Sequoyah Collins Arrested in DUI Crash That Killed a Child The blonde oft-bikini clad social media sharer and fairly recent University of Kentucky grad was booked on a DUI, with more charges possible, after speeding through a red at 3 am and plowing into an Acura. For whatever reason, a family of six was out at that hour this past very early Friday morning, with four grade-school kids in the back.

Blue Bell Ice Cream Licker Facing Hard Prison Time We will never have another Greatest Generation. Not that today’s teens and young 20-somethings are intellectually inferior to their similar demographic of yore, they are simply driven by an entire ludicrous set of self-attention principles. Social media is responsible for driving that lesser angel characteristic through the roof.

Pastor’s Wife and Kindergarten Teacher Arrested for Sex With High School Student

Shannon Griffin, 49, a kindergarten teacher at the K-12 Jordan Baptist School southwest of Chicago, was arrested for sexual relations with a junior at the small high school portion of the school. There are only 100 kids in total, K-12, not a great place to keep secrets. (The actual number is hard to find since Jordan Baptist seems to be suffering a coincidental outage of their website today.)

New Jersey Sister Kills Her Twin Over a Dude

Anytime a news story starts out with a 27-year old single mother of three, one child as old as 12, I’m pretty sure what follows will not be an inspiring happy ending. When that same individual is hanging out drinking at 4 am, that is most assuredly going to be an unkind conclusion.

Female Bible Teacher in Florida Gets Prison for Sex With Teen Male Student

The arms of Lady Justice move fast in the State of Florida. It was but this past April when we reported that Suzanne Owen, a married 35-year old teacher at Evangelical Christian School was arrested for sexual battery of a teen boy. The boy’s precise age is not mentioned, but based on the charging, he’s between 12 and 18. At any number, in Florida, that’s a felony for teachers.