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Female Teacher Sues School District That Fired Her Over Topless Photo

Lauren Miranda, 25, a math teacher formerly at Bellport Middle School in Suffolk County, New York, leveled a lawsuit against the school that fired her after kids at the school were found circulating her topless photo.

The school claims they had no choice but to fire her once her topless photo made the rounds at school. Miranda claims she only sent the photo to another teacher at the school that she was dating at the time and has no clue how it got into the student-sphere. She’s suing the Suffolk County School District $3 million unless they immediately reinstate her.

School District Claims Miranda No Longer a Role Model

Once Miranda’s bare-breasted photo got around school, the District claimed that the math teacher was no longer a “role model” and they were forced to relieve her of her math teaching duties. This relieving of duties on such grounds might confuse people from California where teachers can light seven children on fire and at most be hit with meaningless probation.

A blurred version of the photo Lauren Miranda sent to her then boyfriend-teacher.

In her defense, Miranda claims it isn’t her fault that the photo was somehow discovered by a student since she kept it between herself and her boyfriend. Although, de facto, that’s clearly not the case. It either came off her phone or her boyfriend-teacher’s clearly, even if unintentionally or stolen.

Additionally, Miranda threw out a gender-bias claim, as this would be the central focus of her lawsuit. That male teachers posing topless or their photos thereof would not lead to such a consideration of moral turpitude, therefore, gender bias.

Miranda Filed a Pre-Lawsuit Claim to Force the District’s Hand

In her defense, and to provoke the school district to reconsider their firing, Miranda’s attorney staked a claim as a precursor to a lawsuit:

“Long ago, she [Miranda] sent her topless unremarkable selfie to her companion, never to anyone else. By unknown means, a student obtained it. The school district took possession of it, excoriated her, and fired her because her breasts were displayed.

“This would never have happened to a male teacher. The Suffolk County Administrators and School Board have not yet discovered that women are equal to men. Lauren is rightly proud of her female torso. A woman’s breasts are not inherently prurient.”

— John Ray, attorney for Lauren Miranda

It’s 2019. Expect that the School Board will consider the gender bias case rather seriously.

For her part, Miranda has turned the “role model” claim on its head, insisting that she now must be a role model for girls at her school, and stand up for her equal rights. On point.

We’ll update this case as soon as the Board caves and reinstates the teacher “rightly proud of her female torso”.

Colorado Preschool Teacher Arrested for Molesting Child

Lake County public preschool teacher, Sally Glaser, 63, was taken into custody and charged with sexual assault on a child by one in a position of trust, sexual assault on a child, unlawful sexual contact and child abuse.

Glaser teaches at a preschool in Leadville, Colorado. It’s not known if the child in question is one of her preschool students, but the child in question is four years of age and female.

Sally Glaser Denies All Charges

It’s unclear what initiated the investigation into charges against Glaser. Through her attorney, the older preschool teacher denies all charges.

“I’ve never done anything to hurt this little girl. This just tears me up.”

– Sally Glaser, speaking after her arrest

Obviously she has no such pedophile criminal record or she would not currently be teaching. 63 is a rather elderly age to begin rape.

The Lake County School District sent out a letter to parents assuring them that Glaser would not be allowed back at work or on campus until the legal charges against her were resolved.

The courts made zero contact with any juveniles a condition of Glaser’s release on bond pending further adjudication. As for the parents of the girl victim, they are quite convinced and very vocal about the charges against Glaser.

This one feels kind of 50-50. We’ll keep you updated.

Alabama Sheriff’s Daughter-in-Law Arrested for Sex With Her High School Student

Alabama is one of those Southern states where the age of consent is rather low (16, even younger for similarly aged lovers), but with a strict rule prohibiting teachers from having sex with any student under the age of 19. The law was put into place following some slew of such cases, though it’s Constitutionality remains under debate in the State Supreme Court.

Nevertheless, it snagged another randy female teacher this past week. Madison County High School teacher, Lyndsey Sherrod Bates, 22, was arrested on multiple counts of sex with a student under the magic age, and for distributing obscene material to the very same teen boy.

Bates Is in Her First Year of Teaching

Bates didn’t make it far into her high school teaching career before succumbing to the pleasures of the illegal sex. This was her first year as a teacher at Madison County High, or anywhere else for that matter. She couldn’t even make it one school year.

