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Woman Sentenced For Participating In Deadly Bar Fight

Laurie Henner has been sentenced for her role in stirring up a fight that ended in the death of a popular East Coast musician.

Laure Henner was out with her sister, Mandy Patch, and a few friends, drinking at Gary’s Sports Bar in Rochester, New Hampshire on the fateful night of January 31. These friends included Eric Langlais and Tammy Ledoux. Also at the bar that night was James Unfonak, 44, who was well-known as the drummer of a popular local band called Bang N Jane. Laurie claimed to police James was being rude to her friends, in particular, Tammy. Whatever this alleged rudeness was, it was enough that Laurie texted her sister saying that she intended to “fuck” James up at the end of the night.

James Unfonak (Image: Facebook)
James Unfonak (Image: Facebook)

Through Laurie, Mandy and Eric were removed from the, and despite the fact that a bouncer walked James to his car, James still wasn’t safe. Eric popped out and hit James in his side. When James whirled around and put his hands up, Eric slugged him in the jaw so hard that he fell to the ground, cracking his head on the cement. This blow would lead to James’ death.

Tammy would later tell police that Laurie made up the supposed drama, and that James had never said anything to her, let alone anything rude. James was not only well-known, but seemingly well-liked by his fellow community members.

Gary's Bar (Image: WMUR9)
Gary’s Bar (Image: WMUR9)

While Eric is awaiting manslaughter charges, Laurie will spend up to a year in jail for her role in the altercation. Laurie was not charged directly in James’ death, as she never touched him. However, because she and Eric both waited outside the bar for the same malevolent purpose, she was charged with felony rioting. In 2011, Laurie was charged with stabbing a man with a steak knife. It was not a particularly serious injury.

Image: Rochester PD

Enriqueta Martí i Ripollés: Spanish Child Murderess And One Of The Most Frightening People Ever

Enriqueta Marti, Spanish Serial Killer

Enriqueta Martí i Ripollés — we’ll just call her Enriqueta to go easy on the accent marks — is a serial killer of children, who haunted Spain during the early 1900s. Active during a serious population boon in Barcelona’s history, Enriqueta was able to use the influx to her advantage, procuring victims from poverty-stricken families. She practiced witchcraft and was referred to as “the vampire of Barcelona,” with good reason.

Enriqueta initially fell under suspicion of authorities for running brothels with child sex workers. They didn’t realize at the time — or perhaps, didn’t want to realize — that she was also killing and dismembering the victims for use in her salves and potions. When Enriqueta’s crimes were finally brought to the forefront, police were able to trace her different locations and find at least three houses harboring human remains. Most of the victims ranged in age from infancy to 9 years old.

As is often the case with serial murderers, conspiracies abounded as to how Enriqueta could escape justice for as long as she did. It is said that she had many prominent clients — doctors, lawyers, politicians, etc. — who had unhealthy sexual appetites and that great efforts were taken on the part of the guilty to keep the full scope of Enriqueta’s crimes from coming to light. Guilt by association, you might say.

The public, however, was not willing to turn a blind eye. After Enriqueta tried taking her own life while in prison, there was outcry to keep her alive so that she could be tried, convicted, and executed for her crimes. There was also interest from law enforcement to keep her breathing so the exact number of her victims would not die with her. All these efforts were for naught, however.

On May 12, 1913, an uprising of inmates targeted Enriqueta and lynched her on a prison patio. She was 45 years old.

The short film La Ropavejera (trailer above) offers a chilling look at what it might have been like to live in Enriqueta’s “home.” She has more often shown up in literature with the latest major work being the Marc Pastor novel Barcelona Shadows.

(Featured Image: Wikipedia Commons)

Jamee Hiatt Was a Prolific Boy Humper, Err, Teacher

We’re getting to the point in this female teachers jumping their boy students that you can’t tell the players without a program. Man, that expression really dates me. So I’m obviously too old for the instructor likes of Jamee Hiatt, a married wife and mom of two who at 32 decided it was time to take up with her barely pubescent young male student at her school. And not just take up with, but really build a regular relationship where Jamee was providing the boy from a seemingly troubled background with money and a phone and ultimately offered to adopt him when his dad went to prison. Hence, the seemingly troubled background.

Of course, there was also the sex. The intimate portion of the relationship went on for twenty months. Not merely occasional jaunts to the parking lot or Hiatt’s home, but…

…so many times that he couldn’t begin to tell how many times that there were.

