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Houston Teacher Lisa Allison Fired After Allegedly Ground-And-Pounding Second Grader

Brat Attack: Teacher Punches Misbehaving Student In Houston

go to link Children are annoying. Everyone knows it. It’s in their DNA. It’s part of their jobs. And even though that annoying behavior can cause you to want to pop them, you don’t do it. Unless you are Landis Elementary School teacher Lisa Allison.

cheapest place to buy propecia The Houston-based teacher for the Alief Independent School District allegedly punched a second grade boy in the face after a classroom altercation escalated. Apparently the boy was being a little turd, so she sent him into the hallway. While there, he decided to start kicking lockers. When she left the classroom to address the behavior, she opted for the Machiavellian route.

A fight ensued in which the 48-year-old clearly won, but it was a short-lived victory. According to Complex, Allison slugged the boy on the right side of his face with a closed fist, wrestled him to the ground, and sat on his back. When school officials found the pair, she was still on him. They had her get up and brought both to the office. After observing the surveillance footage, the school district said, Allison was “immediately placed on leave when allegations were brought to the attention of campus and district administrators and will not return.”

Allison may be 1-0 when it comes to her MMA career in the second grade division, but she now faces charges of felony injury to a child and could get anywhere from 180 days to two years in jail as well as a fine of up to $10,000, which might as well be $1 million since she’s a, you know, teacher.

(Featured Image: Michael Coghlan/Flickr Creative Commons)

Woman Convicted Of Plotting Husband’s 1979 Murder

Jacquelyn Greco, 69, has been charged with plotting the death of her husband over three decades ago. The case went cold for many years, but new evidence will put sly Jackie away for 20 to 40 years when she’s sentenced next month.

On April 30, 1979, Jacquelyn Greco was at her Chicago area home with three of her children: two youngsters and a 15-year-old girl who was home sick. Her fourth child, a 13-year-old daughter, was at school for the day. Her husband, Carl Gaimari, was at the Chicago Board of Trade, where he worked as a commodities broker. It was a day like any other, until two men broke into the home and ordered Jackie and her kids into a bedroom, where they tied them up and forced each of them into a closet. The family watched fearfully as one of the men removed a box from the closet which contained a pair of Carl’s handguns. The intruders then locked the family inside.

Carl Gaimari was 34 years old when he was killed. (Image: Family Photo)
Carl Gaimari was 34 years old when he was killed. (Image: Family Photo)

Some time later, the man of the house returned. As Carl entered his home, unaware that anything was amiss, the men surprised him and forced him to a couch in the basement. There, they shot him with his own guns, then left the guns behind as they fled. It was the 13-year-old girl, returning home from school, who would discovered his bullet-riddled body.

Widowed Jackie wasted no time with the bereaving. A week after her husband was found bleeding out on their sofa, she moved her boyfriend into the house. Three months later, she married him. Jacquelyn also got a nice chunk of change from her late husband’s estate.

Now, if you presumed that Jackie must have started dating her boytoy prior to her husband’s death you’d be right. But Carl wasn’t exactly faithful either. He also had a mistress. What’s more, Carl’s affair was how Jackie said she met her new beau, Sam Greco. Sam was a cop, and Jackie had hired him to snoop around and see if Carl was cheating on her. He was, and her relationship with Sam turned from cloak and dagger shenanigans to romance.

Jacquelyn Greco (Image: Cook County Sheriff's Office)
Jacquelyn Greco (Image: Cook County Sheriff’s Office)

Though Carl was reported to have had quite the temper, no one was able to suss out who might have done him in. The case grew cold and decades passed. Jackie and Sam divorced in 1990, and she moved up to Michigan to live with family.

In 2012, police decided to reopen the case. This time around, they found a witness in Jackie’s own sister, who told them that Jackie had wanted her husband out of the picture for at least a year before his death, even surmising she might fake a home invasion to do so. Jackie revealed more during a conversation that was secretly recorded by police, and it all unraveled from there. Sam Greco, now retired and in his 70s, has not been charged, and the two men who shot Carl are still unknown.

Image: Cook County Sheriff’s Office

Single Mom May Face Jail Time For Selling Food Online

Ceviche Leads To Arrest

And now for something completely different! If any of you were worried about the dangerous world of online food sales, then you’ll probably be breathing a sigh of relief knowing a single mother of six could be facing jail time for the reckless, lawless crime of selling a ceviche online.

The Washington Post reports that Mariza Ruelas got herself into quite the dustup when she fell into the clutches of an online Facebook sting selling her homemade dish to an undercover agent online. Before going too much further with this story, we should probably make mention of just what the hell a ceviche is. Wikipedia describes it as “typically made from fresh raw fish cured in citrus juices, such as lemon or lime, and spiced with ají or chili peppers.” Additional seasonings may also be added like salt, cilantro, and chopped onions.

