P.E. Teacher and Bodybuilder Corine Audiat Gets Zero Prison Time for Sex With High School Student

follow site You may recall the case of Corine Audiat, 33, the Fremont, California high school P.E. teacher and competitive bodybuilder busted at the end of 2016 for sexual relations, including oral copulation, with a then 16-year old boy from her school. At the time, Audiat was arrested on very serious charges of sex with an underaged boy, but as the court cases progressed, it became clear everybody was working toward a non-prison solution. Is this rampant sexism? Do we have a gender sentencing gap when it comes to horny teachers diving into the teen high school flesh? Yeah, probably some.

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http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=female-viagra-100mg-england Fourteen months later and Audiat was indeed spared any prison time. She was sentenced to six months County jail time which thanks to overcrowding she can serve at home with an ankle bracelet. Unless you’ve got a really horrible apartment, you’re going to want to take that option. Nobody watching you when you go to the bathroom is a vastly underrated perk.

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see Audiat will also have to register as a sex offender for the next ten years, which means she won’t be teaching again, though the sport of bodybuilding probably isn’t so black and white on matters of sleeping with teens. They tend to look the other way on the more minor lifestyle offenses.

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see url Expect the family to sue the ever living stuffing out of the school district where Audiat flexed her muscles and oral skills on the student body. Nobody will be made whole again, but it’s unclear who was made that un-whole in the first place, provided she didn’t bench press her young lover in the sack.

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