Ohio Teacher, Madeline Marx, Claims Insanity in Court for Sex With Multiple High School Students

omprare viagra generico consegna rapida a Torino We previously reported on the arrest of Ohio substitute teacher, Madeline Marx, 23. You might imagine a female teacher hellbent on sex with teen boys would be that much more dangerous when a substitute who works at multiple schools in the wider district. More mobile, more chances for one-offs, more easily forgotten or under the radar or not part of the social circle gossip. Predators often have these kinds of jobs, providing them the cover of the friendly person who comes in for a couple months and moves on.

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viagra generico 100 mg pagamento online a Bologna Marx is specifically accused of “providing” oral sex to one seventeen year old student at the Kettering Fairmont High School in a Big Lots store parking lot over the summer and in September, intercourse with a sixteen year old student in the parking lot of an apartment complex. Marx apparently liked the parking lots. Not like there are a supreme number of options for randy teachers having sex with their teenage students. The Hilton is going to ask to see some ID’s. Also, they have cameras.


http://whenwaterwaseverywhere.com/?x=generic-viagra-uk Marx faced the judge for the first time this week in the case where her attorney asked the court for a mental competency review of his client, prospectively considering an insanity consideration for her misdeeds. Marx cried in the courtroom during the proceeding, as is befitting of a teacher caught have sex in cars with multiple boys under her supervision. Though you wonder if the appropriate crying might work against her insanity defense. Maybe she should’ve smiled dumbly and talked about space aliens giving her orders to collect teen sperm. Just a thought. I’ve seen a ton of shows.


cheap viagra overnight delivery Marx is officially facing two counts of sexual battery, which in Ohio are third-degree felonies, so not nearly as bad as her Southern State similarly arrested teachers facing three to four times as many years in prison. Though all of these cases get pled down as innocence is never on the table and nobody wants a trial.

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