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Mother Sentenced To 180 Days After 7-Year-Old Son Found Selling Toys For Food

Back in August, a 7-year-old boy was spotted outside a CVS store in Franklin, Ohio. He trying to hawk his teddy bear to any stranger who would buy it, hoping he could use the profits to feed himself and his brothers. He told a police officer that he had not eaten in several days. The cop took the boy to a Subway, where they ate together.

At the little boy’s home, police said they found heaps of refuse, a near empty fridge, lots of bugs, and empty liquor bottles. The parents, Tammi and Michael Bethel, were arrested and the children were removed from the home. The Bethels are parents to five boys, ages 7, 11, 12, 15 and 17. They hadn’t even noticed that their youngest was missing when police showed up to take a look around.

Tammi Bethel and four of her sons. (Image: Facebook)
Tammi Bethel and four of her sons. (Image: Facebook)

Tammi was sentenced to 180 days in jail last week. The judge pointed out that her children have been removed from her care seven times in total. Her husband, Michael Bethel, was to be sentenced on Friday, but fell ill. Tammi claims that he is a drunk who forced her to care for him as well as their children, and that she’s since filed for divorce. Her Facebook page is littered with diatribes about what a horrible father and partner he has been, as well as selfies and the ordinary Facebook babble.

The condition the fridge was allegedly in when police arrived. (Image: Franklin Police)
The condition the fridge was allegedly in when police arrived. (Image: Franklin Police)

When the case first broke, Tammi was equally active on Facebook. She argued against the charges, claiming that her sons were not hungry, and that her house was only temporarily filthy. But what even is that puddle of brown liquid where normal folks put the condiments?

(Image: Facebook)
(Image: Facebook)

Image: Facebook

Teen Girl Helped Murder A Lunch Lady She Didn’t Like, Then Watched ‘Twilight’

The victims were found in their home. (Image: Google Maps)

This one’s a shocker: a 14-year-old girl participated in the brutal slaying of an affable mother and her daughter, for seemingly no reason whatsoever other than to kill. Due to privacy regulations, our 14-year-old double murderer cannot be named. So, let’s call her, for our purposes, Jane.

Jane had wanted to take a life for a while now, she told detectives. While some people are just driven to kill, it’s rare for 14-year-old girls to be like that. Most murderers are men, after all. In April of 2016, the girl and her boyfriend, also 14, decided to plan out and execute a murder. Elizabeth Edwards was a 49-year-old dinner lady at an elementary school in Lincolnshire. (That’s British for lunch lady.) Though most people seemed to like Elizabeth quite a bit, Jane held some unknown grudge against her and helped select her as their intended victim.

Elizabeth Edwards (Image: Provided Photo)

Investigators later learned that the couple had plotted out their attack at a nearby McDonald’s. They then entered Elizabeth’s home and killed both Elizabeth and her 13-year-old daughter, Katie, as they slept. It is believed that the boy did most of the actual killing, first stabbing Elizabeth several times, including twice in the neck, and then stabbing Katie in the neck while smothering her.

The pair then drew themselves a nice, warm bath. They followed it up by watching Twilight, the teen vampire romance hit of 2008.

The couple had intended to kill themselves after the murders, and Jane had even scrawled out a suicide note that read, “Fuck you, world!” with a request that she be cremated and her ashes scattered. Jane later said she wasn’t sure why she hadn’t gone through with it.

Katie Edwards (Image: Provided Photo)
Katie Edwards (Image: Provided Photo)

A psychiatrist who testified at the teens’ trial said that the pair had formed a “toxic relationship,” and that Jane was “inappropriately upbeat” when he interviewed her, considering the circumstances. Though Jane has tried to blame her involvement in the deaths on a bizarre mental state, the psychiatrist said that she did not feel bad for what she’d done and has yet to display any sort of remorse. Throw away the key, please. 