Nothing cuter than a young woman and her special puppy; oh, Mrs. Bates.

Upon her arrest, Bates was charged with one felony count of engaging in sex with a student under the age of 19. She was also charged with distributing obscene materials to a student which are presumably naughty photos and sexts between her and her high school student.

While 22 seems pretty young and perhaps not all that much older than her high school boy lover, the law is the law. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. And a bunch of other tired adages.

Complicating Matters, Bates Is the Daughter-in-Law of the County Sheriff

If you’re looking for small Southern town gossip and intrigue, look no farther than this teacher sex case as Bates is the daughter-in-law of the Chief of Deputy Sheriff’s in Madison County.

Which means two things. First, the Sheriff’s Office had to go to great lengths to insist the Sheriff took no part in the arrest or charging or the case in general. And two, wow, rumor and gossip central on the Sheriff and his son and daughter-in-law henceforth.

Lyndsey and Drew Bates went to Bible High School together and later married young.

Bates turned herself into police for processing on the charges. She’s been handed $32,000 in bail, which if you’re familiar with Alabama bail, is rather high. Meanwhile, Madison County High School has offered up obligatory counseling to any students who may be mentally dismayed by not being the one to have had sex with their cute first-year teacher.

Brentwood School Chemistry Teacher Sentenced to Prison for Sex With Student

Aimee Palmitessa featured on the left with students from her school.

You may recall the arrest and charging of post Brentwood School teacher, Aimee Palmitessa, last year. The 47-year old chemistry teacher at the school was charged with numerous counts of sexual impropriety with a 17-year old male student at the school.

Subsequent to the criminal charges, the boy’s family sued the Brentwood School for knowing of the budding relationship between female teacher and student and doing little to nothing to stop it. This past week, Palmitessa pleaded guilty to three counts of unlawful sexual intercourse with a student and was immediately sentences to three years in prison.

Palmitessa Courted and Groomed Her Teen Student Lover

In 2016, a celebrity gossip story broke about the rich kids at the Brentwood School recording a video at a party singing the words to a rap song that included a big n-bomb. Barry Bonds has a child at the school where the likes of Seth Rogen, Adam Levine, and Jonah Hill attended as Hollywood kids. Bonds made a big deal out of the video and the racism therein from all the rich white kids at the school, and the story went viral.

Everybody deserves their day in court; Palmitessa didn’t appear to enjoy hers.

All of the students who appeared in the video were set to face charge the “honor board’ at the school, each provided a teacher-advocate in their defense.

One of the boys selected Aimee Palmitessa to be his advocate in the matter. And thus began the relationship between the two that would turn into “hand-hold” sighting on the school quad, the obligatory naughty texts and photos, and eventually concerts and dates off-campus, followed by sexual intercourse. The latter on at least three occasions.

The Boy Felt Immediately Guilty

According to police reports, the boy’s father was the first to uncover the sexual fling between his son and teacher. The father used a tracker app on his son’s phone to discover that the boy wasn’t at summer football practice, but rather Palmitessa’s home. Now that’s odd.

Father confronted son who immediately confessed to the horribleness of having amazing sex and fun time outings with his attractive middle aged female teacher. The pair went immediately to authorities with all the damning texts as evidence.

Teacher teacher, what can you teacher me?

Palmitessa was charged with twelve counts initially related to her illicit sexual summer fling with the boy, though this past week she took a guilty plea on three of the counts, and the three years in prison. Assume she’ll get out in half time; still, that’s quite a bit more severe a penalty than, say, Jussie Smollett received, let alone Brentwood neighbor Felicity Huffman will receive for conspiring to fake her kids SAT scores.

Multiple Adults at the Brentwood School Apparently Knew of the Relationship

According to the lawsuit filed by the boy’s family against the famous private school, multiple adults at the school were aware of the relationship between Palmitessa and the boy. At least one other male student at the school had gone to the administration to report that Palmitessa had exchanged highly inappropriate texts with him. The response of the school head was but to tell Palmitessa to “cool it”. Clearly she did not.

Short clip of the infamous Brentwood School party “n-bomb” tape

The lawsuit claims that the boy visited the Brentwood School counselor to share his relationship with Palmitessa in confidence. The counselor allegedly told the boy to “keep it going”. Not bad advice from a buddy, not what you’d expect from a licensed school counselor. Also, illegal under the law where reporting to the authorities of teacher-student sex is mandatory.

