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Amy Murray Arrested for Murdering Her Husband So She Could Be With Prison Inmate Boyfriend

source link This is one of those really hard to believe tales of stupid love that would be even harder to believe if you hadn’t just finished watching Showtime’s docu-drama, Escape at Dannemora, where nearly the same plot occurs. A female jail employee falls for a murderous lifer inmate and winds up wanting to kill her husband. Though in the Showtime movie the husband lives; in the case of jail nurse, Amy Murray, 40, the husband didn’t make it. According to arrest reports, Amy’s husband Joshua died in a fire this past December that was set intentionally by his wife to cover up his poisoning by antifreeze. The murder investigation launched when the medical examiner determined that Mr. Murray was dead before the “accidental” fire started and burned him alive in the couple’s home in Iberia, Missouri. The fire department had already concluded that accelerant had been used in the course of the fire, therefore it was already known to be arson. Amy Murray had attempted to cover her tracks by igniting the blaze, then driving her unsuspecting son and the family dogs to McDonald’s for dinner, to return home just in time (as in, too late) to call the fire department and report the fire.

cheap propecia no prescription Police grew suspicious of Murray’s involvement in her husband’s death and began tracking her personal relationships, which led them to phone calls between herself and Eugene Claypool, a lifer in the Jefferson City Correctional Facility where Murray worked as a civilian nurse. Claypool was in the clink for the 2000 stabbing death of an old dude who had recently won the State Lottery. So, clearly an eligible bachelor. Based on recorded phone calls, it soon became clear that Amy Murray and Claypool had a thing going on, making plans for the future, including the quick exit of the construction worker husband, and Amy Murray helping Claypool gaining some kind of prison release. No, not that kind of release. Well, maybe.

lasix furosemide discussions Murray was arrested this past week for the murder of her husband. First-degree murder, meaning she’s not bested her new beau in the penal code. She was granted bail of $750,000 and bonded out of County while awaiting further proceedings. Not all states take their first degree murder bail super seriously. She is sort of a plotting woman who fell for a prisoner and planned the devious murder of her husband. But the streets are probably safe as she strategizes her and her killer boyfriend’s escape.

does levitra pills work on women Ah, love. Who can explain it’s mysterious ways.

Kate Scottow Arrested for ‘Misgendering’ and ‘Deadnaming’ A Trans-woman on Twitter First, let’s get this out of the way — England. They aren’t so super different than the United State in many ways. In fact, we owe our system of jurisprudence to the Brits. But we’ve surpassed the Old Country in terms of liberal freedoms granted to the citizenry some centuries ago. Including that right to Free Speech. It’s far more curtailed and limited across the pond. Not only are the libel laws far more broad and heavily enforced, but there are often criminal complications for individuals violating speech restrictions.

watch Kate Scottow, 38, of Hertfordshire in England was arrested following an online argument with a trans-woman, Stephanie Hayden, in which Hayden claims Scottow repeatedly called her a “man”, “deadnamed” her, which is your word of the day and means referring to a trans-person by their previous gender and name identity, and all around was super mean and harassing in a argument over transgenderism. It’s unclear from the precise nature of the charges if Scottow was arrested at her home by police for what you might call “general harassment” or if she was arrested because “misgendering” is automatically tantamount to harassment, but either way, Scottow was arrested in front of her kids, brought down to the station, booked, printed, and spent seven hours in a holding cell.

click here Scottow’s position vis-a-vis her argument was that it’s not possible for a person to change genders as a simple matter of choice. Science seems to have her back on that one. Hayden clearly felt differently, and clearly politics has her back on that end. So, they tussled, and perhaps Scottow wouldn’t quit, she certainly was using at least two separate Twitter accounts to go after Hayden, and Hayden filed a complain and had her arrested.

source link There’s still a ton to sort out her as to a legal ruling, as in, if you simple call a trans-woman a “man” or “Fred Smith” or whatever their name used to be, is that a crime, or is it only a crime if you do it insistently, and beyond some level where it becomes stalking and harassing? It’s super unclear because I don’t think the British people are super clear on these laws themselves, as they’ve flooded into existence in the past several years. Worth noting that many locales and states in the U.S. have similar such measures, though none of them have been tested Constitutionally and seem unlikely to pass that muster, somewhere down the chain.

