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Sister Of The Year Rachel Woodall Sentenced For Stealing Disabled Sibling’s Benefits

Rachel Woodall Arrest For SSA Abuses

There are few bigger a-holes in the world than those who steal from the helpless. Rachel Woodall (pic unavailable) is one such person, and what makes her case even worse is the fact she chose her own sister as the target. Woodall’s sibling, according to the News Journal, is intellectually disabled. As such, she is entitled to Social Security benefits. Knowing that, Woodall reportedly took over $145,000 from her sis for personal use.

The Wilmington, Del., woman was tried and convicted by her state’s arm of the U.S. Attorney’s Office. After numerous large withdrawals, the SSA launched an investigation and found that in one 48-hour period during 2014, there had been more than $100,000 in withdrawals. After kicking a few more tires, they found the abuse to be more extensive. For example, there was a $25,000 check Woodall had written to her business after which she withdrew the money. Another, for $51,000, she deposited in her personal bank account. Due to the infractions, prosecutors recommended a sentence of one year in prison.

This is where her defense really grew a set of stones. They pleaded for leniency, arguing that the woman’s sister would suffer if she was away from her that long. As if being fleeced by the person who’s supposed to be caring for you isn’t suffering enough!

U.S. District Judge Richard G. Andrews, presumably after talking himself out of gaveling Woodall over the head, sentenced her to the full one year in prison, plus, like a boss, one additional day on top of that. He also ordered full restitution, so Woodall will have a year to think of how she’s going to come up with the $145 g’s.

U.S. Atty. Chales Oberly put it best. “This was an ongoing abuse of trust, in which Ms. Woodall took advantage of her position of power over her disabled sister. We take crimes victimizing the disabled very seriously, and they should be punished accordingly.” Woodall probably should have read this before taking the responsibility.

Should you soon find yourself in the care of someone receiving benefits, and they are unable to take care of themselves, let this be a cautionary tale (though it shouldn’t have to be, people).

(Featured Image: Wikipedia Commons)

Female Drug Dealer Tabatha McDaniel Sentenced To Life For Brutal Stabbing

Tabatha McDaniel Sentenced

Tabatha McDaniel, a 39-year-old Alabama woman, will be spending the rest of her life behind bars, according to a new report from The victim was 48-year-old Beverly Carole Doran, who was found on the floor of her home by her common law husband. She had been stabbed to death.

While the details of the stabbing were unclear, police called the crime “brutal,” and it’s telling that McDaniel allegedly had two “henchmen” but ended up receiving the harshest sentence. Alex Maurice Brown, 27, acted with McDaniel and received 20 years in prison as punishment. That sentence was passed in September. Meanwhile a review is pending on the third after a judge disallowed a statement that would have been crucial to the prosecution’s case.

That man is Matthew Weston Carden, 45, who was also McDaniel’s boyfriend at the time of the slaying. McDaniel committed the crime reportedly because of a “drug debt” the woman owed her. While female drug dealers are not as common as male dealers, there have been some notable exceptions throughout history. In fact, Miami’s most notorious during the so-called “Cocaine Cowboy” time of the 1980s was Griselda Blanco, who fashioned her entire empire off the Godfather films and was credited as the inventor of the motorcycle drive-by assassination — a method of execution she would later succumb to while on the run.

In the case of McDaniel, she was very small-time compared to Blanco, but no less deadly as evidenced in the brutality of the kill. Doran had been stabbed multiple times and her husband was reportedly covered in blood from hugging the body afterward. Definitely the kind of lady you don’t want taking you to collections.

(Featured Image: Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office)

Katlyn Marin, So-Called ‘Mom,’ Beats Her 3-Year-Old Daughter To Death

Katlyn Marin Gets 45 Years

Katlyn Marin, a 27-year-old Nashua, N.H., woman, will be spending “decades” in prison for the death of her 3-year-old daughter. Marin beat Brielle Gage, the little girl, to death in August 2014. “The victim of this crime and the pain, the terror and the fear that she felt is unspeakable,” said Judge Charles S. Temple, who acknowledged the case will “haunt” him.

During the trial, WMUR reports, Brielle was described as having been “kicked, punched, and slammed against a wall.” The death was called “slow and painful.” Prosecutors were pushing for more than the minimum 35-year sentence in this case. They got it. All told, Marin will be in the joint until she is 72 years old — still a light sentence if you ask us, but with it being a second-degree murder conviction, society is probably lucky that the next 45 years for Marin will be her own personal women-in-prison film.