Expect that the school for wealthy scions will be paying through the nose in some kind of settlement.

As for Palmitessa, the highly decorated chemistry teacher, her hot loins will be cooling off in the state pen through at least the 2021 New Year’s.

Middle School Girls Planned Mass Murder Spree

Two girls at Avon Park Middle School in Florida were arrested for what appears to be an unlikely plan to murder and burn the bodies of several fellow students. Unlikely in their ability to carry out such a plan; though still detailed in their cutesy folder report they shared secretly between themselves.

Maybe pre-Columbine you could get away with pretending having an action plan on paper to shoot nine classmates was but a lark; not so much when you’re a couple hours drives from Parkland.

A Teacher Overheard the Girls Searching for a Secret Folder

A teacher at Avon Park Middle School came across two students, Delaney M. Barnes and Solonge N. Green, both 14, frantically searching her classroom and other students’ backpacks for a missing folder.

Assume these two students weren’t the kind who go crazy when they lose their homework. So, the teacher took interest in their conversation. She overhead the girls hysterical about being arrested if they couldn’t find a certain folder.

School shootings remain on the forefront of the American Mind since Columbine in 1999.

“I’m just going to tell them it’s a prank if they call me or if they find it,” said Solange Green to her cohort.

The teacher found the folder herself. She noted the first word as she opened it, “Guns”. The folder was titled, “Project 11/9” with the ineffectual warnings “Private Info, Do Not Open”. The teacher immediately handed the folder over to the school cops.

The Kill Folder Was Chock Full of Deadly Plans

Barnes and Green had been up to a rather detailed plan to murder nine of their fellow Avon Park Middle School students. Not randomly, they had written up a kill list by name, or in a couple cases, initials.

The folder contained their plans to obtain firearms, lure and shoot the students on their kill list, and later burn and bury their remains. The plot included a rather detailed level of thinking as to disguises and preventing clues at the scene of the crimes with gloves and hats:

“NO NAILS,” “NO Hair Showing from the moment we put on these clothes we NIGGAS!”

Not particularly politically correct killers at that. The folder also contained information on how many guns would be needed and places where the murders could take place. Some amount of thought went into this middle school murder plot.

Scariest Part May Be That Nobody Suspected These Girls

Of course, since Columbine and events thereafter, actual school shooters have been obviously identifiable loner boy or boys with weapons obsessions and social media accounts expressing their misanthropy. In this case, there were two girls who more than one parent noted were popular and friendly young teens.

It’s likely these two girls were never going to acquire a single weapon or take a single life, or even attempt such a deed. Nevertheless, you simply can’t make school shooting plans on paper without facing dire consequences these days.

Avon Park Middle School, otherwise idyllic Florida middle school

Barnes and Green were arrested and charged with nine counts of conspiracy to commit murder on the nine names in their folder, and three counts of similar to commit kidnapping on the kids they noted they were going to hold hostage. The were charged and held in juvenile court, though that could change depending on future revelations and decisions by prosecutors.

The parents of the nine students named on the kill list were all notified and requested that charges be filed against Barnes and Green. As you might if you found out two chicks at your kids school wrote down plans to kill your son or daughter.

We’ll keep you updated on this case. If for no other than it’s scary AF.

Fresno Middle School Teacher Claims Oral Sex on Student Was Coerced

In the realm of defense strategies for being a middle school teacher arrested for multiple counts of oral sex upon a 13 year old boy, imagine that “he extorted me” is one of the ones that hasn’t worked so well.

Nevertheless, Justine Karen Nelson, 31 at the time (33 now on trial) claims that her middle school student threatened to expose their inappropriate Instagram communications if she didn’t service him sexually. He was 13 into 14 at the time. So you’d have to believe he was a rather scheming young man.

Teacher and Student Exchanged Private Instagram Messages

Nelson, a married mom teacher at the Tenaya Middle School in Fresno and her student, had exchanged numerous Instagram messages between them during the school year leading up to the sex.

During her trial, Nelson claims it was these secret messages, one of which contained a nude photo of herself, that her student threatened to expose if she didn’t serve as his girlfriend, pleasuring him as he requested.

Nelson listens to her attorney during her trial for sex crimes with a minor.

