I’m man enough to admit my mistakes. Perhaps I’ve been a bit flippant about the precise power relationship between the various and sundry twenty and thirty-something emotionally distraught female teachers who seem to be increasingly having sex in the parks and backs of cars with their hunky but underaged high school male students. Clearly, the adult and teacher has the upper hand in the relationship. And while they haven’t always been the ones urging the illicit relationships to begin, and while the “boys” may be physically dominant, grown women know full well that teenaged boys are easier to manipulate than Pavlovian dogs.


And now comes the case of Washington High School P.E. teacher Cory Audiat. The Fremont, California athletics instructor isn’t merely administratively and emotionally in the superior position to the teen student she allegedly engaged in sexual relations, she may be physically in the lead. Audiat is a competitive body builder. Those are some muscles. Is she stronger than her male student in this criminal escapade? Who knows. She is clearly several multiples more fierce than any other teacher-on-top we’ve been covering. Don’t think that won’t be mentioned at trial. A full nelson at 600 pounds of pressure can keep you in a relationship you might be considering ending.


Someday a real scientist is going to go a real study about this growing phenomenon of female teachers entering sexual relationships with their male students at school. It was far easier on labels when it was entirely stories of male teachers being inappropriate with students. Perv. This female teacher taboo sexual proclivity has to be more complicated. Women are by nature far more complicated than men. Let alone teen boys who haven’t said no to sex since the time human animals first evolved the ability to speak.

You’d have to think some of this has to do with the more transient nature of teaching these days. Less career professionals and more women perhaps entering the profession as a job versus a calling. It’s possible much of this is media hype. But it doesn’t feel entirely like that, he wrote as he media hyped. Cory Audiat, if I could give you one piece of advice, wear something oversized and Little House on the Prairie-ish to trial. The shiny Spandex thongs will absolutely get you thrown deep into the clink.

Photo credit: Muscle Shots (Isaac Hinds, Jeff Bins), Fremont High School teacher photo