There goes your remorse for a stupid one-time incident defense. Sex marathons with your middle school student are not going to fly in any nation where you can get basic cable television.

On top of the serial statutory rape, Hiatt happened to lend a gun to the boy she was teaching and bedding. Having sex with a thirteen year old boy is pretty indefensible. Giving him a gun, which you conveniently later report as missing, that one’s hard to explain merely by way of a case of the hornies and a touch of bipolar or whatever term will be raised during the trial. The gun was later passed on to a third party who used it in commission of a felony. In the legal defense community, this is referred to as a cluster fuck.

For the sum total of her shenanigans, Jamee Hiatt is looking at life in prison come January. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. The same would go for young boys in your class. Understanding that maybe you’re sick of your husband and your two little kids are taxing and trying, but this is why they invented liquor and even flings with teachers with bad mustaches. There are places to hide that won’t get you 25 to life. When did women become so much like men?

Thanksgiving Day Arson: Woman Allegedly Set Fire To Her Own Home Over Domestic Dispute

Bremerton Arson Leads To Arrest

Every Thanksgiving Day, it seems there is some nut job waiting to occupy the darker side of news headlines. This year, Bremerton, Wash., police may have found that nut job, arresting a 21-year-old woman for suspected arson. While details are still unclear, the woman, who was not named in this report from KOMO News, allegedly had an argument with her husband and used a propane torch to set a couch on fire. Things got a little crazy after that. The husband was reportedly at work when the fire was set, and if he has any sense, he’s now at a lawyer’s office weighing options.

Neighborhood witnesses told the news site they were “shocked” the blaze turned out to be arson. They described the woman as “screaming and crying” in a distraught manner that seemed to suggest a grease fire. Believable enough. After all, if you’re frying a turkey, things can get a little dangerous. No indication that’s the case here, though.

The woman was treated for smoke inhalation at a local hospital, then spirited to the nearest jail cell where she posted a $100,000 bail on Friday morning. Reports stated she had been drinking at the time of the fire and that prior to setting her couch ablaze, she damaged it with a knife. (Anyone who thinks this couch had nothing to do with the argument, well, you’re no Sherlock Holmes.)

Unfortunately, the fire did turn deadly, killing the family dog as the flames consumed the home. A neighbor said he feared the blaze might carry over and set his own house on fire. A second neighbor said she was “very lucky she’s not facing some homicide charges.” It’s not clear at this time why the woman’s name hasn’t been released to the press, but if you’re in the Bremerton area, just look for the charred out remains of a home in the 1500 block of Perry Avenue, and you’ll probably be able to figure it all out from there.

So, how was your Thanksgiving, everyone?

(Featured Image contributed on-scene to Q13 Fox)

Jersey Woman Wasn’t Joking When She Said She Wanted To Stab Husband

Margaret Mazurczyk did not have a happy Thanksgiving. She’s accused of stabbing her husband, Stanley Mazurczyk, 54, in the couple’s Jersey City apartment just after midnight on Friday morning.

Neighbors say that the couple was prone to fights, but none as horrific as the one that claimed Stanley’s life. One neighbor, Jacqueline Hanna, said she lives down the hall from the apartment where the fatal stabbing occurred. She said that they were always screaming at each other about money, and that Margaret would often throw pots and pans at her husband while he tried to escape her. Oftentimes, she said Stanley would sleep in his car to avoid her after she would kick him out. Somehow, their marriage had endured 30 years, literally ending with the “death do us part” thing. Jacqueline told reporters that Margaret told her she wanted to stab Stanley, but that she’d assumed Margaret was merely joking at the time.

What is odd is that this first Thanksgiving in what will apparently become Trump’s America was particularly violent in New Jersey, but perhaps not over too much politics around the turkey. A man in Monroe, NJ shot himself after an unsuccessful attempt to kill his girlfriend and her 9-year-old son. Robert Long shot his girlfriend Melissa Cakmak in the torso and the boy in the hand. They were both able to flee. He is believed to have committed suicide after they left. On Black Friday, also in New Jersey, a man was shot and killed in the parking lot of a Macy’s store at 1 a.m., while his brother was shot in the leg and is expected to survive.

Stay safe out there.

Florida Woman Tried To Get Houseguests To Leave By Shooting Them

Here is a story that, like many others, could only happen in the beautiful state of Florida.