And, naturally, Nelson testified this is exactly why she agreed to oral service her young student, under duress of threat of losing her job and even perhaps custody of her child. At the time she claimed she and husband were close to splitting.

Of course, during cross examination by the prosecutor, Nelson was unable to provide any proof of such threats being made. And the boy in question, now 16 at the time of trial, had a much different story to tell about who came after who. And the net result were multiple bouts of oral sex on the middle school campus.

Nelson Admitted to Everything Wrong Up to the Sex Parts

At trial, Nelson confessed to being wrong on a series of steps along the way before the sex. That would include feeling lonely in her marriage, seeking romantic attention from the boy, exchanging messages including a nude photo, and enjoying the ego boost it gave her. But she remains insistent the sex grossed her out and was only a result of blackmail.

Nelson described the interactions with the boy in terms of him pushing her down on her desk, him pulling down his pants and demanding service, and him extorting her to do so.

What remains is for the jury to decide if her hummers for the boy were a matter of self-defense. If believable, they could mitigate her multiple felony counts for lewd and lascivious acts upon a minor.

It’s Not Just the High School Female Teachers Getting In on the Action

While the strong majority of teacher sex cases we cover involved high school lady teachers, we have seen numerous middle school teachers getting in on the student flesh filled fantasy game:

Kushel knew her boy lover from preschool age until middle school when they took up sexually.

Nebraska middle school teacher, Amy Nowaczyk, faces an uphill legal battle after being arrested for oral sex upon her 13-year old student.

Infamously hot middle school science teacher, Stephanie Peterson, took her 14-year old middle school student and taught him the facts of sex life.

Sexy blonde mom and teacher, Kyle Damato-Kushel, was put to the legal defense when arrested for sex with her middle school student in Connecticut.

N.Y. Teacher at School For Disabled Accused of Lesbian Sexual Affair with Student

It’s not clear what level of disability impacts the student at Manhattan High School in Hell’s Kitchen on the Westside of the Island. It is clear that one of the long-serving teacher’s aides at the school was arrested this past week for a 2-year long lesbian sexual affair with a female student.

Aleida Rosario, 45, was relieved of her duties as a professional at the school in February 2018 after being accused by the girl in the relationship of multiple sexual encounters over her junior and senior year’s at the school. But she wasn’t arrested until this past week on three sex crime charges related to sex with a minor.

Victim Transferred to the High School in 2014

The alleged victim in the case transferred to Rosario’s school as a Sophomore in the Fall of 2014. She and Rosario immediately became close, though no sexual contact is alleged to have occurred during that year.

By the end of that school year, as the girl turned 16, still illegal in New York, police reports indicate Rosario started sending the girl flirty text messages, introducing sexual topics, including discussions of lesbianism. At the time, Rosario was married (presumably based on online photos, with children of her own).

The Manhattan School in Hell’s Kitchen, New York

Over that summer, Rosario invited the girl to stay over at her house in New Jersey. The girl lived with her grandmother who gave permission. You wonder why. But grandma’s aren’t obviously suspicious of sweet and kind female teachers it seems.

Sex Happened That Night for the First Time, And Never Stopped

According to reports, that summer night the girl stayed in her home, Rosario explained to her husband that her student was fearful of the dark and being alone, and she need to share her bed in the guest room.

Presumably, like grandma, the husband didn’t suspect anything either. And on that evening, Rosario allegedly first kissed and performed oral sex on the then 16-year old student.

And the sex never stopped according to police reports. Though Rosario was only charged with three episodes of sexual relations with her teen student, apparently the sex was nearly nonstop for the following two years.

The two additional charged incidents included Rosario receiving oral sex in the back of the school’s cosmetology classroom, and another incident after the student victim received a callback notice from the TV show, The Voice, and the pair celebrated by Rosario going down on the teen. Randy foxes.

The Girl Was Struck By Her Conscience

According to police reports, in 2017, the teen female had a change of heart and opinion on the sexual affair with her teacher and confessed to authorities about the illicit sex. Apparently, Rosario got wind of the confession and urged her teen girlfriend to delete the heck out of every digital communication between the two.

Nevertheless, the cops found enough evidence on the girl’s Google Drive to believe they had their woman. They reported first to The Manhattan School which immediately nixed Rosario from her job.