Still reeling from the case, Temple said his “only hope” is that “Brielle’s death sends a message to our society, to us as people in this society, to our politicians, to our judicial system that the No. 1 priority in this state, in our community, has to be to protect our most cherished resource: our children.”

Unfortunately, people like Marin do not often receive the punishments they deserve. Consider the namesake of this website, for example. Marin’s case, however, will have far-reaching ramifications as Concord has created a commission to strengthen laws and punishments related to child abuse.

If you are thinking human waste like Marin deserve a little death penalty in their lives, ladies and gents, you’re not alone. Some of the commenters on the stories about this case have come up with some really inventive ways that probably defy the laws of cruel and unusual punishment. But it’s tough to care about that when you consider what happened to Brielle and the fact the person who should have cared about her the most was the one responsible. Good riddance.

(Featured Image: Nashua Police Department)

Casey Anthony’s Bodyguard Says She Done It

According to Casey Anthony’s bodyguard hired to protect the then 25-year old mother shortly after her arrest for murder, everybody kind of knew that Casey Anthony was guilty of killing her two year old daughter.

Bodyguard Rob Dick went on the Allegedly podcast where he declared Casey Anthony guilty “without a doubt” and then promptly insinuated that tons of moms murder their children and he’s not sure why the Casey Anthony case garnered so much attention. Dick’s second point is worth exploring, even as spouted out of his exaggerating mouth. Roughly 500 kids under five are killed by their parents each year in the United States. Statistically a tiny fraction obviously, though clearly devastating to family and community in any number. About the same number, one-third, are committed individually by mother or father. That would indicate that 150 small kids a year are killed by their mothers. Some would be instances of multiple homicides but that still equates to dozens of American each year who murder their little ones. And to Dick’s question about why Casey Anthony’s case received so much spotlight. That seems relatively easy. She’s pretty, she’s young, she’s white, and she fought the charges despite the obvious mountain of evidence against her. Not politically correct, but there you go. Shake Nancy Grace hard until she admits the same.

casey and caylee

Everybody but the empaneled jury who followed the case closely seemed to agree that the overwhelming evidence suggested Casey Anthony did commit homicide and bury her own toddler’s body in pursuit of some demented goal of independence and social freedom. Not much different than those teen girl who dump their newborn in the dumpster then head to the prom, only that baby is now walking and talking and you’re not seventeen. Though in the same heinous mother category.

As a rule, don’t bother listening to ex-bodyguards. Or any guy named “Dick” for that matter. More often than not these guys are trying to self-promote based on a loose former connection to celebrity. Casey Anthony guilty and everybody thought so? That’s not technically a revelation for a several years later headline.


Alaina Ferguson Couldn’t Resist the Park Bench Sex With Her High School Student

If you happen to be dating or engaged to be married or married to a reasonably attractive woman who happens to teach high school boys as her profession you might consider digging a bit into her accounting of her free time. Not to be the nosy or overbearing man, but there seems to be about an 82-percent chance these days she’s having beers and frequent sex at the park with one of her young male students. Is it really this rampant? Sure it’s still a statistical anomaly if you choose to look at it scientifically, which is not all that helpful when you’re the fiancé  of young high school teacher Alaina Ferguson in Plano, Texas watching your bride to be taken away in cuffs.

Ferguson was Plano Senior High School’s brand new algebra teacher and not long into her tenure she bought the oldest come on in the world as one of her randy sixteen year old students added his Snapchat name to the top of his completed math test to Ms. Ferguson. Dirty snaps and naked photo sharing ensued rather quickly. Within two weeks the pair were boinking on the park bench. Have you ever seen a park bench? Ah, young love. Splinters be damned!

The relationship quickly progressed into routine sexual encounters at the apartment of Ferguson’s fiancé  while he was on his frequent hunting trips. Only a horny sixteen year old could be so fearless to visit the woman of a man with a rifle for illicit sex behind his back. Though the incidents are referred to as “assaults” in the arrest reports and court case. As is the fact that Ferguson ordered pizzas and played beer pong with her young Lothario in between rounds of sex. The entire scene sounding like a horror chamber of torture and abuse.


Ferguson is now facing charges of sexual assault and providing alcohol to a minor. She’s out on $100,000 bond, sporting an ankle monitor, and forbidden from using the Internet or Social Media since clearly without Snapchat she might’ve instead taken up baking macaroons for church fundraisers. After arrested Ferguson noted that she knew what she was doing was wrong but it felt so good at the time. No kidding. Needless to say, her fiancé has called off the wedding. This is worse than insisting your annoying cousin Tina be invited to the wedding.