To be fair to authorities, you sort of have to know what you’re doing in the preparation to avoid food poisoning. It was this fear that led authorities to bring the hammer down on Mariza. WashPo notes a plea deal for the single mom that could result in a $235 fine and up to 40 hours in community service. She’ll likely get one year of probation as well. If she doesn’t accept that deal, the sentence could be as much as one year in jail.

Ah let the punishment fit the crime, shall we?

Well whatever happens, you may want to check the laws in your area regarding food sharing before you actually do it. Authorities in California where this went down say that Ruelas’ activities undermine the businesses of restaurants and present possible health hazards.

Of course, a license to prepare and sell food doesn’t exactly make you some bastion of health.

(Featured Image: Wikipedia Commons)

Teachers Who Sext: Alyson London Sends 129,000 Inappropriate Messages To Middle Schoolers

Alyson London Arrested

Alyson London is making the case for homeschool look pretty sweet for those of you concerned about what public schools are teaching your children. The Apopka, Florida, middle school teacher was said to have sent 129,000 text messages — many of which were inappropriate, though you could definitely make the point all were — with a female student.

Again, let this sink in for a moment. The girl was in middle school when the texts/sexts began, though she claims the relationship did not evolve or escalate into anything “romantic.” After poring over the texts, however, Apopka Police saw enough there to pursue charges against London, according to 12News.

Unfortunately, behavior like this is not new in the education community, and it’s not confined to the (mostly) fairer sex. A May 2016 article from the Advocate reports 40-year-old Bruce Lanctot, who used the gay dating website Grindr to send nude photos of himself to a number of underage boys.

In the case of London, it is not clear what will come next for the physical education teacher at Apopka Memorial Middle School, nor is it clear if she had any other inappropriate relationships with students currently enrolled. It is known that her 14-year-old victim was a middle-schooler when the texts began before extending into high school.

If you’re a parent and either suspect this may/could happen, then you may want to hold off on adding that line to your phone plan until Little Jimmy or Jenny is in college. After all, if it’s anything teachers have taught us over the years, it’s where there’s a bill, there’s a way.

(Featured Image: Apopka Police)

Woman Lies About Being Pregnant, Then Murders Her Cop Boyfriend

Carl Patrick, a 53-year-old Miami police officer, was found dead in his home, wrapped in a blanket. He’d been shot once, in the underarm. The culprit was his girlfriend, 48-year-old Tiniko Thompson, who would be revealed in court to not only be a killer, but one hell of a liar as well.

Tiniko told Carl in 2013 that she was pregnant with his child. Upon hearing the news, the couple decided to move in together. Carl also allowed Tiniko to use his bank card, which she did quite liberally. But several months later, and there was no baby to be found. Tiniko was never pregnant.

Carl Patrick (Image: Local 10 News)
Carl Patrick (Image: Local 10 News)

Tiniko claimed that on May 7, 2014, an enraged Carl, angry over her prodigious use of his funds, took his gun and put it against her face. He attempted to force it into her mouth “so he could blow my head off,” she testified. In the ensuing struggle, Tiniko told the court that she was somehow able to fire off a round before, in a state of confusion and fear, fleeing the scene.

But prosecutors didn’t buy that tall tale, not from someone so clearly fond of deceit as Tiniko. There was no saliva found on the barrel of the gun that had supposedly been in her mouth. And her actions didn’t add up. They alleged that she shot Carl because he wanted to break things off after realizing what a liar she was. Rather than be exposed as a fraud, she decided to kill him.

Tiniko worked as a Public Service Aid, when she wasn't on fake maternity leave (Image: Miami Police Dept.)
Tiniko worked as a Public Service Aid, when she wasn’t on fake maternity leave (Image: Miami Police Dept.)

After shooting Carl, Tiniko had wrapped him in a blanket and changed her blood-stained clothes. She then took his cell phone and left in his BMW, giving a wounded Carl no means by which to seek help. Essentially, in her state of supposed fear and confusion, she had not forgotten to take steps to ensure his wounds would be fatal. She also penned a note saying that the death was accidental and left it at the scene. All this, instead of dialing 9-1-1. When Carl’s supervisors later called his phone to inquire about her whereabouts, she lied to them, claiming he was driving her to the hospital. She hung up when they asked to talk to him. Carl was found dead two days later, dressed in his uniform. Tiniko has been sentenced to life in prison.

Image: Broward Sheriff’s Office

Nobody Ever Suspects the Choir Teacher!

You have to hate it when you’re a high school choir teacher trying to have sex in your car with your sixteen year old male student and your new husband keeps texting asking where you are. Obviously, it’s a trap. My dearest husband, I am currently in the back of the Corolla shtupping the tenor from the student choral group. Be home in an hour. Love you.