Christian School Teacher, Andrea Nicole Baber, Receives 20 Months for Sex With 15-Year Old Student

does not work generic free levitra You may recall the case of Andrea Nicole Baber, then 30, the music teacher at a Christian school in Oregon who late in December of 2017 was arrested on multiple charges related to an ongoing sexual relationship with a 15-year old boy at the parochial school. The affair was uncovered by others when the parents of the boy received nude photos of their son and Baber which seemingly came from Baber’s then husband who had walked in on the two at their home in the midst of their illegal tryst. At the time we wondered why the husband sent the evidence to the kid’s home instead of the police; that remains an unexplained matter.

go site Regardless, all of the charges (including providing the kid booze an weed, as any good Christian school teacher will do) were dropped, save for three counts of third degree sexual assault, which was how Baber copped and ended and this proceeding. This week she was sentenced to 20 months in prison on those three counts and she’s likely going to lose her clear path to heaven, not to mention her ability to teach children ever again.

prezzo Viagra generico 100 mg online At the time of the arrest, we reminded people that while there may be some cosmic generalization that less illicit sex occurs at religious schools, there’s no evidence to support such a claim, and in fact, the very public matter of at least the Catholic Church in relation to young teen might suggest it’s the opposite. That being said, nobody suspect the married Christian school music teacher of engaging in reckless and wild illicit sexual relationships with teen boys. At least not until she’s arrested and pleads guilty to such. The rules are, there are no rules.

Newark Teacher’s Aide Arrested for Sexual Intercourse With 14-Year Old

drug like viagra over counter Apparently, not every teen has boring Winter Breaks. We’ve covered a few stories now where teacher and students were found to have been getting it on over this past December break. I used to be bored out of my skull and my folks would make me clean the garage. Little did I know some of my school chums were being wound up like sex toys by female teachers during the Yuletide.

brand viagra usa pharmacy Liz Perez, 31, a teacher’s aide at the Dr. William H. Horton School in Newark, a K-8 program, was arrested this week for an alleged sexual tryst with a 14-year old student at the school over this past year end break. This get-together happened on at least one occasion and involved sexual intercourse at Perez’ residence. That’s not the kind of charge you make up lightly. The full monty and at the teacher’s home. Though Perez is innocent until proven guilty; or as in most of these cases, cops a plea.

how to buy cialis in canada Perez was charged with sexual assault based on the age of the child involved in her sexual foray, and endangering the welfare of a child potentially for being on top? Seems like an unnecessary double whammy charge considering the underling statutory rape, but multiple charges do make for quicker plea concessions. A detention hearing will be held on February 11th, wherein Perez may say something like, “Hey, all the other lady teachers are getting their share of the youngin’s, why not me?” Though as a guy who used to get high in the back behind his college’s law school, I wouldn’t recommend that as a strong legal defense.

Danielle Redlick Finally Arrested for Murdering Her Husband

generic free viagra Changing your story about what happened between you and the dead guy next to you stabbed to death on the floor will always get cops super suspicious. Doing so while already being on probation for being drunk and fighting with a cop, being drunk again this time, waiting a full evening to call the cops, and claiming the dead man, your husband, stabbed himself to death, well that might as well seal your arrest. Though Winter Park police in Florida took a solid three weeks from the incident until the time they arrested Danielle Redlick, 45, for the murder of her older husband, Michael Redlick, 65.

source site Michael Redlick was known well in Winter Park, both as a University of Central Florida sports mucky-muck, but also a guy who ways back helped usher the NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies franchise into their new hometown. Now he’s known as the guy who fought with his wife, Danielle, and ended up bleeding out on the floor of the home he shared with her and their two children. Sad circumstances.

other fertility drugs like clomid side Redlick’s story to police flipped many times, even merely the first time she called 9-1-1 the morning after the stabbing occurred and while her husband was already cold on the floor in a pool of blood. Redlick claimed she was the victim of his abuse, that he was antagonizing her, that she grabbed a knife merely to ward him off, that he grabbed the knife, and wouldn’t you know, stabbed himself to death. When pressed on the issue of the self-stabbing cause of death, Danielle Redlick stated that perhaps he actually died of a heart attack, brought on of course, by him stabbing himself in the shoulder.

viagra pfizer online To make matters worse, or what you might call a prosecutor’s dream, the kitchen floor smelled of bleach and somebody appeared to have initially tried to clean up the blood spill prior to the cops arriving the next morning. Also, Danielle Redlick had erased all text messages between herself and her husband, and, wouldn’t you know, a couple hours before calling the cops to report her dead husband, was on a dating site looking for her next Mr. Right. It almost makes you wonder why the Winter Park police took so long to arrest her for second degree murder. Though with wealthier suspects you do need to make sure your ducks are all lined up as legal counsel will be stiff for the defense, and with claims already to battered spouse and self-defense likely to be floated about.