One of the students at the school noted that word quickly got out about the student-teacher affair as the boy began to brag. How can you not? Sixteen year old boys have zero sense of consequences. Yet we give them cars. And occasionally Algebra teachers on park benches. The same student noted that the school had an inordinate number of young, attractive teachers and that might be part of the problem. That seems sexist. Also agist. Also, completely accurate.

Woman Stabbed, Strangled And Beat Mother Of 2 For Dating Her Ex

Another day, another woman who decides to kill a woman over a man. Kira Kastenhuber, 39, has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for beating and stabbing a woman to death.

The victim’s name was Desirae Withey, 33. Prosecutors say that Kira showed up at Desirae’s Perry, NY home one early morning in February 2016 and choked, beat and stabbed Desirae until she was dead. Then Kira fled the scene. Desirae’s had two children, ages 2 and 6, who were both in the home at the time of the murder. The eldest discovered her mother’s body when she woke up that day and went to a neighbor for help.

Kira Kastenhuber (Image: Facebook)
Kira Kastenhuber (Image: Facebook)

Police found Kira at her mother’s home in Rochester. She had intended to kill herself after murdering Desirae and had overdosed on pills. She left behind a note confessing the crime and her intentions, but did not die.

At one point in time, Kira and Desirae had been friends and coworkers, but that friendship was over when the deceased began dating Kira’s ex. Kira had gotten drunk and confronted Desirae at an employee party and had shown up to her home in the past.

We’re not sure why this keeps happening. Are there no more men left in this world for these women to date? Laurel Sykes, 32, was just sentenced to 6 years for tossing a flaming cup of gasoline on a woman who was seeing the same man as she was. Chloe Thomas, 17, and her pal Chadd Raymond in Oklahoma were both accused of murdering another teenage girl, ostensibly because both girls were dating Chadd’s older brother. And over in Idaho, 27-year-old Ashley Howell allegedly convinced her estranged husband to trick his new girlfriend over to his place so that Ashley could leap out of hiding and whack her with a baseball bat. Why the ex agreed, we can’t be certain. But ladies, ladies, ladies. Go to a feminist poetry reading or something and knock it off.

Florida Woman Makes Bomb Threat To ‘Get More Me Time’

Jessica Ward, The 'Me Time' Bomber

There are dumb criminal websites and there is our nefarious female wrongdoer website. Today these two entities clash to bring you the story of Jessica Ward, a 24-year-old Florida woman. Ward picked the stupidest possible action she could think of in order to get a little more time for herself. Ward admitted to writing out a bomb threat last week so she could leave work for some “me time,” according to the Atlantic Journal-Constitution.

AJC adds in their report that the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office arrested Ward this past Tuesday, noting she “is not a student, but an employee of Aramark who was working at the Java Hut coffee kiosk located on campus on the day of the incident.” As one commenter astutely observes in the comments section, “I’m guessing she’ll have a lot more ‘me’ time, before and after her trial.”

It is pretty clear from the mugshot the Sheriff’s Office took of Ward (eyes up) that she seems a bit on the shocked side this was the sort of thing you could actually be arrested for. It seems that in an age of terrorist nut-jobs and daily workplace terrors, people tend to take threats of widespread destruction seriously. Who knew?

As far as the “me time” goes, we completely understand, though. It’s not clear whether Ward has children, but for those of us who do, your brain can go to some pretty drastic measures when it comes to carving out a portion of the day strictly for yourself. That’s partly why the bathroom tends to become one’s sanctuary as they get older. You would rather be locked away reading a book for 45 minutes in potentially objectionable air so you don’t have to answer the question, “But why mommy?” one more time.

Still, a word to the wise: don’t do bomb threats, and if you do them for stupid reasons like this one, don’t actually admit to it. Remember, the Internet forgets. From this day forward, Jessica Ward, in addition to having a criminal record, will be known as the Me-Time Bomber. Nobody wants that.

(Featured Image: Alachua County Sheriff’s Office)

Evil Conduit Janet Ayers Conjures Horrifying Image Of Donald Trump In A Red Pepper

Donald Trump Pepper Found By English Woman

Janet Ayers did not mean to give us nightmares. But sometimes people can be used as conduits of terror, and that’s just what happened when the woman from southern England was recently slicing up a red pepper. While most people conjure hopeful images like the face of Christ in fruits, veggies, paint stains, and dirt patterns, Ayers had to go off and bring the most horrific caricature of the new President-elect, Donald freakin’ Trump, to the masses. Prepare yourself. Things are about to get horrifying.