Image: Google Maps

Former Teacher Mary Beth Haglin Now Stripping, Dr. Phil to the Rescue

The last time we checked in on Mary Beth Haglin, she was pleading not guilty to charges being one horny female teacher sleeping with one even hornier teenaged student out in her car at the park everyday after school. Odd in so much as the Iowa high school teacher admitted the sex part with the seventeen year old student. Haglin’s defense rests on the fact that she was the victim of the sexual relationship in the case, not the boy. Seems flimsy. In the meantime, she’s stripping.

You know Dr. Phil can’t resist a good fired predatory teacher turned sex worker worker story so he invited Mary Beth Haglin on to his show to share her side of the store. The mustached talk show dramatist also brought on the high school girl who had told her mom about the inappropriate teacher-student relationship, compelling her mom to turn over evidence of the affair to the school authorities. Before the hard evidence of love letters and seductive selfies, it seems many in the school including administrators were vaguely aware of the sexual relationship, but trying to keep it under wraps. Who says bureaucracy and CYA is dead in America.

Haglin was in love, what could she do but lots and lots of sex?
Haglin was in love, what could she do but lots and lots of sex?

Haglin claims the boy came onto her repeatedly, sent her notes and pleas for her time, and when she had a nasty break up with her own boyfriend, she decided what the heck, I’ll respond to the boy. And, naturally, have sex with him in the back of my car at the park. So a very friendly response. Then she began sending her student the lewd photos of herself. As usual, Dr Phil cut to the chase with a rehearsed line:


To be fair, Mary Beth Haglin taught English, not math. Adding things up wasn’t her specialty. An inordinate number of these female teachers having sex with their students seem to be in the literature and English arenas. One might surmise they’ve read many a romance novel. The Patriot Act is designed to stop terrorists by examining their library checkouts. Perhaps one ought be devised for female English teachers. Have you been splurging on taboo erotica involving women with teen boys? We might just move you to Girls P.E.

Nobody does sexting re-creation staged video like The Dr. Phil Show
Nobody does sexting re-creation staged video like The Dr. Phil Show

Mary Beth Haglin explained that while awaiting trial on the charges, she’s lost her job and her apartment and has turned to stripping to make ends meet. It’s unclear if this is true or not, but it makes for great television, especially when Dr. Phil offered to assist her out of her life of taking her clothes off to Aerosmith for passing truckers. Dr. Phil forgot to inquire whether or not she perhaps liked this new profession. You wouldn’t normally think this of a woman, but this is a woman who slept with her high school student, so, maybe at least ask.

Haglin’s facing some serious charges and potential repercussions at her trial in November. It seems unlikely that her defense strategy can prevail, regardless of how hard the boy pressed for the sexual relationship. It’s hard to claim assault after 200 trips to the back of your own car. Also, those naked photos you kept sending on Facebook. This seems past the point of crying working in the courtroom. America has likely lost another splendid educator for five to seven years.

Photo credit: Dr. Phil Show

Woman Chatted With Her Boyfriend About Which Kids They Could Abuse

This stunner is Rayanne Paul, 35, of Hershey, Nebraska. She’s the literal human excrement authorities found after tracing a lead from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children indicating that someone was transferring child pornography via Facebook. They followed that thread to a computer in North Platte, Nebraska and to Rayanne and her equally despicable boyfriend, William Jones, 31.

Rayanne and her man sent child porn images to one another over Facebook. They also texted about child porn, and talked about children they knew in real life who they might be able to sexually abuse. In total, police found that Rayanne had six child porn videos in her possession. Some of the children in the images were as young as two.

William Jones (Image: Lincoln County Sheriffs Office)
William Jones (Image: Lincoln County Sheriffs Office)

Rayanne will spend nine years in prison, and then will be on supervised release for another decade.

Image: Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office

Woman’s Murder-For-Hire Plot Foiled By Undercover Officer

Maria Sosa, of Woodlands, Texas, pleaded guilty to a murder-for-hire plot that left her ex-husband dead. For her part in the deed, she’ll spend the next 20 years behind bars.

Maria and her husband, Ramon, were business partners as well as husband-and-wife. Together, they owned a boxing gym. But when the two divorced, they squabbled over the gym, and this became the crux of her dispute. Some couples argue over the kids, others argue over punching bags.