37-Year Old Michigan Teacher Put on Leave for Snapchat Flirting with 17-Year Old Student

Apparently, and probably for the better, it’s not a crime for a grown female teacher to flirt with her underaged students online. You obviously can’t ever touch, and you can’t be sexually overt or send nude selfies or ask for the same, but if you want to do google-eyed suggestive emojis and kissing avatars with a teen student, all they can really do is suspend you. Nice to know.

A 37-year old female teacher at Tecumseh High School in Michigan did just that. As always, this social media private messaging affair began on Snapchat. It’s the place to go when looking for underaged student flesh filled fantasies. The teacher heavily used emojis or bitmojis which are animated emojis to send schoolgirlish type cutesy come-ons to two students in her class beginning last Fall. With one student, the iconography got a bit more racy, and started to include text exchanges, such as the teacher asking the boy when he was on vacation, “Would you ever…?”, and when the boy noted his confusion, his teacher wrote, “Oh, you know” with a winking emoji. It’s clear the student wanted her to back off with the online seduction, at which point his teacher laments she’ll have to settle for just flirting with him.

Of course the student eventually told a buddy that his teacher was sending him saucy messages and that buddy told his mom who told somebody at the school and the investigation began. The inquiry was led by the school cop, aka the school resource officer. The teacher initially denied pretty much everything or anything that might be out of bounds, though she admitted she likes to run her class “PG-13”, whatever the heck that means. Probably not the best response.

Since Snapchat keeps no record of the conversations, the school cop went off what he was told about the nature of the messages, and eventually the teacher agreed, in the least, that perhaps her messages were inappropriate or could be taken the wrong way, while naturally being super innocent. Certainly she’d never ever have sex with her teen student. Or at least we’ll never know since the boy gave her the Heisman and cut her off at the pass. But assume there’s a solid chance she would’ve gone for the forbidden fruit had it complied.

But, teach didn’t reach the goal line, meaning, there was no evidence of a crime being committed. Merely some really poor judgement. That means she’s not being named publicly and she’s being put on administrative leave, which means she’s still being paid while the process weans its way through the union obstacle course.

(In what may just be an completely unrelated matter, it was but two weeks ago the Tecumseh Public Schools Superintendent, Kelly Coffin, was herself put on administrative leave from the District in a bit of a mysterious midnight departure.)

Porn Star Mercedes Carrera and Boyfriend Arrested For Sexually Abusing Young Girl (Possibly on Camera)

We know where porn stars exist on the human food chain, but we rightfully continue to not be super hypocrites about the whole thing and pretend we’re for their general prohibition as a species. It’s that Catch-22 where you can only mock their grossness for so long before you have to assess your own place in this world as a consumer of their product. Likely for free.

Of course, all of that leniency goes out the window when these inevitably low-life-by-occupation individuals become involved in crimes. These are typically running drugs, knowingly transmitting HIV, thievery, and the occasional assaults. Every now and then, these miscreants criminally excel to the point that they ought be taken down like a rabid dog or an super annoying in-law. Such is the case with porn star, Mercedes Carrera.

Carrera, 35, real name Melinda Smith, which makes you wonder about her whole Latina character presentation, was arrested this week along with her porn producing boyfriend, Jason Whitney, 43, related to the sexual abuse of a child under the age of a ten. It’s believe the child is a girl, but her relationship to Carrera and Whitney is unclear at this time. The rather brave girl from Rancho Cucamonga, California, opened up to her parents that these two had been sexually molesting her on multiple occasions; the parents went to the cops; the cops went to the home of Carrera and Whitney and found what they are asserting is evidence that backs up what the child is claiming.

“The sexual abuse consisted of inappropriate touching, oral copulation, and digital penetration, which occurred over four months.” 

– Rancho Cucamonga P.D.

Whether or not that evidence of a sex crime relates to the porn video production space in the couple’s home or not remains to be seen. If you believe that depravity has no depths, assume it does.

Not quite the same look in mugshots on Meth as in glossy photos

Additionally upon searching the abode, the cops found meth and guns, because those two go together like birds of a feather, despite the fact that their actual combo is a double crime in the state of California. The couple were hauled off to the County jail where they both entered not-guilty pleas prior to their arraignment next week. They were not granted bond.

There’s this Utopian dream pushed jointly by hardcore feminists and “johns” that sex workers are just like you and me, happy-go-lucky, trades people who have made an adult decision about their particular occupation. The libertarian in you may tell you that there’s certainly no right of a government to prevent adult persons from doing with their bodies what they please. It does largely for me. But with this expansive liberty comes the enlightened responsibility of owning up to the real crass and gross nature of this business and the people in it. Lecture over.

