child on a plane and it almost caused me to ring the flight attendant call button for for the first time for something other than another cocktail.

Sharon Spink, you don’t stand accused of a crime, merely being gross. How do you plead? Yes, we can wait until you’re done wet nursing the local junior college transfers.

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