Ayers posted the photo to social media and it quickly took off from there. Perennial Trump-haters Huffington Post reached out to the woman to talk further about the circumstances surrounding the pepper slice — as if that is important at all — and while she has not responded to them, she did tell the British media that she and her friends were actually in the process of discussing the Donald while she was cutting into the pepper.

“It was as if the pepper was mirroring the conversation,” she said. “We ate it for dinner and suffered no ill effects. … We are trying to carry on our lives as normal, after the incident, but may approach the next pepper with caution.” 

Good idea.

Before giving Janet Ayers a free pass on this, need we remind you that Damien would not have been a problem as the Antichrist had his adopted parents not taken him on. At some point, you have to take some responsibility for the nightmares you unleash upon the world, and combining naturally occurring Donald Trump horror faces with social media is simply a recipe for disaster. Hasn’t this election season been torturous enough?

Some of Ayers’ own friends felt the same way. “Sigh,” wrote one Facebook commenter, “if it was so easy as to just chop him up into a salad and be done with this entire nightmare….lol!! Hope no one got sick from eating this foul-mouthed pepper!!”

(Featured Image: Gage Skidmore/Flickr Creative Commons/Resized and Cropped/CC BY-SA 2.0)

Pastel-Haired Mom Sentenced For Role In Teen Daughter’s Heroin Overdose

Jazzmyn Rood, 42, is a Concord, New Hampshire mother with hair like a unicorn and eyes like a portal to a deep hell dimension. She has also been convicted and sentenced to two years in her teenage daughter’s fatal overdose.

Jazzmen’s daughter, Evangelique Tarmey, died in October of 2015 after taking a dose of fentanyl. Fentanyl is a synthetic pain medication and it is very strong—50 to 100 time stronger than even morphine. Because it is so potent, it is easy to take too much. This is the drug that killed Prince. She was given the dose by Jazzmyn’s boyfriend, Mark Ross, who mistook it for heroin. He has since been sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Eve Tarmey (Image: Family Photo)
Eve Tarmey (Image: Family Photo)

According to police, the overdose happened in a motel. Mark and another friend, Leslie Aberle, had gone to Massachusetts to buy heroin. What they were sold was actually fentanyl. After the three adults shot up, a detective said that Mark put some of the not-heroin on a table and told Eve to, “do what you normally do.” Eve was dead by morning.

Jazzmen has been charged with concealing knowledge and giving false information to police, and has been in jail since she was arrested last year. The light sentence involves Jazzmyn’s overall lack of direct involvement. She didn’t buy the drugs, and she wasn’t in the room when her daughter did them.

A similar story unfolded in an Ohio motel. Brenda Frye, her daughter Heather Frye, and their friend were hanging out doing heroin in an Ohio motel. Heather’s son, 16-year-old Andrew, shot up some for himself in the motel’s bathroom and overdosed. Both his mother and grandmother were sentenced to 9 years in prison. It’s bad enough to be a heroin addict; it’s treacherous to pass it on to your children.

Image: Police Photo

Post Falls Police Officer Brenda Knight Charged With DUI

Officer Brenda Knight Charged

There is both a written and unwritten code among police officers that if you want to hold on to your job, you probably shouldn’t be partaking in the crimes you are policing against. It’s not like working at McDonald’s. Working there does not preclude you from eating a Big Mac.

When you wear the badge, you probably shouldn’t steal, murder, attack people or drive while intoxicated. The killing thing was back in the news this week with the news former Tulsa Officer Betty Shelby would go to trial for the shooting of an unarmed black men. Now Post Falls, Id., police officer Brenda Knight has the DUI thing covered.

Knight was cited and charged for driving under the influence on Saturday after trying to drive her car out of a ditch, according to police reports, reported here by KREM.

“Immediately on contact, I noticed the overwhelming odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from Knight’s person and on her breath,” a deputy wrote in the official police report, adding that his colleague had delayed reactions and slurred speech. “Knight told me the roads became slick and she ended up in the ditch.”

To her credit, Knight fessed up to having “a couple of beers” and one additional “drink,” but judging by the BAC of .25 — triple the legal limit — methinks she may not be telling the whole story. KREM notes that after a citation was given, she was released to the care of another driver — presumably one who wasn’t schnockered.

One might assume the incident would get Knight immediately canned, but if that’s happening, the Post Falls PD isn’t ready to say. The department released an official statement ticking all the boxes … does not comment on personnel matters, takes charges like these very seriously, yada yada yada. For now, she’s still one of Idaho’s finest.

(Featured Image: Post Falls Police Department)

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