In fact, according to police reports, 25-year old Lynnwood High School choir teacher Olivia Sondheim was so dismayed by her betrothed text message while she was having sex with one of her male students in the back of her car that she drove the couple to another park not far away to have sex a second time. That doesn’t even make sense. Except for the part where teenaged boys don’t have a lot of downtime.


Flirting between female teachers and male students seems to be so commonplace these days that nobody noticed the taboo duo writing each other suggestive posts on the school choir’s Facebook page. “Help you find your upper register” has an entire new meaning now to a group of choir students, not the fastest and loosest kids around.

Sondheim follows in the increasingly long line of semi-attractive, rather innocent looking twenty-something teachers inviting boys into the backs of their cars at the park. Many of them also seem to be newlyweds or in serious relationships with men. Meaning, these aren’t women without options. These are women who are finding solace and company in the arms of teenaged Lotharios. It would take somebody with a far more profound knowledge of the psychiatric arts than myself to explain the likely rationale. Until that time let’s go with the fact that banging teenaged boys is easy and ever-ready. So, sort of the same reason grown men often prefer young girlfriends. Occam’s Razor as it applies to sexual relationships.


Sondheim was arrested on first degree sexual misconduct following an investigation into why a previously moping high school boy was suddenly smiling all the time and taking an extraordinary number of naps. There’s a rumor that she was perhaps already under investigation for relations with another teen boy. Meaning, Sondheim is about to be screwed by the law. Ironic or fitting or just a horrible pun. She has been placed on administrative leave by the high school which insists she passed all the background checks, such as where the principal asks you if you like sex with underaged boys. That and a credit check about sums up the process.

Toodles, Ms. Sondheim. Nobody suspects the choir teacher. Though as a former teenaged boy, I speak for all former teenaged boys when I say, we all hoped.

Photo credit: Facebook

Woman Hit Her Ex-BFF With A Bat In Idaho Love Triangle

Nothing like an Idaho love triangle with a special guest appearance by a baseball bat to make for some light evening reading, right? This one revolves around Ashley Howell, 27, who had a serious falling out with her BFF.

Once upon a time, Ashley would have told you her best friend was Darean Taxon. The friendship soured when Darean informed Ashley’s husband, Tyler Howell, that Ashley was cheating on him. The couple separated and Ashley moved out. Ashley had no trouble moving on in the physical sense, but those pesky emotions were harder to handle. Despite the fact that Ashley had become engaged to another man, she became furious when she found out that Darean and Tyler had begun seeing each other.

Tyler Howell. (Image: Jerome County Sheriff's Office)
Tyler Howell. (Image: Jerome County Jail)

If you ask Darean, she and Tyler had no romantic encounters until a month and a half after unfaithful Ashley packed her bags. Ashley’s lawyers, however, contest that the two had begun sleeping together prior to the breakup. Either way, Ashley decided vengeance was the appropriate response.

She convinced Tyler to invite Darean over. By the time Darean arrived, Ashley had squirreled away in another room. She waited for Tyler to leave Darean alone before leaping out, armed with a baseball bat. She whacked Darean about 20 times before Darean was successfully able to flee from the premises and contact police. Ashley’s lawyer would inform the court that she acted in a “black-out rage,” despite the fact that the attack took all the pre-meditation of a surprise birthday party.

Fellow bat enthusiast. (Image: AMC)
Fellow bat enthusiast. (Image: AMC)

Ashley lied to police about her home run spree until her estranged husband confessed, and though she could have gotten 7 to 14 years for her crime, she has been instead sentenced to a year-long program called Rider. This is a retained jurisdiction program which, if Ashley completes it successfully, may allow her to avoid prison time. The judge told Ashley that he expected a “glowing report” from the program, and to hear everything she’d learned through counseling. “At that point, we’ll talk about probation,” he told her. 

As for Tyler, that dough-faced turncoat has been charged with felony aggravated battery and conspiracy to commit aggravated battery, but doesn’t go to court until later this month.

Image: Jerome County Sheriff’s Office

Mother Sent Video Of Child She’d Just Murdered To Child’s Father

It takes a certain amount of viciousness to use an innocent child or animal as a prop in your quest for vengeance, but that seems to be what happened earlier this week in Pennsylvania. A woman was so mad that her boyfriend wasn’t coming home in a timely fashion that she threatened to kill their children. Then she allegedly sent him video evidence that she had, in fact, murdered their son.

Christian Clark, 21, of Allegheny County is accused of murdering her 17-month-old son, and she may have also tried to kill her 2-year-old daughter. According to police, Christian was upset with her boyfriend and baby daddy Andre Price, Jr. The couple lived together some of the time, and on the night of November 1, Andre did not immediately return from work. Rather, he went to a friend’s place. But Christian was convinced that Andre was out with another woman, cheating on her. She sent him a series of texts indicating that if he did not return home, she would kill the couple’s children: the boy, Andre Price III, and the girl, Angel Price.