Alana Anette Savell, 32, of Bay County is charged with going to extreme measures to get rid of some houseguests that had overstayed their welcome. Police say she wanted a man and a woman to leave her home and when they did not, she took out a 22-caliber handgun and began shooting at them. She struck the woman in the leg, which, to Alana’s credit, did get the woman to leave. According to Alana, she had wanted the guests to get lost because they were drunk and being loud. We’ve all been there, Alana.

Police say that it was Alana’s boyfriend who told her to shoot them. He even had a system for this kind of situation. He said that he told Alana that if she asked someone to leave three times and they did not do as she said, she should get her gun and shoot at the ground. If that too was unsuccessful, she should shoot their legs.

Unfortunately, or perhaps hilariously, Alana’s boyfriend was also shot in the leg during in the incident.

They seem fun. (Image: Facebook)
They seem fun. (Image: Facebook)

Perhaps Alana and her man had taken a cue from LaVeyan Satanism, in which rules 3 and 4 deal with appropriate behavior when it someone else’s house: Rule 3, When in another’s lair, show them respect or else do not go there; Rule 4, If a guest in your lair annoys you, treat them cruelly and without mercy.

Or perhaps they’re just taking a cue from Florida’s controversial stand-your-ground law. Of course, as convoluted as that law is, the person you shoot must be threatening you in some way, not just irritating you with their drunken shenanigans.

Image: Bay County Sheriff’s Office

Mother Allegedly Murdered Children After Her Husband Filed For Divorce

Custody battles are often fierce, but one Indiana mother decided she’d rather see her kids dead than with her ex.

Brandi Worley, 30, is charged with stabbing both of her children in order to prevent their father from gaining custody. She phoned 9-1-1 at nearly 5 a.m. last Thursday morning and told them she’d killed her kids and had stabbed herself. When police arrived, they found her two children, 7-year-old Tyler and 3-year-old Charlee, in their bedroom with deep wounds to their throats. Brandi had stabbed herself in the neck as well, as she’d told the dispatcher, but she survived.

Tyler and Charlee (Image: Facebook)
Tyler and Charlee (Image: Facebook)

Brandi and her husband, Jason Worley, had married in 2009. He had only filed for divorce the day before, citing “irretrievable breakdown.” He had requested custody of the two children, but in such preliminary stages of the divorce, it would have been impossible for Brandi to know how that would have all turned out. Jason was asleep in the basement at the time of the murders, unaware of the horrors that were happening a floor above.

Montgomery County Sheriff Mark Casteel said that Brandi was very “matter-of-fact” when she described what she’d allegedly done. Neighbors of the couple were shocked. Police had never been called to the home before, and there were no hints of the violence that was to come. 

Looking at Brandi’s Facebook page is very disturbing. Most of her photos feature her two now deceased children, and they appear to be a happy family. Brandi’s intro paragraph is: “In the end…I am the only one that can give my children a happy mother, that loves life.” But in the end, she slit their throats. 

Image: Facebook

Gross Mom Tried To Make Son With Leukemia Sicker

A mother is accused of playing nurse with her teenage son, injecting a little extra into his IV during cancer treatments. Now you might think we’re going to tell you it was some morphine, or some other ‘happy’ drug. But you’d be wrong: it was poop.

Tiffany Alberts, 41, of Wolcott, Indiana is the mother of a 15-year-old boy who has developed leukemia, a tragedy at any age and especially for a boy so young. Yet Tiffany was allegedly caught on video repeatedly using a syringe to inject something into his IV line on several occasions. The boy endured severe blood infections, and developed fever, vomting, diarrhea and other issues shortly after his first round of treatments. Doctors who examined the boy found that he had organisms typically found in feces in his blood, and were initially perplexed as to how that could have happened, so they installed surveillance cameras in the boy’s room.

Tiffany and her late husband. (Image: Facebook)
Tiffany and her late husband. (Image: Facebook)

When brought in for questioning, Tiffany initially told detectives that the substance she’d injected was only water, which she’d added mercifully because the medication burned. After additional questioning, police say she finally admitted that she had added feces to his IV. Tiffany claimed that she had done this disgusting deed in the hopes that her son would be moved to a better unit, but wow, no, gross. She has since been arrested and is not allowed to have any contact with her son. He is doing better now that his horrible mother has been removed from his bedside, but doctors are worried that the delays in treatment due to the severe infections will cause further complications.