And one year later, Rosario finds herself out on bail facing some rather serious felonies related to her sexual peccadilloes. Maybe not so minor in the context of both the law and working at a school for disabled children, but perhaps in the grander scheme of oral sexual affairs.

Lauren Wilder Arrested for Sex Atop the Cincinnati SkyStar Wheel

Here’s the short form side story to every carnival attraction ever built — couples are going to have sex on it. It’s not exactly clear what attracts especially drunk couples to take a turn having a turn on rides, but since their invention, that’s what’s been happening.

Lauren Wilder, 31, and her boyfriend, Michael Mathisen, 31, were busted for being drunk and humping on the SkyStar Wheel set up in Cincinnati’s downtown. It’s a portable attraction designed to move from city to city, and presumably, provide sex spots for inebriated couples.

Sky Star Wheel offers views of downtown Cincinnati
and couples going at it one gondola over.

Lauren Wilder Busted for Disorderly Conduct

Cincinnati cops seem to have a better sense of humor than other jurisdictions because upon arresting the couple for having sex in one of the SkyStar’s enclosed gondolas, they merely slapped them with disorderly conduct charges. And that included the drunk part too.

According to irate and excessively concerned parents on the ground, Wilder and her boyfriend’s sexcapades could have been seen by children. It was after all only 6pm in the evening when the couple were scrumping in the window-laden gondola.

In some locales, they’d be looking to slap some sex crimes charges on couples for putting on a public sex act. So credit to the local 5-0 for scaring the bejesus out of the couple then releasing them on their own recognizance after a stern lecture and some booking photos.

Some Couples Dig the Sex in Public Thrill

We’ve covered a number of cases of women and their favorite male-friend going at it in a public spot, even often with families and children in the immediate vicinity:

Ashley Carrelli and her beau were aroused by jungle gyms and monkey bars apparently.

Martina Loosemore, you may make fun of her name, and her special lady friend, were busted in a park in England going at it like two, well, horndogs of the female variety.

Desiree Anderson had the temerity to have sex with her ex-husband of all people at the Wisconsin State Fair. She smiled for the cellphones taking her video.

Ashley Carrelli and her boyfriend decided being across the street from an elementary school playground was the best place to have some morning sex in Canton, Ohio.

Maxim Model Arrested in Murder of Her Older Male ‘Benefactor’

For those unaware, skin magazine models largely make their money by selling sexy merchandise to fans and finding wealthier older men to sponsor their expenses. Imagine the DeMedici family sponsoring Michelangelo. Then imagine they are doing so less for the arts, and more so they can have sex with Michelangelo when they’re in town.

Blonde bombshell model, Kelsey Turner, 25, was arrested this past week in Stockton, California, for the murder of Thomas Burchard, 71, an older child psychiatrist who until not long before his own demise, was paying for the housing costs of Turner, her mom, and Turner’s little kids.

Burchard Helped Turner Out Financially For At Least a Year

After having met online, that place where septuagenerian doctors meet breast implanted 25-year old nude models, Burchard reportedly paid for the lease on a home in Salina, California for Turner.

Having my own shameful past working with women such as Kelsey Turner and other Playboy models, I can tell you that none of them were paying their own rent. Or for their cars. Or allowances that arrived in their bank accounts monthly. Make of that what you will. Also, forget that you shall ever be so fortunate. Of course, you’ll never be expected to perform oral sex routinely on a wealthy Saudi businessman, so it’s not all bad news.

Kelsey Turner was a former Miss Jetset
(c. Jetset Magazine,

In addition to the house expenses, Burchard was reportedly funding Turner to the turn of “four thousand dollars easily” a week for expenses. In short, Burchard was paying for everything, even as Kelsey Turner appeared to have an on-again, off-again boyfriend relationship with a man who was routinely abusing her.

Burchard Cut Turner Off, And Things Went South

At some point, Burchard cut Turner off from his patron cash. The house lease was terminated and the allowance money stopped flowing. You might imagine why an older doctor would cut off his leech of a model younger sort of girlfriend, so imagine that. You’re probably on the right track.

According to reports, this cut-off likely sent Kelsey Turner back into the arms of her violent boyfriend who was later arrested for strangulation. Though those charges were later dropped and chalked up to a misunderstanding. Which is an odd kind because it seems like you did or you didn’t when it comes to strangulation. Not much gray area.