Image: Woodlands Boxing and Fitness
Image: Woodlands Boxing and Fitness

Maria finally decided she’d hire someone to handle her little problem. She gave a man $500 and some jewelry to knock off her husband, telling him she’d give him another two grand and her former lover’s truck once the whole nasty business was finished. She specified that the assassin had to kill Ramon, not just beat him up.

Unfortunately for Maria (but fortunately for Ramon), her hitman was actually an undercover officer, who promptly turned her in once enough evidence to lock her up was secured. She at least accomplished one goal: they’re probably not fighting about who gets that gym anymore.

 Image: State of Texas Constable Precinct 

A Mom Once Accused Of Selling Her Kid For Crack Now Accused Of Murder

Seventy-seven is a big number. It’s the boiling point of nitrogen, a password used by Swedish soldiers in WWII, and the name of The Talking Heads’ first album. It’s also the number of times Tina Marie Vanderhorst, 62, is accused of stabbing 64-year-old Robert Lynch.

On September 12, Philly firefighters responded to a fire in an apartment building. Inside, they found Robert, dead. Investigators believe he had been died from the multiple stab wounds, and that Tina came back to set his body on fire after he was already dead. Tina was arrested this week and charged with murder, robbery, arson, and a rather fun-sounding charge, “Causing a Catastrophe.”

Footage from her previous arrest. (Image: ABC 6)
Footage from her previous arrest. (Image: ABC 6)

Police say Tina may have lived in a different unit in the same building and therefore knew Robert, and that had argument between the two led to her murderous rampage. Police are quite familiar with Tina. She was arrested in the 90s for selling her 2-year-old son to someone she did not know for a mere $500, then using that money to purchase crack.


Image: Philadelphia Police Dept. 

Crystal Howell Killed Her Dad And Installed A Stripper Pole In His House

Crystal Brooke Howell, 20, admitted in a North Carolina court on Monday that she killed her father when she was but 17. Her father, Michael Howell, 50, had formerly worked for a paper as a sports editor. One day, as her father took a nap, she took a shot gun and blasted him in the head. She then concealed his body in a plastic container with she kept in a storage shed, and sold the shotgun. She told friends that her dad had killed himself, and that it was okay to use the house since it was all technically all hers now.

Image: Haywood County Sheriff's Office
Image: Haywood County Sheriff’s Office

And boy, did she use that house. She put a stripper pole in the kitchen, and she and her friends held drug-fueled ragers every night. After about a month, the money to run out, and she soon asked her mother if she could move in with her. Her mother obliged and she showed up with her dad’s car, packed full of her things, three days later. However, she had entrusted some acquaintances to tidy up, allowing them to put various bins full of belongings into storage. One of them enlisted a friend to help him move an arcade machine into the shed, leading them to stumble upon the corpse of Crystal’s dad. They turned her in.

Crystal’s aunt indicated that the girl was mentally ill, but did not elaborate. Crystal will now spend 30 years in prison.

Woman Sent Boyfriend Phony Pics Of Her Make-Believe Kidnapping

In a bizarre story out of West Michigan, a woman tells a terrible and kinda racist lie. But for some reason, her boyfriend—the most duped of all—believes her.

Leiha Artman, a 25-year-old mother of three, suffered a horrible nightmare. She was kidnapped by four men, who took turns raping and beating her for two days, only to release her on a random street. Except… not really. Police say none of it ever happened, and now, Artman will be spending a year in jail after taking a plea deal to avoid a six-year prison sentence. But it only gets weirder from here.

Leiha’s fake ordeal began, according to her, when four men stopped her in the driveway of her Muskegon home and asked for directions. They soon grabbed her, bound her hands and feet, and then tossed her in their trunk. As they tormented her, they allowed her to take selfies of her own bloodied face, mascara streaking down her cheeks from her tears. She sent the images to her boyfriend, and also told him her captors wanted a ransom. However, without any ransom having been paid, she said the men dumped her on a random street. She called her boyfriend, and he picked her up. He said that she asked to be taken to get emergency contraception, so he took her to a hospital.