Andre Price III (Image: Family Photo)
Andre Price III (Image: Family Photo)

She complained that one of the children took a toy block, filled it with toilet water, and dumped it on the floor. She texted him, “You better pray for your kids,” and said that she did not love them. She also sent him that emoji of the face that’s laughing so hard it’s crying, in tandem with yet another text about killing them. Andre, unamused and shockingly unconcerned, told her he wasn’t coming home and to leave their children alone. Apparently, this was something Christian did often: she had sent him photos of her choking the children in the past, which Andre posted to Facebook so all his friends could see what a nut she was.

Then things escalated. She sent a photo of Angel with a pillow over her face, then a video of her picking up the boy’s lifeless arm and letting it drop. Then she sent a video of her grabbing each child. The girl made a noise, but the boy was unresponsive. Clark is heard explaining the situation in the video: “First of all [Angel] is clearly fine, because watch, see, she is not dead. Him on the other hand, he doesn’t budge. So you might want to call the ambulance.”

Christian, Andre and their son. (Image: Family Photo/CBS 2 Pittsburgh)
Christian, Andre and their son. (Image: Family Photo/CBS 2 Pittsburgh)

Throughout all of this, it never occurred to Andre to call 9-1-1 and send a cop over to check on her threats. Instead, he responded intermittently. At one point, he told her that she’d better call the ambulance herself if she had murdered anyone. So, Christian did. The texts began at about 9 p.m. and come 11 p.m., police were responding to her home. The boy was, just like she said, dead.

With video evidence, we expect a long life behind bars for this deplorable wretch. As for Andre, he’s been charged with child endangerment for doing jack shit at a time when he could have saved his son’s life.

Oh Look, One of Charles Manson’s Women Is Getting Parole

Charles Manson And His Women

Charles Manson certainly had a way with the ladies. While a lot of guys have to trick one woman into giving them a second date, he got multiple women to have sex, no strings attached, then go out and randomly cut up celebrities in his name.

One died in prison (Susan Atkins). Another (Patricia Krenwinkel) remains in prison. A third cut a deal at the time and stayed out of prison (Linda Kasabian). And a fourth (Leslie Van Houten) spent around 46 years in prison before a parole board decided in April that multiple brutal drug-induced murders constituted a non-violent offender.

Yes, that’s right, ladies and gents, a Charles Manson knife-wielding conduit is once again free, ready to mingle, and coming to a singles bar near you, according to the Washington Post (paraphrasing). To be fair, Van Houten was the youngest of Charles Manson’s demonic women, and we suppose that if he could convince older and more experienced ladies he wasn’t a loon, then why not an impressionable Leslie?

Nevertheless, she did help to slaughter a married couple about 50 years ago and write on walls in their blood. If 19, then why not 66? Before you start sending her your Annoying Celebrity kill lists, though, you should probably know that the system is okay with turning her loose. In 46 years, no infractions, they said. Sure, it’ll be fun, they said. Let’s just see if we can keep her away from the drugs and deranged hippies this time, shall we?

(Featured Image: Wikipedia Commons)

Mom Charged With Neglect For 2-Year-Old’s Bathtub Drowning

Bathtub Drowning Child, Hope Marie King

Hope Marie King seemingly did something many parents of toddlers do without thinking twice. She left her 2-year-old son, Travon Hood Jr., alone in the bathtub. However, most parents realize the limitations of their toddlers, and they keep a watchful eye on them realizing it doesn’t take long for a tragedy to occur.

Unfortunately in Travon’s case, tragedy did strike, and now the Tulsa World’s Paris Burris reports that King will be charged with neglect for the young boy’s death. A warrant was issued for her arrest earlier this week with bail set at $500,000. notes a 27-year-old Hope Marie King in the Tulsa area who registered as a Democrat in September 2008. The case is just developing, so police haven’t released many more details — only that there was enough evidence where they felt comfortable pursuing charges.

Hope Marie King Faces Charges
(Image: Tulsa County Jail)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that from 2005-2014, there were an average of 3,536 fatal unintentional drownings (non-boating related) annually in the United States with one in five being children 14 and younger.

“For every child who dies from drowning, another five receive emergency department care for nonfatal submersion injuries,” the site notes, and those can lead to long-term disabilities like “memory problems, learning disabilities, and permanent loss of basic functioning (e.g., permanent vegetative state).”

Parents are advised not to leave their bathing toddlers alone for any length of time since small children are largely dependent when it comes to safety and survival, and will not know what to do to escape such situations.

(Featured Image: Shaylor/Flickr Creative Commons)

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