UPDATE: Court Upholds the Conviction Against Michelle Carter Who Encouraged Friend to Kill Himself

It’s been a long road for the Michelle Carter case. This is the then 17-year old Connecticut girl who routinely texted her 18-year old depressed and suicidal male friend that, basically, he ought to sack up and get it over with. During the trial on charges of involuntary manslaughter, prosecutors presented evidence of these contacts where Carter, who herself suffered from depression, seemed to heavily egg Conrad Roy toward his ultimate demise. They included as evidence a message Carter sent to a friend after Roy’s death by asphyxiation in his car where Carter suggest she’s to blame because Roy quit halfway through his suicide attempt and Carter pushed him toward getting back into the monoxide filled vehicle.

At the time, the media and others framed the story as some heartless, horrible, blonde mean girl who was toying gleefully with the life of a troubled teen boy. That seems less likely than what appears to have been a quite troubled girl herself perhaps pushing this messed up boy to do what she herself wanted for hero own fate. But that’s complicated. In the interim, the jury found Carter guilty in 2017 of involuntary manslaughter for her callous disregard for Roy’s fatal situation. Carter had been out on bail this time awaiting appeal from a Massachusetts courts which this week upheld the conviction.

Michelle Carter had faced 20 years in prison for encouraging
her boyfriend to kill himself. (Family photo)

Carter’s attorneys had argued essentially that you can’t kill somebody with words alone and that suggesting there is a responsibility for homicide from mere words has a chilling effect on First Amendment rights. The prosecutors, and judges eventually, agreed that this wasn’t an encroachment on Carter’s right to Free Speech, but rather a conviction based completely on the circumstance of the matter and her not notifying anybody who could have intervened in Roy’s death. So, her crime was not pushing him toward offing himself, it was that she did nothing about it knowing that he was in the process of doing just that. Conviction stands.

Carter, now 22, faces serving her fifteen month prison sentence as soon as a massive amount of paperwork is complete.

Female Teacher in Ohio Arrested for Sexual Relations With 15-Year Old Boy Over Winter Break

Heather Henry, 47, taught until quite recently, as in, the time of her arrest, at the Immaculate Conception School, a K-6 faith based school in Western Ohio. Three counts of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor can put a real hitch in your teaching career.

According to the arrest records, Henry engaged rather intimately with a 15-year old boy, not a student in her grade school, though unknown if a former student, over this most recent Winter Break. Obviously, the season can be bleak and cold for many people. However, there’s nothing in the law that says you’re allowed to commit statutory rape to counter the effects of seasonal depression. Henry’s marital and family situation are unknown, other than to say being arrested for sexually assaulting a young boy is probably not going to improve whatever it is.

Henry was booked into the local Mercer County Jail, until she posted bail on a $100,000 bond. As a female teacher these days, you really want to have that bond collateral well-thought out just in case you succumb to the urgers of so many of your teacher peers across this land. Young flesh has taken hold of these ladies like Walking Dead perverts.

if you can’t imagine being a parent receiving an email from the principal or super about a teacher at your kid’s school being arrested for having sex with a young teen student, imagine it. It’s now becoming a routine part of the American educational system. Like school shootings, only the rape things happens 500x more often.

Ciarra Hunter Arrested For Revenge Porn on Her Female Friend

As a general rule, don’t take nude photos of yourself or let others do so with a cellphone camera. The odds this comes back to bite you are relatively infinite against the zero percent chance they aid you in any way, assuming you’re not selling what’s in the photo. As a follow-on rule, don’t share those nude photos online with anybody, no matter how much he says he digs you or how cool he looks in that leather jacket. Trust me, he will have sex with you even if you only send partially clothed photos.

Among the rules that follow from the above, if you’ve skipped the first two rules, don’t give any third party access to the account where you host such nudes. Even a female friend. Because while revenge porn’s bogeyman is always the image of some angry or jealous ex-boyfriend, trust that women can be equally or more venomous when you’ve scored them and they have access to your nudes.

Such is the case of Ciarra Hunter, of Tulsa, Oklahoma, arrested this past week for accessing her friend’s Snapchat account with credentials given to her previously by her friend and sharing her friend’s nude photos across numerous destinations, including to her friend’s parent’s email. That stings. No parent should have to know what their grown kids are doing with their private time social media accounts and naughty selfies. Apparently, Hunter and her friend got into a feud, the friend forgot Hunter had access to her account, and away we go.

What used to be called being a huge a-hole is now called revenge porn. Hunter was arrested for non consensual dissemination of private sexual images, a.k.a., revenge porn. That really is a better and far more dramatic name. Though I doubt her folks are in love with the title.

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