Image: Provided Photo

She implied that her kidnappers had been four black men that she had never met before. However, that lie soon unraveled and police say that she made the whole thing up. It’s unclear as to why. Was she just hoping to bilk her own boyfriend out of money? A Halloween prank gone awry?

Image: Muskegon County Jail
Image: Muskegon County Jail

Her boyfriend doesn’t think so. He believes that someone really did hurt her, and that out of fear, she made up the story about the four men. Not really clear on why she specified that her make-believe attackers were black.

“She did make up a story saying it was four black men but, at the end of the day, she did get really, really hurt by someone,” her boyfriend said. “She is a good woman and a good mother. She was a heroin addict that needed help and rehab.”

Confusing, huh?

Image: Facebook

Teen Girl Convicted Of Beating Grad Student To Death

Alejandra Guerrero was convicted of murdering 24-year-old Xinran Ji, a USC grad school from China who had come to the U.S. to study, this week. Guerrero was only 16 when she participated in a senseless and brutal attack on Ji, allegedly with the help of three other teens.

Xinran was walking home from a study group just after midnight on July 24, 2014. That’s when Alejandra and her three delinquent pals—Jonathan Del Carmen, 21, Andrew Garcia, 20, and Alberto Ochoa, 19—saw him. He was alone and vulnerable and for some bizarre reason, they assumed that because he was Chinese, he would have money on him. They ran at him with a bat and a wrench and struck him numerous times as he attempted to flee.

Image: LinkedIn
Image: LinkedIn

Xinran got away, but not before he’d been cracked in the head with a bat at least six times. He left a trail of blood from the scene of the attack, which was caught on camera, to his off-campus apartment. There, he succumbed to his injuries. His bloodied body was found by his roommate in the morning. A forensic pathologist who examined Xinran’s body said that he was unlikely to have survived even if he had made it to a hospital. His head injuries were just that severe.

After the robbery attempt, the teens went down to Dockweiler Beach where they attacked two other people who, fortunately, survived.

The roving pack of Clockwork Orange-esque scumbags were all apprehended within a day. Alejandra was the first to stand trial, and it would appear that the others will get their convictions in November. Though prosecutors chose not to seek the death penalty (two of the teens were ineligible due to their age), life behind bars seems probable. Alejandra will get her sentence on November 28.

Image: NBC 4

‘Divergent’ Star Arrested During Anti-Pipeline Protest

Of all the things one can be arrested for, standing up for what you believe is right is perhaps the best of them all. That or quitting your job as a flight attendant by sliding down the emergency slide double-fisting a couple beers. But, I digress. You might recognize actress Shailene Woodley from teen flicks like The Fault in Our Starts or Divergent. Or you might recognize her from her recent arrest during a protest against construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline in Bismarck, North Dakota.

Though the protest itself was peaceful, Shailene was arrested for criminal trespassing alongside 27 others. If no publicity is bad publicity, then it’s a good thing that her arrest was prominently featured via Facebook Live, netting 3.3 million views. According to her rep, she has since been released. And she doesn’t plan to give up on protesting the pipeline.

Shailene in 'Divergent' (Image: Lionsgate)
Shailene in ‘Divergent’ (Image: Lionsgate)

Shailene has the support of many, including celebs like Rosario Dawson, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Daryl Hannah, and Mark Ruffalo. And this pipeline is super unpopular with regular folks, too. The $3.87 billion pipeline is meant to transport oil across the several states, but protestors are opposed to it because it would cut through sites held sacred by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s reservation and allegedly poses a risk to the Missouri River, a prominent water source.

Dakota Access, the company building the pipeline, says that it would allow the U.S. to avoid importing oil from other countries, and that it would be economically beneficial for North Dakota. It would also provide jobs, Dakota Access claims.

Shailene continues to protest, however vaguely, via social media.

 Image: Morton County Sheriff

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