Interestingly enough, Tiffany is someone who has been entrusted on numerous occasions to protect and care for children. She was employed as a teacher, but has been on leave since her husband’s death this past spring.

Image: Marion County Jail

Louisville Mom Goes Into Below-Freezing Temperatures With Sparsely-Dressed Infant, ‘Looking For Drugs’

Kandice Talbott, Bad Mom

Kandice Talbott — the young lady in the picture who looks like she’s either really sorry or taking a nap — will not be winning any mother of the year awards for 2016, especially if allegations leveled by Louisville Metro Police (that’s Kentucky) are true. The 24-year-old came to the attention of authorities after entering the home of a “total stranger,” according to the police report. The homeowner called 911 and said the person (Talbott) asked if she had any drugs. Striking out, she ventured back outside with her baby.

Normally, this may not have gotten Talbott arrested, but on this particular day, temperatures were below freezing (about 30 degrees), and her infant was wearing only a onesie and thin jacket with no warm weather clothing or blanket. The arrest report, obtained by WDRB, said the mom was under the influence of alcohol, and that she had been outside with the youngster between 30 and 40 minutes, “thus placing the child at a significant risk to serious injury or death” by exposure.

Talbott now faces charges of “first degree wanton endangerment,” the news site claims, while the child is now in the care of her biological father. Since no harm came to the baby, it’s likely Talbott will get out of jail in the near future particularly if she opts for a plea deal. However, the charge she faces is a class D felony, which, in Kentucky, comes with the possibility of one to five years in prison.

(Dad, if you ever wanted to get full custody of the child, now would probably be a good time to make your case.)

While the police report did not mention any other children, it does appear the child — three to four months old — is not Talbott’s only kid. The wonderful world of Facebook reveals at least one other, which Talbott mentions in an April post bragging, “Had A Good Day Spent It With My Girl! It Was Good Too Hang Out For A Minute.”

(Just as an aside, people, stop putting your whole lives on social media before going out into the world to do a bunch of stupid shit. You’re welcome.)

(Featured Image: Louisville Metro Corrections)

Woman Helped Hide Her Nephew’s Body In A Camper For Months

Kassandra Seese has been sentenced to 20 years in prison with 15 suspended for her role in the death of her teenage nephew. It’s a relatively light sentence, considering the brutality of the crime, but it’s complicated by the fact that we may never know who actually committed the murder.

Richard Warner, 18, went missing in February. He had been living with Kassandra, her husband, Stephen, and their two young children at the time. The couple explained that Richard had gotten angry with them, packed up his belongings, and took off for parts unknown. After Richard’s disappearance, Kassandra and her children moved in with Richard’s dad, Joe and his wife, Tabitha Warner. She would, on occasion, visit Stephen.

The seasons changed, the snow melted, and in June, two witnesses reported a foul smell coming from the Seeses’s camper-trailer, which remained on the property where Stephen lived. Richard’s body was discovered inside, stashed in the shower area. The couple had covered the body with trash and a witness told authorities that she’d seen Kassandra spritzing Febreeze around the trailer, likely in an attempt to cover up the unmistakable smell of a decomposing human corpse.

(Image: Shoshone County Sheriff's Office)
(Image: Shoshone County Sheriff’s Office)

The truth wasn’t that Richard had gotten angry and left. He wasn’t on some adventure, enjoying his youth. The truth was that either Stephen or Kassandra killed him. Each spouse blamed the other, but Kassandra’s testimony claimed that Stephen had bashed Richard in the head with a hammer in front of her and their children. However Richard was killed, the couple together hid the body, leaving it the same place for months. Though the body was badly decomposed by the time it discovered, broken bones indicated a more savage beating than just the bludgeoning.

In court, Tabitha Warner described her disbelief, that Kassandra could live in their home, borrowing their money and cars, all the while knowing that their dead son was rotting in her camper-trailer. In fact, she said, Kassandra had even wanted to bring the camper-trailer to the Warners’ home. She was horrified at the idea that their 9-year-old son could have found the body, had Kassandra successfully brought the camper and its dark secret to the Warners’ home. Tabitha also said that she’d noticed Kassandra’s 3-year-old daughter become increasingly despondent. “Now we know why,” she said in court. “She watched her mommy and daddy brutally kill her buddy.”

Image: Social Media

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