Kelsey Turner appeared in a Maxim magazine contest and a Playboy online photo, but the extent of her professional modeling work remains rather unclear.

Burchard seemed to take personal responsibility for the decline of his former buxom apprentice. That may be what led him to travel to Las Vegas in March to meet with Turner. Contrary to the movie title, Burchard would never again leave Las Vegas.

Burchard’s Body Found in the Trunk of a Car Outside Vegas

The good and naive doctor’s body was found stuffed into the trunk of his car along a state route outside of Las Vegas in mid-March. The evidence that pointed to Turner in his murder remains unclear. The specific evidence at least; there’s tons of general evidence she was milking him for cash and he had cut her off.

You’d wonder how a woman of Turner’s stature, despite her implants, would find the gumption to stuff a full grown dead man into the trunk of a car. This might imply she had some help, though at this time, Kelsey Turner alone has been arrested for the murder of Thomas Burchard.

Kelsey Turner was arrested in Stockton, CA, to be extradited to Clark County, NV

There’s likely a moral, if not practical, lesson in this story about being a rich old man and becoming involved in the raucous and seedy life of a young pinup model. In general, call yourself Chuck, give an even phonier address, and try to be on your way as soon as it’s over. The “relationship” angle to these May-December hooker-john tales never ever ends well.

Edna Mabel Longoria The Latest Texas Teacher Arrested for Sex With Student

Is it even possible that yet another Texas female teacher has been arrested for sexual relations with one of her teen students? Oh, it’s possible. And it has happened, in what seems like now a near daily occurrence in the State of Texas alone. The lady teachers down there are all kinds of lust-crazed lawbreakers and they don’t seem to care.

In the latest arrest, Edna Mabel Longoria, 39, a health sciences teacher at Mission Veterans’ Memorial High School in Mission, Texas, was taken into custody, charged with improper relationship between an educator and student. Namely, Longoria is charged with multiple instances of sexual intercourse with a 17-year old student at the school.

Student Claims He Had Sex With Longoria in Her Classroom; Biological Fluids Located

A student at the school tipped off school administrators of the alleged sexual relations between Edna Mabel Longoria and her teen student. It’s unclear if this student is the very same student victim of Longoria’s sexual proclivities or a third party.

School administrators, as they’ve learned from so many previous cases in the state, immediately informed the local police officer assigned to the school, who immediately launched an investigation.

According to the police report, the kid in question informed the school cop that he’d had sex with Longoria multiple times, in her classroom at the school. Investigators following up with an affidavit, discovered “multiple biological fluids” in the classroom. Make of that what you will. But you should make of it, male ejaculate.

Naturally, the Student Produced Sexual Text Messages and Snaps from His Teacher

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times to these lascivious lady teachers stalking their teen boys — don’t send naughty texts and naked selfies.

While in this case, “biological fluids” were retrieved, in general, there’s little direct evidence of these illicit sexual affairs outside of these obligatory, and impossible to defend, nude and raunchy photos and texts sent from teacher to student. Hard to deny those as a clear sign you’re up to no good.

Veterans’ Memorial High School, Mission, Texas

Imagine the moment when the police lay those out for the teacher. There goes the defense. As you might imagine, Longoria immediately turned herself into police after learning of their evidence. She was also placed on administrative leave from the school pending outcome of her case which could result in prison up to 20 years. Though that never seems to be the outcome.

Texas, C’mon, You Are A Hotbed of Hot Teachers Making Hot Love to Students

While it may seem rather joking how we make fun of Texas for their inordinate number of teacher sex predator arrests, it’s also right there in your face truth. There are a ton of such arrests in the past few years in Texas. An inexplicable number by mere random stats.

While scientists with sharper minds might tell you why, we merely recall the recent cases of:

Heather Lee Robertson accused of having had sex with four teen boys,
including two at one time.

Wesley Dawn Lawless was arrested in East Texas for full-on sexual relations with her 18-year old male student. He may seem legal, but he wasn’t.

Veteran Texas middle school teacher, Julie Jenkens Brewer, in her 40’s, was arrested for sending naughty Snapchats to one of her tender-aged students at school.

Heather Lee Robertson, a kindergarten teacher in Lufkin, Texas, was accused of having sex with four different high school boys. Not in her class obviously, but a teacher is a teacher and this was still a crime. Also, impressive.

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