Ollia Tzarina Is Wicked Hot and Finally Stalker Free

acquista viagra online in contrassegno. È il tuo primo acquisto in una farmacia online e non sei ancora al 100% sicuro? Abbiamo pensato anche a questo! Consider yourself an okay human being if you’ve never heard of hot and trending faux fur fashion designer, Ollia Tzarina. The half-Greek, half-Russian model turned social media influencer is the go-to collaborator for celebrities like Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and the dreaded Kardashians. Not a bad place to be if you like publicity and money.

adderall drug test have prescription for viagra On the downside of being young and hot and famous and always in the fashion news, you pick up stalkers. It’s inevitable. And Ollia Tzarina had a particularly ambitious one.

A Ukrainian Female Stalker Tried to Take Tzarina Down

canine side effects of lasix For three years, a mysterious person in the shadows of the digital world put a tremendous amount of time and energy into destroying Tzarina and her friends and boyfriends and business associates. You might think this was some former rival or jilted ex or angry girl from high school who never get over an old grudge. You’d be wrong.

source A total stranger by the name of Polina Gushenko made it her life’s mission to herself, and with the help of online recruits, harass and destroy Tzarina and her social circle.

http://thefoolishobsession.com/category/brand/boho-balm/ Gushenko went to the extent of hiring online freelancers to build multiple forums whose entire purpose was to discredit Tzarina’s work and personal reputation.

Gushenko’s Online Take-Down Gang Were Well Organized

flomax viagra drug interactions Members of the forum were encouraged to activate anonymous Instagram accounts from which to make nasty threats, even death threats (“I know where you live and I’m coming to cut you up”) to Tzarina online. Similarly, they were instructed how to buy burner SIM cards to cover their IP tracks. At one point they sending hundreds of messages a day to her Instagram account.

http://casadonne.it/?x=farmacia-viagra-generico-100-mg-a-Milano The group run by Gushenko heavily target Tzarina’s boyfriends over this span of time; often European famous businessmen and sports stars (see her photos for an understanding of why). One of the men Tzarina dated, a European soccer player, was harassed by the group, falsely claiming he was married and cheating on his wife.

http://privatepracticetransitions.com/?x=viagra-sale The harassment group were able to access Tzarina’s private photos and contacts, publishing her private communications across social media. As Tzarina attempted to ignore their messages, they amped them up with greater and more specific death threats. A rather scary proposition.

One of the Group’s Members Turned Out to Be Tzarina’s Close Friends

click Unbeknownst to Tzarina, one of her very close acquaintances went from learning about the online harassment group, to providing it confidential and close-access information about her friend. Make that, former friend. Imagine the kind of people living in this world and perhaps these level of betrayals won’t seem so uncommon.

Ollia Tzarina dresses A-list celebrities in her faux fur designs

http://notourguideneeded.com/?x=drugs-similar-to-viagra This particular woman had access to Tzarina’s phone and tablet and was able to acquire much of the private information later spread online.

It’s unclear if this discovery was what tipped police off to the ultimate ringleaders, but after a year long investigation, European police found and arrested Polina Gushenko.

Gushenko Had No Real Motive for Going After Tzarina

Upon her capture, Gushenko proved to have no specific reason to have launched a three year campaign to harass, stalk, and terrorize Tzarina. Apparently, like many stalkers, she merely wanted to have some, or any, kind of connection with the famous and happening model and fashion designer.

Gushenko expressed her deep level of depression and how communicating with Tzarina, even in this completely destructive and evil way, made her feel less sad. Yes, that’s warped. It’s also an extremely common answer from celebrity stalkers once caught and pressed for reasons why.

I suppose this story had a happy ending. Or not, since these people never truly go away. We’ll keep an eye on it.

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